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  1. We're three days away from the end of the Malaysian primary school public exams, so I've been very busy with work. Hopefully I can continue with this build when it's over.
  2. A bit of progress over the past week. Not much as work gets in the way. I always cut the tailplane connection in half. This will allow me to attach them at the end so they won't interfere with masking the rear fuselage later. Just be sure to glue part H19 to part P7 before closing the fuselage. I've also cut off the tab marked in yellow as in previous builds I find that they interfere with the fit of part P7. The fuselage has been put together. I won't be able to spray anything until next weekend so I'll have to complete the rear fuselage before getting to work on the nose.
  3. I've made some progress yesterday. AFV Club tooled this kit with very tight tolerances, while it generally fits well, some of the inserts and panels need some adjustments and trimming to fit perfectly. The corner marked in yellow needs to be trimmed After which, the louvres will fit snugly I've also drilled out the inspection window and filled with some clear sprue. Needs a bit of fine tuning and polishing still. By the way, yes, I do make decals for other RMAF subjects. Used to be available from Hannants.
  4. Nice subject, Werner. Will be picking up pointers from your build. I plan to have another go at this sometime soon.
  5. These decals have markings for just about every F-5 that flew in the RMAF and yes, does cover the scheme of the aircraft you are building. Comparing with the RF-5E kit decals, AFV's artwork is quite accurate, just that the print quality is rather poor. My decals were printed by cartograf.
  6. Hi, Jabba. I made those decals, just haven't gotten round to selling them outside of Malaysia just yet.
  7. Ok, I had attempted to build an RF-5E for the just concluded Specialist GB, but stopped because the kit came with a cracked windshield which I hadn't noticed earlier. For this build, I made sure the clear parts were good. I'll be adding a dream model PE set which I got cheap at the local model show and a set of DEF Model intake plugs to save time. dateposted-public This seat will also go in to the build, it came from an earlier build and I think was from Wolfpack. My subject will be a jet from No 11 Skuadron, based in RMAF Butterworth in the 1980s. Hopefully the wife will feel better soon so I could get on with the build.
  8. It's quite impossible to miss the F-5 when one talks about 1980s Front Line Asia. It was the primary fighter aircraft in South East Asia, flying in the air forces of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Other Asian countries, namely South Korea and Taiwan were also users of the type. The Royal Malaysian Air Force received it's F-5Es in 1972 and flew them until 1995 when the F-5E were replaced by the MiG-29N. This is my entry for the group build, it will be the fantastic AFV Club 1/48 F-5E with decal-la decals and some additional goodies.
  9. Excellent choice, Martin. The A-4PTM is one of my favourite aircraft. Looking forward to your build!
  10. Thanks Col. and trickyrich! Work continues on the build. Got some colour on the cameras and started working on the cockpit. Found a partly painted Quickboost seat from a scrapped build, so I'll be using it on this on. The rear fuselage is almost ready, too. If you know what/where to trim, these AFV kits go together really quick with almost no putty or sanding needed.
  11. I've made a bit of progress in the last few days. Having built this kit twice before, I just can't stand the huge void of a camera bay provided by AFV. There is a selection of resin sets by Kasl but they all cost more than what I'm willing to spend, so I've had to do some work to build up a decent representation of the cameras in the bay. I'm not going for total accuracy, just want something to fill the space behind the camera windows. I've used a short length of plastic tubing for the forward camera. Cut and filed a length of sprue for this. Busied up the area with bits of sheet styrene and spares from other kits. Used more styrene to build the second camera. Looks alright behind the clear part. More to come soon, hopefully.
  12. Hi all, So this is my entry. It's the AFV Club 1/48 RF-5E Tigereye which I plan to finish in Royal Malaysian Air Force scheme. The RMAF operated 2 Tigereyes serialled M29-19 and M29-20, both of which saw service in No 11 Sqn and No 12 Sqn out of RMAF Butterworth. This is what I'm starting with. I'm still undecided on using the Quickboost seat or the Kasl seated pilot in the cockpit.
  13. Yeah, it'll be in an RMAF scheme. I'll start a new thread, then. Thanks!
  14. Can I still join up? Just started working on an RF-5E.
  15. Very neat work on the cockpit, Andrés. I'd be happy if I could make mine look half as good.
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