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  1. Just a quick thought. If you get nowhere yourself try dropping Red Roo Models a quick email re their colour references.
  2. As I understand it Alec has dropped the direct retail side of the business and all retail sales are being done through modelsforsale.com
  3. Hello mate RAF in Camera 1950’s by Keith Wilson has a photo which includes 547 in flight along with three others also Warpaint no 22 Gloster Meteor has a colour profile of 547 but no photo. I’ll pm both across to you later this morning when I get into work. Both feature the earlier canopy. Pete
  4. Hello mate This won’t really be of much use but I thought you should know there is a set of plans out there of the C.24 in (I think) 1/72. I used to have a copy. Unfortunately those along with a file they were safely stored in went missing during a house move about 18 years ago. Pete
  5. 'Meteor Glosters first jet Fighter' by Steve Bond (MCP 1985) has a black & white photo (page 105) of a 54 Sqn F.8 WK673 with later fighter style canopy and two tone camo. If you want to see the photo I'll pm it across to you. Unfortunately no other details in the description other than it was a MAP photograph.
  6. Hi. As Canberra Kid said the majority didn't but I did come across this staring me in the face.
  7. Good to hear. Have to admit to being blown away by Vol 1
  8. Have to confess I would have much preferred 1/48 only because of the room it will take up - that rotor span will be something else. Even so I’ve preordered one and if they do a civil variant will no doubt buy more (it’s only my opinion but the civil schemes are much more interesting than the military - not often I say that!) It’s also about time we had a dedicated book about the Skycrane.
  9. 6A7E011F-BF95-4FF2-9B59-98397F9E02AD


    Hello mate. It would seem the only shot of a 23 Sqn T4 published is the one in Scotts book. I don't know if you've seen the picture but it doesn't unfortunately give much away. Hope its of interest.




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