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  1. Well, compared to your solutions it sounds like I not only went round the bushes but the whole park. To lift the cockpit canopy I built a crude frame for the kit item to sit on and filled the gap where it joins the fuselage. It looks much better but obviously the point where the canopy meets the airframe still sits too low when compared to photos or drawings but it does not jump out at you. The engine/inlet issue was more involved. I fiited four tubes inside the wing and painted some fan blades at the back, connected them to the fuselage as best I could. I then fitted a piece of flat plastic card to the bottom inlet lip and tapered it to try and give it a slight taper( the kit offering has to parallel lips) and blend in all this work in the inlets of each wing. It took an age of fill/sand/inspect/fill/sand/ inspect...... until I got it in the ball park. It has improved it but I think I could have gone a bit thicker on the card insert, I will be able to tell more when it is painted. I started this kit as a quick build as it only has about 30 or so parts...., what a misjudgement that was. That modelling though and I have enjoyed it. Gary
  2. Looks fine to me Heather, that area you had to fill behind the greenhouse becomes a laborious task of fill,sand fill, sand, etc until you get in the ball park. Keep the offensive going and this is one battle you will win.
  3. I am currently building VX770 from the same kit and getting ready for painting. As you say it is a pretty sound kit and generally the right shape and size for a prototype, which as you know are smaller than production machines. Without putting too many speed bumps in the road ahead, what are your plans for the shallow cockpit canopy gaping free space behind the engine inlets? Nice choice by the way Cliff.
  4. Nice one Andwil, I started the old Airfix offering a few years ago and had that same scheme lined up, unfortunately my frustrations got the better of me and it was never finished, maybe 'written off' would be the correct term. It will be good to see how you tackle this one, I know the colour scheme has come in for some discussion on BM before. Happy modelling.
  5. Great story about your Grandfather, sounds like a character. Fair play to you for taking on what I imagine is a very small kit and adding a splash of your magic on it. Cracking job.
  6. You can't argue with work of that standard, from the mud to the weathering, it is all top draw.
  7. Glad to see Annie back on stage Heather, where she belongs. Like you I am building an Avro Anson and using a Flightpath set in 1/72 and just like yours it ended up being a hanger queen and I hardly touched it for months. Now though I have been nibbling at it and woe and behold, it is moving on slowly but surely. Keep up the good work.
  8. She looks as though she is doing good speed even when stood still, what a sleek looking Schooner. Top marks for the sails, they look fantastic.
  9. Just caught up Pete, you have taken me back to 1977, on a planet far, far.......you know the rest Look after them there fingers, I need them more than ever to keep those barrels rolling. What you said earlier about the AT-AT changing slightly through the series of films is something I completely missed, they don't miss much when these films are made but I suppose the changes were subtle...weren't they?
  10. Thank you Jonathan, you are an absolute lifesaver, I did not have high expectations of anyone answering my post, it is after all an obscure logo.
  11. Hi folks. I am researching for my next project and as such I need a little help so hopefully the BM hive mind may be able to help. I am trying to find out what the green writing is around the inner green circle with the propeller in the centre and what looks like a yellow disc below with more, smaller text below the yellow disc. Unable to find credits but will post or remove if contacted. Thanks for looking. Gary
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