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  1. Yes, this is a big issue with the kit. I solved it by sanding down the mating surfaces of the wings halves.
  2. Very nice I did not expect to see Swedish markings since that is pure whif's. Although it briefly had Swedish crowns applied it never got delivered to Sweden.
  3. Is this thread about 1/48 scale Airfix P-51 Mustang or all scales? the title says 1/48, so what is news about a 1/72 scale mustang doing here?
  4. I had no problems buying directly from them. Got mine delivered last week. You have to set up an account where you specify your delivery address first, but that is usually standard practice when buying online.
  5. source: https://www.facebook.com/largescalemodeller/posts/pfbid0ye7Wqrgn3uxQFMsXFHWhhjsUBDmLUsRkdRoxG2nwdRHBc18g7ER8F7KQwm44qA3ml The mounting of the tail booms looks a bit dodgy to me
  6. I too would love to see this in 1/48 I have never understood why helicopters are made in 1/35 scale. The only reason I can come up with is for the diorama builders to include a helo in a dio together with some tanks or something. But to my knowledge I have never seen such a dio. A helicopter is an aircraft after all and as such they should make them in the popular aircraft scales.
  7. Dora Wings have re-opened the order site for the Vengeance https://dorawings.com/1-48/vultee-vengeance-mk-ii
  8. The test build looked really nice. but the forms needs some final tweaks apparently, to get everything to line up as it should.
  9. As they have a Falklands conflict theme going on, a A-4 Skyhawk would fit that bill. It is after all 40y since that conflict took place.
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