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  1. As I know you can only get 1/48 1000 lbs in two version, from the Airfix Tornado Gr 1 set, it has 8 bombs and 4 twin carriers Flightpath makes a detail set for iron bombs with fuzes and sway braces Flightpath also makes a set with 4 1000 lbs M 17 The airfix bombs are very basic, and I have newer seen a flightpath version, lets just say I hope it better that their GBU 123 https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17833&cat=276&page=1 The BL 755 are made by Wingman and Eduard https://wingmanmodels.com/wm/Pulsar/en_US.Store.display.143./wmf48022bl755-cluster-bomb-units The Phimat are made by L'Arsenal http://www.larsenal.com/1-48-phimat-chaff-launcher-pod-x-2-c2x15950949 I think that L'arsenal also makes the Matra rocket pod Flightpath does: https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17828&cat=276&page=1 The 2 inch RN rocket pods I think you have to get from a 1/48 Airfix GR 3, SeaVixen or the Bucaneer I also think that the Bucaneer has some 500 lbs bombs Bo
  2. Hi Al Mr Hobby is Gunze's Acrylic paint, it is in reality an oil paint that has been made water soluble, this means that you can use Gunze's own acrylic thinner "Mr Hobby" or Tamiyas X-20A acrylic thinner, BUT you can also use Gunzes lacquer thinner "Mr colors" or Tamiyas lacquer thinner., Mr hobby goes both ways Mix about 40% thinner and 60% paint, and set pressure 1,5 -2,0 bar Bo
  3. Thats because it the Fingers (upgraded Daggers ) retirement scheme, its supossed to show how the Daggers looked in 1982 during the Falklands war, so don't use this picture as reference for a 1982 Dagger. the BR 250 had a different color back then Bo
  4. Ok I think Wingman models make sets with 1300 L Bo
  5. You could also make it with 4X Expal Bo
  6. I found other mistakes, tomorrow I fan try and find it and check it out Bo
  7. Bo hermansen

    IAF colours

    Thanks Troy, Yoav's article on Hyperscale explains it much better that me Bo
  8. Hi Dee Gunze's Mr Hobby is not solvent based, they sell as an "Acrylic" paint, but in reality its a oil paint that has been made Water soluble, so with Mr Hobby, you can use Mr Hobby acrylic thinner, Water or any other generic acrylic thinner, BUT you can also use Mr COLOR (lacquer) thinner and most lacquer thinners on the market. The same goes for Tamiya's "acrylic paints". You CANNOT do it the other way around, MR Color paint will seperate if you use Mr hobby thinner or Tamiya acrylic thinner. Mr Hobby is rather kind and nice to your lungs and brain if you use acrylic thinner.... if you use lacquer thinner; not so much (use charcoal mask) Bo
  9. Bo hermansen

    IAF colours

    Yes the same, but bear in mind that this was from a book written in 2005, and I think that the Humbrol 29 came from an IDFAF S.A. Vautor, shot down during the six day war, the part was found in one of Saddams Palaces and ended up in Yoavs hands, the color looked like hUMBROL 29. That said people are allowed to learn new things, Yoav says that they where several Shades of RAL 8008, so several paints could be the right answer, his mix is proberly made to match some part he had found on a more recent descovered part. The same thing happend with the color of the S-199, it was believed that they came to Israel in RLM 2 or something similar, but some time ago Yoav and Raanan got in contact with an elder gentleman that had worked on the S-199 as a mechanic during the 1948 war, he had a fuelcap tucked away in his drawer, it was a match for RAL 6013 and the mechanic confirmed that this was the color they where painted in. THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE - CAMOUFLAGE & MARKINGS - PART 1 - 1948 TO 1967 and Yoavs own book about the Israeli air forces colors are both great books, the problem with book is that they have a tendency to become absolete, when new data and research come into wiev. I would go with the colors that Mr Paint makes, I have seens Yoav use them recently on several kits Bo P.S color Photo in books and museum aircraft are useless as a reference, when the S-199 at Hatzerim was restored, it was painted in RAL 6013, but after a year, it had faded so much that the color looked like RLM 02
  10. Bo hermansen

    IAF colours

    No I don't come up with 3 parts H 110 and 1 part H 119, Yoav Efrati from Israel did, Yoav is together with Raanan Weiss a leading autority in these matters, so take his word for it The RAL 5008/8008/7044 are made by several compagnies, Mr P makes a great set, WEM makes a RAL 5008, Xtracolro makes a 5008/8008 and 7044 Bo
  11. Bo hermansen

    IAF colours

    Most Spitfire came in standart RAF late war colors, Dark green, Ocean grey and medium Seagrey, later on i think that the Ocean grey was repainted in a Brown color. The Mustang where in natural metal, but where later painted in RAL 8008, 7044 and 5008, the RAL 8008 did come in several Shades, you can mix a correct one with humbrol (3pts 110 + 1pt 119.) Bo
  12. Nice Dagger, maybe Pictures will surface one day, I even bought an Argentinian book about Daggers in the Falklands war, but no new Pictures. Bo
  13. The Daggers also carried British Mk 17, 1000 lbs bombs, the attack on HMS Antrim was made by Daggers, one of them dropped a Mk 17, and it went straight through the doors to the seaslug magazines, but did not explode. The Mk 17 where mounted on the centerline. As of today I have not seen any Pictures of Daggers with Mk 17. Bo
  14. Bo hermansen

    IAF colours

    The S-199 where painted RAL 6013 when they arrived in Israel. Revell 362 is a 100% match This is the latest research by Yoav Efrati and Raanan Weiss Bo
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