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  1. If they put DUNLOP on it they would need to pay for the use.
  2. Fingers crossed for an Op Banner cab
  3. sniperUK

    MisterCaraft 1/72 Lynx HAS.3/HMA.8: whose moulds?

    Reboxed Plastyk………...RUN AWAY !! Probably the worst helicopter kit ever produced, I had the original one and it looked like it was carved , badly, out of soap !
  4. You forgot the Whirlwind , the real one not the silly WW2 fighter
  5. Most are under some companies rights ,the difference is there are a few that rip the bottom out of it others that are very easy to work with such as Westland and BAe , things like Typhoon and F-35 introduce other (security) problems as accurate drawings are classified and forget running a LIDAR scanner over it.
  6. This thread is hilarious, of next years ones I know about two have been mentioned, the " " and the " " it is certainly not the " " , as it is for 2020 and they used the LIDAR on that a couple of weeks ago. for BIG I think it may refer to demand rather than scale and as usual a lot of the suggestions will break the bank at Hornby As for the 262 pic that's not the Airfix guys or LIDAR or the camera they use either
  7. Peter Jacksons company, if he wants it to make a 1/32 Lancaster it is his choice , I wouldn't be surprised to see movement on his Dambusters movie either.
  8. This has probably been in development for five or more years, and it's Peter Jackson, who still wants to make his Dambuster movie , there is the kits connection to WNW , hopefully the movie gets a kickstart now, the boxart would make a great movie poster.
  9. I know of at least three new toolings that are well into the development stage for next year plus one I know off for 2020 , no doubt it will be "why that one", "wrong scale" "did we really want that variant" from all the usual suspects. Airfix are not in the business to keep everyone happy, they are in it to make money for their share holders , they know what sells so Spitfires, and they have said previously that thy want to do every Spitfire variant eventually, sell, selling popular models allows them to fund others maybe not so popular with the general public but with the smaller more specialist customers, Swift, Walrus, Whitley are really not well known.
  10. Airfix have excelled again with this kit, I didn't use the kit scheme but one from Montex Masks of another Ulster man , this one from the town I grew up in Donaghadee, Frederick Desmond "Hawkeye"Hughes , CBE, DFC 2 bars , AFC etc who ended his career in 1971 as AVM ,AOC Scotland and Northern Ireland. Along with his gunner Ted Gash he was involved in the shooting down of the Goodwin Sands Do17 and in 1941 in charge of B Flt 264 Sqn was sent ,following the Belfast Blitz ,to NI to provide night fighter cover. IMG_5664 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5661 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5658 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5656 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5650 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr gash-hughesfd-suttonfc-opt2 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr DEFIANT-NIGHTFIGHTER-bw by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  11. What a fantastic kit , I added the Eduard etch to the cockpit. IMG_5691 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5694 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5695 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr IMG_5697 by Tony Osborne, on Flickr
  12. sniperUK

    Scampton to close.

    Having spent a week there last year I can confirm it is a dump, most buildings are almost derelict with really only Stn HQ, the Reds hangars ,one joint mess and the NAAFI ,which is off site, in use , the accommodation blocks were so bad that for H&S (asbestos) reasons we were in tents beside the old officers mess. Hopefully the 617 hangar can be preserved as a heritage centre and possibly the officers mess as a hotel ,apparently there are proposals for that. The MoD is not in the job of looking after old airfields ,wasting hundreds of millions of pounds, their job is defence and now Scampton plays no part in that, sad to see it go but it no longer has a purpose.
  13. sniperUK

    1980s Lynx Has.2 and 3 Cabin Seating

    The answer is yes, they can be fitted either way , I have flown in cabs fitted with them both ways.