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  1. Just read through your journey to this point, a very enjoyable half hour! Great workmanship and stunning paintwork looking forward to seeing this completed now Stay safe Roger
  2. Totally agree with the learned gentlemen above She looks STUNNING Stay safe Roger
  3. Interesting project I'll follow along if you don't mind Stay safe Roger
  4. Stunning build John looking forward to seeing it in paint now Stay safe Roger
  5. This is a very interesting project which is providing a stunning result! Stay safe Roger
  6. That's a stunning CR2 you have there, thanks for sharing. I'll go back and have another read through in a bit when I have five minutes or so. Thanks so much for sharing your work here Stay safe Roger
  7. Cents had 2 external extinguisher pulls, one each side mounted close to the glacis plate where the front face of the front bins are. Small housing with twist and pull handles. Have talked to an ex Cent crewman(see above) and he confirms that the pull handles on the front of the bins are the exterior fire ex: pulls similar to Chieftain. Challenger and 432. Your tool boxes look the dogs! Looking forward to seeing this in paint Stay safe Roger
  8. This is becoming a show stopper, really outstanding workmanship on display here. Your pull handles could be fire extinguishers external operating handles. Stay safe Roger
  9. Really nice 432, this coming together now! To me the driver looks about the right height for driving on the road Stay safe Roger
  10. Afraid not, very little would be seen anyway but thanks for asking. I was only involved in the automotive side of the servicing/repair the turret was left to the armourers to work there magic. Stay safe Roger
  11. Many thanks to all who have been kind enough to take the time and trouble to comment it's very much appreciated. Have been a bit short of bench time lately but a very small bit of progress has occurred. A start has been made on the fuel pipes across the rear plate but there is still along way to go with these. Also the Logistic Corps have delivered a couple of crates with hydro gas replacement units to replace the unserviceable units from the vehicle Many thanks for stopping by Stay safe Roger
  12. Stunning work as usual Dan Stay safe Roger
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