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  1. In stock at Rebell Hobby https://www.rebell.com/saab-j29f-tunnan-20588.html?___store=eu&___from_store=default
  2. Aviation megastore has a lot of other Wolfpack stuff, so I will watch their site for it.
  3. I suppose that would have to be Vingtor for Norwegian markings I guess . As for Swedish (FB.5) markings, Moose Republic has that covered.
  4. That would be nice, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Regarding the viggen I suspect that it was Special Hobby who wanted the kit to a higher standard then the Tarangus other releases.
  5. Not a rebox. The F version has a different wing with saw tooth leading edge and a bigger, longer rear fuselage to accommodate the new afterburner engine. So their will need to be some very different major parts in this release.
  6. I thought you would pick up on this Homebee, so I didn't post it here as well. Can add this though: schemes included:
  7. This is great news indeed. 1/48 for me as well. And Swedish markings provided as well.
  8. Any ideas on where one could buy this when it's available? I haven't found this kit listed anywhere yet. And wolfpack kits in general seems to be very hard to get hold off.
  9. Looks really nice. But I'm hoping that someone will make the D.H.90 in 1/48. The way overlooked little sister of the D.H.89
  10. So, to do a slatted narrow chord wing F-86E-5 from Airfix kit, do you need to changed anything else besides the wing?
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