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  1. Great job, so much to look at in this compact scene. The lettering on the tank also looks really nice (I'm assuming you've painted this on by hand!)
  2. Ditto! I'd love to know how to do rivets properly. Great modelling as always Fuad!
  3. My first thought was 'that's nicely painted' and then i read your comment that it was brush painted! Great job, I wouldn't even know where to begin to get a result like that!
  4. Thanks @Notty, glad I managed to fool you with that first pic!
  5. thanks Pete, first time I’ve tried this outdoor lighting lark with a model. It makes it look pretty convincing, even if I did need to photoshop out the odd tree branch and telephone line!
  6. Thanks @Bertie Psmith, @Maginot and @Wulfman. I agree, even if they would have spent most of their time on the ground its where they are meant to be.
  7. Another cracker, the weathering is superb.
  8. Hi all So here's my second take on a Malta Spitfire VC, this time with the new Eduard kit (all OOB except for some metal gun barrels, the spinner and left over decals from my previous Special Hobby build). I went for BR112, 185 Sq flown by Claude Weaver III. Weaver became the youngest Allied fighter ace but sadly didn't live to see it end after being shot down over France in 1944 after successfully escaping captivity and making it back into the war. I got myself a copy of the Colour Conundrum Compendium articles by Paul Lucas who depicts BR112 in Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey with a Sky underside. I wanted to display this flying for two reasons really: - A spit just looks soooooo much better this way. - By raising it up it meant that I could fit it on the same shelf with two parked aircraft in my display cabinet (If i carry on doing this i can do another 3 models before having to convince my wife we need a new cabinet!). The lettering on the birch disc was the only thing useable from the montex masking set up bought for this project-all the rest were really warped, apparently this happens to old vinyl masks.. . The spinner was simply made by cutting out some thin 0.25mm evergreen clear sheet and scoring it with a compass point. I think its fairly effective, its only when the light hits from certain directions and the glossy shine/reflections spoil the illusion. Any tips for achieving the same effect welcomed-I'll be doing more in flight models! Weathering consisted of a flory wash, oil rendering and stains and a good stipple of ground up pastels for the dust effect. Overall very happy with it, but i really need to get better at attaching and masking canopies more neatly... Anyway on to some pics, hope you like it and thanks for looking. Graeme
  9. GRK

    GRK's 2021

    Here's 2021's output posted well into 2022! Only 4 completed in the year but as three include dioramas i suppose that's 7 models really!
  10. Outstanding, one of the things that jumped out at me was the winter wash and weathering on the spinner in the last two pictures. Really like how you’ve separated the two sections on the spinner and can I ask how you achieved the very fine lines? I can’t tell if they’re a left over from some sanding or from the way the white has been removed?
  11. Thanks @Brian Derbyshire, @Bertie Psmith, @robgizlu and @stevej60 (also thanks for the link to the memorial site, there were a few pics on there I hadn't seen before).
  12. Really nice, intrigued by the yellow pennant on the aerial-haven’t seen this before. Do you know what it was for?
  13. Brilliant, looks great with that big spot light on top too. Haven’t heard of this manufacturer, will have to check them out
  14. Ha, it certainly is more fun!!! Looks great, really like the scheme too
  15. Ok thanks all, luckily it’s just the upper wing roundels that have shrunk. Lesson learnt!
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