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  1. Very very nice result Andy. Look forward to your next adventure now Stay safe Roger
  2. Interesting project Ced I'll join the socially distanced crowd and watch quietly. Stay safe Roger
  3. Although your rear seat area looks great to me (if you hadn't said it was incorrect no one would have known) I'm sure you will not be happy with the result until you have reworked it. As has been said before your attention your detail to second to none, and this replica will be more accurate than the original when it left the assembly line! Stay safe Roger
  4. Great work with this one, looking forward to more on this! Stay safe Roger
  5. Your attention to detail is second to none as proved by the cockpit pics: above. Nice work so far, looking forward to the next update now! Stay safe Roger
  6. Your cockpit looks spot-on and the airframe is coming together nicely, looking forward to seeing this in paint now! Stay safe Roger
  7. That looks stunning Ced, you've raised the bar again! As this one's nearly done what's next on the bench? Stay safe Roger
  8. Nice progress so far, looking forward to the next update now! Stay safe Roger
  9. Mind if I follow along at a socially correct distance of coarse? Nice work so far Andy, like what you do with these afv's Stay safe Roger
  10. Coming together nicely now, turret looks great, looking forward to seeing it in paint now Stay safe Roger
  11. Love the Centurion so will follow along if I may Stay safe Roger
  12. Looking really good Dan you a certainly raising the bar with this one. Thanks for sharing the link to the Amazon stowage might have too look into those! Stay safe Roger
  13. I'll sit in on this one as well if you don't mind? Always something to learn from your builds Stay safe Roger
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