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  1. Wee look at my current ever evolving Flight Sim desk, no room for scale modelling on this of course, its a separate but related hobby and a work in progress as many of my builds are too My Scale models get built in another room. I have a structured plan and one day, it will all be very modular and quickly swappable for different types of Flight Simulations, from WW1 era to modern Jet combat and Civilian flight sim I enjoy too, so excuse the desk mess, its a WIP. Get a lot of enjoyment out of this ... oh, excuse wiring mess and desktop clutter, its all temporary ... quite disabled no
  2. Didn't want to impact further on the guys FS sale thread, so made this one separate. Basically I had an impulse buy reaction and bought and imported from USA to UK a Realsim Gear GNS430 and GNS530 bundle with display stand, looked at the dollar price and roughly calculated to £'s but had not factored in import fee's and delivery method I'd chosen, so a £600 is bundle with separate air shipping and separate import charge that Fed Ex hit me with pushed this bundle close to £800 ish ... gulp, just as well I'm single, huh? Fed Ex were emailing me, pay this fee or we only keep it 5 days ... n
  3. Apart from collecting ... and oh boy, some great collections here, especially the Guitar guys (have a few of those myself) my main passion apart from Scale Modelling is PC Flight Simulation, we have our own sub forum here for that of course but its amazing how far you can stretch the interest if you are that way inclined like me. I enjoy Military based flight sim of course, but also Civilian based real aviation, took a few real life flying lessons before my health took a dip for the worse, could never fulfil that ambition of a GA Pilots License, but soon realised I virtually could with mo
  4. Good news Duncan. Look fwd to your details.
  5. One 48


    Its all a bit shadey. I'm sitting on the fence for months now, if Ebay want to make these dramatic changes, it must be in their favour, not ours. The situation is as clear as mud to my old brain LOL Good luck everyone.
  6. One 48


    Good points Chris, well written and thought out too this change has on us who use Ebay and especially for even casual selling. Definitely waiting this out now before providing Ebay with my bank details and selling in particular there too for foreseeable future.
  7. One 48


    Yeah Chris, came across my fair share of awkward folk on Ebay in my 16 years there, ah well. Done a fair few sales and buys here on Britmodeller now, never a hint of a problem ... pure magic !
  8. Possibly delivery problems for an "en masse" style release of even pre-orders too in these crazy times, but its not as if I don't have an enough to build just now, mine will be here soon, quite sure of that ... and then it will be the anticipation of Tamiya's Phantom I'll anxiously wait, its never ending, LOL
  9. One 48


    As most of us know now, Ebay are doing away with Paypal ( I think?) and need us to provide our bank details, this is effective end of month, just got another nag this morning. My intention is to wait ... I know they wont go back on this, but wont be selling or buying there until after 31st as a casual seller/buyer that I've always been and wait until maybe mid June once dust has settled a bit. Should I give them my details now or before 31st, any pro's and con's to waiting and seeing? Bang up to date with seller fee's ETC here. Don't want waiting to impact me negatively either, like
  10. That's what I've done. Bought a HK 1/32 Dambuster Lanc, getting a B.Mk I in 1/32 as well is just totally out of the question space wise here, so opted for their 1/48 upcoming kit for mid upper turret goodness, its paid for and on pre-order, shouldn't be long now
  11. One 48

    Covid Jab

    Got my second Pfizer shot this morning, about nine to ten weeks since first, so far so good, had no side effects last time, hopefully none this time either, asked how I could prove I'd had them if needed and was told, call your GP they will have the records, would rather have had a card like some area's give, but not complaining ... Apparently Scotland are working on Covid passports for those that ask for them, just glad to be vaccinated at this point and see things slowly open up again. Hope you all get trouble free vaccinated soon.
  12. I have one on Pre-order from BlackMike Models, shouldn't be long now.
  13. Oh and I'm buying a concave USB mug warmer too for decals ... what a great thread, bonus's along the way
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