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  1. Thats part of the fun in building prototypes David, they morph all time. Drop a line to Filton or BAe Heritage, they may be able to help. My Airfix 1/144 Concorde fell on my doormat today, happy days.
  2. I would never have thought of that, nice job.
  3. I have a couple to build and hopefully they will turn out as good as yours. It is a shame this scale has gone into the annals of history, like you said it is perfect for large aircraft.
  4. You missed one.... Only three hours, looks like it took much longer by virtue of the complexity of the scheme, well done, superb build.
  5. Your pulling at my heart strings with all that lovely brass work, it may be a little slim but under a coat of paint it will look miles better and no one will be the wiser....well, apart from 15000 or so BM'ers....
  6. No, I looked earlier, I always have a peek at least twice a month. I shall live in hope, I really don't fancy the Mach 2 offering, Densils' kits are streets ahead in accuracy.
  7. Cheers Tommo, I will, I just thought to put it out there while it is in my head, I know I will probably forget while I am work.
  8. Does anyone have an update on the above mentioned kit? I rang last year and was told it is still a go, however, other projects were taking precedence and Covid also put a national sized spanner in the works. Cheers.
  9. Percival Mew Gull, a most elegant aeroplane. Nice pics.
  10. Damn it , it is going to be a bigger job than I thought then....
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