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  1. sniperUK

    Airfix 2019

    Sadly I know a 1/48th Flying pig is not on the list BfUTJmXCcAItPQD by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  2. sniperUK

    Airfix 2019

    What you will get next year was decided on either last year or in 2016, development is well under way with scans/research done late last year, now what will there be
  3. Scaleworx has replied to my interest in a UK standard HC.1 HC.2 , if he gets enough interest this could be possible. So anyone interested ?
  4. sniperUK

    Airfix 2019

    Kit pricing for a hobby isn't bad , my other main hobby is target shooting, I have six firearms of different calibres ranging from .22 to 44 Mag and 7.62 NATO, ammunition costs from £4 for 50 rds of 22 to £27 for 50 .44 and £44 for 50 0f 7.62, I can go through 50rds in 15 minutes or less ,add to that club membership of over £250 for the year and the initial outlay, £350 to £1000 for the weapons and even the most expensive kit, and Airfix are the main makers of the stuff I have interest in ,looks like a good deal providing hours or day of pleasure and leaving me more than holes in paper at the end of it. Hornby shares have now raised to over 30p following the statement.
  5. sniperUK

    Airfix 2019

    As long as it is the proper egg beater that would be brilliant
  6. sniperUK

    Airfix Classics Launched

    The new CEO has been in the business for decades, starting in Corgi, he knows the hobby market so obviously thinks this is a good idea, if handled properly this should do well.
  7. sniperUK

    Westland Sioux AH.1

    Very smart, I need to add the 1/48th to my Op Banner line up.
  8. Already have, looks like I will be out of luck, South African only .
  9. Put me down for one like that and if we get composite blades , DAS fit ,filters etc at least half a dozen
  10. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    As she looked on arrival at the UAS . _MG_0130 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr _MG_0146 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr _MG_0182 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_0001 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr Wings getting fitted 12705228_1226080994073023_5740272555580845676_n by Tony Osborne, on Flickr _MG_0066 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_0085 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr Painting nearly completed. IMG_4530 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5146 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  11. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    Well she never served with 43 ,just put in their markings when on the gate at Leuchars. The front cockpit is mostly complete with the rear still needing some work including a full seat. Yes they have the nose gear hydraulics working with a bit of help with compressed air, other systems are being worked on to give more "working features"
  12. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    The UAS is really one of the best volunteer run collections around, visits need to be pre booked due to politics I won't go into (not the UAS fault) Some of their aircraft, Spitfire replica Puma HC.1 XW22 Wessex HC.2 Scout AH.1 Allouette III Canberra PR.9 Buccaneer Seahawk Jet Provost Vampire T.11 Tucano prototype Short 330 Short SHERPA experimental Grumman Wildcat (under restoration Gannet (under restoration) Fairchild Argus (under restoration) then the Phantom and several light aircraft, plus three other RAF aircraft hopefully due this year . ulsteraviationsociety.org/
  13. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    I have a running joke with the painter that at least he could see his stencils and wasn't going crosseyed He did use the Airfix instructions to support the APs though for placement etc
  14. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    A short documentary made by the UAS for the unveiling yesterday.
  15. sniperUK

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    A lot more stencils still to add, then there is the systems to fold the wings, operate the tailhook extend the refuelling probe, fit the weapons..................