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  1. Really getting to grips with my Virpil collective now, its adjusting to normal throttle use is a bit tricky still though. Really looking forward to DCS: AH-64D Apache module.
  2. That would be awesome.
  3. Now I can get serious with DCS Hind, Huey and forthcoming Apache. Quality bit of kit for sure, Had ordered Virpils sort of universal desk chair mount but never needed it, found a better mounting solution with my existing Monstertech HOTAS chair mounts with some spares I had already. Its getting a bit of getting used to, pulling up to lift rather than pushing forward on my TM Warthog throttle, but I'll get there. Have a long mount curved central style helicopter cyclic style stick that can be clamped or UN-clamped in seconds for this whirly bird stuff Some pics on my model bench after unpacking and then on my sim chair.
  4. Thought I'd share this here, the level of detail is astonishing already, as scale modellers, primarily, we all strive for detail, best kit of the Mossie has to be Tamiya's big 1/32 bird, surely? But apart from getting to fly one for real that must be nigh on impossible now, hard core study sim modules such as this and especially in VR or with Track IR must be the next best thing? Its not out yet (soon) have pre-ordered for a discount, it will grow and mature as always with these modules even after release, but wow, super excited about this one ... I hope the Rolls Royce Merlin engine sounds are replicated well all over its range/RPM. Here is a wee cold and dark start up procedure, seems complicated, but that's how it was in real life, pretty sure there will be a one button click start option too, but where is the fun in that?
  5. I'll be doing mine canopy closed and doubt much cockpit detail will be seen, is the real detail unclassified now? probably is, but in this scale and canopy closed doubt much will be visible, but do hope its sufficient OOB for most of us, if not am sure there will be AM that 99.9% of aircraft kits seem to need
  6. I still want one and will have one, shape and outline wise, it looks good to me, if all I have to do is use a little filler between upper wing and engine nacelle then for me and speaking for myself only, that's a non issue. Bring it on.
  7. I wish them all success in whatever they are working on just now and in the future too.
  8. Looks great work, but without being cheeky, what was wrong with Tamiya's in box front screen please? I just got my kit on Friday and thought it might be my first totally OOB build in years according to reviews
  9. I hope it works out for you, some used to slip through the net, but since Brexit .. if anything ... the extra charges are dearer than before I've found and nothing seems to slip through any more, but at the very least you have 2 fantastic kits arriving and shouldn't be any more than if they were bought in UK.
  10. Finally caved in and bought one, £83 delivered, cheapest I could find, but dont mind, quality demands a premium and everything I've read about this kit leads me to think its the best yet in injection moulded plastic, fidelity, engineering and fit wise that leads to big smiles on faces for today's modern world builder with limited time Thats me I'm talking about by the way Has there been any word on the after market stencil data sheet being released yet? Is it worth it does anyone think, or a stencil data sheet too far in this scale? Am probably going to end up with two or three of these ... tell me please, used to own Hasegawa's Showtime 100 kit, could that be made from these Tamiya kits? are there after market decal sheets available for that Phantom?
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