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  1. They have a standing access offer to ZG771
  2. It's an accurate, if a bit dated, Spey Phantom.
  3. And they are easier to remove than add, it takes two minutes with a sanding stick.
  4. Sprue test shots on Workbench. https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/buccaneer-test-frame-exclusive-and-italian-aviation-style?fbclid=IwAR2NFD8T6F34OT3KMr218DKPp2EZDV4L6qW9FAJXvPIYMYQ3t_-pseeEP9Y
  5. If you are an Airfix club member, 20 percent discount this weekend, knocks fifteen quid of the Buccaneer pre order so 57 quid with free postage.
  6. No rush on them as RAF airframes can not be built from the first boxing, no bulged bombay, no arrestor hook housing with flare dispensers, RAF specific weapons etc
  7. Early straight tailboom but looks like the joints give the possibility of cranked versions to come, doesn't look like the deep fuselage with torpedo Bay for HAS.7/9 is an option though.
  8. Workbench on the development of the Buccaneer. https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/new-buccaneer-s2-go-big-or-go-home
  9. All of which are included as standard in the kit
  10. Also add intake and exhaust covers plus boarding ladders.
  11. It doesn't, the breakdown is similar to the 72nd and the real thing, nose to rear of cockpit vertical join to bulkhead, central section Horizontal the tail section from exhausts vertical, it works well in 72 so should be no different in 48.
  12. Having seen the original computer drawings, CAD and photos of the 3d printed development model (no I can't post the photos here) the amount of work that has gone into this kit is fantastic and the detail, including the surface detail, is way beyond any Airfix kit up to now, it really has been a work of passion for the team.
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