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  1. There are two kits in the box - These are the parts required for one... The load bed is presented in etched steel with no plastic alternative,, it also comes with a wood veneer overlay. PE is also supplied for handles, steps and the like. Let's start building - Track first, sleepers come with rail chairs moulded on them and the rail is simply slid through them. Sleeper spacing is a very specific 5.28mm but I found that my stash of takeaway coffee/paint stirrers averaged out at 5.3mm in width so were used as spacers. Interestingly, t
  2. Did airbrush Citadel a long time ago, thinned the metallics with water...YMMV IanJ
  3. Believe it or not - Water works really well for me with Citadel... IanJ
  4. Hi all, This is my project for this GB - A rail wagon capable of transporting a Tiger tank. As the tank designs got larger and heavier, the rail wagons had to as well, culminating in this bad boy - Despite the increase in the size of the wagon, the Tiger was still too wide for it in its combat form. I've already constructed a load for the wagon using the new 1/72nd Airfix Tiger but had to modify it for transportation. This necessitated the removal of the side skirts, outer wheels and fitting narrow "Transport" tracks to the Tiger.
  5. I normally thin Model-Air. Could you be getting 'Tip drying?" - I find that it's a regular occurance with Vallejo paints. A cotton bud dipped in thinners and applied to the tip of the airbrush often helps. Apologies if you knew this already... KR's IanJ
  6. Nice to see this build - I built one 40 years ago, when my dad brought one back for me from a business trip to France (My brother got the AMX13 VTB which still resides at Dad's, started but uncompleted - Maybe I'll get round to it one day...) I was really pleased with my effort and held onto it for years but eventually binned it - The only issue I had in construction was with the tracks which were thick and inflexible, which resulted in me snapping one of the rear wheels off when I was attempting to fit a track. Assume you're using the Tamiya tracks? KR's
  7. Very nice 1972/3 Mk1 Escort in Silver with banded steel wheels and chrome hubcaps just outside Loughborough.
  8. This is my intended build for this GB - Load has been constructed already... KR's IanJ
  9. Over the instructions, before
  10. Driving home in daylight for the first time since October IanJ
  11. Dad was back home in "Stabbo" at this point - Besides which , there was no clue about J25 being closed until you get onto the motorway, a short run up the A52 if you come off at J25, a longer journey if you have to go up to J26 and then down the A6002! It gets better! In all the fuss last night, I forgot to do one very important task when I arrived at Dad's..... Put the parking permit in my car window! Sure enough - I step out this morning at 09:15 to find that the local "Stasi" have put a ticket on my car between 09:02 and 09:07! Restrictions start at 09:00
  12. Had to go up to my dad's as he'd managed to fall over and mangle his ear sufficiently to warrant 17 stitches. ... So I left my home and headed for Loughborough, intending to join the M1 at J23 as I usually do to head for the glittering metropolis of Nottingham. Only problem was (Drumroll please) Roadworks at J23 meant I had to divert up the A6 to J24. Got to J24, joined the M1 northbound, only to discover, thanks to the overhead signs, that the slip road off the M1 at J25 is closed. Guess where I wanted to leave the motorway? Had to g
  13. Bonhoff

    Africa GB chat

    Hi @Col. Wondering if this could be used? Tamiya's Toyota Celica GT- Four in Safari Rally trim. Probably purchased when the kit was first released and I'd made a start on it at some point as well... I don't think that much has been assembled yet but want your opinion if it's still under 25% or not? Looks like that I have to start from scratch with the painting as the white Humbrol enamel has yellowed (Or even "creamed" in this case) over the years. TIA IanJ
  14. As it happens - It's the base from the Matchbox Chaffee. IanJ
  15. Which apparently equates to £2.23 in 2021 using an inflation calculator - How come a lot of these reissued vintage kits are £6-7 these days?!! IanJ
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