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  1. Sudden stike of inspiration
  2. Final pics With its German friend All of my crawling stuff I thoroughly enjoyed this mostly trouble free build and satisfied with the result.
  3. All the tracks and the trolley in place The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire .... Track leftovers. Enough for another one Preparing old school pigments from pastels Some final touches It is complete Time for the gallery photo session
  4. Ninja attempt has failed. If I start applying weathering now before the paint fully set I will most likely ruin the model. Speed is not worth it. The kit comes with nice etched fret
  5. I opened the box in the morning with hopes of Ninja build - good moulding, not too many parts .... The first question mark was vinyl tracks. I haven't dealt with them before but have a gut feeling that they will be hard to paint. So I decided to make my own. Many moons ago I have bought a magic Japanese thing that becomes soft when put into hot water and hardens then cools down and therefore can be used for making forms. The resulting forms are not as crisp as silicon ones but a form can be made in just 5 minutes. The forms First resin cast And then .... first strike - I spilled the glue, right on the wheelhouse. It is good that I use MEK as a glue, otherwise it would be complete meltdown, MEK just has given it some .... armour texture and then I was called to fix the emergency at work ..... Ninja build is under jeopardy We all love Mark I for its trolley. Unique feature Emergency is over, I still have some time to finish it Ninja style!
  6. As announced, I'm entering with something unusual to me as this thing used to crawl rather than fly
  7. Wonderful build, as usual. I thought that maybe you could be interested in a technique of making corrugated control surfaces such as rudders with thinnest possible trailing edge that Eugene Knupfer of Small Stuff has invented a while ago and that may be handy for your build Here is the article, in Russian but with a lot of pictures so the idea is evident: http://scalemodels.ru/articles/2850-izgotovlenie-gofrirovannykh-rulevykh-poverkhnostejj.html
  8. Lockdown inspiration - blown the dust from huge wing and attached engine nacelles
  9. Nothing wrong with this, safe but far more expensive path
  10. Well, you should not really be surprised, I ALWAYS use thinner as cleaner or cleaner as thinner because basically it is the same stuff, for Vallejo acrylics is it .... water. Knowing basic chemistry really helps to save a quid or two, just today I had received a parcel with 1 liter of IPA and 1 liter of MEK, it means I'm not buying any acrylic thinners/cleaners for another 2-3 years and plastic glue for another 5-7 years for the fraction of the cost
  11. Su-30 and Su-25 Moscow
  12. I identified what I can potentially do in two days; the subject is quite unusual to me
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