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  1. No it became mostly Bolingbroke with a Mk 1 nose not a Mk 1,there was a reason Airfix obtained the original manufacturers drawings in Finland and just didn't scan the Duxford one for the 1/48th kit.
  2. The airframe Airfix scanned and researched XV361 at the Ulster Aviation Society still has full operational wing fold, direct from RAF service, it was in open and closed positions on different days of the teams visits in Nov 17 and Feb 18.
  3. It is a standard FAA weapons load, not RAFG, Gulf War or other, the correct weapons for those including the bulged bombay, Paveway etc and different sized slipper tanks etc will follow in later releases, this is a FAA only release.
  4. Fantastic, I have just started my one
  5. Orion did a set of Chetzien rebels that were worse, kneeling prisoner with another figure with a knife and holding a severed head up.
  6. And proper BOL rails for the wing pylons.
  7. For the centre wingbox section, rear of the wings and the cockpit /nose section look like separate ,vertical split sections, follows the construction of the real thing closely. z_exclusive_cad_drawing_detail_for_the_new_airfix_blackburn_buccaneer_s2_a06021_royal_navy_on_the_airfix_workbench_blog by Tony Osborne, on Flickr r_original_drawings_for_the_new_airfix_blackburn_buccaneer_s2_a06021_royal_navy_on_the_airfix_workbench_blog by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  8. Airfix workbench has the development details up, breakdown looks interesting. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/strike-fast-and-low-in-2019
  9. The Jetstream is ideal for Sci-Fi modellers ,as the Garrett engine prototype in US markings featured in the opening scenes of the initial episode of Gerry Andersons UFO "Identified" just add a Rolls Royce and a couple of police motorcycles
  10. They didn't and there is really little to no chance they will ,shame really but choppers don't sell in the numbers needed.
  11. I buy them , lots of them, Airfix told me when I was showing their researcher the Puma and Scout they could scan when they were scanning the Buccaneer.
  12. Sadly they don't, the Lynx and Merlin kits were a major failure, much as I would like Whirlwind, Puma, Scout and Wasp it is. Just not going to happen with Airfix, I can even get them Puma and Scout to scan.
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