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  1. Stunner - quite possibly one of the best I’ve seen
  2. Lovely - have one ( or possibly two) in the stash myself. Hope it comes out as good as yours.
  3. Wish I could shake a box and have that come out - very nice build and finish.
  4. Never really been interested in the Draken but they are lovely.
  5. What’s not to like about a 9 Sqn Tornado, low level and in a proper colour scheme. Superb model.
  6. Lovely model. Brings back happy memories plane spotting as a kid at Ringway (Manchester Airport) in the early 70’s.
  7. Lovely build. Have one in the stash with the new farewell Xtradecal sheet. Just trying to build up the courage to give it a go - heard a lot of nightmare stories about the kit but yours looks superb.
  8. Superb - brings back happy memories of standing by the taxiway at Wyton
  9. Thanks for the reply Dave. I did a bit of browsing around today and discovered the Alley Cat conversions. Hadn't come across them before but I've now ordered one along with a couple of Meteor drone conversions and can't wait for them to arrive. Thanks again Pete
  10. Lovely build - the Hunter must be one of the best looking aeroplanes ever to take to the skies!
  11. Hello mate Do you mind me asking if the 1:48 kit is the airfix example. If it is I was wondering how you went about converting the rear fuselage. If memory serves 778 was basically a Mk 2 with a Mk 7 rear fuselage and your model looks spot on. Thanks in advance
  12. Never really appreciated them when they were in service but I've since grown to love the JP. Superb build by the way.
  13. Only just come across this build - sensational!
  14. My gran had three ducks on the wall of the stairs in the late 60’s - three Javelins would have looked much better!
  15. Absolutely tremendous - so good I’ve just ordered one plus the blade folding set
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