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  1. Some pics of Aldergrove AL.1s, earliest is around 2000, they are now under RAF control though still Army marked. is 2 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr is 3 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr is 4 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr ald wing 04 014 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr atc 1 015 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_0047 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  2. ZH537 Northolt base airframe , shame it's not a 5Rgt one.
  3. They are just not accurate, the colours are way off and some, like the warning triangles, are massively oversized, closer to 32 than 48.
  4. The last Canberra to fly in RAF service was Belfast built PR.9 XH131 ,the flight happened on the morning of 31st July 2006 when the last three PR.9s in service were flown from Marham to Kemble with 131 landing at 11:58 . In 2011 XH131 was ,with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund bought by the Ulster Aviation Society and with a willing team of volunteers dismantled and transported to the UAS collection at Maze/Long Kesh outside Belfast. This is the Airfix 1/48th kit finished using Tamiya and Hataka paints and Decals from Model Alliance and Xtradecal as the ones provided in the kit are rubbish. 69808619_10216807010106749_7093743676005810176_n by Tony Osborne, on Flickr 69989767_10216806889983746_7077662914722660352_n by Tony Osborne, on Flickr 69844205_10216806890263753_2112278166146908160_n by Tony Osborne, on Flickr 69498098_10216806890623762_549269619295125504_n by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  5. Will the NH-90 and Tigre come with ground crew trying to fix them instead of pilots to make them more realistic
  6. I remember those, there was a Brittania as well, a local novelty shop also had them for sale in packs of all four ,I don't know how many sets of them I had ,must have been dozens. I also remember around the time of the Battle of Britain move release a dessert package had similar small soft plastic Spitfire, Hurricane,109and Heinkel clip together kits. Great times to be a kid.
  7. It will be interesting to see what fit they include also markings, AAC 5 regt and PSNI should be obvious ones as well as the Northolt based RAF.
  8. The wingspan is bigger than the length of the 1/32 Wessex
  9. Picked one up this week, a mate knew I was looking for one and grabbed a sealed D for me at the IMSS show in Dublin for me, 25€ so a great deal and certainly a simpler build than the Wessex I just finished.
  10. To be honest all I would want would be GPMG and mount and the IR jammer. There is more than enough etch in the kit.
  11. Finished this in the Lichen /NATO greens scheme of 72 Sqn on Op Banner, painted using Hataka paints with the camo pattern airbrushed freehand using a 50/50 mix of Lichen/NATO green as from the bottle the Hataka Lichen is more like interior green, Scale Warships blade fold set used but the kit really needs a metal tail wheel l leg as the kit one has already started to give way. IMG_6991 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6990 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6988 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6987 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6986 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6984 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_6983 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  12. No it became mostly Bolingbroke with a Mk 1 nose not a Mk 1,there was a reason Airfix obtained the original manufacturers drawings in Finland and just didn't scan the Duxford one for the 1/48th kit.
  13. The airframe Airfix scanned and researched XV361 at the Ulster Aviation Society still has full operational wing fold, direct from RAF service, it was in open and closed positions on different days of the teams visits in Nov 17 and Feb 18.
  14. It is a standard FAA weapons load, not RAFG, Gulf War or other, the correct weapons for those including the bulged bombay, Paveway etc and different sized slipper tanks etc will follow in later releases, this is a FAA only release.
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