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  1. Hopefully it won't take that long John! and welcome to the mad house - Make sure you've got your sun screen and keep hydrated! Welcome @mbthejester hope you enjoy the ride Stay safe Roger
  2. Welcome to the mad house Ivan and I definitely need being kept an eye on! Stay safe Roger
  3. OK after the thirteen months of building this one which was displayed at the recent South West Model Show at Bovington Tank Museum it's time to start another hopefully shorter project again based on BATUS. The Salamander was a local (BATUS) modification for use by the OPFOR section to play the part of eastern block armour, more will become apparent as the build progresses but one thing that was altered was the removal of the main armament which was replaced by a longer hollow tube and on the rear was circular plates added to the rear hull bin to represent fuel tanks. Here is the box top and some of the sprues Work will begin soon and if you care to join me you are more than welcome as are your comments and any information you have on these vehicle. I did put a request in the modern era discussion section and had a very useful reply from @Old pro for which many thanks. Stay safe Roger
  4. Superb result well worth your time and effort Stay safe Roger
  5. Another very interesting unusual project I'll take a seat if I may? Beer and popcorn ordered so please carry on at your convenience Stay safe Roger
  6. Top work Ivan, you've made a silk purse out of a pigs ear! Outstanding workmanship and attention to the smallest detail resulting in a superb replica Stay safe Roger
  7. Unfortunately Little Cars has closed down although Paul has said he is looking to maybe come back on a smaller scale. A great shame he will be missed Stay safe Roger
  8. Superb result John you have as always produced a great replica! Stay safe Roger
  9. This looks to be an interesting project I'll follow along if you don't mind? Stay safe Roger
  10. Absolutely stunning result, great work! Stay safe Roger
  11. Looks great with the tracks on John well worth your time and effort! Stay safe Roger
  12. Thanks to @echen @Stef N., @FrancisGL and @Bullbasket for your kind much appreciated comments it is most kind of you to take the time. Stay safe Roger
  13. Not Lego but close https://tankmuseumshop.org/collections/cobi-models/products/cobi-sturmgeschutz-iii-ausf-g-executive-edition Sorry but couldn't resist Darryl, you are far better modeller than you give yourself credit for! Sorry for the thread drift @Maddoxx77 Stay safe Roger
  14. Slow and steady - nice progress going on here keep up the good work Stay safe Roger
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