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  1. Pilot Replicas has said on their FB page that they are currently working on the earlier versions on the J 29 (e.i. A, B versions). No hint on any release date though. And I strongly suspect a UN marked Congo tunnan will be a marking option.
  2. My guess would be that it's one guy who makes everything himself and has a very limited capability to turn out a big number of kits. The five kits HAD models had for sale where a payment from Planes for the work he did on the decals and instructions. I suspect Planes sell the limited number of kits they make through other channels internally in Hungary. But that's just my five cents. /Johan
  3. I got the same message. Guess I'm also one of the lucky who will receive one of the five pre-order resin kits.
  4. He told me as well that he is planing on doing a injected moulded version under the HAD Models label. But nothing regarding that my preorder have been cancelled, so I'm hoping I will receive my kit. EDIT: Seams like the Planes kit is now removed from HAD models website. Presumably beacuse all the kits he had are preordered.
  5. I got a similar answer from Feri as Branky did.
  6. If i knew a dedicated Swedish version was on the horizon I think I would to, but I can't take the risk to not buy this kit for it to sell out and no other versions materialize. There is quite a big difference in engine nacelles and exhaust configs between this version and the ones used in sweden as well as type of engines. /Johan
  7. That's how I would interpret it as well. I have preordered one. Got the reply that they are just finnishing up the final bits like instructions and decals. He thought that they would be able to send out these preorder kits in about two weeks or so. Looks like a real nice kit. Just have to figure out how to modify the engines to a Ju-86K-4 version or any of the other versions used in Sweden.
  8. Great work. Love your attention to detail, right up my alley, especially the differences between the versions. I'll take notes as i have this on my to build list as well.
  9. I'll be looking forward to this build very much. As a member of IPMS Östergötland and one of the persons responsible for creating those decals I'm very interested to see how your build turns out for that perticular A/C. /Johan
  10. Thanks Dave As far as I know, yes that would be the standard colours used on all Lansens. As are the cockpit colours, except for the last J 32D/E versions which had grey instrument panels.
  11. Hi If you looking for some build inspiration maybe this could help, it's my tarangus 1/48 J 32B build. Altough different in many respects to the A 32A, wheel well and cockpit colours are mostly the same as is landing gear colours. And a WIP (only in Swedish) http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3276
  12. For the SH and AJSH, nothing. Only external differences between them would be the external stores they carried. The SH/AJSH carried camera pods for their recce role. And with the AJSH (and AJS) upgrade they could carry sidewinders on the outer most wing stores not used before this upgrade. The AJSF is a photo recce bird with a dedicated camera nose, The external stores would be similar to the AJSH /Johan
  13. Here they are in black and white with grey parts fitted to the aircraft displayed in the airforce museum. Not sure how correct this would be for an in service A 32A used Rb 04 though.
  14. Yes, correct on both cases. Also, J 32B fighter version did not have them (different design with bigger guns)
  15. Those are deflector plates for the spent cartridges from the guns, to keep them from being sucked into the engine intakes. /Johan
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