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  1. Thanks again tweeky, it's nice to get feed back from someone who worked on the aircraft.
  2. Hello tweeky, thanks for the input, I appreciate it. The "veterans memorial scheme" thing came straight from the Hasegawa markings and painting instructions. You see I am in the process of building a 1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F Mk.6 (combo) kit No 01982. In the one box you get two kits of the Lightning and three decal options (still haven't decided who two I will use), one of which is the red tail, spine and wing leading edges, 1987 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-01982-english-electric-lightning-f-mk6--149998 Do you know if the air brakes were ever replaced? I have a photo references of clean air brakes on both sides of the fuselage.
  3. Perhaps , I'm not going to worry too much about it, just gonna build the two kits and decide on which two of the three schemes I shall finish them in.
  4. Thank you for your responses. @At Sea @Work In Progress @Shaun That explanation did cross my mind however, in my research material, I was unable to identify similar conditions on other Lightnings/Squadrons. @72modeler I think that may be the reason however as I mentioned above why don't I see it on other Lightnings? Was it just No.5 squadron that replaced them?
  5. I have just started the 1/72 scale Hasegawa Lightning (Mk6 Combo, 2 kits/3 decal options) and part of my research includes the Aeroguide book 8, on the Lightning Mk3/Mk6. On page 13 of this book is black and white picture of the rear fuselage of a No 5 Squadron aircraft, XR770. The picture shows shows a clean and well defined air brake against a grimy and dirt streaked fuselage. Does anyone have an explanation for this and how long it would have stayed distinctly different from the rest of the fuselage? Decals for XR770 are included with the kit, a striking red tail, spine and wing leading edges, veterans memorial scheme, 1987. Just realized that the front cover of the Aerogide book has a colour picture of XR770 clearly showing the pristine condition of the airbrakes. https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aeroguide/AeroGuide-08-BAC/Aeroguide-8-BAC-Lightning_Page_01-960
  6. I really like what you have done here, the Lightning, the hanger and the equipment, an amazing job, well done.
  7. I plan on following you with this build, I really like the box art scheme and intend to build it myself........ one day
  8. @Graham Boak Hello Graham, thank you for your comments and input. It would be our intention to return to Glasgow from Oban prior to visiting Islay, however it seems that Loganair (sp?) does not offer flights to Islay for late October/early November and I think (hope?) the reason being that their booking software/app doesn't go that far into the future. Perhaps waiting a few months may produce different results? I cannot argue with your comments on driving, an organized tour or visiting the Spey Valley however my son and I have decided not to any driving on this trip and because of his desire to vist Oban then Oban it will be, even if it's the only distillery we visit. The organized tour is appealing however it seems that a lot of tours cease to operate after mid/late October, we realize we are going off season. We would like to see a little of area around Oban and understand there is at least one castle in the area which appears to be closed by the end of October as are some of the smaller restaurants. The only things set in stone for our trip are visiting Oban and Scale Model World so who knows what our final itinerary will look like.
  9. I have an update to our proposed trip, my son has informed me that his favourite whisky is Oban and that it would be a priority to visit that distillery. Getting to Oban doesn't appear to be that complicated, although it may take a day to complete, fly from Heathrow to Glasgow, Glasgow to Oban by train. In addition to visiting the distillery we plan to do some sightseeing of the area. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies I also like a whisky I take your point concerning on the consistency between distilleries. Not sure yet if we will get to Inverness. I have often thought it would be great to get a handful of barley/grain and a small bottle of water from the same batch and then 12/15/20 years later buy a bottle of the finished product. @Graham Boak Not sure if we will get to Islay, we are still working on a schedule. It may depend on how easy it is to get to Islay from Oban and how long it will take. @Kushan_Farsight Yeah we will probably get a cab from the Telford train station to the Ramada where we have reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Time permitting we may visit Ironbridge. @Harley John I appreciate the comment on the The Whisky Castle and Gordon & Macphail and yeah, I am also a amateur when it comes to whisky. @JohnT Thank you for the input on Edinburgh and The Whisky Experience. @stevehnz We realize that late October and early November are the off season and weather conditions may not be ideal. Once again let me thank everyone for their input and comments, it is much appreciated. I shall keep you abreast of further developments.
  10. That Phantom is really coming along, good for you, I can't wait to see the finished model.
  11. Very nice, I have one in the stash and you have tempted me to move it high on the list.
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