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  1. Fair enough. And if I should get on that bandwagon as well, they did state that with the interest in the Viggen that they are looking at other Swedish subjects, which is a good thing, a 1/32 Draken is probebly welcome.
  2. Could you please stay on topic? This thread is about the 1/32 Viggen.
  3. High on my want list as well MikroMir to the rescue with a lot of long awaited subjects.
  4. Done This is the best site out there, of course I'd like to help.
  5. That's one of the NMF airframes, yes.
  6. Take your pick, quite a lot out there to chose from in 1/72. https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=2686
  7. Yes It was equipped with ordinary wheels, skis as well as pontoons. Sweden also used the W.33 version Edit: Ski equipped version.
  8. There was actually JA's that flew in NMF. There are a couple of pictures of that in the wonderful nordic airpower book #5 about the Viggen. The airframes pictured are 37325 / 17-25, 37333 / 17-33 and 37351 / 17-39. Can't seem to find any of those pictures online though. Moose republic decals have 37325 as one of the options on his 1/48 scale decal sheet for the JA 37 http://www.mooserepublic.se/product/ja-37-viggen-148/
  9. I'm hoping to be able to make one of these Junkers W.34 in Swedish markings (designated Tp 2A)
  10. I hope they correct the colors on the decals for the fin markings on the black surface. I really like this scheme, always wanted to build this one.
  11. After a while. How long is "a while"? The P-35A / J 9 kit is the one i want.
  12. This is some great work. Hard to beleive you haven't used Fusion 360 so much. As a novis user myself, how did you get the section profiles to the side view? I have a similar project I want to do sometime in the future.
  13. Some long awaited news for the pilot replicas Sk 60 kit The translation of the text below would be something like: Some happy news in these corona times. Fore you that wonder, Pilot Replicas is still moving along, but not as quick as before. source https://www.facebook.com/groups/371742380308383/permalink/709926529823298/
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