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  1. I would have loved to have seen the Airfix team hanging from the roof of the Cold War building trying to scan the Cosford one!!! Sometimes is costs less to travel to access an aircraft than going to the nearest one, some museums, especially the national ones, charge very high hourly fees to scan an exhibit and also have very tight rules on what can and can't be done, removal of intake covers etc.
  2. Not exactly Airfix but it's linked, Corgi have announced a 1/1250 HMS Queen Elizabeth on their Diecast Diaries blog, a sign for a future Airfix kit?
  3. The GR. 4 is good to see with the retirement scheme, it will end some of the silly prices around now, and I could be tempted with the CH-53 if I can find the Pavelow conversion set.
  4. Just spotted the Prince of Wales sailing south in the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland, she's huge.
  5. Not really only 111 and 43 used the FG. 1 and the Airfix RAF FG. 1 has 43 as well.
  6. XT871 was the 007 coded airframe prior to the RWR conversion that then saw 864 carry the 007 codes.
  7. I have the full details of 864s history somewhere, I will see if I can find it, obtained from the Ulster Aviation Society who now have 864 and returned it to its final FAA scheme. I believe that we have the 700s or at least some of of them but the full history is at the hangar.
  8. Going well, but XT864 before it had the tail RWR fitted was coded 011 not 007, I believe it became 007 late 72-73.
  9. The Airfix team knew exactly what mods were on XV361, I spent three days with them when they were doing it , 361 is probably the most complete Bucc preserved, it is EXACTLY as flown int6 Langford Lodge by the RAF with nothing added or removed. It makes sense with the likes of the flare panels to mold them on and those who have the knowledge remove them with a few swipes of a sanding stick rather than as a separate insert with the problems that would crop up with that. Just got to painting stage with my first one and loving this accurate, easy to build kit.
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