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  1. Interesting project I'll follow along if I may? Stay safe Roger
  2. Nice start to an interesting project, will take a seat if I may? Stay safe Roger
  3. @Herrick NFM should be NMF which is natural metal finish. That is unpainted some modern restoration warbirds are very highly polished war time ones tended to be quite dull in comparison. Hope that makes sense Stay safe Roger
  4. You do realise that you will get a perfect finish because you don't want one on this occasion Looking good so far looking forward to the next update now! Stay safe Roger
  5. More great innovative solutions and micro engineering a really stunning build! Stay safe Roger
  6. Great to see this one up and running again with a great update as well Stay safe Roger
  7. Can't help with the varnish question I'm afraid but that chrome finish looks superb! Stay safe Roger
  8. Very nice work on the cockpit Terry looking forward to seeing them in paint Stay safe Roger
  9. As others have already said great to hear your recovering well. The PB4 is coming together now and the front end is looking superb Stay safe Roger
  10. GREAT to see you BACK Tony Love your vac form buck solution as well Stay safe Roger
  11. An interesting project Lee I'll take a seat and watch quietly Stay safe Roger
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