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  1. Very interresting, I would be very interested in seeing photos, what was the Dominique missions? Bo
  2. Very Interesting build, I have not seen any pictures from YKW with mixed loads, either 8/10 M -117 or SUU-30, I think they worked like that, first pair had to supress the AAA with CBU, second pair bombers, the treat environment was for “ one pass-haul as* “. Can you get M-117 in 1/32? I am also pretty sure that the F-4 carried AIM-9D during the YKW. Bo
  3. Look great, are you building 187? And what are you going to hang undeneath? Bo
  4. Looks great ! So the RLM-65 are Mr Color C-115? Bo
  5. Very nice result, looks great. I made my Gerard Schöpfel E-4 some time ago, also with WEM, sorry for the piddle poor quality. Bo
  6. Here are some talk about some of the challenges the first Kinetic boxing had Bo
  7. That is not RLM 02, its RAL 6013 Shiefgrün
  8. Yes it was, The Israeli air force flew a few bombing missions at the start of the YKW. Bo
  9. Very interresting, how where the F-104 loaded up with BL 755?, Twin caarier on each wing, 4 BL 755 all in all ? Bo
  10. Pretty sure that the Tornado GR 1 where cleared to carry BL 755, but was perhaps not the weapon of choice, since the Tornado's main mission where air base attack with JP 223 and 8 X 1000 lbs in toss bombing mode. There are several way to attack air bases, the Israeli did it alot, but also paid a heavy price, they used a combination of SUU-30 CBU to get the AAA supressed and M-117 to make holes in the runway., the RAF version where more to do stand off toss bombing with 1000 lbs and cutting the runways with JP 223, so in that mission profile the BL 755 makes little sence, as a pre JP 223 run with BL 755 would surely alert the AAA gunners. BL 755 where made for low level anti armor/vehicle missions, those missions where more the trademark for Harriers and Jaguars, If you find JP 223 and 1000 lbs bombs boring, how about doing an ALARM GR 1 or en Payway II/Tiald version ?
  11. Looks great. I have now bought the book you postet early, Its a great book, but tell little about what kriegmarine colors they used at Narvik. could I get you to tell what colorcoats you use for Deck, super structure and hull sides ? Bo
  12. How is the book about German naval camuflage, does it have anything about the Narvik campaign? 'Bo
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