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  1. Not sure if there are any such plans. But I know that HAD Models have ideas about doing a injected molded Ju-86. I have provided him with a lot of info and references on the preserved Ju-86 we have here in Sweden. Not sure if that will bear any fruit or not, but I would certainly love to see that happen.
  2. I asked him (pleaded? ) about a 1/48 version on FB, the answer was that it could be a possibility in the future.
  3. Nah 1/48 mate, as there is no kit of it in that scale. 1/72: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RR7205006
  4. I like what you are saying. How is your interest in a 1/48 Caproni Ca.313?
  5. Quite right There should not be any insignias on top of the wings for marking option 3-4. I was was a bit questionable about the black and white wing markings for the first option, but I found good pictures on that airframe in the J 9 book, so that is correct.
  6. Konkurs doesn't sound good. That means bankruptcy in Swedish.
  7. Directly from Pilot Replicas works well. https://www.pilot-replicas.com/ Or, they are available to get from most mayor retailers.
  8. And I just as of yesterday had a look through my Aeroclub two seater Vampire contemplating if I should build it. I may wait with that now.
  9. Have I missed something? When did Airfix announce a 1/48 Beaufort?
  10. It's hard to see on the test build pictures, but the exhaust fairing should extend all the way into the wing root.
  11. I would really recommend this book as well. Unfortunately, it seems to be sold out and might be hard to get, And then there is this one, which also has a lot of good info on the J 9 and B 6 as well. https://eshop.aml.cz/en/literature/1252-us-military-aircraft-in-the-royal-swedish-air-force.html
  12. Ditto for me as well. We do get a lot of 3D-CAD models of a multitude of subjects, but this was announced a long time ago with out seeing the light of day.
  13. Ditto for me as well. If I understand the CAD pictures correct it looks like that the longer rear part of the canopy will be included as an option as well? Oh, And if one would like, one can mark it with Swedish crowns with out it being a WHIF. (with the longer canopy)
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