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  1. Very tasty. I’m going to miss the Hercs when they go. Lovely build.
  2. Not got much further than yourself with mine but had exactly the same problem with port side gun/ammunition door covers. I also added the instrument cockpit decals and they basically desolved/smeared the instrument detail when I painted a thin layer of sealing varnish over them. Just need to decide whether I wait for the Eduard detailing set or nick another set from a second kit I have?
  3. Another Mini Art Cierva C.30 for the cabinet. Built from Mini Arts ‘Ski’ boxing but utilising Reskit’s after market wheel set. Although I didn’t use the ski’s from the kit the winterised Genet engine is noticeably different to the standard engine configuration. This aircraft was originally imported into Sweden by Rolf von Bahr and initially used for ambulance flying and ski tourism. It was later used in a non combative role by Sweden for mine sweeping duties featuring a large Swedish flag on either side of the fuselage (I think this might be the next project). A very enjoyable build - hope it’
  4. Not my scale or normal subject but I’ve always been fascinated by the Hastings. Saw a few operating out of Coningsby back in the early 70’s - had to ask someone what they were! Preorders in.
  5. Have started my kit and got to the stage where I selectively glossed the cockpit for the instrument decals. Applied them and they seemed to settle down nicely. Fully dried I thought I’d give them a quick sealing varnish. Couldn't be bothered with the airbrush so used a hairy stick instead. The detail on the decal basically just smeared off. Not a problem I’ve had before.
  6. They've arrived in north Cumbria - just picked these two up from Jacksons in Wigton.
  7. Couple of shots of the latest build (still a bit wet) the Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury done as the Deutsche Luftfahrt Beratungsdeinst’s’s (DLB) sole single seat target facilities FB Mk 50 D-CACY. The aircraft was formally in service with the Dutch Navy before being sold and pressed into the target facilities role by the DLB. Fairly straight forward build which included removal of the wing armament and tail hook. Extras used include Eduard’s Cockpit Set, Barracuda’s Gearbay, a new pitot from Master and decals from Fundekal. Folded wings take up less room in the cabinet! Hope it’s of interest.
  8. Remember them well though I preferred the Alconbury birds in the SEA scheme. Alconbury was superb for photography down Owl End with nothing more than a wooden picket fence between your camera and the taxiway. Happy days
  9. Happy memories of many hours spent by the taxiway at Bentwaters. Can’t believe how many bases there were back then and just how busy they were.
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