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  1. Yep, Airfix mag 01202 976974 or 07901890461 . e mail; msspicer68@hotmail.com. IPMS mag, 07967 722291,e mail; kevin51brown@btinternet.com
  2. I recently saw an advert for buying collections of ready made kits, I think in the Airfix mag so don't throw until you check them out. Lord knows what they do with them!
  3. Store like you but I sleep on mine, they are under the bed.
  4. I would be interested in either 72nd or 48th, please let me know if you proceed with this project. good luck with sorting your issues.
  5. The pen be mightier than the sword.... great build Pete with lots of ingenuity thrown in.
  6. And therein lay the truth of the matter. No amount of debate on any forum will change this, only, god forbid, a catastrophe in flight would change this and that is the saddest truth of all.
  7. I could just dive in! Very nice build and the home printed decals with white border are superb, prey tell how please.
  8. Smart build and finish on a diminutive kit. Love the footnote to the narrative
  9. From what I can tell this Javelin and XH754 which I am building are both test airframes and both seem to have 3 pitot tubes, however, XH754 has a shorter one on the nose cone. I can only see two on standard production machines but I am no expert on the 'Flat Iron' so would be happy to be corrected.
  10. Great job on a great kit. It is a superb kit from Airfix and it goes together nicely. Your painting skills are superb, red and white are easy to trip up on as I am about to find out with my build of the same kit, any tips welcome.. The other point is masking. It is not just one demarcation line along the fuselage but many at all angles too, as can be seen a long time spent on the task but it has paid dividends, superb work here too.
  11. Looking very smart, or should that be scruffy? If your aim was for a weathered,beaten and well used look you certainly achieved it. One thing I like about your builds is that nothing just gets thrown on for effect, rather, you know what it is and it,s place before fitting...and your kind enough to educate us. Nice work on the canopy too, I think it is just right and flat transparencies too, you lucky devil..
  12. Superb workmanship on a fantastic machine. I saw this machine in the museum at Middle Wallop and decided to model it, you have set the bar high indeed.
  13. Just when you think things can't get worse this topic pops up, bringing with it very sad news indeed. We have all seen museums change as we have become older, when I was a kid it was some airframes in a field next to a Nissan hut full of old uniforms and knackered old instruments with a small cafe to stop the kids generating unwanted noise. I still like these places where I can find them, you never know what may be around a corner or under a tarp but since then I have seen museums change massively, they are, in the main professionally run with clearly defined goals. Some are run by
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