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  1. Now that winter is upon us, we are back into that time of year where I find myself shouting at other road users.... "Can't you clean your numberplates?!!" IanJ
  2. Tickets to go and see Faith No More on their UK tour next year. IanJ
  3. I think I'm in - With an Audi Quattro S1 driven by Hannu Mikkola.... IanJ
  4. Continuing on the "Telstar" theme - How about this cheeky little number that sounds close to The Tornados original in places - Although it's worth noting that Matt Bellamy's dad was the rhythm guitarist in the Tornados so I guess he felt he could probably get away with it.
  5. Covered by the Foo Fighters.... IanJ
  6. With regards to Lada's, the absence of them in the UK now mostly boils down to the two things, UK emission rules and economic troubles suffered in Russia post cold-war. New UK emission regulations required catalysers and Lada had difficulty getting their products to pass without major engineering efforts (Fuel injection was tried but it was realised that injection wouldn't be appreciated by the average Russian owner who would still maintain their own transport ) - As the main market took precedence, the brand fizzled out over here. On top of that, shortages of spares in Russia (Major supply issues at the factories) led to ships coming over here and the crews buying up any second hand Lada's and carting them back and breaking them for spares. It's rumoured that there is a string of Lada bodyshells on the sea bed between Hull and Murmansk... IanJ
  7. Yesterday morning, a couple of villages down from Chez Bonhoff - A B-Reg Mk2 Golf GTI 3dr. Looked original, in good nick and, most importantly, not modified... IanJ
  8. Is it because when we build them as kids we do them wheels up for "Dogfighting" with our friends. Then we're forced to grow up a bit. IanJ
  9. I get out of Leicestershire on a daily basis - I think my mistake is that I return there every evening....
  10. I thought it was from "The Importance of Being Ernest." Mind you - My O Level English lessons were a very long time ago. IanJ
  11. This. Someone decided that I'd enjoyed my Fabia vRS PD for far too long and smote her a mighty glancing blow with their B Class Merc - Damaged rear bumper, OSR light cluster and some bodywork on my little Skud. Should see the state of the Merc though! Not the same tank like qualities of the MB of old... As she's 14 years old and with 225k on the odometer, my insurers have decided that it's uneconomical to repair, consequently I've had to go out and look for something else - So a 60 Plate Octavia vRS 170TD will have to do instead. Budget for Telford now seriously compromised! - Think I'll just have to live the purchasing part vicariously as I watch my dad and my mate buy stuff instead. IanJ
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