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  1. Yep, very odd for Tamiya to do a limited run, but then again, they seem to discontinue kits at the drop of a hat, so maybe? Been after a 1/32 Thunderbirds F-16 for ages, doubt they will ever re-release it, sometimes there is no logic to what Tamiya do, and that's kinda cool as well :)
  2. Would I be correct in thinking this intake is from an English Electric Lightning?
  3. I agree Ian, have built some Tamiya bike kits that I actually did own in real life, Suzuki Katana 1100S, but wish they would release older classics, even Japanese ones that I owned, Suzuki GS1000E, GSX1100E, Bandit 1200S ETC. Never the less, will buy this one once its out, it will be a fun build, modern release Tamiya 1/12 and even their return to 1/6 scale Motorcycle kits are as state of the art of anything they produce kit wise.
  4. New tool kit, good to see Tamiya are still producing kits in these strange times, no doubt brass forks etc will follow, love their 1/12 Motorcycle kits, very enjoyable builds ... I'll have one for sure. https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=53895&language=en Seen this future kit advertised on Hiroboy as a future release too, with reference TAM14138 (also listed as 14138) Would have preferred something else Motorcycle kit wise from them, but I'll grab one anyway, awesome fun builds are Tamiya 1/12 Motorcycles. https://www.hiroboy.com/112_Honda_CBR1000RRR_Fireblade_SP--product--15099.html
  5. Just read this, so they are all gone then ... forever? I'd have bought one. Revell are still bringing their GR-4 out soon again I hope though?
  6. Titanic in 1/200 scale For Inspiration I hope? Some of us have our kits now and after usual blaze initial excitement, its dulled down again Lets get some Titanic Love going again please What an emotive subject, love the history (tragic though it was), the early and later James Cameron film too ... Cameron sought the time to get as much correct as possible and although short of perfect history wise ... "arguably" ... and as the usual Hollywood needed Love triangle mandatory interest aside panned out, its still gob-smacking stuff seeing some amazing CGI at times of Titanic sinking, its not all CGI though, some real almost life size sets were used during filming, but that shot of the great ship breaking apart and finally sliding below the waves with all that tragic loss of life really gripped me. Went to see Cameron's Titanic upon its first day of cinema release, had heard so much about it, this was a must see for me, always been a bit of a history buff for this subject I suppose. Later took my Sister through to Inverness to see its 3D release, she has led a very hard life with a very Autistic son, she needed a treat ... it was mid week and we were only two in that Cinema for its final day there ... quite cool really. Have my own 3D TV now and all versions of Titanic release, always fun to go watch again and soak up some more details. Lots of Titanic books. Upon seeing the end of the film that first time, sat through all the credits and when the lights went up, saw some amazing stuff, people were visibly moved from all ages, young and old, one older lady and younger lady were holding each other as the older lady audibly and visibly cried ... Mother and Daughter I assumed? ... upon walking to exit, lots of people were murmuring, that was excellent and other such good praises ... and I couldn't agree more. I knew I saw something special that first showing and it will always stay with me. Anyway, on to now and my passion for Scale Modelling, always wanted to build a scale model ship, love to build Aircraft and Model bikes ... but Nautical stuff had always eluded me. Finally we got this new 1/200 scale model of the RMS Titanic from Trumpeter, had heard about it, thought about it and saved my pennys for it ... today it arrived ... WOW. Its about 5ft long, we all knew it was gonna be big, but not quite that big ... holy cow, its about 5ft long! It was almost released about 2 years ago but there were some bow important accuracy issues that needed corrected, finally the kit is out and I have mine ... where I'm going to put it I do not know? but I'm going to have a lot of fun building and super detailing this model ... Oh yeah. Shown my Kit in General chat area of BM, please lets get some Titanic modelling done here ... its a big passion of mine, really is. For inspiration, what could be better than this?
  7. Finally got my 1/200 Trumpeter RMS Titanic, hesitated for this one quite a bit, saw some obviously errors in first glimpse about two years ago and thought ... oh damn, opportunity ruined. But Wow, Trumpeter listened and they seemed to have listed to Titanic enthusiasts very well, not only have they got the bow shape right but also the non vertical windows for sloped decks ... ordered mine from Emodels UK, never used them before, but seemed reputable ... £360 ish delivered, seems like a lot of money, apparently they are selling like hotcakes ... i may be 60 plus and half senile according to some, but do recognise a good time to buy, got mine is all I know and very very happy with it Hope to see some good builds here on Britmodeller.
  8. Very, Very Cool, Pity this was not 1/100 scale as I'd definitely buy one to display alongside my Tamiya 1/100 Orbiter. Great work so far.
  9. UPS are saying mine will be here on Thursday from E Models ... still dont know where I'm going to put it, Box or finished kit, LOL. But back to discussion of this kit, hear there will be an add on pack from Trumpeter coming out soon, perhaps for rigging and more? does anyone know what it will consist of exactly? would like to make a quick start on this kit, but there are bound to be other desirable A/M along in near future too ... wooden deck planking springs to mind, some figures perhaps? Also considering drilling out all portholes and lighting them too, perhaps with a different less bright lighting solution than the stock kit has. Thinking too that if I'm going multimedia lighting, why not some sound to go with it, the musicians at the end of the ships life springs to mind ... there are a lot of possibility's to consider to make each persons kit that bit different ... its a big expenditure for most of us, personally feel the desire to go that extra yard with this one. Has anyone formed a build strategy for their's yet? wait for more AM, or do you have any other kit mods planned? ... diorama's even. Keen to hear what others plan to do. I'm very passionate about Titanic, always have been.
  10. I wonder if James Cameron has bought one of these?
  11. All hands on Deck Lads, what say ye we do a Titanic Group build, any scale ... if that fits in with current schedules?
  12. Good Point, still might be lots of AM to buy for Titanic too, out of the box it looks a good deal though, will take it from there:)
  13. Well, ordered one couple of hours ago from Emodels UK, £365 ish delivered ... gulp, moneys been taken, am sure they wont let me down, anxious wait though This has got to be the most expensive Scale Model Kit I've bought in my entire life ... I must be mad Think I'll go watch James Camerons Titanic ... I'm the King of the World!
  14. Just noticed this sub forum here, cool. Up and coming flight sim from Microsoft who seem to have gotten serious about one of their oldest franchises again ... its even older than their Windows operating systems apparently. Got lucky, got into the Alpha test about a month ago, its OK to say that but cant give specifics due to NDA, but looking at some officially released trailers we are all in for a treat if you like this kinda Flight Simulation. It has the prospect of being absolutely ground breathtakingly stunning and a long needed boost to the series. So many good official early approved video's out there now of FS2020 ... it all certainly seems to be going in the right direction, have submitted some screenshots from the Alpha to MS for approval, if they get used for public consumption will post here. Not my Vid, but an early approved one ... WOW, just WOW, lot to digest here, long video and a lot to see and hear, so feel free to scroll back and forth for the juicy parts
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