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  1. Bonhoff

    Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf D - Tamiya 1/35

    Agreed - I built Tamiya's old PzKfw. II a few years back and it took the same time to assemble as Airfix's 1/76th Matilda did! IanJ
  2. Bonhoff

    Humbrol Acrylic Made in the UK mini review.

    Picked up 2 pots of the new stuff last week - 01 primer and 165 Medium Sea Grey - My experience matches yours so far. IanJ
  3. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    That's all very true - And I can add "-eh" being used on people's names. Hence I have a wife called Ton-eh, a stepdaughter called Soph-eh and we had a dog called Moll-eh the Coll-eh. Nice view BTW. IanJ
  4. Bonhoff

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Couldn't find an Xtrakit XII so used a Ventura Seafire XV to make one which is currently in the paint shop. Only problem is I now need a Seafire XV to make a Seafire XV..... IanJ
  5. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    To be honest I'm only an immigrant to this fine county - Snuck in from Notts when no-one was paying attention.... Pretty sure I was mad before I got here but it seems as a result that I blend in with the locals quite well. Is there a posh part to this county? IanJ
  6. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    I thought it was a reverse thruster - The masochist in me is also going "Ooo! Look at all that scratch building potential....::
  7. Hi All, Starting with the M3/M4 GB.... M3 Lee - 1/100 Zvezda with added skirts and stowage boxes M4A2 Sherman - 1/100 Zvezda Sherman Firefly Vc - 1/72nd UM Kit - Scrubbed up OK in the end but quite a "challenging" build For the Matchbox GB - A 1/700 USS Chevalier Matchbox/Dragon mashup For the "Carriers Ahoy" GB - A Rareplane Seafire 47 with prop and gun barrels from the spares box and markings from Xtradecal For "RAF 100" - Airfix's 1/48 Scale Hurricane For the Blitzbuild GB - Meng's "Cute" Tiger Tank and Zvezda's 1/100 Panther... For the "Airfix: The Golden Years" GB - The Classic mid-70's Spitfire Mk1 and the RAF Refuelling Set. Then for giggles..... Meng "Cute" T-34 and PzKfw III Zvezda 1/100 "Maus" Airfix's BP Defiant in 1/72 Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 in 1/72 Zvezda 1/100 "Elefant" and ""Sturmtiger" Tamiya 1/48 V1 There's some others but don't have pictures to hand at moment - Enjoyed this year's efforts. Kind Regards IanJ
  8. Hi all, This is my effort for the GB - An oldie but hopefully a goodie... IanJ
  9. Bonhoff

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    As a youngster, I'd hoped to join the RAF as a pilot, fly Phantoms then move over to the BBMF, but my inability to read the optician's wall chart at age 9 meant that wouldn't happen. So it would appear that I've lived the dream vicariously by buying Phantoms and Spitfires to build and books about them.... IanJ
  10. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    Isn't that Whale Island?
  11. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    What we have here is a single component of the MHDS* - I understand that a canister packed with these would be fired via the HamTranSys onto the battlefield causing terror, or - at the very least, mild indignation to the enemy. It was mooted that an upscaled version of this weapon loaded with Spaniels could lay waste to a large headquarters complex by shredding paperwork and digging up the surrounding gardens. *Multiple Hamster Delivery System
  12. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    Interestingly - Hamsters have often been used to boost the power of propulsion systems. I'd not heard of this until a friend of mine commented that his Mum's Vauxhall Corsa had a "Sport" setting on it's automatic gearbox - When pressed to explain this setting further, he opined that it dropped another hamster onto the wheel. HTH IanJ
  13. Not completely given up with it - It's just that a 1:1 scale kitchen has now got in the way of progress... As feared, given the number of rivets and grilles, a huge volume of Microsol has been utilised. The central cross on each side has been drybrushed in the appropriate background colours to make it appear to have been overpainted as per the box top illustration. KR's IanJ
  14. Bonhoff

    BM Armageddon GB

    Interesting.... Count me in - No idea what with but I'm suitably intrigued. IanJ
  15. Bonhoff

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    Ah! The upscaled Shorts Skyvan - Also referred to as"The Five Hundred Ton Budgie"