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  1. Microscale Kristal Klear is nothing but pure good quality PVA. You can get a big bottle of PVA for a fraction of MKK price.
  2. I have both, Contrail Maia and CMR Empire. They are VERY different
  3. Finished. Not 100% happy with the result but don't want to spend any more time on it
  4. The build was stale for some while, I was really scared to start painting it as the scheme is maybe one of the most difficult to reproduce. Add corrugated skin. Besides, the masks provided with the kit have shrunk and no longer accurate so there is a lot of manual masking. Moving slowly, area by area
  5. I guess I owe you my gratitude. 2023 was maybe the worst year in terms of modelling output for various reasons. I only completed one model and I was not feeling any interest of doing anything until I received a notification of topic reply, I was curious where am I with this model, blown away the dust, did some sanding and polishing, painted here and there and, like it happened many times, found myself in full model building mood again. The photos of the prototype show pronounced panel effect so I used three different shades of aluminium. One of the problems is that I run out of Mr. Resin Surfacer and it is discontinued. Regular Mr.Surfacer does not stick to resin good enough 😕 Any recommendations for resin primer?
  6. Are you going to move nose wheel well and/or filling in cabin windows ?
  7. Alas, accurate 1/72 replica requires far more than just visor correction. I haven't yet seen a successful attempt to correct the biggest problem of the kit, its belly. It is too wide and too high. I tried but stalled long ago
  8. Rule of thumb - you don't use CA for transparencies. Thick, clean PVA is the best option IMO. Works for all kind of transparencies - styrene, vacformed PETG, resin, water dissolvable, i.e. excess can be removed with wet earbud without a trace, Future/Klear friendly, transparent when cured. As to CAs - I use Sylmasta. More pricey than CA you could find in off-licence on the corner but more predictable. Three viscosity set (thick, medium, thin) covers pretty much all my needs, costs about 20£ online. I use pure MEK for styrene, behaves pretty much as Tamiya Super Thin Cement for a fraction of the price.
  9. How much do you pay for IPA? I buy it for less than 20 quid for 5 liters, I used to think that it is super cheap for a good quality chemical.
  10. What kit(s)? AModel or Plasticart?
  11. One of the problems was that I had not had pre-mixed paints. I tried my best to mix the colours and .... failed miserably. Not happy with the camouflage at all. But it is blitz, simply no time to make it right so here it is
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