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  1. Very nice Giorgio. The contrasting Vallejo colours worked very well! Justin
  2. SD, These are the ones I use. I got them when I was about 13, sometime last century. But they still make them. Dry they're just normal pencils, but a touch of moisture softens the tip and it releases a bit more colour onto the surface. Great for accentuating raised detail on instrument panels, cockpit interiors etc. Justin
  3. I've been working on the interior. Photos of the original (the earliest I could find was dated around 1961, and the aircraft remains so today) indicate that the sidewalls above the datum longeron were painted black, and below that cockpit grey-green. So that's how I've done it, and I've tried to replicate the main sidewall-mounted controls (throttle quadrant, trim wheel, undercarriage selector) by copying the Eduard parts using plastic card and scrounging other bits and bobs from the AZ kit. I think the sidewalls are done now, so time to turn attention to the bulkeads, seats and instument pane
  4. Just getting my head round the "4 year old boy whose great grandfather flew them" thing. Pass the smelling salts...! Justin
  5. Very nice indeed. I like the old German Navy scheme too. Justin
  6. I've got @Giorgio N to blame for this really. We were discussing elsewhere on BM recently the merits of the AZ Spitfire Trainer kits and whether there are better ways to skin this particular cat. That prompted me to dig out my own attempt to produce a two-seater, using the AZ kit, but the more I looked at it, the more work it looked like it needed, and even then the result would be less than stellar. I felt I was going in the wrong direction, and began looking instead at the obvious alternative route: to combine the relevant bits of the AZ two-seater with a better base kit, namely the Eduard.
  7. Interesting as it's early enough for the 357th still to have the white nose and tail band, but late enough for Graham's aircraft to have the new Malcolm hood. Justin
  8. I don't think that photo shows the real "tall fin" of the late H models. Even the "short" early H fin was taller than the normal D fin; but later they made the H fin even taller. The often-overlooked difference with the H fin was the increase in chord caused in part by employing a more vertical leading edge angle than on the D fin. If only I had realised the finer points of all this before I built my 1/72 RS H model a few years ago. I have a new one to build but can't quite bring myself to start. I also recently acquired a long-sought-after CMR kit, only to find that it's inaccurat
  9. Bedders

    G-Fire decals?

    I think Draw Decal are good. They take a while to come from the US but they're good quality. I used their decals for this Mustang. Justin
  10. Giorgio, For your info I've dug out my Tr9 project - here's a photo. You'll see that I've had a go at the wings too, with slivers of plasticard at the rear of the ailerons as a result of trying to extend the ellipse of the wing. Still very rough sanding in evidence but it's taking shape. At this stage I might just carry on rather than go down the Eduard route. Justin
  11. They were silver first, then camo over blue, then grey over blue. My Dad worked on them in the silver phase at Gutersloh and I've got a couple of grainy pictures. Justin
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