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  1. Bedders

    FJ-1 Fury

    Love it. Unusual subject but built up beautifully. Justin
  2. Bedders

    Which ANG markings would you like?

    P-51H markings? Yes please!!!!! Justin
  3. Bedders

    Tired Ol' Defiant NF (1/72)

    Really impressive and thanks for the notes on how you did the hairspray work. Justin
  4. Lovely job. Great finish and really tidy all round. Justin
  5. Bedders

    1/72 burmese seafire

    I think the best starting point would be the Sword XV early version kit, as that has the earlier Spitfire XII rudder rather than the broad-chord one fitted later to Mk XVs with the sting-type hook. You'll need to trim off the rudder trim tab to get the silhouette right, and fill the gaps around the A-frame arrester hook. Justin
  6. That's looking really good. The masks for the camo have come out beautifully. And I'll make a note of your glossing technique too. Justin
  7. Bedders

    Bearcat 1/72: Options?

    Is it any good? J
  8. Bedders

    Bearcat 1/72: Options?

    Hi folks, I'd like to do an F8F-2 ideally, but what kits are out there? Any thoughts? Justin
  9. Of course this is a B-model, but it's not a bad picture: https://www.gettyimages.nl/detail/nieuwsfoto's/world-war-two-10th-april-leading-ace-of-the-eighth-nieuwsfotos/79028563#/world-war-two-10th-april-leading-ace-of-the-eighth-airforce-captain-picture-id79028563
  10. He'las, I don't I'm afraid. The internet might yield something. But my approach to weathering the wing-root area has been to make it quite balanced from front to rear, and not overdo the rear, at the expense of the front. Justin
  11. Olivier, it's worth remembering that many pilots and ground crew mounted the Mustang wing from the front, using the wheel as a step, and thus avoiding the drooped flap and tricky narrow step area at the rear of the wing-root. So the area around the front of the wing root will have become quite dirty, scratched and worn too. Justin
  12. Bedders

    Spitfire XIV NH926 help.

    Interesting stuff. As I ponder a paint scheme for my primed-up Sword high-back XIV, I too wonder about how many SEAC aircraft really got the dark brown. It's pretty (the low-back XIV in the States and the recently-pranged French-owned XIX both look nice), but I'm not sure it's actually correct in many cases. Once all those crated XIVs in Burma are found, that will help... Justin
  13. Looking really great Stuart. The Colourcoats paint looks excellent, and nice job on the stickers too. Justin
  14. Bedders

    1/72nd Tamiya P-51D 1945

    Very pretty indeed! Love the metal finish. Suddenly I feel another Mustang build coming on...! Justin
  15. Bedders

    A question to all

    Love that Shack 3! Justin