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  1. Bit more done - Radar platform has had all the holes drilled out. IanJ
  2. Given the size of the kit, might I suggest a spray can for the outside colours? IanJ
  3. And we're off! Started with some of the upper works rather than the hull - I'm wondering about the rivets that were used to hold the hull plates together. The rivets are dome headed and can be quite noticeable in some photos close up, but less so from a distance, I'm thinking about using my newly acquired riveting tool just to give an impression on the plates rather than going the whole hog. I also understand that most of the timber decking detail needs scraping off as the majority of the decks were steel? KR's IanJ
  4. The expression used was, I understand, "Rolled on wet grass..." IanJ
  5. Hi all, Hopefully 5 months should give me sufficient time to build this... It's been in the stash for at least a decade, purchased from the long closed "Domino's Toys" in Leicester, every so often Mrs B brings up the matter of "Why haven't you built it yet?" Now its time to sort that, a mostly OOB build but I couldn't cope with the kit supplied Oerlikon guns. That's better, Great Little Ships 20mm cannon and 2lb pom pom will be added to the mix as well. Hopefully get it started soon. IanJ
  6. And the Wespe is hiding behind it? IanJ
  7. At long last, I now understand the term used in less enlightened times, "Dead heat in a Zeppelin race..." IanJ
  8. of your dance partner (Which explains why I was asked to leave the line dancing club)
  9. Perhaps you were informed... Just not in English. already on, I'll see my own way out. IanJ
  10. which apparently have ears
  11. Lightly flambeeing the nadgers
  12. Going back to the '36 Olympics story. Was there a mixed doubles version of this sport? And if so, was it carried out in a synchronised fashion. Or was the second participant's role (Would it be inappropriate to refer to them as "Number Twos"?) Restricted to pulling their team mate's finger? Asking for a friend. IanJ
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