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  1. I was thinking so until I dived deep into the build. The hardest part is not the kink (there is no kink, btw, it is an optical illusion) in the tail where cylinder turns into cone, Airfix got it totally wrong.
  2. I only see a nostalgic value in this reissue. If I wanted a Trident in 1/144 I would rather wait for Eastern Express I tried to fix known inaccuracies for this build, eventually it took far longer than I hoped it would
  3. I never use "modelling thinners" Enamels - white spirit Laquors - cellulose thinner Acrylics are tricky, it is IPA mixed with distilled water, but the proportion varies from 0 to 100% depending on the brand. There are still a lot of suppliers that provide these simple chemicals online for the fraction of price of "specialised" thinners
  4. Note, that this is not a re-issue of the older kit
  5. RAF-11 Stal-6 PS-89 Tridents Topol 7211 Bernard 74 Mk.1 MR-3 and HD-55
  6. I have built quite a lot in 2020, mostly resin, mostly 1:72 Fujimi Ju-87 Prop&Jet Borovkov-Florov 7211 Prop&Jet Bartini Stal-6 AirKits Rafaelyantz RAF-11 Zvezda "Topol" MasterBox Mark I male tank AirKits PS-89 ZiG-1 Adrien Roy's Bernard S.74 Two AirFix Tridents, one in Forward Swept Wing configuration ABM Chetverikov MR-3 bis VSV Heinkel HD-55 (KR-1) MikroMir Moskalev SAM-13 but my biggest achievement is that I released my first resin kit, Bisnovat SK-2
  7. There was a good thread a couple of years ago about how industrial styrene injection moulding works. I spent some 20 minutes abusing BM's search engine but I could not find it. IMO if kit parts are not produced by this process and equipment then it is eligible for this GB
  8. @Mjwomack @trickyrich For the record, as a co-host I do have a problem with including AMonsters. Having built a couple I know that building these things despite their sheer size is just like building any other injection short run kit. Following the same logic, we should allow any kits that include a couple resin parts. The GB after all is about the spirit, about building something differently. What I want to avoid is the situation with "Interceptors" GB that crawled into just "Fighters".
  9. Not much to show, although a lot has been done. Another example that "closed body == 25%" rule is wrong
  10. - Alexey, what are you planning for this year Christmas Blitz? - Well, something easy, quick, safe - How about a short-run kit of executive plane with full interior, third party declals and some scratch building? - Sounds good! Quick and easy! - Exactly, bring it on, what can potentially go wrong?!
  11. Inspiring build! I afraid I'm starting to be wanting this kit!
  12. Unlimited source of stripes of any length and width. Spray black on transparent decal paper, seal with Future or the varnish of your choice, cut with sharp knife
  13. No, this issue has nothing in common with the one you mentioned. New moulds, all original
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