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  1. Very nice! Great work on the dusty weathering. How was the kit? quite tempted to pick one up myself. thanks for the link to your weathering process too, very detailed and informative !
  2. Looks great. The wing roundels look superb, assume you used a mask and painted rather than decals?
  3. Wow thanks all, i'll have to be careful now not to get carried away and only do winter washed models in the future! It does need another Soviet fighter to sit next to in the cabinet but can't decide to got with an I-16 or a IL-2 (if the IL-2 will fit!)
  4. Excellent result and very envious of your ability to rivet! Which tool do you use?
  5. Hi, these were just where I passed the brush through during the hairspray chipping. Just careful to keep the brush strokes in line with the airflow. I then added the vertical rain lines with the weathering pencils and a really soft brush. good luck with it, found it really fun to do
  6. Thanks fubar. I read this at the time but only when you’ve put it here did I spot the “for beauty “ bit, makes more sense now!
  7. Absolutely- maybe the pilot graduated from I-16s and missed the gentle breeze!
  8. Thank you all. Ha- Gary i think you need to look at more winter weathered models !!! Thank you, high praise indeed
  9. ha yes it’s taken quite a beating but here’s what I was aiming for with the look https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lagg3/3gviap/3gviap64.html good fun to play round with this much weathering thanks very much Werdna, glad you like it
  10. Hi all First finished build of the year but started last year- i'm not that quick! I went for ICM's Lagg-3 kit as my first ever Soviet aircraft- always had a soft spot for the Lagg-3 and enjoyed the build. It went together ok but a bit of work was needed to get the gun bulge inserts to fix into the engine cowling piece properly. I really enjoyed the painting and weathering. I knew I wanted to have a go at a winter scheme and went for number 64 of 3.Gv.IAP flown by Georgy Kostylev who named the plane his "Columbine Tale" (I confess I have no idea to what that refers to!
  11. Looks great and really well finished. It’s good that the kit includes the flaps rather than having to buy extras. I’ve still got the revel lanc in the stash to build-one day!
  12. Fantastic work, love the gun ports and the wing root chipping. The detailing you’ve achieved is awesome!
  13. Thank you all for you're kind comments, its been really nice reading them so thank you! The pictures make it look slightly bluer than it is and i think the top coat of US grey was too thick but apart from that i'm really pleased with it. I hadn't realised that there was an upcoming Eduard release of the VC so it's likely that I'm going to be tempted for another run on a Malta spit when that comes out! Thanks again and hope you all have a great Christmas and wishing you all the best for the New Year!
  14. GRK

    GRKs 2020

    Thanks Chris, glad you like them esp the Tiffie, definitely a favourite of mine!
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