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  1. The XII looks fabulous and you have my sympathies on the prop. I fell in love with F-JWL and low-back XVIs in general the first time I saw the Heller box. Built one all those years ago aged about 11, and now suddenly need another... Justin
  2. Excellent job on the masking & spraying. Justin
  3. The underside of the XII looks great with those stripes. Makes me want a Mk XII enough to start thinking lustfully about carving up a Sword XV... Justin
  4. Recalls delightful memories of my Air Cadets gliding course. Loved flying these, and if you find yourself with a spare set of moulds, you have a customer! Justin
  5. Joachim nailed it. So have you. I'm not really into German stuff and therefore don't know much about it, but of the 109s I quite like the G-10 with the long tail leg. Lovely job. Justin
  6. Bedders

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Just come to this, and I love it. Will go nicely with your earlier splashdown model too. Need to do some of this Apollo stuff myself! Justin
  7. That's looking very nice indeed. Justin
  8. Bedders

    Mk 22/24 Spitfires

    There's a good book by Nick Meikle about Rhodesian Spitfire 22s, including the ferry flights from the UK to Southen Africa, service in Rhodesia and the restoration (and demise) of Malloch's Spitfire. There's a film too: The Pursuit of a Dream. And there are some good pictures of Hong Kong 24s here: http://rhkaaf.hk/index.php Justin
  9. Bedders

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    Bill does Supermarine naval fighter? If there's still space I'll sit quietly at the back and take notes. Justin
  10. Bedders

    Airfix Future Spitfires

    All this stuff in 1/48. What good is that to anyone.
  11. Bedders

    Airfix's new Handley Page Victor K.2

    Gorgeous. Looks like a great kit and you've made a fantastic job of it. Isn't that crescent-shaped wing beautiful. Justin
  12. That's looking great with the primer on. Full marks on the wing joins too. It's encouraging for other Sword Spitfire devotees (if that's quite the right term) to see you make such rapid progress with this kit. Paint soon! Justin
  13. Hi all, and I'm pleased to say that I've finally finished a model - the 1/72 Seafire XV from the Sword kit. I made heavy weather of it unfortunately (well over two years from start to finish), and ran into a last-minute snag by applying Alclad Clear Cote as a near-final varnish, which then took four months to dry. Yesterday I reckoned it was dry enough to put something over the top, in this case Humbrol 135 satin enamel. It could do with being a bit more glossy to be honest, but I'm calling this one done now. I built the kit pretty much out of the box, although these Sword kits need a bit of fettling to get certain things to fit (e.g. canopy). After a false start on the paint-job, I settled on something a bit different, as I've always liked the look of SW847 in its (I think) black over sky with silver spinner. The real aircraft had been modified a bit, with guns, gunsight, catapult hooks and arrestor-wire guard for the tailwheel removed - all of which made this modeller's life easier. The whole sorry process is recorded in the WIP: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998719-172-seafire-xv/. Any road up, here are some pics taken this afternoon: And here she is in the cabinet with her Mark III sister, also from the Sword kit but was somehow much easier to put together: Here are a couple of photos of the original: Thanks for looking, and comments very welcome as ever. In the meantime I'm not sure I can face another session with the Sword Mark XIV Spit. And conversion of a Sword Seafire XV to a Mark XII can definitely wait a while. Oh the horror...! Justin
  14. Bedders

    1/72 Seafire XV

    It's finished, finally. More shots in RFI soon. Justin
  15. Lovely job, and pleased to see that the DK decals work well - might get some of those myself. Whose paints did you use? Justin