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Head in the clouds.

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  1. Head in the clouds.

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Revell 1/72 Wellington II, S&M 1/72 Canberra B2 and English Electric P10 and book wise The RAF 100 Anthology. Space is becoming a problem soon so a TARDIS is on the wish list.
  2. Head in the clouds.

    Pegasus Hobby 1/48 Hurricane.

    Not bad at all for a snap together kit.
  3. Head in the clouds.

    Airfix Jet Provost T.3/T.3a

    A little cracker and a good choice of colour scheme, I do like the older paint jobs.
  4. Superb Russ, that yellow paint scheme is spot on and rounds off the kit very nicely.
  5. Head in the clouds.

    The de Havilland Vampire TII

    looks good to me from here and I live several thousand miles away. Nice build.
  6. Excellent work Tony, in particular the hand painted nose which adds a lot of interest. I try to avoid re-scribing as it often turns out to be very long winded.
  7. Head in the clouds.

    1/72 Revell Typhoon DA4

    Hello folks. I have just finished this build of Revells DA4, ZH590 2 seat prototype as I believe it looked when carryring out air/air refuelling tests. The build was to be out the box but I somehow managed to bugger it up so I acquired the earlier boxing of this kit to use as a donor but found it to be different,so off to the after market guys I toddled and found a vac form canopy, which I also butchered but it was salvageable...only one corner being a obvious mismatch. I then used the wing from the earlier kit to trace the pattern on top of the port wing and then transferring the masking tape with pattern to the kit wing, it was very fiddly but I think I pulled it off. Paints used were Tamiya with Alclad Gloss and Flat coat and all finished with a home made wash. The decals are a mix from several sources as the kit one were often oversized and I did not notice until they were on....the next morning! In my attempt to remove them I also removed some paint so a repair job was the order of the day. There are some roundels missing from the underside wing surface, these will be placed when I get some as there were not enough on the kit sheet. The instrumentation pod and the ASRAAM were both scratch built but that was about it with regard to pimping up the build. One last point, while taking pics this morning my improvised photo booth blew apart and took the kit with it, so a mini rebuild started this morning so sorry for the poor pictures. On the whole a very enjoyable build. Thanks for looking.
  8. Nice build of an early kit of this plane, you have beaten me to the post as I too am close to finishing this very aircraft but I nearly buggered it up with the decals, not noticing they were too large until on and almost dry and in removing them lifted the paint.
  9. Head in the clouds.

    FROG 1/72 FW Ta 152 H

    Nice work Adey on an old kit, just goes to show what can be done with some Bakelite plastic.
  10. Head in the clouds.

    International Bomber Comand Memorial

    The good lady and I visited the above mentioned and newly opened memorial today in glorious sunshine and I have to say it is a job well done. The main memorial with over 57000 names on it is moving indeed and with free guides( of the human kind) to explain the details to you, you get the full of impact of what you are looking at. The visitor centre has 2 floors of displays and interactive consuls telling the story from both perspectives...look at Malta in 1942 on the big screen, you will see why it won a VC. There is a shop and cafe and although there are some charges it all goes back into the upkeep of the memorial, a small price to pay in comparison to that paid by the names whom the memorial commemorates. With views over the iconic Lincoln Cathedral, so often a view that told the crews they were home safe, this is a fitting tribute to the fallen of Bomber Command . Well worth a visit.
  11. Head in the clouds.

    Rough resin kit

    Is it as rough as this kit ?
  12. Head in the clouds.

    New A-10 wings

    Give me a Hog any day, stealth ability counts for nothing when you are in the Hogs playground and they are not too easy to down, inter changeable components to keep em flying and that gun which is worth it's weight in gold. Sometimes you just need a truck and not a limo. And it's ugly......in a good way. Love em.
  13. Head in the clouds.

    Stash VNE

    Now I know why, cannot understand why I did not think of that......
  14. Head in the clouds.

    Stash VNE

    Buy more to hide the ones already stashed...a stash in front of a stash, re-arrange the furniture to make room look same size( optical illusion) and lie through teeth, ' everything looks the same to me darling, it must be the poor light' Don't forget to build the odd one, this also give SWMBO the impression that your stash is decreasing......clever, eh!
  15. Head in the clouds.

    Middle Wallop 80th Fly In

    A few photographs from the Auster 80th Fly In this weekend.