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  1. Pin

    Lo-viz Soviet stars

    I looked at various photos of this craft, my theory is that the camouflage was put atop of the red star.
  2. Pin

    Lo-viz Soviet stars

    There was never such thing as "lo-viz" Soviet stars. The star on the photo is looking red to me, not gray
  3. Why would you limit yourself to one manufacturer? There is no single "perfect" producer that covers everything, although "new kids" such as Vallejo, MiG and AK interactive seem to be much more agile in introducing new colours in comparison to "dinosaurs" such as Tamiya or GSI. Personally I have quite a zoo of different paints - Tamiya, GSI, Humbrol, Revell, AKAN, Vallejo, MiG, AK, Alclad-II, XTra, Hataka, Citadel; acrylics/enamels/lacquers, and use them all. It took me some time to get a "feel" of each manufacturer, for example Tamiya and GSI acrylics are very similar in terms of thinning and spraying but very different from AK/Mig/Vallejo. As to thinners - if you understand basic chemistry you may save a lot on "brand" thinners, you just need to know when to use white spirit, water, IPA or cellulose thinners.
  4. More APCs! As to interior arrangements - there is 1/18 model with interior that can be used as a reference https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/46757 I haven't found any inaccuracies yet
  5. While I agree with your points it must be taken into account that this model was built more than 10 years ago when much of the information you are referring to was not freely available. Having this kit in my stash I used to think that Alexander's model is going to be a benchmark when I dare to build it, now it seems like I have a new beacon to follow so I'm watching with great interest - keep it up!
  6. Looking great so far (as usual) ! Maybe a bit too late, but have you seen this build? http://i-am-modelist.com/2012/09/10/focke-wulf-fw-19-ente/ Made by Alexander Nevzorov, a guy who takes accuracy very seriously too.
  7. The donor is Fuijimi F/A-18 nose wheel. Cast 8 resin copies In the movie the landing legs are retracted when the pepelatz is on the wheels. I don't want to retract them so they remain extended.
  8. 230 Euro + shipping Will be available around Christmas
  9. 1 1/4 lb of finest resin
  10. Yes, this is the book I mentioned.
  11. There was a really comprehensive set of articles in Russian about soviet aircraft weaponry with good line drawings in Russian M-Hobby magazine. I think it was published as a separate book, not sure if it was translated into English
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