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  1. https://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/archive/2006/february/i_history.html Magna used to have a conversion set for Academy
  2. The term is "Ekranoplan" or "Ground effect vehicle". Although I agree that "shieldplane" sounds cool
  3. Er .,... what? 1/20 kit of 1/72 Cessna? That makes it 1/1440
  4. Exactly. If you think about that, what are those bubbles that make resin boil? I achieved far better results when I increased the depth of the stubs so that the resin does not splash out from forms when it boils and changed the oil in my vacuum pump to achieve lower pressure. I use Symlasta and EasyFlo resins with relatively fast curing time, usually I let it boil for just 10-15 seconds
  5. To me it is big fat NO!. I have seen many built concorde-like planes but not a single attempt to correct its largest flaw, that is not the visor, not the nose wheel bay, not the cabin windows, not the wing fairing but the underbelly.
  6. These are not the test parts but casting masters
  7. Are you printing on transparent decal paper? I afraid without white background the letters will be barely visible on the dark background
  8. Dammit, I should have spotted it earlier!
  9. It is out, available for ordering https://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/18-329-1
  10. When I read the topic name I thought "ok, Farman". But I should not expect it, right? So maybe this one ??? Then I opened the thread and saw what I have initially expected Good luck Pat, this is a good kit although requires some skill (that you surely have) to have it built
  11. Interestingly, "Ot Vinta" means "Clear Prop" in Russian but this marque is already taken
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