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  1. Bonhoff

    Grumping into the 20s

    Bit of a grump. Last week, I found myself at the head of a 4 car shunt in Loughborough, a mere 4 months after my previous ride was rear ended and written off. Insurers were a bit more switched on this time, after determining that I wasn't to blame (Difficult when you're the last car to be hit and you've only got rear damage,) the Skoda Octavia has been booked into a local repairers who won't be able to look at it until the end of the month. The insurers duly ordered a hire car and gave me an upgrade as I needed something that will be able to transport my dad and his model railway to a couple of exhibitions over the next month. Collected by the nice man from Enterprise who took me to the local office, paperwork sorted and after confirming that Dad's layout would fit with the seats folded down, I took the keys for the BMW 118i. Now for the grump - I've never driven a beemer, but for years, BMW have been marketed as a premium brand and a marvellous driving experience, the reality for me that it is, without a doubt, one of the most disappointing things I have ever driven. Yes - The steering's direct, but so was the steering on my 4 classic Minis and the half dozen Skoda Estelles I've owned, the on board tech is intuitive but my phone won't connect to it, nicely built but it's soulless, the 3 cylinder turbo can't pull the skin off a rice pudding ("Sport" mode just seems to drop another hamster into the wheel) and to add insult to injury, the combination of BMW's "Eco Pro" mode and me driving like Miss Daisy have failed to get a better economy figure than 40 mpg. Why would anyone pay a premium to own one of these? Hopeless!! IanJ
  2. My next door neighbour has just bought an Audi, a Toyota and 2 BMW's. I think he's got car owner virus. IanJ
  3. Bonhoff

    HMS Matabele

    It's in the Wikipedia article.....
  4. Bonhoff

    HMS Matabele

    I've just read through the Wikipedia article - If you're doing the AA gun alteration then the second funnel and mainmast need altering too. IanJ
  5. Bonhoff

    HMS Matabele

    From the Bow - A Turret, B Turret From the Stern - Y Turret, X Turret... So in this case it's the one that's second from the back that can fire over Y Turret. HTH IanJ
  6. My ghast is well and truly flabbered.... IanJ
  7. Disguised as paint thinners
  8. For years, my father used to refer to our pet labrador as "Mooching Minnie" as she would, on occasion, take herself off on a little adventure. I had no idea where Dad got the name from, until I first saw the "Blues Brothers...." IanJ
  9. Looking at the first picture, the VW gearbox can be seen - so I'm assuming that drive is taken down to one of the axles - Early vans had a "Reduction Hub" between the gearbox and the wheel so I guess it's possible to adapt those to suit the situation. KR's IanJ
  10. Favourite trio are now a duo - RIP Neil Peart.... IanJ
  11. Divide 400 by 350 - this give you your scale factor of 1.143 (Rounded to 3 digits) Then multiply your dimension measured on your 1/400 plan by the scale factor.... HTH IanJ
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