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  1. Playing Floyd again, Rogers Floyd this time and that's cool. going to see his This Is Not A Drill show next year on two different nights ...Its gonna be fun.
  2. Thought I'd share this here, please lend this your best ears, its about 6 mins long but you need to watch until the end for proper reaction ... trust me, please don't skim Band are Kings X and they are a Trio .. probably the best Trio in the world apart from Rush .... RIP Neil. I got to see Kings X a few times in late 80's in UK Scotland, met them once and to this day I still consider Ty Tabor one of he worlds best guitar players, he's such a cool laid back guy too, loads of respect for him, Gerry and Doogie too of course. Kings X were due to play UK this year and I had tickets, cancelled ... Before Covid and back in early or late 2018/2019 ish they cancelled a wee UK tour too ... love the band and not angry, but damn guys, you owe us one Hope to see Kings X live again next year on our UK island ... best band ever
  3. Lets start this with what's known and apparently rarer than hens teeth to buy now? Number one for me is Tamiya's 1/32 F-16 Thunderbirds kit, you can get one new if you shop around and overseas too and be prepared for the import fee sting, but pretty sure its just remaining stock? I don't think Tamiya produce them any-more for reasons they wont disclose, they are very private about such things and we have to respect that. Number two for me is Tamiya again, the 1/32 Mosquito, this is the last all new tool 1/32 Aircraft Tamiya produced and I think it never sold well enough to their expectations? I doubt Tamiya will produce another 1/32 Aircraft kit again, or at least not in my ageing lifetime .. sadly. Its cool, got myself a new Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito now (tonight) and its on its way, its probably one of the best kits ever produced IMHO and wont let this one go ,,, but I feel Tamiya always like to drip feed, when they make a new kit its sometimes the least popular variant first, 1/32 Birdcage Corsair anyone? but release the others shortly after, Spitfires too. As per title and for a desert island kit? ,, probably Trumpeters 1/200 Titanic and a lot of extras I do have this kit actually and a multimedia lighting kit, but need more extras .. more more more PS: Meant to add, if I were head of Tamiya and when the discussions were held about the next 1/32 aircraft to do, I might have suggested the P-38 Lightning ... yeah I know Trumpeter have one but HK had the Mossie in the works too they must have known about? I'm pretty sure had Tamiya produced a 1/32 P-38 rather than the Mosquito they would have sold like hot cakes ... Just sayin Still looking fwd to my Tamiya Mosquito though, its probably the best kit ever made that went under our collective radars.
  4. Just over two years to my retirement, then I can start modelling in earnest Just joking of course, model slightly just now, but we all aim for that target of retirement that holds no excuses for our various hobby's but to get going with them !
  5. Good post Paul. And you know what ... I do value Tamiya's 1/32 Aircraft range, have them all apart from the Mosquito, am a 1/48 focus modeller, but don't mind the odd 1/32 Aircraft kit too. WNW were quite prolific in their day, knocking out high quality kits, left right and centre in a very short time span ... you have to admire what they did, even Tamiya could not match that pace for 1/32 aircraft and that's most unfortunate We have what we have though, we are all different, still have my two remaining WnW kits that I will never let go, and yes my intent is to build them ... but gee wizz, for a while I almost had the whole WnW range here ... it was a nice collection, but had to let most go. We all gotta do what we need to do as Modellers and Collectors ... take care out there
  6. Nobodys Judging anybody Jones WnW were as good as Tamiya or better for their choice in WW1 aviation kits .. enjoy my friend, have still kept back two here and those two will never be sold.
  7. I wonder how many Wingnut Wings kits will ever be built before the planet expires? A tiny proportion I guess? Most might end up as modellers collectors items ... maybe? Speaking formyself and WnW were in full flight as a factory I bought lots and I mean LOTS, it was embarrasing how many I bought, even in bulk as in 4 or 5 at once. I was dimmly aware that WnW was going out of business or quitting and genuinly believed I thought these kits will stay with me for life. But then realism set in, knew I'd never build them and a few months later sold them one by one on Ebay for what was bidded for them and in each case more than I paid for them ... The Gotha especially ... Only time I ever made a profit on kits. Fair play to those buying these, but ask yourselves, are they for the building or the colecting? Enjoy.
