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  1. Thanks Nick, most appreciated, will spread the word if that is helpful for you
  2. I tried this when it was first released, great fun, must get back into it
  3. I'd be happy to be a part of a DCS Britmodeller Lancaster crew
  4. Wow, I had no idea this was in the works, exciting times ahead indeed for DCS, Early access Apache should not be far away now either, glad I paid for that upfront. Lanc engines from inside sound spot on, love the exhaust flames effect, great modelling on the bombing systems already and watching that guy walk the bombs across the target was fun in a strange kind of way !!, very keen to try this mod out in the future, hope it gets multiplayer crew? Hope they do a Dambuster and model the bouncing bomb too
  5. I would be interested in these too if my vote makes them any-more viable for you to produce Nick.
  6. Thought I'd share this one here too, not exactly Music, but from a Guy with a big Musical career, Fencing Career, Novelist, Airline Pilot, Brewer, TV presenter, blabhety Blah, he even mentioned on this show he builds scale models. Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden as most folk know him from is some guy indeed, its hard not to admire his many exploits, dang, he even beat Cancer too He's about 1 year older than me and I'm 62, so do your own maths Seen him with Iron Maiden ... oh I dunno, four or five times now, always a blast, he certainly is an inspiration to me in Music and Aviation too. Hinted in previous post, was well fed up being Covid confined for near two years of my precious life dwindling away, am triple vaccinated and Boosted, wee bit vulnerable but thought I had to get out as it was safe to do so, so hit that previous moments and enjoyed, living alone does bad things to ones mental health, so with window of opportunity was allowed by our Gov, went to see the Aussie Floyd at Glasgow in Early December and then an evening with Bruce Dickinson at Edinburgh week later. We were all masked up at Edinburgh's Usher Hall for an evening with Bruce Dickinson, upon arrival there, procedure was, fill out a card, a question that Bruce would see and perhaps answer on stage ... So i filled out a card and thought no more of it.. everyone was filling them in, thought my chances of him seeing it from a venue capacity of thousands would be slim ... but the question i wrote down, big Flight Sim WW1 aviation fan here too was, ...something like this ... Bruce, I know you fly your own WW1 Fokker DR1 replica Triplane but do you wear a parachute just in case, thought no more about it. But when Bruce came on and after first part of show that was very entertaining in a chat sort of way, he came back on in second half with a bunch of cards, filmed a few and sat back and enjoyed the show, was fairly close to the stage too, when lo and behold he answered my question, was fumbling with cam but never caught it ... argh. In a Nutshell, Bruce answered he does not use a parachute in the DR1, not much room for it in the tight confines of the Triplane and indeed that early WW1 aviators sometimes had a choice of parachutes but declined them! What he said!!! I was so chuffed to bits he answered my card though From my own phone Camera. There is no one quite like our Bruce. Also around 4 minutes in, look out for the Revell Germany Guy and their 747 Iron Maiden 747 kit talk, I have one already
  7. This is from a wee concert at the Glasgow Hydro seeing The Australian Pink Floyd return after a big Covid gap on (its my filming so please be kind ) Play it as loud as you like please ... twas awesome, as sincere as you can get for a true Pink Floyd Tribute show imho. Seen these guys from the very beginning, Seen real Pink Floyd live, Roger Waters and Nick Masons Saucerful of Secrets, bloody awesome, we only live once The Australian Pink Floyd I go to each year, missed them over the Covid restrictions, was brilliant to see them at Glasgow cant wait to see them live again.
  8. And, LOL, mean to go buy my Tele last week at last, but could not find one I liked, went for a Gibson SG, always wanted one too, have two Strats already, bought from Guitar Guitar UK again, great service from them. I'm on a Guitar theme and roll again after a long period of absence, really enjoying getting into guitar playing again very much. I will get a good Tele and LP one day for sure.
  9. Apart from ordering the Blue and Silver Zero paints for my new arriving Tamiya Suzuki Ecstar GSX 2020 from Hiroboy, noticed too they have 1/12 decal sets for the early Suzuki 1986 GSXR 750 I owned in real life in Blue and also at same time a mate bought same Bike in Skoal Bandit in Green, this stuff goes out of stock fast there, so grabbed em fast, for the recent ish Hasegawa 1/12 Suzuki GSXR 750 of course, stock Hasegawa GSXR 750 ships with markings for the UK 1986 UK GSXR1100 for some reason, that differs from the UK 750's but these decals are correct for the UK 750 version for sure I know, owned one and it was possibly the best part of my life So going to need to buy another 1/12 Hasegawa GSXR750 soon to do a Skoal Bandit in green too, will be putting up a want add here on BM very soon.
  10. The Zero duo paint set yes, the official Tamiya fork set no, its far to expensive this time, very nearly as expensive as the kit !! :)
  11. Welcome Jaguar, please follow Mark's link, love to build 1/12 and 1/6 Motorcycle of all types
  12. Its not here yet but will be mid week, next week Am very excited about this one !
  13. One 48

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Hearing rumours of Covid, he was an anti vaxxer apparently RIP, do not mean to demean his legacy by that, but it happens.
  14. Talking about their Tamiya 14139 Team Suzuki Ecstar GSX-RR20 Kit 1:12 Model Bike that is surely about to raise the bar the way their previous Bike kits have ... oh boy, so enjoy building and collecting these, but OH ... This time the mandatory brass Front Fork and bit of etch side by side release costs a LOT, LOT more than they used to do, almost same price as the kit I bought today, Kit is due for delivery from a UK Ebay retailer for under £40 next week, super excited. I think I'll build her without that extra Tamiya brass fork kit this time, sure those extra's are nice to work with, but when built, really cant be noticed ... I mean, any friend visitor but me viewing the built Bike would not know the difference. And its a big price difference too this time, paid £38 ish for the bike kit delivered and just slightly less for the fork kit if i chose to do so ... makes no sense to me, also, and no offence to Aircraft A/M aficionado's, leaning more and more to OOB kit builds of all types now. Damn, this new Tamiya Suzuki Moto-GP bike looks a great kit though
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