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  1. Have to confess I would have much preferred 1/48 only because of the room it will take up - that rotor span will be something else. Even so I’ve preordered one and if they do a civil variant will no doubt buy more (it’s only my opinion but the civil schemes are much more interesting than the military - not often I say that!) It’s also about time we had a dedicated book about the Skycrane.
  2. 6A7E011F-BF95-4FF2-9B59-98397F9E02AD


    Hello mate. It would seem the only shot of a 23 Sqn T4 published is the one in Scotts book. I don't know if you've seen the picture but it doesn't unfortunately give much away. Hope its of interest.




  3. I’d say that’s come out a bit superb - very nicely done
  4. Hi Your not mixing the C19 up with the C30 are you? Both RS and Azur did the C30 but not the C19. The 19 is a very different aircraft to the 30.
  5. Very nice - just about my favourite kit at the moment
  6. Very nice. I'm doing exactly the same build at the moment. Hope mine turns out as good as yours
  7. Top work. You could mistake that for the real thing. Love the helmet hanging in the cockpit.
  8. I know a lot of modellers seem quite happy to constantly give Airfix a bit of a kicking. What I will say from my own personal point of view is they’re giving me the subjects I want. 1/48 Bucc this time, Chipmunk, Sabre, Vampire, Tiger Moth plus all the others they’ve done and that’s just 1/48. No complaints from here. Pricing - I think that’s just the way things in general are heading.
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