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  1. No sign of mine from Lucky Model still, but did order later than most, no word from Hannants about my second one either, sure it will be fine though.
  2. The black background is something I've not seen so far in modelling circles, makes it contrast really well with kit parts ... I wonder how that's done? Really awesome modelling.
  3. Amazing Top notch building and brilliant presentation pics too. Love the Jags, live near RAF Lossiemouth, miss seeing them fly.
  4. Have a look here first, Bruce Dickinson, what an amazing guy, lead singer with Iron Maiden, once brilliant world class Fencer, Novelist, Aviator, TV show doc host, heard through the grape vine ... he's only one year older than me, he can turn his hand to anything it seems, even their own Trooper ale sort of beer I tasted once or twice. He's flown all sorts of Aircraft in his career, even fan flights, emergency rescue flights, he's a top guy. Seen Iron Maiden a few times now and it just seems to get better as they grow older ... or perhaps I age with them too and Einstien was right
  5. Nice, is that from LuckyModel? I ordered one from there air mail so guess mine will be here any time now, a second one I've pre-ordered from Hannants and should be hearing from them about it very soon, yay. I love Harriers, especially early ones
  6. Glad you are liking it Woody. Its early days yet for the sim, there is a long roadmap of stuff to add for the sim, like VR, Helicopters, DX12 and much more, but Microsoft have committed to supporting this for next ten years or so they say and this time (unlike MS Flight) allowing third party devs on board, even freeware developers, the futures looking good for this sim.
  7. Thanks guys, very sensible advise, the sound action Zero kit cost me in excess of £300 and its mint, all the kits are, many have subtle extras like canopy masks or more. Ebay I suppose, then Ebay take a cut too. Way of the world. My 1/32 Tamiya Mosquito might go too, just dont have the time or space! Lots more 1/32 stuff too. Thanks folks for food for thought, Ebay it is I guess. Somebody told me they like Zero's, will put one up for sale here and see how it goes. TY and stay safe all.
  8. Like this forum a lot. always great advice. What it is, been getting out of the bigger scale kits for a while now and focusing on 1/48. have amassed a crazy amount of 1/32 I'll never build though, stash queen stuff I suppose, they have to go, looked after them, kept their decals aside in a moist free environment, half thinking on putting this as a job lot on Ebay but what would be the asking price be ... have a rough idea of what this batch is worth and I have many more to shift too. Sensible advise please
  9. Not my scale, but best wishes to this venture, horrible to lose WnW and see jobs there go too, but anyone who can bounce back with something new this way has my respect and well wishes. Hope its a big success for fans of this scale, who knows, may lead on to bigger (scale) things?
  10. What a loss, play guitar here and and recently bought a decent Yamaha keyboard and was learning some of Eddie's great keyboard tunes like Jump, guitar was his forte though, always a smile on his face throwing out those incredible solo's, he made them look effortless ... he must have sold a million guitars to aspiring folk like me and others, one of the biggest rock guitar gods ever ... RIP Eddie ... what a loss Gutted.
  11. Mine arrived mid week, delighted with it. Gave it a good inspection, no short shot plastic injection, its all there, know what that term means to some though, sometimes it means parts are not fully formed at sprue injection process? In any case my kit is fine, it does have the wing warp issue ... but again, its only an issue if you want it to be and cant overcome basic scale model assembly skills ... not having ago at anyone, my modelling skills are mediocre, but hey, even I can fix this slight wing warp in good quality plastic as we have in this kit Main top wing here with
  12. A delivery yesterday and today, very pleased.
  13. Haha, am 61 now Nick, was 14 maybe 13 in that pic, had a great head of hair for a while, at this years Covid lock down in March when could not get hair cuts ... and was starting to go thin on top, sourced some hair clippers on Amazon and shaved it all of, baldie now and proud, its great to lose my head hair, no more combing or styling it actually feels better too.
  14. Have one on back order from Hannants, but they wouldn't let me add another a little while ago? Signed up with Lucky Models just now and ordered another for £45 ish delivered that seems OK to me, needed two of these because I want a GR1 and 3, hopefully by time Lucky Models kit arrives Hannants might have stock too, want to build both at same time. One as a snow Harrier for sure. Looking fwd to this kit a lot, happy memory's from when my late Dad served with them in Germany and saw them close up many times ... oh yes. What is average delivery time from Lucky Model to UK in t
  15. LOL Tiger 331, yeah, our old wooly tank tops we wore as teens and those old creeper shoes that bands like Mud and the Bay City Rollers wore back in those days :) We had our own teenage disco's arranged for us, it was a good life, disruption when posted and leaving old friends, but bonus was meeting new friends too. We were Forces brats and it was great, gee wizz, schools me and sisters went to as well, RAF St Mawgan was Dads first posting I think, very young then though, then RAF Akrotiri Cyprus, then RAF Topcliffe, then RAF Macrihanish, then Germany for RAF Wildenrath ... but stayed
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