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  1. I too would like to track down this website again. My dad was at Gut in the 50s and I gave the site some pix of Meteors, which they put up. Shame the whole site has disappeared - it had great photos of pretty much the whole RAF inventory over the BAFO/2TAF/RAFG decades. Justin
  2. Great photo for the rocket rail arrangement alone. Justin
  3. Just clocked my typo above: "enough" should read "one". But I guess one may be more than enough!
  4. Really pleased about this. Sanding the wings of the MPM FR9 has now faded sufficiently into distant memory that I was contemplating enough of their F8s. But now I'll wait, and can save my fingertips! Justin
  5. That looks fab Tony. I can only echo what Steve says above. Justin
  6. Looks wonderful Tony. I so need one of these. And well, happy new year everyone! Justin
  7. P-51F, G, H, and J please. Pretty please. Pretty please with a cherry on the top. Please... Justin
  8. Just catching up on this - must say I really like the F-4K and it's a pity that kits in all the scales (mine is 1/72) seem to have so many inaccuracies. But this is one of those "blimey builds" which hits all those issues head-on. What's a blimey build? One where every picture I see, I just go "blimey..." Keep going please! Justin
  9. Very nice. The elbow grease really enhances the finish and you clearly have the grease/thinner ratio absolutely perfect. Justin
  10. Lovely model of a great aircraft. Interesting colour scheme too. Justin
  11. Darn it, looks unbuildable now folks. Best if all copies of this kit in circulation are sent to me - for safe keeping. Justin
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