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  1. Interesting fact Giorgio. On undersides it think they were repainted too: the underwing roundel was certainly moved outboard from its traditional position to a new spot at the wingtip, to accommodate the rather large underwing serials. Justin
  2. My understanding is that the aircraft were repainted at unit level, with slight variations in roundel/fin flah size and location. My interpretation of photographs led me to conclude that stencilling was non-standard: a few bits & bobs relating to safety and maintenance around the cockpit and engine, probably in yellow rather than black, but not the full set e.g. no walkway lines. And as far as as I can see, most instructions for the desert scheme decals seem to be incorrect in that they reverse the colour scheme, putting the light slate grey where the dark earth should be, and vice versa. In the thread below there's a photo of an original, unrestored nose section of a desert scheme XVIII, which appears to bear this out. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11687-spitfire-fr-mk18-camouflage-question/ Justin
  3. Interesting - I really lile the G.91 - a pocket rocket with oodles of Italian flair. I was keen to do a Frecce Tricolori one in 1/72. But then I bought the Meng kit... Justin
  4. On the question of wheels, it's worth noting that as far as I can ascertain those on the 22/24 were bigger than the three-spokers on the Merlin versions. I was at Hendon a few months ago and compared their XVI and their 24 for wheel sizes. Not with a tape measure of course, but the difference was clear. As far as I can see the late Merlin versions' three-spokers used a lower profile tyre than on the earlier 5- and 4-spokers, to enable the wheel assembly to fit into the original size 'ole in the wing. The 22/24 had a new wing with a bigger 'ole, so could spash out on shiny new rims and boots. All of which means it's probably best to stick with the Airfix wheels (or maybe use Freightdog ones?) Justin
  5. Thanks Guy. I bet you've got an interesting stash of photos from that time - potentially great reference material too. In terms of mods to the F6 there's also the tailpipe extension for the brake chute, which may or may not be in the Airfix kit. And the flaps need doctoring to accommodate the big fuel tanks. Both were mods that the FGA9 got, though the 10s missed out on the bumps above the outer hardpoints that housed the explosive release gubbins. So that's one headache less. Look forward to seeing it when you get round to building it. Justin
  6. Please mods close this down
  7. Really interesting observation. I thought that the head armour sometimes seen inside the aft section of the canopy was in addition to the head armour behind the seat. But clearly not from that photo. I wonder why it was moved: better visibility maybe? And what impact on CoG: better? (to compensate for the weighty Griffon), or worse? Justin
  8. Beautiful model. And the Dan Dair livery makes it all the better! Justin
  9. Thanks - useful. I'm seeing now that the Tornados started to lose theirs too in later years. J
  10. Bedders

    Best 109E in 1/72

    Any votes for the Airfix? And if not, why not (disclaimer: I don't know much about 109s but I've been given an Airfix kit). Justin
  11. Folks, as I ponder the options for a 1/72 Jaguar in classic dark green/dark sea grey, I notice that many of the aftermarket decal sheets (e.g. Xtradecal) don't include the underwing serials. Did these serials officially disappear at some point? From what I can see, the Tornados seem to have retained them - albeit under the tailpanes - whilst they wore the same colour scheme. Any wisdom welcome. Justin
  12. Ooh, what's that pain - feels quite deep down in my wallet... Justin
  13. Like that a lot. Great build and paint scheme. And top photography too. Justin
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