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Head in the clouds.

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  1. Head in the clouds.

    Telford 2018

    I will be there spending some time with the Grantham Mafia (Belvior IPMS) and wandering around aimlessly with my head in the clouds, will try and make some of the meet ups too if I can stop putting my hand in my wallet for more than 10seconds. See you there.
  2. Head in the clouds.

    '@Member's name' function

    @Ratch Got it.
  3. Head in the clouds.

    Bang bang.....whoops! Strike 2 F16's

    Somebody has had a bad day, luckily no one died. https://www.aviation24.be/military-aircraft/belgian-air-component/air-force-f-16-destroyed-maintenance-collateral-damage-second/amp/
  4. Head in the clouds.


    I am with him above, the smallest party I have ever been to. Good day out, great builds and some helpful chats with the Leicester IPMS group. Did not spend a penny though so more for the nationals. Always a friendly show and thanks to the organisers.
  5. Head in the clouds.

    Airfix 1/72 Bristol Belvedere

    Despite the shortcomings of the kit you have done a grand job. Nice to see one built.
  6. Head in the clouds.

    Landspeeder type E

    I would be happy to drive it, it is the only E Type I could ever afford.
  7. Head in the clouds.

    Another Walker finished

    Oh yes, I am getting it, I taught I saw a helicopter in there and after a little cheat ( looking at your WIP) I did, I did, I saw a Bo105. Nice one Pete, looks superb.
  8. Head in the clouds.

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    Well Pete, after talking to you today at Southall and not having a scooby doo what you were talking about I have looked trough this thread and links and I see where you were coming from, I for one would never have seen those kits hidden in the whole of a finished kit and I have to say it looks incredible. Nice to meet at last and enjoyed the chat.
  9. Head in the clouds.


    It will do for me Pete, I can remain seated it is a Sunday after all!
  10. Head in the clouds.


    I will be there on the Belvior IPMS stand, com'n say hello.
  11. Head in the clouds.

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    I have one of these Steve, it has a bit more power and runs off lighter fluid, it is small and manageable but a little more tricky to use, practice sessions would help. I had a feeling you would like this soldering malarkey and it has so many applications. You may also find that using one of these will avoid the heat sink issue mentioned by Redshift allowing the soldering of flat panels and larger items. Have fun and great work.
  12. Head in the clouds.

    Guardians of the North.

    What a lovely pair of.........Canadian warplanes, superb Frank.
  13. Head in the clouds.

    F-4M/K Phantom II RFI - Matchbox 1/72

    Nice to see an old kit built well.
  14. Much work and thought went into your build and it shows, even after 40years, prototypes and early pre production planes often get forgotten so thanks for posting.
  15. Your builds are becoming bit of a guilty pleasure for me Moa, I am swinging towards this wonderful period of aviation with all it's weird and wonderful. Keep them coming.