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  1. Picked up two of the new Airfix Vulcans. Said all along I'm not going to bother with it as its too big for the cabinet and I'll probably never actually make it. In the local model shop and the owner says he's just had a couple delivered. Next thing you know I'm squashing both into the boot!
  2. Nice - I quite fancy doing a South African machine myself.
  3. Interesting technique - I'll have to give that a go. Nicely modelled
  4. It may simply have been for ease of road transport. A lot of the ex Saudi machines from Warton suffered similar fates especially with the tails when they were delivered to museums.
  5. Stunning piece of modelling - love it. Remember the original aircraft well - XN728, an F2a in 92 Squadron colours. When it first appeared by the A1 it was pretty much intact, siting on all three wheels (albeit supported under the ventral tank) and still proudly wearing 92's markings. Sad to witness the deterioration over the years to the point where the graffiti basically took over the airframe. I hadn't actually realised the airframe had stiffening plates on the wings and tail holding it together. Was over the moon to see the cockpit saved - you wouldn't know it was the same nose to see it today. Superb piece of work again.
  6. That’s a real shame. I used to work on Deansgate and can remember it when it first opened. It was a lovely museum with superb exhibits and some nice well thought out displays. I also used to spend more time than was good for me (and my wallet) in the Manchester Model Shop also on Deansgate. I hadn’t realised that had gone as well. I seem to remember a Vulcan flypast along Deansgate at some point – was it for the opening of the museum?
  7. Cheers Julian. That’s very kind but I found a set on flea bay all the way from Serbia. Nice model by the way. Never fancied doing a ‘foreign’ Sabre before ie non RAF but that yellow and blue Yugoslav scheme is just lovely.
  8. Has anyone done a set of decals for the yellow Yugoslav machine? I quite fancy having a bash at that myself with the new Airfix kit. Lovely modelling by the way @Tony Edmundson
  9. Hi I see someone has already mentioned the North Korean Armed Forces book. For info its not a modelling reference book at all and this is the only colour plate in there of the Mig 23.
  10. Many thanks for the comments- think I’ll pick up a bottle this weekend. Thanks again
  11. Just wondered if anyone has used this stuff on their transparencies and is it any good? Any problems masking up a canopy once its been dipped and dried? Thanks in advance
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