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  1. Ahh. I visited Marham in 85 as an air cadet. I remember the elephants on the 27 Sqn tails clearly. Great model. Justin
  2. Great answer Ray. Thanks very much. Every day's a school day! Justin
  3. Morning all, A question that's been puzzling me recently is why so many 355th FG Mustangs have the letter C painted on the rudder. You don't see As and Bs anywhere (e.g. as a flight identifier). Anyone know the answer? Justin
  4. Looks very nice. Might there be an issue with the undercarriage doors on the KP? Justin
  5. That looks great, really looking the business now. Thought I'd be able to resist getting one whilst I complete other projects, but this build is starting to test my limits of resistance to temptation. Most taken by your "prevent-microsol/microset-from-being-knocked-over-by-clumsy-modeller" solution. Need one of those too... Justin
  6. Lovely job. Really like the 78 FG markings. I too have one of these in the stash, but can't decide on a paint scheme yet. Justin
  7. Lovely XIX, really like that. Intreresting and high quality print of that quite well-known photo of PS852. Looks like 854 remained in PRU blue overall at that time. Justin
  8. Really like that: nice aeroplane in a classic livery. Great finish too. I really like the windows, though I always get yelled at if my blind isn't fully up for take-off and landing. Maybe this is on one if those long drives at Schiphol? Justin
  9. Nice, and interesting colour scheme too. I haven't been brave enough to tackle a biplane yet, with all that rigging. So well done you! Justin
  10. Deleted. Others made my point further upstream. Justin
  11. The secret's safe with me. No-one else needs to know. J PS: I do like them cannon fairings.
  12. Very nice Cookie. Never done a Hellcat - seeing this, perhaps I should. Justin
  13. I just like the big bubble on the top. Would also give us a few more decoration options e.g. in the PR XVI dept. Justin
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