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  1. Bit more progress, but I doubt it'll be finished by the deadline..... Undersides of the wings attached - I've used a length of N-Gauge rail as a wing spar, the black spots are actually a CA based powder bonding system but the name escapes me at the moment. Tops of wings attached along with the tailplanes, some gaps to the wing fillets that need attention. Kind regards IanJ
  2. And now painted, airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air 4BO green... Kind regards IanJ
  3. Bonhoff

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Thought the yarn puns had all been sewn up?
  4. Best advice I can give you is to basically write off the screw top Humbrol acrylics. Latest 17ml flip tops much better IMHO IanJ
  5. Bonhoff

    Four what we are

    Except for endless repeats
  6. Whether necessary or not
  7. Bonhoff

    Those Lockdown Blues

    That had me worried - If the boundary of the locked down area of Leicester came a couple of miles further north, I may have not been allowed to go down the garden to the Iancave.....
  8. Are dangerous nocturnal predators
  9. Here's the result of a couple of hours on Saturday night, Nothing really stuck out as being problematic in the build - Part of the gun mantlet needed some serious cleaning up but otherwise all OK. It got primed and painted on Sunday but no photos yet as I left my phone in the house. IanJ
  10. Greetings, I'd signed up for this GB with the intention to build either the 1/48 Hobby Boss T34/85 or a Zvezda 1/100 T34/85.... The little one became one of my lockdown projects and given that the larger one has a full interior it seemed unlikely for me to complete it in time. So, I got this delivered from the Big H on Friday 26th and started it on the Saturday evening. Blink and you'll miss it! Bit disappointed that it isn't moulded in blue and white.... IanJ
  11. And dusted. Penguins are
  12. Hi, Speaking from experience, it would be impossible to get the helmets from that position if you were sat in the front, helmet hooks would be attached to the roll cage behind the seats . The usual setup to store helmets in while driving on road sections would be either a Helmet Net or Helmet Box which usually gets the helmets within arms reach. Unless it's a really short road section between stages when the poor navigator would be balancing 2 helmets on their knees while trying to wrestle with a roadbook and timecards..... IanJ
  13. I used a basic veneer faced door as a bench for years - Something like This IanJ
  14. I found a drawing on line for the hump - Whether I modelled it with any accuracy remains to be seen. For the oil cooler, either of these two kits come with an extra sprue that gives the correct oil cooler and you can still build them as a Mk.1 early or Mk.2 with the original parts. IanJ
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