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  1. Congratulations on the new arrival Bill. Love your under carriage bays and intakes well worth all your time and trouble! Stay safe Roger
  2. More nice detail work Stay safe Roger
  3. Stunning simply stunning your crew look spot on and complement the rest of your work. Stay safe Roger
  4. Your work on the markings has certainly paid off, I wouldn't worry about the slight misplaced numeral as that would/could have happened in real life, not all markings are text book aligned or colour matched, sometimes not even in the correct position. Great work looking forward to the next update now Stay safe Roger
  5. Feel free to take a seat John @Bullbasket I have not seen one of these built before which is part of the attraction of this one even if info: is scarce. If you ever discover the other build I would be interested to see it if possible Stay safe Roger
  6. Great looking M60 great work! Stay safe Roger
  7. Feel free to take a seat you are most welcome and thanks again for the info: Stay safe Roger
  8. Feel free to take seat, thanks for the interest Stay safe Roger
  9. Thanks for the info: @Ned I know the Ausf D used the Christie suspension and that the hull was shorter and wider, the idea as I understand it was to improve speed across country and mobility as well. I think also that it had a more powerful engine fitted as it was intended for the recon: role but was a failure! What you say about the cross being yellow makes sense as the 7th Armoured division marking was also in yellow Which Osprey book do you have? Stay safe Roger
  10. Still get 503/504 codes at least once a day sometimes more Stay safe Roger
  11. OK calling the Charger done so it's time to open the box on the Pz II, so here are the pics: of the sprues The last pic: shows the individual track link sprues and those links are tiny! And the last for today the lower hull has been put together and is awaiting the suspension once the tub has dried Thanks for the comments and taking the time to stop by Stay safe Roger
  12. Thanks for the link Matt @Mattlow and yes the box art is very similar/same as the picture and it is puzzling that it shows the Polish campaign markings which would date the photograph to 1939 but I can't find any reference to a Pz II with a bridge modification before 1940. I will keep looking for more information on this rare vehicle. Stay safe Roger
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