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  1. I've got a (the) Tr8 on the stocks in 1/72 (more on that story later). But during my research into 2-seaters I noticed that on the Grace conversion the rear canopy is actually longer than the front one. But probably not noticeable in our scales! Justin
  2. Lovely. Must say I like the xtracolor HSS too. Justin
  3. Please do them in 1/72! Justin
  4. Great save on the fin & rudder. As for decals for Spitfire XIIs, Print Scale 72-284 (Spitfire V-1 aces) includes MB856 EB-X of 41 Sqn. I think I'll give them a try for my XII (when I can rustle up the courage). Cookie's builds provide strength though! Justin
  5. Lovely model Tony and really interesting research, which allows us to get a much better understanding of Malta Spitfire camouflage schemes and how they came about. (Love the two colours in the port side serial number box too - nice touch.) My only question is about the Sky Blue undersides: if these were new airframes from the factory painted in the normal fighter scheme of the time, why would the undersides be Sky Blue and not just bog-standard Sky? Justin
  6. Not my area of expertise, but looks great to me! Justin
  7. Any chance of seeing the 1/72 FAA Hunter set back in stock? I feel the need for a GA11.... Justin
  8. Seasoned experts, I think you'll find!
  9. Nice work so far, and looking forward to seeing this progress; the R1 is my fave Nimrod. Does 80s mean grey & white, or hemp? JB
  10. What an aeroplane. What a model. Beautiful job. Justin
  11. They have to go and fill in the hole in the runway...
  12. Love it. Peace is our profession! Justin
  13. Beautiful pair of Aussie Spitfires Tony, and really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these kits. I've promised myself to finish my HF VII first though... Justin
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