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  1. Totally agree that .50 is the dogs do dah's. Almost ready for the paint shop now Stay safe Roger
  2. Coming together now, the end of the tunnel is in sight! Roger
  3. Sorry to hear your news Tony. Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery Roger
  4. That is looking really nice liking your attention to detail Roger
  5. Yes thanks to you finding that picture! Stay safe Roger
  6. Shock horror plastic has been fetteld Having spent many hours looking at the interweb trying to decide which direction to go with this, first thought was to see if it was possable to convert this to the small hatch configuration but thanks to @M3talpig finding the picture shown in post No8 above of a M32B1 with a large hatch configuration so this will be built OOB, I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do about the tracks I may decide to just use the kit ones or may look for the T49's as shown in the picture above. Thanks for all the comments and taking the time to look in progress will hopefully speed up now! Stay safe Roger
  7. Very nice work on both the Sherman and the figure Roger
  8. Hi Darryl @Jasper dog I've used AFV rubber bands on both my M548 and M113 and they are very well detailed for band type tracks. Not sure they do the T49 pattern ones but having said that I've not looked for any yet. Thanks for the idea though. Roger
  9. This is looking really good now, finish line in site Roger
  10. Thank you so much @M3talpig that makes for an out of box build much more likely now that there is photographic evidence of the big hatch hulls being used for M32B1 conversions. Roger
  11. Nice one Darryl mind if I take a seat and take inspiration for my M32? Roger
  12. I have read the comments above and almost immediately came to the same conclusion as Darryl @Jasper dog how ever having spent a lot of time looking at period pictures and trying to find some good clear preferably scale drawings of the M32B I am going to look at changing the hatches to reprosent the small hatch fitment. The rest will be built out of the box as Italeri intended, if it's not practable to reduce the hatches then that to will be out of the box, I still have a little more research to do before starting the build but here are the box top and sprue pictures Thanks to all for the comments and encouragment final decision and start soon
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