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  1. At least 'til teatime @Pete in Lincs - Fnarr!
  2. It is - I tried using a doggy squeaky toy in a similar fashion yesterday, then discovered "Mythbusters" had disproved that, I also fabricated a "Slim Jim" as @ckw described and had no joy with that either. RAC lad appeared with a tool kit that comprised a couple of plastic wedges, a couple of little airbags and a long metal rod. Wedges made room for the airbags at the top of the door, airbags inflated to make room for the rod and with that he operated the window switch - All done and dusted in 5 minutes. I'd driven to the office with 0 miles showing on the fuel gauge and despite idling for all that time still hadn't run out! IanJ
  3. Still a bit grumpy with myself. Managed to lock my keys in the car yesterday whilst the engine was running, fortunately when parked at the office Took the RAC 4 1/2 hours to get round and sort out my predicament.... Some days I bring Stupidity down to a new low. IanJ
  4. @Procopius - Sir, not only a fine writer, not only someone who is well read, but someone who also has knowledge of the Muppets.... You are a renaissance man sir! (At least round here)
  5. Farley Fruitbat restoration project
  6. No good for leadership (Your view may vary...)
  7. Going to be insulated? IanJ
  8. Not that I have any Meteor powered things at the moment - But I'm sure that I'll have something suitable in the stash (he says looking at at least 15 Spitfires...) I'm in! IanJ
  9. How about adding the Meteor tank engine into the mix as well? IanJ
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