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  1. Very nice air-to-air selection. Maybe too late asking but I have to do anyway. Will does R-60 come with plastic nose fins as default? I see you designed PE for proper scale look but I prefer plastic moulded on for strength reason and I can accept thickness limitation of the plastic injection.
  2. Oops, Sorry I confused with 1/72 MiG-23 thread. My brain…
  3. One thing popped in my head is lack of any amarment. I have RV boxing which is the same plastic to KP.
  4. Great smooth finish. Perfect level of weathering.
  5. You have no choice other than wait for aftermarket decals or next boxing at this time. Roden have a good record on covering variants of a subject. Have seen many times when X kit released then why no Y scale, no Z variants etc… I am happy no matter whatever marking included. Edit: A suggestion email to Roden is not bad idea if you really want to use decals made by them. I had a good luck asking for C-5 kit.
  6. Right scale right subject. Very welcome!
  7. Finally Frequent Wind CH-53 markings. My long wait is over!
  8. Panel lines looks very fine. Much finer than their previous Mirage F.1. Anyway nothing wrong on the F.1 kit and I want this new CJ kit to accompany my SH F.1 in the stash.
  9. Shape of cockpit window area is much better than Arii kit.
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