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  1. And that is the rub Andy, even when we do some jobs on site it is more cost effective to employ a dedicated company than us do it ourselves over twice as long and with more labour. The trick is knowing when to make the call, at least you did not loose another week of your own time which to be fair costs you money because you run your own business. And it will not blow down for another 15-20 years, that's £50 a year to protect your borders, I bet the MOD wish they could do it for that
  2. Crikey!!! Trouble is it is not the wood that costs, it is the labour. Like you Andy I have replaced 3 posts and 2 panels, only 2 and 3 more respectively and I will have a fence like Triggers broom.
  3. Well isn't that a thing, my fence is held up with copper pipe until the weather picks up, it was flapping about like a good-un. The wind will always find the rotten posts, happens every time we have a wind over 5knots in my garden.
  4. Heard on the traffic news earlier that part or all of a hanger roof had been blown off at IWM Duxford causing the M11 to be closed off, does not mention which hanger but best guess would be the super hanger as it sits next to the motorway. This has caused traffic chaos in the area. If this is the case lord knows what secondary damage has been done.
  5. Thank you @NavyWessex. My thoughts on the new Airfix kit are mainly positive, the caveat being that the way it is engineered is such that if you get a preceding item slightly out of line or incorrectly placed it will most certainly manifest itself further in the build process. Point in case, the cabin roof can affect joins at the cockpit roof, crew door join in the same area, (very small contact area) cockpit glazing being in 3 parts needs care too. I did take much time dry fitting and trying to pre-empt any issues further in the build but I still had the occasional misalignment that needed some filler or touch up. I don't know if you have read all this thread but I made a monumental balls up on the hull of XV651 and I too had that sinking feeling. In summary then, the kit has nice detail, goes together well; with care and it's accuracy is, according to my keen eye (see post above) good. Is the your kit recoverable from the bin, sometimes a spell on the naughty shelf for the kit allows you too gather your thoughts and find a solution?
  6. Not accepted Andy as non needed if nothing else it kept me busy and honed my skills a little and lets be honest, a large part of modelling is trial and error. Back to the drawing board then I did see the second pic but for whatever reason I did not see what I was looking for, I once witnessed an accident and gave the police a totally contradictory report to everyone else. My observational skills are at best poor, at worst comical. This also probably explains why I build my kits twice within the same build thread
  7. Evening all. Another revisit, this time to the open style flotation bottles. If you remember from post#114 the fins of the bombs kept breaking off even though they are fairly substantial from a scale point of view, being particularly thick. A new approach was needed. After a little thought I decided to drill progressively larger holes in the tail unit thus removing some of the stress on the plastic from the grinding bit and by eck...it worked. The next job was no less problematic, to drill 3 small holes in each fin all the while keeping within the fabric of the fin itself, a keen eye and a steady hand where needed and luckily on this occasion I had both; Next was to glue in place the glitter balls half's that I had prepared earlier, once the glue had set a small hole was drilled to receive the pipe that protrudes from the bottom of the bottle unit; As can be seen from the photo above I have also fitted a brass tube in the top of the unit to allow me to mount it under the sponson Both nearly finished, I have just noticed after taking this pic that the tubes from the bottom of the bottle are different lengths so a quick swipe with a file will sort tha; . I have been looking for pics of these so I could build theme but could not find the one angle I wanted until now and wouldn't you know it, I found it on BM. It seems that the bottle is not held by a cross shaped bracket as seen here but by 2 parallel plates with a cross bar at each end and a plate between, as seen here; For now I will stick with what I have made, at 1/72 they will look very much the part. Also shown to good effect in this pic is the way the large beam sponson is mounted via the bracket to the airframe, again, another small detail that I will have to make. Last time I did this I used PE skeleton and shall probably do so again, or brass sheet seeing though I now have a whole sheet of it!. One other little job was the long 3 bladed aerial under the hull. The plastic looked to again a bit thick and soft looking so I removed it and replaced it with brass rod, a look I am more happy with; As ever, thanks for looking.
