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  1. An update I promised and an update I shall give, albeit a small one. When I signed off last time I left a load of mangled wood on the bench and that has now gone in the bin, in it's place is a nice shiny new one. The wood is fairly soft so needs care when putting anything sharp near it. The same routine was followed as before but taking more time and care. Two parallel line cut with micro saw; Carefully with a 2mm and 1mm chisel cut out window; Mark out for triangular opening. At this point I was at a crossroads, did I dare take a chisel to such a
  2. Nice paint job, looking very slippery Pete, really looking the part now.
  3. What a cracking idea, wish I had known about that a few weeks ago, save me bending all that brass..... All those little 'things' really bring it alive and now with primer on we are getting close to the 'L' word Neat work Pete.
  4. Thank you Jfgred1, I have just finished chiselling out the second bead and it did go better than the first. An update will come soon.
  5. That is a cracking job and a colourful one at that. Love anything bit left of centre and this is that,great paint job and gentle weathering.
  6. Very nice work on what are two small and delicate kits.
  7. Nice to have you back hendie, glad you like the work. Thieve away Pete, that is part of the reason we do WIPs. Yes, let me know and I can give you your book back, feel free to leave a keg in its place
  8. Thanks basket, I hope so too as there are a lot of beads in that bag...
  9. I cannot believe it has been a month since my last update, but here we are so on with it... At the end of my last post I had just got to grips with all the holes in the Lynx nose radome on XV651 and hung the sponsons on ZB506, without a doubt the two biggest and potentially project ending jobs put to bed. We start off with some little jobs and corrections. Staying with XV651 the two little aerial supports were fitted, no drama here; They don't come much simpler than that. Next up I decided to manufacture some 'hand hold' rails so set to making two sets, on
  10. Look forward to seeing that Pete, you may even be able to reduce your usage of car filler and give the petrol heads a chance to use some
  11. Thank you alfisti. You are correct, not the easiest to build but time and patience prevail.
  12. Great work Pete, must be so liberating not being shackled to an instruction sheet that is wrong half the time
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