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  1. Fantastic, so neat and tidy. I always wonder how people paint circular lines on spinners so neatly, how do you mask this?
  2. Thanks @Learstang, Hoth's one thought, be fun to make mini walkers and a speeder (no idea how I'd do it but that's half the fun!)
  3. So its all done. Really fun little project, quite like the idea of doing a few more little scenes like this. Maybe another couple LOTR locations and maybe a little a Star Wars one. Here's how it looked all primed: Then painted with a few oil washes: And the final result with the stream painted and glossed:
  4. Thanks @Fat fingers Thanks and I know, not the best design for a castle- should i add a drawbridge at the end of the causeway to improve it? Thanks @Major_Error and @dnl42. I'd say the scale is around 1:1080. This is based on a pic that showed 6 uruks on a ladder on the deepening wall. We all know that the average uruk is 1.8m tall giving a wall height of 10.8m verses my 1cm high wall!
  5. Hi all, something a little different for me. I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings and really liked the look of the Helm's Deep fortress in the film so thought I'd have a go at making my own mini version! I only started this on the weekend but quickly got adsorbed and it just flew by so here's where i'm at after two days: The plan: And we're off Couldn't resist this shot looking down the deepening wall: Some plaster to simulate the stone work: A biro for the hornberg: plaster rock and clay added: And finally some balsa added to form the sides. I'll add more clay and wood filler to bring the terrain into the balsa. Almost done on the building part now, just the main gate doors to be added.
  6. excellent build! Looks great particularly the exhaust staining-the gradient is perfect
  7. Sorry only just seen this question- Dark earth was 5:1 XF49:XF52 and desert yellow was a mix of XF59 and XF3 (sorry i didn't make a note of the ration but i would guess maybe 8:1???)
  8. thank you, yes that area isn’t the best. Lots of sanding and filling so a lot of the raised ribbing detail is lost
  9. All your extra work has paid off beautifully! Looks great, definitely intimidated by trying an Italian aircraft due to the paintscheme- no way my airbrushing skills are up to this yet
  10. Thanks again all for taking the time to leave a comment. Always nice to read them and a nice way to 'complete' the build!
  11. Thanks again all. Thanks Bruce, it was your comment about the exhausts that meant i had a proper look. In fact until you mentioned that you didn't feel that the stain followed the wing shape I hadn't realised that it WAS the wing shape and therefore the way the airflow passed over it that governed the stain pattern. Penny dropped!!! Seems obvious now... so thanks for filling in another knowledge gap!
  12. I think it looks great. Really smooth paint finish and agree it looks ace grey/green. Canopy doesn’t look too bad from the pics, don’t think I’d have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it
  13. What a beauty, great paint work esp on the wavy demarcation line and the waterline weathering.
  14. Thanks all for your comments. @Troy Smith Thanks for the heads up on the very shiny metal looking wood effect I've achieved on the prop... I'll go back and paint it back to black, easy enough as I haven't glued it on. I think I've got the pattern of the oil slicks ok but agree it could be thicker. Thanks again for the info, i do want it looking as good as i can make it.
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