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  1. Would it lie in wait for a target and then hambush it? Eyethangew. IanJ
  2. AFAIK the Academy 109s were reboxed HC ones so there's another potential source for the correct bulges. IanJ
  3. I like cheesy wotsits? (Just guessing, you may not have cheesy wotsits in Canada. You lucky people)
  4. In the cat's beret. (See how she likes it...)
  5. With this particular reality
  6. Bonhoff

    Airfix magazine late?

    AMW wasn't in the newsagents I use in Peterborough on its allotted date for the last two months. First time I hadn't realised and sleepily purchased the previous month's issue. IanJ
  7. As it happens I've been beavering away on it. Haven't taken many photos - Fit is only average in places but careful assembly gives satisfactory results. Here's where we are at the moment. Kind regards IanJ
  8. I can confirm that the Rareplanes Seafire 47 is under scale. ... KR's IanJ
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