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  1. Hello mate It’s just a bit of dry brushing with good old Humbrol 11 Silver.
  2. Richard Franks Sea Vixen book has a nice colour side profile plus this colour shot of TR1
  3. I’ll give a go maybe tomorrow. Just relieved right now to have dragged it over the finishing line.
  4. The first prototype drone. You probably already know the TR stood for ‘Tarrant Rushton’
  5. Couple of quick shots on the bench of the latest build. This is the Airfix 1/48 kit done as one of Flight Refuelling’s D3 Drones XN652 circa 1980-84. I used Pavla’s resin cockpit, Aires undercarriage, Wolfpack wing fold and Eduard seatbelts. Pitots are from Master, the engine covers and UDP were scratched. Decals are from the kit and Model Alliance both of which weren’t great - ‘bloody awful’ is a better description though this may be down to their age or way they were stored. Big thank you to Dave Swindell for coming up trumps with a photo of the Universal Drone Pack that replaced the Observe
  6. Hello mate Yes the door on the C.30 slides up and down. Any other questions shout them out. Probably can't answer them but shout them out anyway.
  7. “It seems the more models I make, the worse I get” - that just about sums up my modelling! Nice build.
  8. Absolutely superb info - thanks very much Dave
  9. Still love to see some pictures of the observers cockpit with the drone kit fitted.
  10. That’s a great help many thanks.
  11. They don’t believe in rushing things do they!
  12. Hi there The Heritage kits been reissued by Coastal Craft Models. They don’t have a website but you can contact them at coastalcraftmodels@gmail.com
  13. Quick question re the D3 observers cockpit. The aircraft could be flown manned or unmanned. Were manned flights a single crew operation or did it also require an observer. I know a lot of the drone technology was crammed into the observers cockpit. Does anyone know whether they removed the observers ejection seat in order to fit it all in? Bet no ones got pictures of the D3 observers cockpit - or am I wrong. Thanks in advance.
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