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  1. Definitely very clear and understandable as well as informative. Stay safe Roger
  2. Very nice progress on this one, starting to come alive now! Stay safe Roger
  3. More nice work John as always your attention to detail is second to none! Stay safe Roger
  4. Thanks for all the likes and comments, they are very much appreciated. For this week I've still been stuck in the drivers compartment without the advantage or knowledge of the dark art of 3D printing I'm still doing it the old way with bits of plastic card and wire, so things take me a bit longer to add the detail although it's not as sharp or accurate as the printed parts that bothers produce. Anyway the LH side has had the gear change and the parking brake lever added, and the drivers instrument panel has been shaped and painted and should I think be good enough when everything is put together. The RH side has had the fire control box added with the start of the ventilation trunking put in place, a start has also been made on fabricating the drivers seat. Still more to do in the drivers before moving on to the fighting compartment and turret. Many thanks for your time it is very much appreciated as are your comments Stay safe Roger
  5. Another Mercedes masterclass with all your experience with this series of cars together with your resin printed parts bin an outstanding result is assured. I'll take a seat and follow along if I may? Stay safe Roger
  6. Coming together well now John soon be in the paint shop! Stay safe Roger
  7. I'll take a seat as well if you don't mind? like those above I've not heard of this one either Stay safe Roger
  8. Nice very nice and I agree the mantle does look better after the repaint. Stay safe Roger
  9. Stunning work on the cockpit areas they have really come to life with paint and your great attention to the smallest detail! Wheel wells are coming together nicely as well Stay safe Roger
  10. TWU Hawk is coming to life now that it has started to receive its colour coat, looking forward to seeing it completed together with the Valley Hawk, they will be a stunning pair! Stay safe Roger
  11. A HAPPY belated Birthday for me as well Nice to see your glider project back in the circuit as well Stay safe Roger
  12. More great workmanship and attention to detail Olivier. For your stand wheel problem would it not be possible to resin cast some using the Tamiya one's as masters for the mould? Stay safe Roger
  13. Thanks for your comment Darryl. Apart from the drivers hatch there is a view from the the rear access door which allows some view of the drivers compartment, enough to be noticeable if left bare. The show was very good thank you, just the one day instead of their usual two - it was planned that way before recent events. Thanks to @viper-30 and @edjbartos for your kind comments and too everyone for the likes Stay safe Roger
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