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  1. Decal for "Polar Siebel" (in case anyone is interested) : http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/barakholka/6085-shtuchnye-dekali-po-individualnym-zakazam?start=621#39174
  2. Pin

    De-solidifying CA ?

    Bin. No other way
  3. Begemot of Russia prints decals in small batches. PM @Kotey on this forum https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/11212-kotey
  4. I spend quite some time on studying various references to address some inaccuracies of the kit. One area that requires a lot of effort is engine nacelles. The kit's nacelle "roof" is flat, whereas there is an evident bump on the top, presumably for gunner station. Various intakes are also missing. Embossed vents are shown engraved etc. All this would require some work to be done properly Another interesting question is whether to add propeller cones. The cones do not present on the later photos with "tall" front cabin, but I'm building an early boat with "low" nose so I assumed that the cones must present, however I discovered a couple of photos with low front and with no cones. Basically the choice is either to scratch build the cones, that would close the "output holes" of the nacelles, or to imitate the engines. Cones are easier so let there be cones Luckily, the cones of the Chetverikov, that I build in parallel, fit the Late just perfectly, so I just made four resin copies The bump on the pictures is way too high, it is already trimmed and ready to be replicated in resin I also decided to redo the imitation of fabric on the tail, the distance between the ribs must be much less that it is shown, additionally the whole fin was fabric covered while the kit only shows the ribs on the rudder, so I sanded down all the relief on the tail, that also made the trailing edge much thinner One of the discoveries I made during the dig for the information - the picture of Mouneyres' cockpit: Depicted is Mouneyres' pilot Willy Blanc, Dakar, 1941. As it turned out, my fantasy cockpit is not too far away from the real thing
  5. It's official - I'm out of yellow primer. Whole can. Some windows are masked on pre-inserted transparencies, some are just holes. The reason being that I initially relied on kit's plans but they miss many windows clearly visible on photos First coat of NMF for the wing. Still a lot of sandwork
  6. Aaaaand it is now 100 Euro + shipping from Ireland Order at abmrarity@gmail.com Very limited run only about 30 kits
  7. I was busy. Not busy, but BUSY. Not BUSY but BUSY BUSY BUSY But eventually returned to the workshop, blown away the dust and did some scale modelling. The interiour is competely fictional so don't use as a reference
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