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  1. All progressing nicely Bill, a joy to watch a master at work! Stay safe Roger
  2. Very nice looking Fw190 superb result as always with your builds Stay safe Roger
  3. Looking good Dan, at the rate your going this will be finished by the weekend! (NOT saying which weekend though) Stay safe Roger
  4. A superb result a great addition to your collection Stay safe Roger
  5. Nice to see you back Dan. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one Stay safe Roger
  6. Very interesting project I'll follow along if you don't mind? Stay safe Roger
  7. I couldn't possibly comment on Terry's P 51H as I've never seen it! Stay safe Roger
  8. Room for one more? I look forward to watching you work your magic on these as they become superb replicas! Stay safe Roger
  9. Welcome back Ced @CedB you have been missed. Looking forward to seeing your B17's reach the finish line in your own time Stay safe Roger
  10. A stunning Mustang build showing superb workmanship, great paintwork and outstanding attention to details. Stay safe Roger
  11. This is really starting to look like a motor bike now, all your extra detail work is taking it to the next level. Stay safe Roger
  12. An outstanding looking Mustang looking forward to seeing it completed now Stay safe Roger
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