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  1. I stock Sea Kings under my own Starling Models label, I do usually have Merlins but they are out of stock at the moment, they will be back later in the month. Mike
  2. It looks great Ken, you have done a fine job and the base is a very good complement to the model. As Stuart says the T class has almost sold out of the first run so an S class is on the cards. Unfortunately this will be delayed due to the need to look for a different designer, which is still ongoing, but it certainly is a good chance for 2020. Mike
  3. That isn't on the current list of planned kits, L'arsenal have a 1/700 Sheffield available. Mike
  4. Try the Black Cat Models 0.5" quads currently in my shop, they are all one part and really outstanding detail. Mike
  5. In case anyone is looking for a kit - https://starling-models.co.uk/en/all-navies-post-ww2-and-modern/648-soviet-missile-cruiser-petropavlovsk-kara-class-project-1134b-1974.html Mike
  6. Our 1/350 HMS Sir Gareth Round Table class trawler has been released, price is £54.95 and it includes resin, photoetch, turned brass and 3d printed parts and an acrylic stand. Available now from www.starling-models.co.uk/en/
  7. Of course, but I can only continue if people buy enough of them. Mike
  8. An update to this thread, since last posting the Tabard kit has actually sold pretty well and given that and the availability of a good set of plans of and S-class from a friend, then a second RN submarine kit in 1/350 is looking a strong possibility for 2020. Mike
  9. We have the etch sets in stock at the moment. Mike
  10. The kit will be available again in the summer, when Chris built the model the extra aircraft sets weren't available, but are now. Mike
  11. Sales of the T class have been a little disappointing so far, which unless it picks up, makes the chances of seeing any more submarine kits from Starling Models pretty remote. Mike
  12. Most of the kits in the new list were announced two years ago, some have obviously progressed but so far Flyhawk have tended to release 1 or 2 entirely new kits a year, by which I don't mean variations on something previously released. My point really is that it if they keep to that schedule, it is going to be some time before most of these are released. By the way, the 1/350 Prince of Wales is expected for release in three years, so 2021.... Mike
  13. It would be difficult I think, there are quite a lot of differences. Mike
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