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  1. Bedders

    Spitfire Mk XII

    I have a Sword Seafire XV earmarked for conversion and combining with Print Scale decals (if the latter are any good?). Nevertheless I still look in vain for an original Xtrakit. Seems these really are the holy grail at the moment. My last (and only) XII is an Aeroclub nose mated to a Matchbox IX. Still on the shelf 35 years on.... Justin
  2. Bedders

    Spitfire Mk XII

    That's a really great link, and I agree that the XII is very pretty. In terms of aesthetics I think the Seafire XV runs it close as it has the symmetrical radiators, but then again the sting-type arrestor hook version has a slightly bigger rudder which upsets the balance slightly. And the navalisation took a toll on performance too. The XVs that went to Burma had all the naval stuff taken off and look very shapely, but they didn't wear UK markings, so perfection is again not quite reached. So then for the ultimate I start looking at XIXs... Justin
  3. Just to chip in as an average punter - I'm sure that everyone on this forum wants Airfix to be successful. I know I do. The quality and accuracy of the product seems to improve with every new issue. I'm not a 1/48 man but the new Spitfire XIV, the recent Meteor, Mustang and Sea Fury and the new Hunter all look excellent, and I hope they generate good revenue for the company to enable it to grow and prosper. Hope it doesn't forget us 1/72 folks though! Justin
  4. Bedders

    Spitfires over Burma and the Pacific

    Nice Spitfires Giorgio. I'll follow along. Justin
  5. Bedders

    Spitfire Tr 9 PT462

    Interesting stuff and I'll follow along as I'm thinking of a similar project in 1/72. Justin
  6. Bedders

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    That's come out very nicely Steve. Justin
  7. Bedders

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Thanks very much folks, just the sort of advice I was hoping for - and which only feeds my addiction to BM and this hobby of ours... Justin
  8. Bedders

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Thanks folks, intersting to hear the link to High Planes. I've got one of their Mustangs in the stash but it always seems to be at the bottom of the pile for some reason... The problems with the Airfix XIX kit are many: fuselage too short, wing chord too broad, propeller blades too small, radiators too round and without the sculpted troughs in the wings, undercarriage slightly off, lower aileron chord to narrow, canopy short in length and rather thick. Despite that it still looks OK when done. I built one on return to the hobby https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995594-what-brought-me-back-spitfire-xix/ but would now like to do at least a couple more XIXs. So I'm thinking either Ventura or converting the Sword XIV https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046686-spitfire-xiv-172/. Justin
  9. Bedders

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Hi folks, I'm thinking of doing another 1/72 Spitfire XIX but would like to try another route without using the Airfix kit. Ventura/Jays do one, but it's a limited-run kit that apparently requires "modelling skills" (uh-oh...). Has anyone built a Ventura/Jays Spitfire, and is willing to describe the experience? Justin
  10. I can't answer that question yet as I haven't used them. But looking at them on the paper, they look very good. My guess is that they follow the Microscale/Superscale philosophy, so probably very easy to work with. J
  11. No they're not Cartograf, they're all done in the US. I agree that the red & yellow checkers are also nice! Justin
  12. I picked up a new 1/72 sheet at Telford. Great quality and those yellow & black checkerboard markngs are among my favourites for P-51s. Justin
  13. Bedders

    New Airfix Spitfire FR MK XIV

    On storage costs, Airfix might be able to save 33% by making me a 1/72 Spitfire XIV. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please woth knobs on? And two bars, oakleaves/swords/diamonds? Justin
  14. Bedders

    Spitfire T.9 - Elizabeth

    Very nice indeed. I have one in the stash - might have to dig it out... Justin
  15. Bedders

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    A beautiful trio. Great work. Justin