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  1. I like what you did with this kit, very nice indeed. and yes it is a cool looking aircraft.
  2. Very, very nice, I was unaware of that scheme.
  3. After finishing three of the four books in James Ellroy's "LA Quartet", The Big Nowhere, LA Confidential and White Jazz, I decided to slow things down a little with Agatha Christie's The Body in the Library, one of her Miss Marple books I had not read and it was a definite change of pace from Ellroy. I plan to start Earl Derr Bigger's fourth Charlie Chan book The Black Camel today.
  4. As you probably know only five of the earliest A3D-1s were converted into A3D-1Qs and these conversions took place over time which could suggest that what was contained in the bomb bay differed between each aircraft. "Naval Fighters Number Number Forty-Five, Skywarrior Part One" by Bruce Cunningham (a Steve Ginter book) has a three page section on the A3D-1Q without drawings or photos of the sealed bomb bay area, it does however mention that the four ECM evaluators in the unpressurized bomb bay did not have oxygen masks. In the same book is a full page drawing with descriptions of the A3D-2Q. The Aerograph 5 (Aerofax) Douglas A-3 Skywarrior book written by Rene Francillon with Edward Heineman contains photos and drawings of the inside of most A-3 models including the EA-3B however it does not contain any drawings or photos of the A3D-1Q. Both are excellent books if you have an interest on the A-3.
  5. Good for you, pleased to hear you picked up both of the Japanese RF-4E's. No I will not be starting a WIP thread in the WIP forum for a number of reasons - haven't figured out a way to add images (yes I know it isn't too challenging, I'm either lazy or not motivated enough) and my work isn't anything to rave about. I did however shoot white paint on all (I'm sure I missed some) of the pasts which require it for both kits today and also put some paint on the exhausts. I may attack the cockpit and seats tomorrow.
  6. Hi Jabba, I received my Sea Camouflage Phantom yesterday, it is this one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02316-rf-4e-phantom-ii--1237483 and I did something that I haven't done in over 60 years - I actually started a kit on the day I received it! Cleaned up the parts to be painted white and glued the wing tanks. I have the white parts for the green/brown one already cleaned so today my plan is to shoot some white paint. btw I have, in the past, experienced some issues/challenges with Hasegaawa decals in their "Limited Edition" kits and should this happen with the sea camouflage decals I will get a set of the DXM.
  7. Hello Andy, thanks for those two pictures. They are the two aircraft I plan to build, 57-6907 in the green /brown camouflage scheme with the DXM decals and 47-6905 in the sea camouflage scheme, I just received the Hasegawa kit with sea decals. I plan to start them this evening or tomorrow. Life is good.
  8. Hello Mike, I have no idea what happened to those "Woodpecker" Phantoms, I sure hope they weren't, or will be, cut up for scrap. I found this video after I received the DXM decal sheet (01-7137) for the 501 Sq Final Yea which I plan to use on an already acquired Has RF-4E. The sheet is for 57-6907 finished in the green/brown scheme. I later found out that Hasegawa has already issued RF-4E kits in both 1/72 and quarter scale in both the green/brown scheme and the "sea" scheme. I was fortunate enough to pick up one of the 1/72 "sea" RFs from a certain (bidding/buying) web site without having to mortgage my home and it should arrive by mid week. I have just started the Airfix FG.1 to be finished as XT597 however due to the challenges, for me, of the Airfix kit, it may well get set aside when the "sea" Phantom arrives and I start both Japanese Phantoms finishing one in the green/brown scheme and the other in the "sea" scheme.
  9. It almost made me cry.
  10. Hello, I just want to update all who are interested that due to circumstances beyond my control my son and I have decided to cancel our trip to Scotland and Telford which was planned for later in the year. I kindly thank all of you for your help and input and hope it can be of use in the future. Of course we are disappointed but look forward to perhaps a 2021 visit. My best regards, Billy54.
  11. I finished The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy last week and am now about 3/4 of the way through his follow on book L.A Confidential. I have read these books a few years ago and am now rereading them. I enjoy Ellroy's books and have most of them in my library. He writes intricate plots with deeply flawed characters who meet violent or tragic ends. I have attended a few of his book signings and he is a real hoot and a blatant self promoter.
  12. I like the work you have done on this kit. Attaching the the engine/pylon to the wing prior to attaching the wing assembly to the fuselage was an astute move on your part. I have almost finished the Hasegawa EKA-3B and I elected to attach the engine/pylon after the wing is attached to the fuselage and the model including the engine/pylon assembly has been painted. The fit of the wing assembly to the fuselage is excellent on this kit and I wish now I had done your way. The fit of the engine/pylon to the under wing is also good however the fit of the pylon to the leading edge of the wing requires some work which would have been better done prior to paining.
  13. I shall follow this build with interest because I have this kit in the stash. I am more of a cold war/modern/jet kinda guy but have always had a soft spot for the B-17 especially in the CC scheme.
  14. Finished "Chinaman's Chance" by Ross Thomas and thoroughly enjoyed it. (see my post previous page). Just started "Behind That Curtain" by Earl Derr Biggers, it's his third Charlie Chan novel. I have read the first two and enjoyed them both, his books are nothing like the Charlie Chan B movies based upon the same character, the books are far superior.
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