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  1. Couldn't agree more. Great looking kit, that will require som proper model building. I would recommend slow setting 2-part epoxy. That's what i use when I have large resin parts that needs gluing. Looking forward to that build thread.
  2. I only have one overall picture of the main components at the moment. But I could probably provide more detail pics.
  3. Just received my kit. Everything looks great on first inspection. A big shout out to Alan for being a really good guy for doing such a terrific work. /Johan
  4. You are most certainly right about that, but one can hope, right? /Johan
  5. Great job Now if only wolf pack could scale up the decals to 1/48.....
  6. Ok Thanks Those are both valid mail adresses. I can't answer why I haven't received your mail. But there have been problems with the mail server in the past. I have checked my spam filter. Maybe better to take future messeges through the PM function here on BM? best regards Johan
  7. Hi Alan Can you pleae confirm that you have recieved my e-mails and PM:s here on FB. I want to buy the Vulcan but have not received any response on my requests. best regards Johan
  8. I would also be interested to know how to get one.
  9. As the Re.2000 was used in Sweden designated J 20, I'm very happy about this anouncement indeed. And the SH track record of late with some nice releases, this looks very promesing. /Johan
  10. As i recall it Brengun did aquire the Attack Squadron molds They have a couple othe ex Attack Squadron sets coming as well.
  11. Yeah, me to. I´ll most likely get this version, but the one I'm really looking forward to is the recce version with the glass bathtub under.
  12. Thanks I was kind of hoping it was in 1/48 and there was decals for Petter Gul coming out in 48 scale. Still, you are doing a great job with real attention to the details. /Johan
  13. Looking sweet, May I ask which scale JA 37 you are doing? If it's 1/48 I would like to know if you are using decals for the big mustang logo. I'm not aware that their exist any decals of Petter Gul in 1/48.
  14. Not to worry, it's vacation times, so it's ok for the brain to be absent as well. I have a feeling that when this set arrives the UH-60 will move quite hi up in the to do pile. There are a couple of builds that needs to be done first though. But I'll make sure to get a WIP started. best regards Johan
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