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  1. Gidday Steve, that Capella klass were really fast, 225 knots. And as for the Alderbaran klass launching rocks, well it worked for the Romans about 2000 years ago. Some tactics never go out of fashion. Seriously, that boat in the last photo, well, it's a lovely photo. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Well, you never know, your tastes and interests in genres may swing back again. And as far as I know they don't have a "Use by: " date so they won't be wasted. If they're not built by you then someone sometime probably will. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday Bertie, I don't think you're the first to be bitten by some sort of ship bug - there's a number of variants doing the rounds. And don't bother seeking medical advice, as there's no cure. Regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday All, here's my next update on HMS Minotaur. A short time ago I completed the shafts and struts. As you can see, they're scratch built. Included in the photo are the kit offerings. Instead of two struts (legs) to each shaft forming a 'V' or 'A' frame these each have a solid wedge of plastic that are supposed to fit into those great canyons in the hull. I think I can be forgiven for not using them. Not included in the photo are the screws. They'll be added much later I think. I plan on using the screws from my recent HMS Hood. Believe it or not, the Hood kit screws are slightly smaller diameter than those of the Suffolk kit, despite the ship being about four times heavier. Go figure! On this occasion I decided to paint the majority of the hull before doing the shafts and struts. It made masking for the boot topping much easier. Tomorrow I intend to paint the rest of the underwater hull, then I can continue on the uppers. So until then it's goodnight all, and thank you for your interest and responses. Stay safe, and regards, Jeff.
  5. Gidday Bertie, congratulations on reaching this milestone. She looks very good. I have no experience with building models such as this but as it's your first I think you deserve 9.999995/10. And at least two beers. Regards, Jeff.
  6. Err, I wouldn't let that get around. But the ship on the sea base is looking very good, very authentic. Good luck with the rigging. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Yeah, definitely a candidate for the 'groan' emoticon. I used to get up at 5am every morning to go and clean the school. I don't miss that! Regards, Jeff.
  8. Gidday Erik, that's great weathering, it looks like the ship has had a hard time at sea. I pity the crew when she gets into harbour - all that chipping and painting. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Gidday @bianfuxia, it's an interesting craft. And I like your choice of backdrop, your daughter's painting. Well done. Regards, Jeff.
  10. Thanks guys. I looked up the Type 22 (batch 3) and 23 frigates regarding Harpoons, and you've got me thinking (yeah, I know, dangerous). Depending on time restraints maybe I could do a set of Exocets and Harpoons mounted on bases and see which I like the best. But having both would probably be greedy, I'd have to choose. I greatly appreciate the info. But first I'd better get a bit more done on the ship itself. Currently I'm doing the shafts and breakwater. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Gidday @Redshift, that's a nice build of the vessel. What would the length of the boat be, about 45-50 feet? And do you know the average crew? Well done with her. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Gidday @Lemmy @Francis Macnaughton, I can't help you much with info as this era is not my forte but I'm looking forward to seeing your builds. I hope to re-kick-start mine in the Falklands GB soon. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday @TallBlondJohn, if you saw the state of my modelling desk at present . . . Regarding the Exocets, I was thinking of having them on a slightly raised platform, front end elevated further and if required also a little splayed outward to achieve the clearance of B turret. I didn't think of a Harpoon configuration. Did any RN ships carry them that way? Regards, Jeff.
  14. Gidday All, I have a little bit more to report on HMS Minotaur. I've been fiddling with funnels and superstructures. Everything is still dry fitted at present as I'm hesitant to glue stuff down until I know where everything is going to fit. The bridge structure has it's sides cladded now, and has been extended rearward a little with a grey structure that came from an Airfix Ajax kit. Both funnels are sitting on casings that came from Airfix Belfast kits. (Belfast kits are a great source of spares). I originally had a casing for the forward funnel as part of the forward superstructure. That's it in the foreground. But I decided to cut it off and use another Belfast casing instead, partly to increase the amount of Airfix plastic in the model and partly because it already has the boiler room air intakes attached. I've assembled the two masts, they're rather rough. I'm planning on fitting a bedstead radar scanner on the main mast. That's it lying on the deck. This came from the Devonshire kit I'm using for my Glamorgan build. HMS Glamorgan being a second batch County had a double bedstead, which I'll have to scratchbuild. I plan on widening the shelterdeck midships between the 3-inch turrets, to carry the boats, cranes and a couple of additional fittings. The image I'm basing the ship on had one crane, as did each of the Tigers but as I have two Minotaur's going to get two. I've painted the hull now except the boot topping, plus I've glued the three anchors. Once the boot topping is done I'll need to do the foc'sle breakwater, plus the shafts and struts. The rudder is already fitted. I haven't included the turrets in this photo. Every time I take them out of the container there's a chance one might go "ping" and disappear into the carpet monster's pantry, and I don't have any spares. That's it for now. Thank you for your interest. Stay safe, and regards to all, Jeff.
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