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  1. Well you've absolutely nailed that. Great job on one of my favourite marks of Spitfire. Justin
  2. That's come out very nicely. Good job on those home made decals. Justin
  3. Hi Alan, The way I tackle it is by scraping the inside of the canopy frame so that it sits correctly over the opening. Not very scientific and not perfect results, but looks reasonably decent when done. Justin
  4. Some nice stuff here. Pleased about the Spitfire Vc - a gap in the market filled (not keen on the KP offering). G-FIRE looks gorgeous, but the wrong scale for me. Looking forward to the Paul Richey Hurricane. And the P-51D vs Me 262 dogfight double might tempt me too. Oddly I can't find the 1/72 P-51B that I wrote to Father Christmas about. I'm starting to have doubts about him... Justin
  5. Cavalier F-51D 67-22581, c. 1968 Airfix 1/72 F-51D kit, with scratchbuilt addition of second seat in place of rear fuel tank, and extended fin. Overall Xtracrylix ADC Grey, and decals from the spares box. Justin
  6. After a few touch-ups on the paintwork, a light wash around the control surfaces and into some of the panel lines, and a coat of satin varnish, final assembly took place last night: So it's now done! More pics to go into the gallery soon. Justin
  7. I agree that Vigna di Valle is excellent. The MC72 is a fantastic highlight, and makes me think of an airborne Ferrari. Not sure that bolting 2 V12s together was quite in the siprit of the rules though...! Justin
  8. Bedders

    Bader's hurricane

    Thanks Graham, now I know what I'm looking for, I can see it. In the top photo I think I can see a fair bit of spinner backplate protruding from the side. Justin
  9. Bedders

    Bader's hurricane

    As an aside, which propeller type do folks think LE-D has in the photos? The spinner doesn't look like a standard Rotol type to me, which if I remember correctly has a diameter slighly larger than the front end of the cowling. Interested in people's views. Justin
  10. Made me smile https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/01/60-something-husband-airfix-obsessed-man-child-nothing-wrong/?li_source=LI&li_medium=new_article_template_lineof6&li_tr=new_article_template_lineof6 JB
  11. Nice job on those fasteners CT. When I started building Airfix mustangs I found the prospect of doing the fasteners a touch too daunting, so took a policy decision not to try it. Something to review in light of your template masterstroke... Justin
  12. That looks great Cookie. Really like what you've done with the NMF in particular. Justin
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