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  1. I'd like to see a few Cold War subjects too. HMS Centaur HMS Dunkirk HMS Ulster (My dad served on these back in the 60's - I'm aware that there are old Frog Battle Class and HMS Undine models that I could use but it'd be nice to have them in 1/700 instead) IanJ
  2. Caused by angry penguins
  3. Bit late reporting but two Chinooks went over St.Ives on Thursday afternoon (28th July) IanJ
  4. AFAIK the "Estelle" moniker only applied to the UK market Š105, 120 and 130 saloons. Story goes that, much like Mercedes, it was renamed after a manager's daughter... Favorit, Felicia, Octavia, Superb and Rapid have been reused 2 or 3 times since the 1930s. IanJ
  5. Was operating "Ilkeston Town" layout with my dad at the Ruddington heritage centre (near Nottingham) this last weekend. One of his fellow club members had just picked up a 2nd hand Lima Deltic and needed somewhere to give it a test run. This we did and it managed to look both completely out of place on the 30's themed LMS layout and absolutely magnificent at the same time. IanJ
  6. M4A2? Rear deck looks like it to me anyway.. IanJ
  7. Outside the school gates
  8. It's a shed that was 12' x 4' - But now I've robbed some space from it to form a modelling nook so it's now 8' x 4', room enough for a couple of bikes and gardening paraphernalia.
  9. This New family sized cave... Pooches like it And I've already started knocking it about - Robbed some space from the shed end to give me some more modelling space. First fix lighting completed, now working on the power circuits. It'll be insulated and plastered inside. IanJ
  10. Would rather they were tested on the ground and fail there, rather than at height.... I work in an architectural practice and have recently taken to viewing the online planning meetings that our local authority hold - To paraphrase the chap on the Hindenberg newsreel. "Oh, the stupidity!" (Rant and thread hijack over) IanJ
  11. Er no! Sorry! Saturday was spent doing domestic chores then watching my stepdaughter perform in a dance show, Sunday was spent with dad and best mate at the Coventry show and I didn't want to push my luck with Mrs B by diving into the Iancave when I dropped dad back off in Nottingham. So I went in last night while she was walking one of the flop eared loons. Decals, tracks and a bit of weathering. Might manage a bit more this week, but we're having a new Summerhouse with enlarged Iancave facilities delivered and installed, so I might be up to my armpits in insulation and wiring instead! KR's IanJ
  12. Quick couple of coats of Tamiya XF62 the other night. It's since had a couple of coats of gloss ready for decals. IanJ
  13. Hi all, Conscious that I'd volunteered to produce something for this GB, I've taken time out of working on my 1/72nd HMCS Snowberry, to get at least one over the line. Only taken about an hour and a half of my life so far.... KR's IanJ
  14. Decided to have a go at weathering the hull while the model was still managable. AK interactive washes, weathering pencils and Tamiya powders - I didn't go too mad with it as I wasn't sure how I'd remove it! IanJ
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