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  1. Very nice and an interesting subject too. But does it mean that for RAF purposes the F-35 should in fact be the Lightning III? Justin
  2. Brilliant. Found the records, his name, his crew and so far two of his aircraft! Thanks very much! Justin
  3. So believe it or not I have!
  4. Hiya, I'm looking for a bit of mojo inspiration and want to get away from WWII single seat fighters for a bit. Now a good mate of mine's father died recently and he'd been a navigator on 10 Squadron Halifaxes thoughout the campaign, as well as through the transition to Dakotas for transport ops the Far East. So I'd be intersted in any info/photos that folks might have of 10 Squadron Halifax IIIs so I can find one to replicate for my old chum. I'm thinking of using the Revell kit so any pointers on the accuracy/problems with that would be very welcome too. Thanks, Justin
  5. That's v interesting as DrawDecal do their stuff in all the scales (slighly frustrating too as I've not long completed a Sword 1/72 XIVe as an 18, and am not relishing a repeat experience...) So I'm not really a 1/48 man but on this occasion might have to make an exception.... And while I'm on, what's going on with all those exhaust stacks on the sprue: they look identical to me rather than the expected pipes vs fishtails. Justin
  6. That looks great Tony. Interesting paint jobs on the Malts ones. I've got one of these KP Vc kits, but the wings on mine look oddly shaped: both too short in span and too pointy at the tip. Yours look much better-proportioned. Did you take some remedial action? Justin
  7. Gorgeous. That paint-job is top-notch and the whole thing looks great. Justin
  8. This thread is good on the wing lamps; less clear on the fuselage one. Justin
  9. If you see Spitfires as a big part of your future, you could opt for a Falcon Spitfire Special vacform canopy set. All the Spitfire canopies you'll ever need. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FNCV4172 (other retailers are available). Justin
  10. One little issue I've noticed with the Airfix kit is that the shape of the gun bay hatches is slightly off. The front set of panels should be rectangular, but they're not. The panel line between the front and rear set of hatches can be filled and rescribed to correct this though. A bit nit-picky I know... Justin
  11. Love your Cold War British stuff. Line up the Jag, Tornado, this, and anything else, and let's enjoy. Justin
  12. And the chunky rails for the canopy. Been mulling this job for a while myself.... Justin
  13. (Reply to Andre) This is the problem I think. In the absence of photos of the real thing, artists' impressions of 'W3185' are probably based on photos of P7966. The photo earlier in this thread of P7966 shows a colour anomaly which seems to indicate a replacement rudder, and this has been taken into artists' impressions/profiles of 'W3185'. Incidentally my earlier post has an error about metal elevators. I meant metal ailerons, and have corrected that. Justin
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