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  1. Thanks Chris. It was a bit two steps forward, one back today as i was impatient and i peeled some of the invasion stripes off whilst widening one of the bands but getting there! I'm off for a week now and with this new lockdown coming in i guess I'll just have to spend most of it modelling! I've got the sky band on now and the spinner is done. Don't know whether to get the yellow leading edge down before the rest of the camo or leave it till last. Last may be easier but then it will more difficult to chip. Hmmm. Anyway thanks for popping back in
  2. I think the Tiffie looks pretty good in silver!
  3. Todays work was finishing the invasion stripes. The picture I'm using for a reference is of a 247 squadron aircraft and the fuselage invasion stripes don't wrap around the whole way, but this was taken later on in the Normandy campaign when the squadron was based at at forward airfields whereas the version Italeri included I think was actually damaged by flak prior to the squadron moving over to the continent and was sent for repair. Long story short is I went with full fuselage invasion stripes! https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/typhoon/typhoon-mn317-zy-b-247-bazenvi
  4. I though I'd have the same problem for a moment but in the end i got them to join up inside!
  5. After what seems an age of sanding, filling, re-sanding, re-scribing and yet more sanding, I've finally managed to get some paint on! After a primer coat to highlight any bits of sanding I'd missed (and there were a few ), I've put down a coat of humbrol aluminium as I'm going to try some chipping effects later. I'm going to be using MRP paints which are lacquers, so I did some searching on forums and you tube to see if the hairspray method would actually work as I've only done it before on acrylics. Seems it will work but you need to lightly sand the top layer to allow the water to seep thr
  6. Very nice, particularly like the weathering on the roundels
  7. Some decent progress today. I've joined the fuselage up and the top/bottom wings together. To tackle the gap caused by the cockpit inserts I've stretched some sprue and glued in the gap along with plenty of extra thin glue to melt it in. The upgrade air filter is nice and fits in pretty well to the kit. Much better detail than the kit version. I've also added some rivet detailing to the wings. Riveting is one of those things I think 'yep definitely a good idea' until I do about two lines then think 'what the hell am i doing?'. I don'
  8. thanks, the website is great for that! I’m using several builds on here to help me through the typhoon I’m on with now. Good to think that this one has provided a bit of inspiration, I’ll keep an eye out for it when it’s done
  9. thanks both. Pretty chuffed with this one. Onwards and upwards hopefully!
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the wings, I haven't taken them off the sprues yet but I'll see what they're like dry fitted
  11. So a bit more progress has been made on the cockpit. Just need to tidy up a bit of the dust wash as the edges are too harsh, i might try a touch of pigment as these would have got dusty operating from the forward fields in Normandy. Oh and paint the buckles silver on the lap straps. I have given the dials a glob of future/pledge but i might go back and use some Crystal Klear to make the glass more obvious. The initial plan to do some of the wiring along the cockpit walls has wandered off somewhere. A- because i couldn't find an
  12. Thanks all! Thanks for looking in.
  13. Been and had a look and a lovely result, couldn't see a faintest hint of the insert. I’ll be made up if I can get my join looking as smooth
  14. So a bit more progress on the cockpit today. I've added more detail to the back of the armoured headrest using a bit of etch left over from the Tamiya Spit and a spare footstep from the FW190 to make the bar and support for the shoulder straps to hang over: Also a few details added to the stick: I've also fitted the cockpit inserts to the fuselage. This is the well known flaw in the kit in that you either have to add them so they join at the top or at the sides. Either way leaves a gap somewhere but the general advice is to join a
  15. Hi Fubar, be good to see yours when its done. This is the way i'm going too.
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