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  1. thanks! First stab at 1/48, decided to convert from 1/35 after realising how much space I’d need to make dioramas for them all! Only thing is the lack of good 1/48 figures.
  2. Great work, the 3D printed parts look really nice. Like how you’ve put plenty of footprints round them too. What did you use for snow btw?
  3. Thanks Homer! Looking forward to the next build already- T-34 helping to secure a foothold over the Dnieper
  4. Thanks, I tried my best to hold back but always hard with tanks! Especially a snowy, muddy one!
  5. Damn you’ve just reminded me that I’ve missed that, I’d painted a bit of wire for it already-need to go and find it now! Well spotted
  6. ha no worries, borrow away, just like I did! No original ideas here! Glad it served up some inspiration for you
  7. Get some of the builders insulation foam, its fine grained so can be cut easily. I've just finished a base were i pressed air drying clay over the foam to form the textured groundwork but for 1/16 you'll need alot of clay so maybe you'd be better using something like claycrete (basically paper mache). Plenty of good tutorials on youtube to check out. I like to mix dried soil from the garden with paint and pva as a final layer to add loads of texture to the goundwork.
  8. Here's my finished scene depicting a Soviet counter attack around Mozhaisk in October after the first snows have fallen and so called General Winter comes to the aid Russian defenders, helped by the 1/48 KV-IE of course! I really enjoyed building this and plenty of new things tried. The shed and the fence was made from good old coffee stirrers, with the thatch being made from toy fur brushed through with pva. Ground work was done with airdrying clay which was then textured with dried soil mixed with pva. First time making a tree and again pretty pleased with, well plea
  9. Really nice! Really like the shells laid out on the tarp and all the other details you’ve added, and well done cobbling together an interior from other kits- I’m no expert but looks spot on!
  10. Thanks Andrew! The muds just soil and pva mixed with a little of the paint i used for the base groundwork. I think i probably could have kept the centre of the tracks and wheels a bit cleaner where the movement/contact would self clean slightly but hey ho!
  11. Lovely work on the caunter scheme. Looks like a really nice finish all round
  12. Thanks all. I'll put the finished scene in the diorama section when done- still waiting for the paints for the figures which are being held up somewhere Thanks for the language correction Pin, its an odd one as there are plenty of references to Ehkranami so I guess its a case of everyone copying a mistake?! I'll change the heading to KV-1E to ease those sore Russian eyes .
  13. Great finish on the paintwork, think the headlight looks good too, was that just oob or did you do some extra work on it?
  14. thanks Ernst, yes was pleased with the chipping. Doing the lighter colour first makes a nice effect. Just waiting for some paints to arrive for the figures and then let battle commence!
  15. Hi all Just a few pics from my latest build- the 1/48 HobbyBoss KV-1E I love the look of the KV-1 but like it even more with the bolted on armour, a real beast! A simple build with some nice details and a few bits of PE and even a metal wire tow cable and for about half the price of the Tamiya kit, so what's not to like? OoB apart from the tarp and painted with MRP 4BO and pretty much a straight copy of the techniques shown by Nightshift's build on youtube, I make no apologies! This is the first 1/48th armour I've built and this is the way I'm going- my fi
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