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  1. Sprues are in separate bags apart from the two wing ones.
  2. It's here and looks stunning 2021-06-30_02-38-28 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20210630_145324 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  3. Mates one delivered this morning, my one is still with DPD in Birmingham hopefully being delivered tomorrow.
  4. Looking like it's in stock, my payment for my preorder has just been taken
  5. Beautifully finished 007. I was in the cockpit of the real XT864 at the Ulster Aviation Society when I visited on Tuesday, it is six years ago this week since it was moved from Leuchars, the restoration is now almost complete, just the rear cockpit to be fitted out and at present the team are working on getting the arrestor hook functioning.
  6. Using the OPs logic that having someone from Airfix sit in the Lincoln cockpit at Cosford we can now expect a new Puma, Alloutte III, Wessex, Short 330, Seahawk, Scout and Canberra as those are a few of the airframes the Airfix team looked over, sat in etc when scanning and nspecting the Ulster Aviation Society Buccaneer
  7. I would have loved to have seen the Airfix team hanging from the roof of the Cold War building trying to scan the Cosford one!!! Sometimes is costs less to travel to access an aircraft than going to the nearest one, some museums, especially the national ones, charge very high hourly fees to scan an exhibit and also have very tight rules on what can and can't be done, removal of intake covers etc.
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