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  1. ArnoldAmbrose

    Le Saint Louis AIRFIX.

    Gidday Marc, a very good model and beautifully done, construction, painting, rigging, all of it. And as a kid I also had a HMS Cossack, I had to share it with my brother. Regards, Jeff.
  2. ArnoldAmbrose

    Prinz Eugen

    Gidday Lee, Welcome aboard. Prinz Eugen was almost my favorite German ship of WWII (second only to the Scharnhorst, and it was a close race). I've done this ship in 1/600 (Airfix) so I'm very interested in following your build here. Regards, Jeff.
  3. ArnoldAmbrose

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Gidday Mick, another neat job, very consistent spacing between the vertical braces. Did you say 'paper'? I thought it was from styrene strips. If you don't mind me asking how did you glue them to the kit plastic? Regards, Jeff.
  4. ArnoldAmbrose

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Um, I only suggested lights as a joke. Steve, what Pandora's Box have I opened for you? Regards to all (and forgiveness from Steve), Jeff.
  5. ArnoldAmbrose

    Russian Navy Destroyer Udaloy

    Gidday Konrad, I know almost nothing about Russian Naval vessels but she looks a powerful ship, not one to be messed with. And I think your model does the vessel proud. Well Done. Regards, Jeff.
  6. ArnoldAmbrose

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Gidday Mick, a very neat job on the breakwater/weather shield. I did the same on two 1/600 Abdiel class minelayers, but mine were nowhere near as good as yours. I didn't even try to do the vertical braces. Well done. Regards, Jeff.
  7. ArnoldAmbrose

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Gidday Steve, I thought "He's bullsh . . . , telling porkies, he's gotta be!" So I googled 'Dinglehopper". I will never doubt your knowledge and skills with language ever again. Oh, and the ship's not looking bad either. I take it you will be putting lights behind each and every port and starboard transparency? After all, her mad dash to fame and glory was done at night time. Regards, Jeff.
  8. ArnoldAmbrose

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Gidday Derek - "I'm just going to enjoy myself!" - Spot on, I like the way you think. (Sorry but I don't know how to do quote boxes.) Regards, Jeff.
  9. ArnoldAmbrose

    1/700 Pearl Harbour Diorama

    Gidday Franco, very well done. Regards, Jeff.
  10. ArnoldAmbrose

    Tamiya 1-350 Bismarck.

    Gidday Mike, thanks for that. Now that I know what I'm looking for I'll check out a couple of stores here also, plus a model show that's coming up soon. Thanks for getting back to me. Regards, Jeff.
  11. ArnoldAmbrose

    Tamiya 1-350 Bismarck.

    Gidday Mark, Your Bismarck is certainly shaping up very good. A question if I may? You mentioned in a post above E-Z-Line for rigging. I think I've heard of it before but know nothing about it. Is it like, sewing thread, or fly fishing line, modeling line or what? And is it a generic product in Manchester (not the city) stores, sports stores, hobby stores etc or does it have to be bought on-line? And would it be fine enough for 1/600. Oh alright, that's three questions. Many thanks. Regards, Jeff.
  12. ArnoldAmbrose

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Gidday, Nils there is no such thing as a silly question, I've just learned a few tips from Nick's reply to you, so thank you both. If there is something you don't know then there will be others who don't know either, but weren't game to ask. Nick, I might have a go with maybe PE ladders/stairs as a trial in a near or not-so-distant future build, if I'm brave enough. Would you suggest attaching with super glue, before painting? Regards to you both, Jeff.
  13. ArnoldAmbrose

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Gidday, there you go Steve. Not only are you a talented model maker but a combined dictionary/thesaurus as well. Multi talented. In all seriousness I thought your method of creating the ship's counter stern was quite clever. And the brass reinforced stem, but I think I've mentioned that. Regards, Jeff.
  14. ArnoldAmbrose

    New member

    Gidday Shoot, I'm a newbie also, plus into ships, mainly Airfix 1/600. Welcome aboard. Regards from West Oz, Jeff.
  15. ArnoldAmbrose

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Gidday Steve, don't apologize about the way you write, you ARE teaching some of us. I've picked up a couple of ideas from this project. And I'm so looking forward to finding out just what a Dinglehopper is! Regards, Jeff.