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  1. Hi Terry I'm intrigued, what is this micro strip and where can I buy it? I have a simmilar issue as you and your solution seems to work a treat. /Johan
  2. +1 on what he said. Any progress on this? Desperately waiting. The book have a release date of 07-2019, and if the book is meant as a reference guide for the kit my hope is that the kit is not far away either.
  3. Fresh news source:https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/posts/1235462399954202?__xts__[0]=68.ARAh_bgOlxLNuZMVyzc8zYymkyvRUNSh54EO7M5_zO7-d0ZirJqGSo5iPThBoV3L__k2pmv2KG5GjBfBmu3SFc7XAFag71pRRfudqFurZ2CykEZvEK2ReBx2tDu1QhfDML9mSuMZrkjHv0yhxnlMQT2Gx8T_pzsYZ58LUrbvOqyO6zrqI9C2npsrQ0gDiSh1oOy9GwYNCheWmkwy7LxvDi9o61qYiAposkDjXv0Tzq9b3CeCIcCuVNmi9Zz1Hs9378Fq-iFUP9yYOHqFXtLwZgh9ZJ-gPIhDQS-M0tNCm3Etd5dHAPrNAZpPne-9POrLsPuHXI_IkAkzw9YSIkDBPp_NWQ&__tn__=-R
  4. Björn Fransson has built a steller example of the HB kit check out his thread on IPMS Stockhom (only in Swedish though) http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8026&hilit=lansen
  5. That looks really great Antti. Thanks for sharing. Really like the weathering. Fantasic result. I plan to build a J 32E as well, but using the HB kit. Just to see how they compare. /Johan
  6. Which model would that be you want to see? The one that is featured in this thread?
  7. That sounds like a very big job. Did you add the gun ports and bumps on the lower nose associated with the bigger guns in the J 32B/D/E as well? Would love to see pictures. /Johan
  8. Thanks Antti It was a work of love and I think it's my best model to date. So I'm quite pleased with it. But as always there are things I would like to improve on, but that will have to be for the next one.
  9. Your guess is as good as mine. You need to find good reference pics of the airframe in question. But if you decide to add the pod, I don't think anyone could say if it's wrong or not. So go for it. Looking forward seeing pics of your build.
  10. Thanks Marcel. It's indeed an IR unit part of the sighting system. It was used on J 32B and J 35A. The system on J 35F2 and J was a different one. I don't think it was mounted att all times an all Lansens, you have to check references and pick one the hade it mounted. You can see it in this picture
  11. That is Fabulous news. The kit looks great so that is something well worth the wait. If you need any references I could probably help with pictures.
  12. Does that include the Swedish version with the Bristol Mercury / Pegasus Engine?
  13. Progress have been made. The custom decals arrived. Had to order them twice as the first order was to dark. These are not in the right hue, but are close enough to work (the first batch is the small sheet) I see stars And logos Ejection seat warnings And a couple of "fictitious" pilot names. After that the model was given a couple of clear coats with polishing in between. Then the canopy was unmasked. Fortunate no paint had crept in so all is good. And then all of a sudden there where nothing more to do on the model, which should mean it's done. Not sure how that happened. Oh yes, there was one more thing to do. As it is in gear up mode, it needs a stand to hold it. A simple base was put together in the wait for a more permanent solution. /Johan
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