  8. Tonight we have a little more alchemy, this time it is the port mounted camera, and again in that wonderful metal; Brass. Thankfully, this is a little more simple than the FLIR but still as small. For this little project all I needed was 3 sizes of brass tube and 1 size of brass square bar. After looking at the port side shot of the nose in the earlier posted pic I came to the conclusion that part of the camera, (the largest part) was in square so I started with 3mm square brass bar and drilled a small hole in the centre; This hopefully will keep the drill bit central. Next up was to drill to size 1.6mm; Next up was to cut the 1.6mm tube to size and the smaller 0.5mm tube to fit in the rear. Also a very small section of 2mm tube was cut to represent the front lens area so we now had 4 sub sections; Glue together; Now to give the eyes a rest, I am calling it a night.
  9. Looking forward to this little side project, good call John ( and Mikey)
  10. After @andyf117 pointed out the starboard undercarriage sponson on ZB506 looked to be swept forward a little the first thing I did was to check it. Looking at the photograph it does look swept a little so I checked it with my little engineers square, this I did for about 15 to 20 mins, I found that it all looked square although from a certain perspective it did look slightly swept, I think on balance I will let sleeping dogs lie for now but keep checking until I am convinced, sometimes a close pic exaggerates what may be a very small error that otherwise would not be noticed on a table display, here are a few pics; Kicking that issue into the long grass for now I had a delivery on Thursday; 0.25mm brass sheet and 4mm square tube, although after looking at the drawing and photograph I may go for a smaller size of square brass, I will decide when I unpack it. First up was the shelf unit that the FLIR will sit on, a plastic one has been made earlier so now I will make a brass shelf and see if it looks better. A piece of brass was cut to size and scribed with a carbide tipped scriber to give a score in the brass which will become the bend line; A 0.6 mm hole was then drilled in the centre of one half, this will hold a locating pin at a later date; The detail was the measured and marked with a jewellers saw to remove unwanted material; Which after a little clean up as you do not want to cut on the line but to one side on the waste material section; Folded and next to the plastic item. For me I am using the brass shelf; Next up was the FLIR unit, this is where the square brass rod will be used. As I mentioned earlier I purchased 4mm brass but after going through my research material I am going for 3mm square brass rod, this is more in scale. After marking out material that had to be removed I first filed the hexagonal shape on to the front of the FLIR. Now I can remember doing this 38 years ago during my apprenticeship on a much larger lump of metal and it is not easy as all six sides need to be equal otherwise it looks lopsided. Anyway I filed away and also removed the material to the rear and side of the FLIR; I then detached the FLIR from the rest of the brass bar and after a little clean up took an end shot; At this scale I am happy with that. And from other angles; Although my reference is somewhat blurred due to me having to scale it up on the screen I think there is a truncated triangular bracket with holes in it so this too needs to be made. I felt that the 0.25mm brass sheet would be a little too thick so I rummaged around for some old PE, and I found it, just the right size. Never throw PE away, not even the skeletons, it comes in very handy; Again, I marked out my cut and bend lines; Marked out for the 0.6mm holes as best I could and drilled with the old Draper mini drill; Only then cut with scissors and bend; And to give scale; When all 3 are together we have this; There is some minor adjustment needed but I am happy with this, and it all went well too. That is today's' shenanigans sorted, hopefully tomorrow I can do a little more; Thanks for looking.
  11. I cannot understand why as a country we are richer now than at almost any point in our past yet there is no money for anything......very bizarre and illogical. I have been lucky enough to visit this airframe at St Paull and frankly, walking around the site you did get the impression that this was a real possibility but I applaud all those at St Paull for letting us have the opportunity to see it for the last several years. Apart from a euro millions win I cannot see an answer, did Elvis not fly in it once and sign the inside of the airframe
  12. Those stirrups, ah, they bring back memories from my MA4 build, that was a similar size to this kit and everything is small and fiddly. Nice work indeed Moa.
  13. Understandable Hendie, I do believe you had a battle or two on your hands but all's well that ends well. Looking forward to your next epic build.
  14. Don,t know Andy but I am on it at the first oppertunity.
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