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  1. You need the Hawk 100 kit. Despite what's painted in the boxart, this kit only has the tail with the chaff dispenser at its base. The Hawk 100 has the non-dispenser base of the T2 (though the boxart suggests otherwise).
  2. Fantastic work on your Lynx. Always good to see one built. By the way, I did those decals for Naza, can I share your pics on my Facebook page?
  3. aidy

    Freedom models

    I've built the Freedom Models kit, and it mostly goes together with nicely. The major thing to watch out for is the join between front and rear fuselage halves.
  4. That's a very nicely done Tiger. I love AFV's F-5 kits and you've finished it very beautifully.
  5. Looks great, glad you overcame all that trouble.
  6. Looks great. Well done getting the roundels on the vortex generators.
  7. Sharp work on the camo, and very nice finish overall. I love it!
  8. That's incredibly nice. Neat scheme and finish. Really need to get myself one of these someday.
  9. Very nice! Love the finish. The Alize looks amazing too.
  10. Hasegawa makes the best 1/48 A-4 but they can be tough to find. Hobbyboss offers the most easily available A-4, which aren't too bad if you're not very particular about having the right details.
  11. Martin, I've just checked with the instructions and 8B is a part I'm not going to use. Let me know where to send it, please.
  12. Martin, which part of the engine housing are you missing? I'll be building my Lynx as a South African one using Scaleworx conversion for the Mk 300 so I might not need the part you're looking for.
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