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  1. That is really hard to tell, Stuart. There were about 1000 Sh-2 built, being a very basic construction there were many on field additions, and the aerial you are mentioning might be unique for a particular aircraft. https://youtu.be/AHWh--Lm15w
  2. Yep! More: https://igor113.livejournal.com/757295.html
  3. Box art It must be mentioned, that this is MDR-6 B-5 kit that differs a lot from production MDR-6
  4. MBR-2 MP-1 kit is reissued and available for order
  5. I know, I know the GB is over, but I'm busy, very very busy now. In a meantime, are there any ideas about interior colour? Bleu de nuit?
  6. https://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/18-254-34810-16-1553533399
  7. Just to make things straight - Pepelatz IS Prop&Jet, Musa did not want to release kits of fictional/paper aircrafts under Prop&Jet moniker hence the new marque. Said that, the quality is simply top notch, nuff said. P.S. for those who does not know what "Pepelatz" is - this is a fictional spacecraft from cult Soviet cyber-punk-anti-utopia movie: ... of which 1/72 kit is available
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1352339404/wondercutter-ultrasonic-cutter-40000-vibrates-per
  9. Woops, I was about to say that Scarrfs are incorrect for Heyford, but you made them for Stanraer, than makes perfect sense!
  10. Pin


    Take a look at the pics from this thread https://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/18-237-1
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