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  1. You know Bill you are making excellent progress on this build especially considering the after market pieces you are adding to it. Young Dexter looks like a handsome little fellow, glad to hear that he and his Mom are doing well.
  2. Good work on the wheel wells and intakes they came out looking very good.
  3. Interesting work on those intakes Bill, I appreciate you sharing it. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival Grandpa.
  4. Now the Aires intakes really interests me because as I said above I plan on using them on a Hasegawa Hornet (F/A-18C) sometime this year, so please don't be shy on providing your opinion and pictures of how you inserted these into your Hornet. And yeah, keep up the good work it's coming along very nicely.
  5. Really enjoy following this build and appreciate the work you're doing with the resin wheel wells.
  6. Incredible build, I really like it and there is a lot of work that went into it, thank you for sharing.
  7. Very nice build and a striking bicentennial scheme, thank you for sharing.
  8. Very nice build and yeah simple works for me too especially if it means a nicely finished model like you have here. You have to love a fully loaded Tomcat especially finished in the Sundowners scheme
  9. Hi Bill, haven't decided yet but I am leaning towards one of the two VFA-81 Hornets that scored an air-to-air kill during the Gulf War.
  10. Very nice, thanks for sharing, it looks great and fitting tribute to the movie.
  11. I shall follow along because I plan to build a Hasegawa F/A-18C later this year and have already purchased the Quickboost intakes.
  12. Very nice build, thank you for sharing. It has motivated me to get back to work on the one I have started.
  13. Very nice, love the paint job and have always loved aggressors.
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