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  1. But repent at leisure
  2. Major components glued together - Despite gluing additional tabs all the way round, I still ended up with bad seams and a whole lot of filling and scraping to contend with. And another shot showing it on its bombing run at the start of "Operation Flatulent Spaniel" Got my desk tidied now so I can stop building it on my lap and get started on painting. IanJ
  3. I've had to have words with myself about the state of my desk as seen above, so I spent tonight's session tidying the Iancave - Desk now looks like this.... Better try and sort my desk at work next. IanJ
  4. No. I'm building a B-52 on a tray on my knees in here. IanJ
  5. Hi All, Title says it all, as the other two I've got are already being built by others in this GB, I've gone for this Meng "World War Toons" Panther I may sound like an old stuck record, but I really enjoy building these, nicely engineered, not that many parts, moulded really well with minimal clean up - and don't even require glue if you're that way inclined. No more than a couple of hours after commencing assembly, it was mostly built - I've left the aerials off to save knocking them off while painting.
  6. Butter milk salt pepper
  7. I owned a Peugeot 306 which was a lovely car but over a period of time the ECU developed what I could only describe as "dementia," it started out as the management light coming on, giving a fault code that was most definitely not happening, got it cleared, then the next day it stalled and despite there being no key in the ignition, the fuel pump kept running. Once this happened I'd have to get out, pop the bonnet, disconnect/reconnect the battery and restart the car on a regular basis.... Never got to the bottom of it before the thing was scrapped. IanJ
  8. Flems and Walloons disagreeing
  9. I don't believe it
  10. What's the Matter? Alice
  11. There's also another important issue, ban plastic modelling then there's no telling what mischief we'll get up to.... IanJ
  12. As well as providing additional loft insulation....
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