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  1. I agree - a lovely Spitfire with a twist. Justin
  2. Bedders

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Gorgeous. Love the F-model, and you've really nailed it with this. Justin
  3. Bedders

    Wishing for New Too Airfix Spitfire Vb

    I'll have another look, but my recollection is that it's a good deal shorter than the Eduard from the firewall backwards. The Airfix is also sligjtly short if memory serves me.
  4. Bedders

    Wishing for New Too Airfix Spitfire Vb

    Sadly the new AZ/KPs are about 8 scale inches short behind the cockpit. I'm looking at options to lengthen it. Justin
  5. I like it a lot. Tornados look best in the wraparound scheme and this really does it justice.
  6. It's a thing of beauty. Enjoyed following the build, and it's come out wonderfully. The internals are fantastic - just knowing that they're there must be quite satisfying. Great job. Justin
  7. I've just finished two Spitfires! First off, I'm very pleased to have completed my Spitfire 21 in 1/72. It's an Airfix 22 kit with the spine and tail of the Airfix XIX grafted on. This is the second paint job on this model - the first attempt almost made it over the line back in 2016 but I made a mess of the varnishing and it went into some soapy water to get stripped. The unfortunate details are recorded in the wip: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986779-spitfire-i-and-21-and-now-an-xviii/. Three years later it's finally done. Aside from the conversion its basically OOB with the exhausts drilled out and a set of Sword 4-spoke wheels. The sliding canopy is a Ventura vacform item and I'm slightly regretting not cutting open the door, but that would have given away that I haven't removed the Mark 22's canopy pulley system on the cockpit wall... On this second attempt I used Xtracrylix paints and opted for LA328 of 600 Squadron Auxiliary Air Force in about 1947, using the excellent Freightdog decals. Anyway, some pictures: Second, I've also completed a Spitfire 18 using the Sword XIV kit as the basis. This was more straightforward than the 21 though there was still a bit of work to do, e.g. redoing the outer wing panels and drilling the ventral camera windows, and I used a slightly reshaped Special Hobby rudder, with Z-type trim tab added. I used a spare Eduard bubble canopy as think it captures the shape better. It's in the 'Desert' scheme of 208 Squadron in 1949 Egypt, and I again used predominantly Xtracrylix paints, lightening the light slate grey even more with white. The dark Earth was Mr Hobby H72. Freightdog decals were again used, and here's what came out at the other end: And here they are together with my recently completed Sword XIV: The Sword XIVs are not the easiest of builds but they are the best we have so far in 1/72. I think I'll need to do a couple more... Hope you like these though - any comments welcome. Justin
  8. Wham...! ... Bam! More in RFI shortly! Justin
  9. For June-July 44, with full stripey plumage, I'd go for fishtails. If I remember correctly the tubular ones came later. Justin
  10. Bedders

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Enjoy the XIX. For me it's the Spitfire of Spitfires. Justin
  11. Bedders

    Spitfire Mk XII

    This is v exciting. Now just by way of whetting the appetite, would there be any pretty pictures available to view, showing how this gem is coming together....? Justin
  12. Bedders

    Spitfire XIV Best Kits 1/72 (STICKY PLEASE MODS)

    I would agree that the Sword kits are the best of the bunch. Not perfect, but better than all the others, and once you've got the hang of Sword kits you come to accept the fiddliness. Justin
  13. Bedders

    Pass the Jug will ya

    That looks excellent. Interesting technique which has come out nicely. For what it's worth I think Razorbacks look better in OD/NG, but on bubbletops I'm ambidextrous. Justin
  14. I think that like XIXs, 21s and the first few 22s, the XVIIIs started off with 4-spokers and were replaced by 3-spokers later in their lives. And judging by the XVI and the 24 at Hendon, the 3 spokers on the 21-24s were bigger in diameter than those on the old-wing variants. I'm doing a Sword 1/72 XVIII now and will use 3-spokers for the 1949 period. Justin