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  1. That’s really nice! Not seen the scheme before. Shame the kit gave you a hard time but you’ve come out on top!
  2. When it comes to the airframe assembly (especially the intakes) all I can advise is Test fit, test fit again, rewrite the instructions and take your time! It is a great kit once you get past the engineering
  3. Stunning! Love the sunset photo, very realistic
  4. Beautiful model, beautiful photos. Hope the undercarriage is fixable- I’ve got a few wonky legged efforts in the cabinet!
  5. Weathering is a tricky one as everyone will have different ideas and techniques. To me your 109 looks pretty fine, subtle weathering on a well cared for machine. I think a coat of satin or Matt varnish would enhance the effect slightly. It’s really about what you are happy with. Experiment, find the style and method that works for you. be nice to see the upper surface as well, looks a good model, nice work!
  6. Hi Eric, that is a brilliant B-2, looks very realistic. You’ve captured the “Spirit” of the aircraft definitely!
  7. Excellent, I’m eagerly waiting for the Airfix 1/48 kit- you’ve given me something to aspire to with this cracking build
  8. That’s a piece of real craft work! I think it looks great in the wood finish.
  9. Wonderful result, you can be proud of that one for sure!
  10. This build gets better and better- the aircrew look superb and you have every right to be happy with them. Cockpit is also excellent... my stock of superlatives is running dry!
  11. Fantastic! Both great replicas of iconic aircraft. The size comparison is interesting too.
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