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  1. Gidday Steve, in our case a 30metre extension lead, fortunately not plugged in and turned on. That model is simply stunning, superb detail. Plus it demonstrates the awesome AA firepower these ships could provide. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday, my guess would be yes. Although I think it originally got it's name from it's location and size I think it became synonymous with "Officer Country" at the rear of the ship. My view anyway. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday Solderman, I've no idea what diameter these should be, but if you think something in between the two sizes is more accurate then I think you should go with what you're happy with. But instead of buying a third size could you slap some thick layers of paint on the thin wire to thicken it up a bit? I did that on some gun barrels quite a while back, to get the A tube and B tube effect. Just a thought. Modern destroyers and frigates certainly appear bulkier in the upperworks than their WW2 forebears, to me anyway. This is looking very good. Regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday All, I thought I'd better post a progress report on HMS Onslow, to show the build is still on the go, albeit slowly. I've decided that the hull is as good as I'm likely to get it so I've started slapping on some paint. The upper hull is now done. The blue is Hu109 (I had it in stock), the white is Revell matt5 and the dark grey is Hu67, if the lid number can be believed. The white seems to have gone a little creamy in colour, the same problem I had with Humbrol white in some previous builds. The paint tin shows what I plan to paint the anti-fouling on the underwater hull with, Hu73. I have several tins with this number on it but they're quite different coloured lids, and sometimes the tin lid differs in shade with the paint inside. I'm finding now with Humbrol paints it's a bit of a lottery as to what you get. I think I've mentioned this before. Oh well, they cost me money so I'm going to use them. In front of the hull are the deck houses, all unfinished at this stage. The two larger deck houses ('B' and 'X' gundeck) you've already seen. In front of 'B' gundeck is the bridge I'm making, also incomplete. In fact all you see here is unfinished at this stage. In front of the bridge structure are the bridge wings being made. These will carry signaling lamps. The funnel is being made too. And that grey blob of plastic is the original bridge that came with the Cossack kit. To be fair, the molds are quite a few decades old now, plus there were differences between the bridges of the Tribal class and the 'O' class. Anyway, that's it for now. Thank you for your interest, responses and comments. Stay safe in these times, and regards, Jeff.
  5. Gidday Sam, you're right, you can't ignore a lady forever, particularly when she gives you the eye. The aircraft looks good on the catapult. So, what's next? Regards, Jeff.
  6. Gidday, I agree, I think the F-111 is one of the most graceful yet deadly-looking aircraft ever to take to the skies. It can look rather mean on the tarmac too. Personal opinion of course. I hope you find your missing parts. You're doing an excellent job of this. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Gidday Dmitriy, this looks an interesting project. And don't worry about your English, it's a lot better than my Russian, which is non-existent. Actually, my English isn't too good either, me being Australian. All of us were beginners at some point, and as you said, the main thing is to enjoy, regardless of the type of modelling you do. Neither will any of us laugh at you, although friendly banter and jokes are acceptable. But I have a question for you - Why would your boat need a toilet, when you have a whole ocean to use if the need arises? Just joking. Good luck with this. I'm impressed with what you've done already. Regards, Jeff.
  8. Gidday, and thanks Gents. I don't think lengthening amidships would be a problem if the deck wasn't glued in, I would be able to get at both ends of the reinforcing beams I'd glue in lengthways over the join/extension section. Just as I typed this an idea came to mind, probably triggered by your staggered join suggestion David. While I don't think I can get the entire deck out I might be able to cut out a small section to gain internal access, at the join, which would have much the same effect. Another idea for extending I had was to keep the hull intact and extend it from the stern, but that would be difficult and messy I think, considering the hull shape under the counter and that I've already added the shafts and rudder. I think I'll still go with lengthening amidships. I've got about six weeks to think about how I'm going to do it. Your idea Tom is also a good one, and if I hadn't already extended the foc'sle deck rearward I would do the build as HMS Glowworm. My original OOB build was going to be her until I learned that she carried ten torpedo tubes, not the standard eight. I believe she was the trial ship for the pentad (quintuple) mounting. Hence my OOB build became HMS Greyhound, to free up the name 'Hotspur' for my second build. Thanks for your interest, ideas and comments Gents, much appreciated. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Gidday Ned, I always thought that all the ships of the class were the same length, flotilla leaders included. My early references didn't differentiate between ships of the class. This seemed strange to me because I would have thought that the extra deck houses and the fifth gun would have needed a longer hull to support the extra weight. After reading your post above I decided to check their respective lengths individually, and you are correct - an extra 14 feet oa, which equates to 7mm in this scale. Damn! It now means I have to lengthen the hull, which would have been easier without the decks glued in. Also I didn't know about the larger aft deck house. That won't be too difficult, as it's not glued in yet But lengthening the hull at this stage - Hmmm. Still, I'm grateful you mentioned it, I'd have hated to have learned of the length issues after completion. Many thanks. And I've got about six weeks to work out what I'm going to do. Regards, Jeff.
  10. Gidday, I personally don't have a problem with a GB starting late one year and finishing early the next. Even several months either way. I'm a slow builder and usually only handle one build at a time, so spreading them out suits me. But I'm just one of many - I'll go with the consensus. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Gidday GrzeM, this is as far as I got before it stalled. I'm converting an Airfix 1/600 kit of HMS Hotspur. The top line drawing is from a book I have and the lower drawing (plus a plan below it) is from the internet. I also downloaded some pictures from the net of the ship and other models of it. Actually this is my second attempt at the HMS Hardy conversion (and my fourth build of the kit). With the first I realized some alterations were required only after it was too late to make them. So I started again, the first attempt becoming a whiff. The foc'sle deck extending aft a bit was one of the alterations required, and you can see that I've done the sides of that here, but not the deck yet. The quad .50cal machine guns re-sited on bridge wings and the front of the bridge overhang fwd were other alterations required. I've not done them yet. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Gidday Brian, I have to agree with Devo on the paint names, I'm afraid I've no idea what the numbers are. Not much help, I know. This is a 1/600 scale model of HMAS Perth I built about 40 years ago. I think the deck could be Humbrol 27 but I don't know what I used for the sides. I don't think it was Hu64. The actual colour I used is lighter than it appears in the photo. Best of luck with the paints. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Ah, a Tribal, now we're talking! Gidday Sophie and welcome aboard. I guess your other models don't look too bad. You might have gathered that I'm an avid model ship fan. Actually, your aircraft models are very good, that silver paint especially. BTW, what's that archaic-looking black thing in the third photo down, the one with the rings with holes in them? Regards, Jeff.
  14. Gidday, it's good to see this back on the go. All that PE certainly enhances the model. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Regards, Jeff.
  15. Gidday, can't be having a nice clean conning tower, Donitz will think the boat's been idle. The weathering you've done looks very good. Regards, Jeff.
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