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  1. It's a joke I've used before but I like recycling. We are Devo! Good luck IanJ
  2. There's no such thing as a decent Pinto engine, best used as a boat anchor these days IanJ
  3. I'm going to sit in too as I'd like to have a go at making a replica of the Mk2 I navigate in these days, have a spare Revell boxing in the stash ready. Escort Popular with dry sumped 2L Zetec, twin 45's and no big arches. IanJ
  4. Another one for the Skoda S105/120/130 and 130LR Would suggest that the rear suspension is done on a separate sprue though - That way you could cover the swing axles of the basic 105/120, the semi-trailing back end of the 130 and the fully fabricated trailing arm set up of the 130LR. Until then I'll carry on with restoring my 1:1 scale 130L IanJ
  5. All outstanding bits and bobs painted/touched up and posted in Gallery. Thanks for visiting Kind regards IanJ
  6. Meng "Toon" Panther - Painted using Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. Another enjoyable kit from Meng...
  7. @Corsairfoxfouruncle By your command! As it's a "Toon" tank, any urges for accuracy went out of the window and I went freestyle - Two hours of airbrushing with Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-61 Green and XF-64 Red Brown, used with Green and Dark Yellow"Dots" which TBH are more like "Splats," which I think quite suit the nature of the model. They also seem to indicate it might be time for a new needle and nozzle on my airbrush. Should be able to get it finished before the deadline now. KR's IanJ
  8. It was always obvious when Mum had dusted my shelves as she'd hand me a pile of bits to glue back on IanJ
  9. Bit more done - Wings fitted out now, wheels added, still got flaps, outriggers, decals and a varnish coat to finish. IanJ
  10. IBG PzIII AusfB and Airfix Stug ready and waiting to go... IanJ
  11. It wasn't a specific model shop opposite Beatties, IIRC it was a toy shop called Skills that happened to have a really good model section, this closed I think in '89, still have some kits in the stash that I picked up in the closing down sale at 50% off. They had another branch in the Broad Marsh centre which stayed open for a good few years afterwards which eventually became a Modelzone store. The other one 20 minutes away was probably Gee-Dee models which closed a couple of years ago... IanJ
  12. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/What-file-formats-does-3ds-Max-import-and-export.html#:~:text=MAX file format is a,compatible version of 3ds Max. Does this help? IanJ
  13. Had one delivered a couple of days back - A cursory look indicates that it's an improvement detail wise over the King Tiger of a few years back (Still enjoyed building it though), as much of the tools and cables are now separate parts. Running gear has two options, the first is a simplified track setup similar to those found in basic wargame models, each side is in two halves which may leave a seam down the middle of the track. The second track option is based around layers of wheels moulded as one being sandwiched together with link and length tracks. Once
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