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  1. TBH - The Citroen seems to be on a new set of wheels and tyres, an episode of "Wheeler Dealers" revealed that you can get a conversion kit to install a Ford Pinto lump so perhaps it's a "Sleeper"? I like it.
  2. In one of those "I haven't seen one in ages" moments this morning.... A Volvo 340/360 hatchback between Nottingham and Melton. IanJ
  3. If you can find one - You want a "Scalecraft Cessna 180 Floatplane" I had one in my youth, snap together and electrified so it could taxi round the bath! IanJ
  4. Didn't go to Telford this year, quite frankly, CBA with it and I was booked to help my dad with his layout of Ilkeston Town station at another of his club shows anyway. Much to my surprise, I ended up purchasing a second hand Hornby "Super Detail" Flying Scotsman and 4 coaches to go with it. Got to run it up and down the 31ft long layout a few times. Mrs B is reluctant to let me build a layout to run it on but seemed reassured with my argument that I'd have spent a lot more at Telford. IanJ
  5. Hi, Seems like ages since I took part in a GB but have taken time out of fitting out the "Wendy House" to do an evening's modelling in the old "Iancave" Ex Matchbox set - I guess that the half track is the main item of interest but It'd be rude not to build the rest of it while I'm at it.... A couple of hours saw me reach this stage KR's IanJ
  6. For completeness - Been round my dad's tonight as we're getting a layout ready for this weekend's Wirksworth Model Railway Show and found one of these here controllers, I quickly took it apart and... Looking closer at the board, it would appear that there was some sort of unknown power clip attached to it, judging by these marks. This one has been modified so someone could connect wires remotely to a battery rather than use the clip. KR's IanJ
  7. Turbo engine in a Mini involved having to modify the bulkhead to make room for the turbo... AFAIK, the K series will fit with some engineering work. I've seen Red Top Vauxhall motors in a couple of Mini rally cars back in the day, these could hold their own against Cosworths in a straight line and completely out turn and out brake them in the twisty stuff. One guy had replaced the standard Mini/Metro A-Series powerpack with the A-Series / VW Golf gearbox that the Maestro and Montego ran - When I enquired, apparently the boxes are both stronger and much easier to mix and match gear ratios. IanJ
  8. Hi @Pete in Lincs, Probably need a few more photo's to work out what might fit as I'm not overly familiar with those battery controllers - As Ratch points out, a second hand H&M (Hannant and Morgan) controller off an auction site might be a better idea, just make sure it's one for 12v DC rather than a digital one and you're good to go. We've got ones that are still going after 40+ years, had to press one into service at an exhibition a couple of months back, after the modern hand held ones that were usually used decided to go on strike and refused to work. KR's IanJ
  9. Hi Pete - Starting to wonder about my answer now... Is there a catalogue number on the box? Usually Rxxxx. Is there a box? Might be able to get a proper answer then.
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