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  1. Gidday Chewy, I'll find this interesting. I have an Airfix HMS Leander in 1/600 with the superstructure long gone. I've plans to convert it into HMS Leopard in the future, so I'll be a keen follower of this. Oh, and BTW, the Airfix Leander has a brick-red deck. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday, welcome aboard, from the other side of Oz. What sort of models do you do? Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday Chris, how can battleships be a second choice for ANYTHING, except maybe battle-cruisers. Oh well, there's no accounting for people's tastes! Seriously, that wood decking you've applied looks really good, and should enhance the model's appearance considerably. The ship certainly had graceful lines. Regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday, this juror was a little concerned at the second photo of the post. I also thought it looked more like barnacles on a submerged hull, but by the fifth photo I agree it looked very much like rust. Very authentic looking. Regards, Jeff.
  5. Gidday, I guess some modelers like Hendie just don't appreciate the joys (read soul-destroying frustration) of a challenge. Regards, Jeff
  6. The same with their model ships, massive sprue gates attached to the middle of prop shafts, masts and gun barrels, making them very difficult to remove in a still-usable condition. I often replace the parts with Evergreen styrene rod or stretched sprue. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Gidday Steve, I've been monitoring this section religiously, waiting for another update, not realizing your problems with plastic. Is it too late for an idea? Cut strips from thin white styrene sheeting, say 0.25mm and attach the tracks to that. The thin sheet will wrap around the wheels quite easily, I would think. If you need thick plastic then try wrapping the strip around the wheels (or any other former) several times to get the thickness you require. I actually did this on my model of HMS York, to make the round base of the catapult. Thin styrene wrapped around a piece of dowel until I go
  8. Gidday Aurange, welcome aboard, from the western bit of Oz. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Can't have that! Get a stash going and get into it. Gidday, welcome aboard. Regards, Jeff.
  10. Gidday Mick, and, er, don't forget to add the tubes. She looks really good, and is certainly in a bit of a hurry. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Gidday Oz (or do you prefer Jeff), welcome aboard, from another Jeff but from the other side of the country. Regards, from Jeff.
  12. Only when you get caught. And nowadays it's called "recycling". And the build continues to look good. But I think the 'dog house' needs to be renamed. Until I saw the control panel inside it I thought it was a typing error, and the compartment served another purpose. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday Beck, welcome aboard. I'm into ships myself, but at a different scale (Airfix 1/600) and done rather basic. I'm interested in seeing how your HMS Zulu turns out. Regards, Jeff.
  14. Gidday Beefy, that's a neat build. I think the added crew figures are a very good idea, they bring the display to life that little bit more. Regards, Jeff.
  15. Gidday Congratulations on your completion. I particularly like that first B&W photo. Is that some sort of cable hanging down in the photo? I thought it was a shot down kamikaze. Regards, Jeff.
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