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  1. Now fortified with Iron.
  2. Took the completed 1:1 scale Fiesta out on its first run out today. About 170 miles in total in 30 degree heat on our motor club's classic car run starting and finishing at Papplewick Pumping Station north of Nottingham. Event ended with a flypast courtesy of the BBMF's C47. IanJ
  3. Honestly - It's not worth calling them, you have to listen to poetry when they put you on hold...
  4. After all, you don't want to shell out for that too..... Eyethangew! IanJ
  5. Figaro meet at Walton Hall apparently. IanJ
  6. And tonight on the A46, just north of Leicester at the Hobby Horse island. An immaculate Nissan Bluebird ZX Turbo in black on the F-Plate - Almost down to single figures on the road now.... IanJ
  7. You may remember this aesthetic horror from about a month ago? Now looking like this From this...... To this..... Apparently it still needs polishing! Quite frankly, I'd be nervous taking it out onto the Queen's Highway given the parlous state of the road network and all the twonks that use it... IanJ
  8. Think there was a Stuka as well - Have got the Zero in the stash too. Both purchased from "under the tables" at exhibitions. IanJ
  9. New addition to the family, Meet Daisy, a Border Collie pup to keep the "Flop Eared Loon" company..... IanJ
  10. Hi All, As per the title, we have the 21st Century Toys kit of the G14, this apparently started life as a pre-finished model before being released as a kit. This would explain the construction methods which includes screws as well as the "play" items included such as retractable undercarriage, opening canopy and pilot with movable head and arms. Plus (I can feel the envy already) Movable leading edge slats! I understand that they were sold for very little money through Home Bargains? Work started on the cockpit, all the parts are supplied bagged with no sprues in sight. Praise should be given for the quality of the pilot figure - Head and arms have been attached Thanks for looking IanJ
  11. I have, but surely it would be madness to attempt such a beast in the GB? I'll see if I'm up for it.... IanJ
  12. 8Ssyms 80t Rail wagon - 1/72nd Scale (T-Model) German rail wagon constructed to transport Tiger tanks - Wagon by T-Model, Tiger is the new Airfix offering modified for rail transport by rearranging the wheels and tracks to bring the load within the loading gauge. Additional chains, chocks and locating sleepers added to tie the load down - Full width tracks stored under the tank courtesy of a 1/76th Airfix Tiger. Airbrushed in panzer grey but I can't remember which product I used! Nice kit that builds up well and comes with additional etch, a steel load bed, self adhesive wood veneer and track sections - Plus there's two in the box! Build can be found Here Thanks for looking. IanJ
  13. Load in the process of being tied down - Chain is Peco, 13 links to the inch - Base has been made for the track, Foamboard with ballast, oil staining along line by Humbrol enamel wash. There is conflicting information with regards how the tanks were tied down - Earlier wagons utilised the tanks' own cables located in a slot in the load bed, later ones seem to have dispensed with these slots and relied on hooks on the buffer beams, so that's what I have gone for. If chains were used then I'm assuming that a screw link was used for tightening up, I don't have any... And completed! Nice simple build, the model is considerably simplified compared with its 1/35th brethren , undoubtedly then made more complex by me deciding to put a load and all the associated gubbins on it. I'll post some better photos in the gallery when I can take pictures in daylight. IanJ
  14. Sorry - Wasn't finished.... Monday started well with brownie points earned by taking Mrs.B to a car boot sale (No takers so had to bring her back) Then took the good lady for breakfast at Tesco (We know how to live!) After that, we had to pop to see the mother in law, mostly so I could trim her bush.... That's us sorted for bay leaves for quite a while. Back home and I was released to the Iancave for a couple of hours before we were due to go round to friends for a meal. Main task was to get the underside painted in PRU Blue - Masked the top of the airframe using frog tape for the first time. Xtracrylix PRU Blue airbrushed on the underside. And with that it was time to stop and aim to finish it later on. Another 1 hour 18 minutes - Total now 10h 42m. Went over to our friends where we had, on the warmest day of the year so far, a Christmas turkey dinner! Back home and there was a couple of hours left to complete it before the deadline. Went out to the Iancave again, pursued once more by the flop eared loon. Unfortunately, this time he didn't have a squeaky toy in his mouth and started barking and yelping - Honestly, you'd think I was trying to murder him!! Instead of sitting in the cave, he carried on barking, I was left with no choice but to give up and go back in the house. I've been doing bits and bobs on it since and once it's completed I'll post the pictures here. Well done to all who took part. IanJ
  15. Sunday... Didn't get anything done during the day, Mrs.B allocated me gardening and the usual catering duties.... Picky tea - Centred around a smoked gammon joint that had been in the slow cooker immersed in cola all day. Finally time to get down the shed but as is normal, I wouldn't be alone.... Time to start Primer Preshade Airbrushed Humbrol Medium Sea Grey upper surfaces - New style pot worked after a fashion but better with Vallejo thinners than Humbrol's own in my experience. Time to give up for the night. 3 hours 26 minutes - Total now 9 hours 24 minutes. IanJ
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