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  1. Absolutely stunning. Realistic looking BUFF. Could I see shots from sides of this lovely model?
  2. A couple of weeks ago I did suggest on a Nigerian Alpha Jet A on their FB now they are making it happen. What a good news!
  3. Amazing! Outstanding weathering. Nothing looks like it was done by a beginner unless you tell me. Congrats!
  4. Both type of fuel tanks provided. I will use kit decals from old monogram on this one with some alteration for USAF HU-16B in Vietnam.
  5. In my opinion looking from available images the radome pointiness is close but it looks a bit too much nose up slant. It is too soon for a conclusion without any actual plastic on hand however. Anyway I prefer Academy kit over GWH because more proper modern bomb load like GBU-31. I have no interest opening a bomb bay so no comment on internal load of Mk.117. Certainly I will get this kit to accompany My Revell G and H and see does it really need any alteration.
  6. I will get this one. I prepare to open engine fan air exit and probably close all blow-in doors. While GWH made this area solid the kit looks much improved over Revell kit such as better windshield framing, more modern weapon loadout and proper antenna fit. I have no idea why they did not include GBU-31 instead of GBU-24. Overall shape looks ok. Also panel lines are very fine and not overdone.
  7. Finally!!! While Airfix kit is still very nice I don't like the look of main gear strut butt joint to the fuselage and quite thick trailing edges. Much part preparation also needed because of ejector pin marks. Some are right on control surface rib details so removing them without ruining those delicate details is impossible. This new tool Bird Dog is much welcomed.
  8. It’s 1/72 and it’s my lovely scale. Can’t wait!
  9. Not too long after Kinetic had realized that they provided two left wingtip tanks by mistake, they tried to correct it by adding proper parts for right wingtip tank. However it is still concidered as an unsuccessful attempt because the new right tank is noticeably thinner compared to the left one and still looks wrong. Hope they finally make it right this time.
  10. Impressive work Antti! I think your F27 shape after rework looks quite spot on.
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