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  1. I really dont know who else makes them in this scale? I've only went and impulsive ordered one, so I guess is, is there anything to look out for in this kit? any absolute essential A/M? Anything to look out for? Its this kit I've bought ... https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834072381/?setCurrencyId=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8bLMhsqM5wIVSLTtCh1ynwUEEAQYASABEgK6N_D_BwE
  2. Never knew this kit existed, am so out of touch in my comeback to 1/48. Is this a newer tooled Hasegawa kit, re-boxed from someone else or? Gonna follow this for sure ... you have some fantastic looking extra's there my friend
  3. One 48

    RIP Neil Peart

    Seen Rush live, what a private gent ... brian cancer, horrible RIP Neil .. Biker here too
  4. One 48

    Bader's hurricane

    Hi Jure If you like, your post is full of. allegedly this and accordingly that with negative overtones my friend. Love him or hate him, Douglas Bader was a legend that inspired many. I only entered this thread to talk about how he used his rudder pedals ... I have real flying time too, it need not get deeper than that please. Just like to remind you, chivalry in war did happen at all times, (probably still does) those men were not all brain washed killing machines as you suggest,. I could cite many examples but fear it would just get into another tit for tat historical knowledge fest, we should just drop this right now please, it will go nowhere. I'll leave this as possibly the most famous chivalrous act of all time during a world war, warms my heart each time I hear about ... and its not fake news and up for argument and debate, it happened. https://www.history.com/topics/christmas-truce-1914-world-war-i-soldier-accounts
  5. One 48

    Bader's hurricane

    Excellent answer Black Night ... and this is how I imagined it would have happened, to this day Pilots may have their name stencilled on preferred Aircraft, but in time of battle and serviceability, its makes sense they would be allocated any Aircraft available to get airborne ASAP. Remarkable fact Brits dropped by parachute a spare set of metal legs for Douglas at his prison camp and indeed the intel knew where he was being kept, and wonderful our then enemy let him use them ... Geneva convention stuff I suppose ... we dont see much of that anymore, sadly ... wont bang on tho, its a thin line between politics and old war niceties. Very different days and times.
  6. Have the original (still fairly new release) Tamiya HR2 Ninja, this looks like a more street legal version, but only Wonderland Models in Edinburgh UK seem to know anything about it with a release date of 5th Feb 2020. I've searched and I cant find anything about it anywhere, inc Tamiya site future releases, looks legit though, they have this as ... Model: 14136 Kawasaki Ninja HR2 Carbon Model Kit that seems to tied in with Tamiya's release numbers for 1/12 Motorcycles. Love these Tamiya 1/12 Motorcycle kits and will likely pick this one up if it comes to fruition. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-112-kawasaki-ninja-hr2-carbon-model-kit/
  7. One 48

    Bader's hurricane

    Just a throwaway question on this interesting topic, but once Badar lost his legs and relied on metal ones, did his rudder pedals differ from normal ones in Aircraft he flew? where they modified in any way for him? Not the kind of thing that would be well documented ... I suppose? Aircraft he flew never had toe pedal brakes AFAIK, but wheel brake was on the stick control column ... right? Hurricane and Spitfire rudder pedals are just a one axis device for yaw I'm sure. I cant imagine in modern Jet scenario a pilot who lost his legs be able to fly something like an F-16 ETC that need articulate feet as well for the toe rudder brakes. I may well be wrong, disabled myself but walking (just) very very curious to find out if Douglas had his rudder pedals modified in any way for him for his artificial legs.
  8. Special thanks from me and I'm sure (Paul Gillan) to Troy and new Member Matt B. Outstanding help, very much appreciated, thanks a bunch guys for both your feedback, what a great 1/48 kit HK have given us for B-17 enthusiasts.
  9. Good idea, might even dissuade some dodgy door-to-door salesmen, after all ... who would want to get on the wrong side of HAL 9000? 2001, best Sci Fi film of all time.
  10. Looks a definite release sometime this year for those that want this variant, happy enough with one Tamiya P-51D here though, it is a fantastic kit as I'm sure this one will be too. Scroll down a bit on this site ... https://tamiyablog.com/category/future-releases/ Kit number 60328 1/32 North American F-51D Mustang Korean War that seems to tie in number wise with their other 1/32 Aircraft kits, probably a few months off at a guess?
  11. Was about to create thread similar to this, but will keep it here instead of making a new thread. I have the kit too and it looks amazing (Really hope HK give us 1/48 Lancs and more) but for my B-17 I'm happy to build a USAF one, kit decal sheet looks OK, not over exciting, safe 2 choices I guess? I would have liked to do a Bit Of Lace but understand that Aircraft differs from this B-17 G Early, so something NM like that would be nice, are there any A/M decal sheets out for this kit yet for natural metal finish/good nose art and as striking as Bit of Lace looked? What about physical A/M? I would like a good IP, seatbelts, brass gun barrels too, but anything else that really would enhance the kit? I know a lot of the interior won't be seen, apart from maybe the nose section that I'd really like to tart up inside, plan on building it on the ground on a base diorama wise with crew doors open, so maybe appropriate crew figures too, posed either before or after a raid. Perhaps a loading of bombs scenario, a couple of support trucks, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Got these in this week for my new beloved 1/48 passion. Amazing looking kits, was kinda surprised the Trumpy Wellington was a bigger box than the HK B-17. Cant complain, they both arrived before Christmas
  13. Troy, meant to say, yes, have looked at the for Sale/Trade area here, no doubt will be looking more into this in New Year, have a lot of kits I need to move on for kits I really desire now. Thanks.
  14. Troy, the Ebay dealer is a well respected seller ... I got my 1/48 Trumpeter Wellington from him for just £50, they say its a £75 RRP, but even as you say as an RRP of £60, its still a good buy Honestly, do think Ebay bargains are to be had because of time of year ... people are looking for quick cash, holding onto stock like I do might be the most profitable way Tempted to buy a new HK 1/48 B-17 at a decent price to really make my Christmas tree Merry Christmas all.
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