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Head in the clouds.

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  1. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2

    Coming along nicely Pete, soon be ready for the Grand launch.
  2. Head in the clouds.

    Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR1 - 1/72 Airfix

    That was going to be my line.... She is starting to look the part now CedB, a flash of paint works wonders. Note to self....puppy tooo cute, must not let SWMBO see it.
  3. Head in the clouds.

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Glad I am not the only one who starts other jobs in the vain hope that what I should be doing will be completed by the midnight pixies, unfortunately, procrastination only leads to the inevitable...facing down down what should have been done weeks before. Looking forward to seeing more of this build Steve when your time permits.
  4. Head in the clouds.

    Big ideas about a big wing

    I will be watching this with interest John as I want to build one of the prototypes in the future, just send me a singing telegram or something to alert me to the fact the build is underway
  5. Head in the clouds.

    Yet another Alclad question

    As a rule I will always use clear kote but I can understand you not wanting to use it, after all the paint finish will be smooth anyway, but it does give protection to what is a very delicate paint and if you need to get the decal to conform to any detail or airframe shape then a setting solution may be needed in which case it may well damage the underlying Alclad if not protected with a coat of varnish. As you also mention it will probably diminish the high sheen you are trying to achieve. Do a test run on an old kit if in doubt.
  6. Head in the clouds.

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Well, I have finally missed a complete build, I will be getting a poor reputation at this rate. As for the build John, absolute pure gold and on a grand scale, I will look forward to seeing it at a show in the near future. Apologies for the late show. Gary
  7. Head in the clouds.

    Original Seaking mk1

    Nice to see an early Sea King and a fine job indeed.
  8. Head in the clouds.

    Monocoupe 90A, Planet models resin 1/72

    This kit looks like it was a bit of a fighter but you made a good boy of it in the end. Very sharp and clean.
  9. Head in the clouds.

    Airfix Dambuster - 1/72 Avro Lancaster B.III

    I have seen that wing before...ah, that's right, in a helicopter build although it looks much better now. Very smart Tomoshenko, that oxide Upkeep adds a nice little twist.
  10. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2

    I am trying to come up with a golf themed wise bottom comment but cannot think of one Nice to see recycling of Christmas fodder, very green....oh, I did it !
  11. Head in the clouds.

    Fifty shades .. And then, there was one...

    I have surpassed myself this time, rolling into this build when one of the kits has been finished and presented in all it's glory, berate me as required Bill. Having had a good catch up with the thread it is fair to say you have had some fun. As I am now fully tuned in you have my undivided attention, I have the Merlin kit in the stash so this thread may well be my Merlin Bible. Superb CH53 by the way, she seems to have almost fallen together. Onwards and upwards....
  12. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2

    Yeah, that's the one,yummy yummy
  13. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2

    Didn't Leyland do a sickly tan colour for the superb Austin All-agro or is that my imagination running amok?
  14. Head in the clouds.

    Miles M.52 Scratchbuild 1/48

    Great build of an often overlooked design, if only hey!
  15. The weird and wonderful are your forte Moa and you do them all justice, what is amazing is most if not all actually flew.