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  1. Bedders

    1/72 Tamiya P-51D Mustang 'Old Crow'

    Very pretty indeed! Nice job. Justin
  2. Bedders

    P 51 B war weary trumpeter 1/32

    Superb. Really nice change to see a 2-seater, and what a good job youve made of it. Justin
  3. Bedders


    Tri-holers. Love it. Justin
  4. Looks really great and was thinking only yesterday of doing this scheme in 1/72. What's the story behind the different-sized underwing stars & bars? I knew Jugs carried them under both wings but it would be good to learn the detail. Justin
  5. I've been stupid enough to use Alclad Klear varnish (not aquagloss which is excellent, the other stuff) on a second model, and six weeks later it still has not dried. What is the most responsible way to dispose of this stuff, from an environmental perspective? Justin
  6. Bedders

    A Spitfire for Geoffrey

    Yes, I might be up for that. Just bought a new Airfix 1/72... Justin
  7. Bedders

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Really useful photos. I'm working on a Trumpeter 1/72 scale effort and will need to do something radical about the legs, which look puny to me. Justin
  8. Very nice indeed Tony. I wasn't organised enough to follow the WIP, but I've had a look now. The internals are extraordinary, and the whole thing looks great when finished. Top brush-work as usual. Justin
  9. Bedders

    1/72 Buccaneer S2D

    Very nice. Such a great aircraft and you've captured it beautifully. Justin
  10. Bedders

    1/48 "What If?" - Stealth Viper

    Flown by the man from UNCLE? Justin
  11. Bedders

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Give me 1/72. JB
  12. That looks great Tony. Like the Vc with the later type exhausts. And the post war scheme makes one look twice to check it's not a IX. Grateful if you'd spill the beans on how you did the conversion! Justin
  13. Bedders

    Spitfire PR XI windscreen: all frameless?

    Worth looking very carefully at photos of US PRXIs, as the markings changed subtly over time, and also as time went on the Vokes filters were removed - probably in the interests of getting a bit more speed out of them. So by the end the US aircraft were without the big intakes under the cowling whilst the RAF ones retained them. Justin
  14. Bedders

    1/72 Chipmunk T.10 kits

    Great stuff, and interesting to see both kits together. Really helpful tips on getting them right. Justin
  15. Lovely. Won't be long till I can get at ticket to JFK on on of these. Cant wait! Hold on a minute... Justin