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  1. Incredible model! It’s a beauty. How long did this take you?
  2. Hi Badder, thanks for the comments. I did give the model a thin spay of Vallejo matt coat but it's too thin and its all still too shiny. Do you airbrush the Winsor and Newton varnish-if so does it need thinning and what with? I went and bought a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity and now I'm terrified of clogging it up and knackering's it!
  3. Amazing! The water really grabs your attention and there’s plenty of other great details to take in
  4. Great diorama, I’m always amazed at how creative people can be to recreate a scene. This definitely looks like it captures the moment well
  5. Thanks Tony, I’ll have to go into transport models and discretely compare! Pretty intriguing
  6. Thanks all for the kind comments. I did use the blue as stated in the kit although I was aware that it wasn’t right. After I’d applied the buff top coat it greened up the blue a bit.
  7. Hi, thanks for the advice on the Mk 1 kit- I'll avoid that one and try to get the Mk II/IV variant. I'll have a look round for in box reviews for the Gecko kits- I don't mide complex but i'll see if its too much to chew on for my second attempt!
  8. Thanks Dads203 , ha yes not my first model but def first AFV. I've been thinking why have I not done one before, really enjoyed it and it seems a lot more forgiving than aircraft (much easier to hide any painting mistakes with weathering!)
  9. How on earth did you do those windows, they're amazing! Great diorama
  10. Great looking model, really like all the extra details you've put into it
  11. Hi all Just finished my first attempt an at AFV and I chose to kick off with my favourite tank-the Matilda. Really find the early war tanks interesting compared to the late war stuff- thinking of attempting an A13 MkIV next so if anyone has any recommendations for a good kit then please let me know. So after watching lots of YouTube videos, buying a few books and visiting this site, I've tried all sorts of techniques for the first time including using pigments, hairspray chipping, oil streaks/washes, pin washes. Big learning curve but I'm very pleased with the result. Picked up plenty of learning points, like I should have clear coated the rust/chipping layer before applying the hairspray as I've rubbed too hard in a few places and revealed the base coat, and if anyone has any advice for my next project I'd be grateful. I also think I was a bit too heavy on the final spray of buff and toned things down a bit too much. I'm just starting on the diorama for it now, so I'll post more pictures of the finished piece when I'm done.
  12. GRK

    Pennants on Radio Antenna

    Thanks JackG, very helpful-yellow it is
  13. Hi all I'm nearly done with my Tamiya Matilda (the Phantom, 42nd RTR scheme). I'm wondering what the pennants you often see on pictures attached to the radio antenna were and what's the best colour/pattern to use on my model? Thanks in advance
  14. GRK

    Hello all

    My order at Veteranus was re-funded. There was an error on the website that showed it was in stock when it in fact wasn't. It turns out that there isn't any of the 250ml in Europe due to a manufacturing fault but that stock will be back in the UK by the 2nd week of November...
  15. GRK

    Hello all

    Thanks Timn, Veteranus Models were a winner.
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