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  1. Mike McCabe

    Hms belfast and Hms Rattlesnake

    Great work on Rattlesnake and I'm glad you enjoyed building the kit. The River class will be out at the end of this month or first half of June barring any unexpected events. Mike
  2. If you are looking for Chinese and Far East kit producers we at Starling Models stock Flyhawk, Snowman, Big Blue Boy, Five Star, Aoshima, Seals, Veteran, Yamashita Hobby, Pitroad and probably more I can't think of just now. Based in the UK so no risk with import charges.
  3. Mike McCabe

    White Ensign Models

    Try Atlantic Models Mike
  4. Mike McCabe

    New Ship Related Releases

    Hi Richard, I replied to your message on Monday, check you inbox. Mike
  5. Mike McCabe

    New Ship Related Releases

    Hi Paul A slight correction if I may, this was a kit that was due to be produced for White Ensign Models but will now be produced under the Atlantic Models label by Starling Models, if that makes sense! I'm conscious of how many people want to build this iconic Royal Navy ship, so I will do my best to keep the price as reasonable as I can. Mike
  6. Mike McCabe

    Aoshima HMS Hermes artwork

    Interesting that I can't recall any artwork of Japanese ships sinking, is there any? Mike
  7. Mike McCabe

    Chain railings in 1/700?

    Starling Models have just released a set of railings that includes the type you are looking for I think. Pre-dreadnought railings Mike
  8. New in stock is the 1/350 HMS / HMAS Vendetta from Showcase Models of Australia. This is a new, full hull, injection plastic kit with etched brass parts and an extensive decal sheet. It can be built as either HMS Vendetta in WW1 service, or as transferred to the RAN. An excellent kit all round, it looks like it will build into a superb model, price is £40 from Starling Models - HMS / HMAS Vendetta Mike
  9. We have the new Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel kits back in stock, price is £65 for any of the single kits and £152 for the Duellist kit with LVG CVI, although this latter has sold out already so more stock will be on its way soon. Go to our website Starling Models Mike
  10. Mike McCabe

    New in stock, Seals Models ship kits.

    Yes I'll be taking a few. Mike
  11. I have two volumes of this I could be persuaded to part with if anyone is interested? Mike
  12. Mike McCabe

    Flower Class Corvette @ 1/144

    Hi, Good news and not so good on this one. L'Arsenal will be releasing their resin upgrade set which will include new weapons and boats which will be a great improvement on the kit parts. In terms of not so good, with the Eduard set being released most of what I was intending to produce was already replicated in there, so reluctantly I decided not to continue with the etch side of the set. With the L'Arsenal set it would mean that not all of the Eduard etch sets would be required, I think a combination will result in a very good upgrade of the pretty basic kit. Mike
  13. The forthcoming Wingnut WIngs Sopwith Camel kits are available for pre-order from Starling Models, expected delivery is mid to late March. Order yours now at £65 for the standard Camel kits and £152 for the Camel and LVG CVI duellists set. Starling Models Mike
  14. Mike McCabe

    Wingnut Wings kits coming to Starling Models soon

    Our first stocks of wingnut wings kits will be arriving shortly and are available for pre-order. We offer very competitive prices and fast delivery as a UK based supplier. The new Sopwith Camel kits are available for pre-order now and are expected in Mid to late March, to secure yours you can make your order on our online shop at Starling Models Mike
  15. Mike McCabe

    Resin Fireball XL5 - maybe a 'kit'...?

    Interesting, I was thinking vaguely of doing a 1/350 scale kit to fit in with the Aoshima Thunderbird series. Will be interested to see how it turns out. I have a small business that sells resin ships and kits so have access to casters and etch production. Mike