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  1. Remember it well - if memory serves it made the front cover of Aircraft Illustrated
  2. Have finally decided to go with the Aeropoxy DH60/DH82 Float Conversion kit (which I didn’t know existed until I started searching) along with a Pro Model 1/48 C.30, a couple of which I have in the stash - should look about right with a bit of conversion work.
  3. Stunner - love the scheme and very nice nicely done
  4. Just been looking at those and yes way too big. Koras Tiger Moth floats are looking like a goer - just need to find some now.
  5. Cheers mate I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll look into it - it just might work with a bit of jiggery pokery
  6. Hi Julien I’ve bought multiple copies of all of them so far and have the ski version on back order. Knowing my luck and I’m probably completely wrong but somethings telling me they won’t do the float version - bet they do now!
  7. Hopefully one that can be answered by the seaplane experts. Back in 1935 Cierva conducted trials with Avro Rota K4296 fitted with twin floats. Peter Brooks book ‘Cierva Autogiros’ describes these as ‘Short S.61 type floats’. I quite fancy giving this one a go. Basically does anyone out there know a kit which features this type of float. Google has brought up a bit of a blank. I’m assuming ‘S.61’ refers to a type of Short float rather than an aeroplane of some sort? Happy to buy a kit just for the floats. Prefer 1/48 or bigger but scale not that important. This will probably be dictated by whatever floats are available. Thanks in advance
  8. Always had a soft spot for the Sioux. Loved them then they were in service and can remember ex Army and Air Force airframes still in pseudo military schemes dusting crops where we lived when I was a teenager. Once visited the stores at Wroughton and there were shed loads of them. Line after line of them all stored up - superb.
  9. Tremendous - something different, love it.
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