  8. Well .. I dont know what it was? But its now working perfectly ... YAY, went for one last look at it before doing the grind of submitting a ticket to Virpil, tried it in my laptop and lo and behold the base was recognised, no buttons working with TM Hornet grip but I knew that was half the battle, so plugged into main FS PC again and base recognised there too now (weird but not complaining), updated firmware, calibrated with TM Hornet grip ETC and its fine ... what a relief After getting ergonomic positioning right on a removable (for swapping to Yoke) central desktop mount from Monster Tech with 200mm S curved Virpil extension it works brilliantly in Helicopters so far, as good as reviews said it would be, really pleased, will be going ahead and adding nyogel 767A to my Virpil collective now but will wait for that counterbalance on order from USA to arrive first. Had fitted new CM3 base with provided Cosmo no center cams and softest springs as per one reviewer, but with springs backed totally off ... he did this as he uses base for helo and normal aircraft, but I have a side by side HOTAS for that on my chair with Virpil CM2 base and another TM Hornet grip, so next step is to remove springs and cams on my new CM3 base and use dampers only for Helicopter use, found even with CM3 springs wound fully back the cams were just touching at about 85% roll and pitch, barely noticable, but as I dont need cams or springs for what I do will remove them. DCS Black Shark 3 is due to drop soon I think, look forward to trying it out with this set up.
  9. Thanks, it isnt even seen in Windows on 2 PC's now though, tried everything now including a neat trick to revive some Virpil sticks in shorting two (boot) pins on the PCB then plugging in the USB cable ... Its just not working ... gutted I'll submit a ticket to Virpil and see what they say, we are allowed to dismantle the hardware, they provide different cams and springs that need the units to be dismantled in order to fit them properly, should be OK, been a good customer to them ... I see no problem there apart from a major inconvenience and waiting time .. we'll see and fingers crossed here. Still have my virpil CM mk I and II bases here for side stick and central stick flying, not grounded that way. That Virpil collective counter balance mentioned here, ordered that too inc weight, should be here any day now from USA, looking fwd to that
  10. My Virpil CM3 stick base arrived yesterday, did quickly plug it into my model desk PC without a stick installed ... just to ensure it works ... and it did, without a stick installed, but all good so far. Today was back to work on it. had decided to order the Monster tech black mount plate for it too ( £40 ) and this arrived day before ... things were looking good ... too good Had seen and read over and over videos and forum posts and procedure for adding nyogel 767 to the dry clutches, had all the tools needed and felt confident and went for it, just a rice grain amount of nyogel 767 to each part, then carefulluy re-assembled ... Not working, argh, not recognised in Windows even as a controller, pulled it apart again, double checked and back together once more, its still not recognised in anyway ... yikes! Tried it in my main FS PC, still not recognised ... was really carefull, it just seems dead, there are a couple of things I still need to try, but decided to leave that until tomorrow now with fresh eyes and brain, its been a really long day today for sure in other ways Crumbs though, if its bricked I'll be very dissapointed, I know Virpil are cool with an owner opening them up, they actually provide different cams and springs that I did change for Helo use as per online advice, so not sure what my recourse of action is if it is faulty now? It cost me 330 Euro's or something and I had to pay £70 on top for import from Belarus to UK by+ DHL. Very dissapointed to say the least, was really looking fwd to this base and seeing the advantages in Helicopter flying especially. I really do admire the metal machinning work though.
  11. That looks like fun, new live stream from 1C Game Studios is out any day now with news of a new theatre maybe? V1 engine sounds good, quite realistic. Must go check.
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