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  1. If it's any help, here's one I did a couple of years ago using the Airfix 22 kit. The WIP link is embedded in the RFI text, as is the reference to a wonderful 1/32 conversion (from a Spitfire XVI!) by Jumpei Temma in Japan. The most complicated bits were the nose and the new wheel-well bulges. It was a fair bit of work, but fun and I'm still happy with it. Justin
  2. Since posting I've been looking more closely at the picture of the parts, so reassure myself I made the right decision. I may have been over-critical, in which case apologies. I'm no expert on these so interested to hear what others think. Justin
  3. I almost bought one today and then saw the price of EUR49.95 - for a rejigged Airfix Mustang. Looked nice in the box, but the price is wrong. Justin
  4. No they have made a mistake. I doubt HM Flying Club helicopter painters have. https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38464&mobile=off Justin
  5. Photos I've seen indicate no cannon bulges but what appear to be two dark-coloured fuel fillers on the upper surface of each wing. Not in the usual PR/bowser wing positions, but they might be the right fit for the TRs. Also no radio mast (a shaped whip instead) and the Union Jack on the right hand side of the fuselage is upside-down/the wrong way round. Justin
  6. Need The Spy Who Loved Me decals plus correct 1/72 pilot... Justin
  7. The profile drawings have a good shape to my eye. So here's hoping. If it turns out good, I'll buy two, then cover one set of sprues in lemon, salt and chilli, and hang them out in the sun for 3 weeks, until they reduce to 1/72 scale. Call me mad, but I think the F-22 fin shape slightly resembles that of the P-51H. In any case I like them both a lot. Justin
  8. It looks smashing. Beautiful bit of machinery. Justin
  9. Oh yes. Very nice. Just tell me when. And how much. Well, maybe I don't care how much... Justin
  10. There's some great stuff about this question in the thread below. It seems that due to the production process and batches of parts used, there were some Mustangs that rooled off the line with the roof of one wheel well in YZC, and the other unpainted. Robs were generaaly yellow but assorted bits of GZC also around the place. Really interesting. Justin PS at least i think that was the thread. Some decent pics anyway. John Terrell is the authority.
  11. It looks lovely. With this and the forthcoming P-51H from Modelsvit in the pipeline, quarter-scale Mustang lovers are right feel pretty chirpy right now! Justin
  12. Tony, Check Jumpei Temma's website: loads of good stuff there. http://soyuyo.main.jp/spitd/5side.gif Justin
  13. I second Ian, and therefore third Ced. Really useful WIP this one, as I'm keen to do a Halibag for a mate of mine whose dad flew them. Justin
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