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  1. In stock now at Jadlam, eye watering £60 + £2.50 delivery but ya gets what ya pays for, quality does not come cheap, doubt if I would need any A/M for it either, quite happy with decal options provided too. Would have ordered today but wont be home until early next week, will order then, been looking forward to this one.
  2. Bit of Status Quo here, absolute legends of British rock, bought myself a new Tele recently and it was with these guys in mind.
  3. Somebody should make this a stickie here on BM please, not this thread, but its findings, pretty sure I'm not the only one unaware of current potential kit posting pricing here or elsewhere. Perhaps someone write it up good (Black Mike ?) and ask Mike to publish it here? Just a thought.
  4. Sounds good pal, will go look on ebay now. PS: I was definitely over thinking this
  5. I only stumbled across this by pure accident looking for something else, but of course and as always ... Google can lead you on to other interesting tangents. In a Nutshell, what did real RAF and Luftwaffe pilots think of their opposing Aircraft if, and actually they did get to fly a captured one? Its an interesting read and comparable to my oldie and goldie competing Motorcycle days to be honest Honestly back in my prime really tried most brands of Motorcycles, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda's mostly and although I have trained myself out of brand loyalty now, in my prime and in my late teens and early twenties grew a preference for Suzuki Superbikes for lots of reasons, but mostly the hours I put in riding them. This was same age set as typical Battle of Britain pilots, so perhaps a bit of brand loyalty on both sides back then too and not really unbiased reporting me thinks Have a read of the article please, this post will make a lot more sense then I hope. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/testing-enemy-aircraft.html
  6. Thanks Duncan, all makes a lot more sense now, really was quite tired when I wrote original post but being stubborn was keen for an answer. I'll buy new scales and watch for that 2kg limit and alternatives if above, thanks. Must admit for some of the larger box size kits I've been posting last year or two at local Post Office I had to do a double take at the price quoted, but honoured the sale with my (low) estimate of PnP anyway !! Gotta tighten the financial belt these days though and watch my pennys, for Energy, increasing food prices and last but not least, my future Scale Modelling budget
  7. Good info, thanks but what sort of scales should I be using? Only scales I have here are Bathroom ones and out of curiosity just put a popular Tamiya 1/48 kit on it and it never even registered, on the opposite end of home scale of things ... no pun intended, my Kitchen ones are calibrated for small weights small food and suchlike. Please bear with me, so want this system to work, would oh so work with me for stash thinning and am not being obtuse or any thing, perhaps I'm a bit slow in my old age too, even with these answers there are some fundamental questions to the process I still cant grasp and have no answers yet? Heather, you have given best answer so far and have experience of this, please help me here. Hypothetical scenario, I decide I want to sell a kit here or Ebay, anywhere really. Lets break this down into chunks, please help me here folks, really want to use this service, honestly. 1: I package my kit very well as usual, I still don't know how much it weighs, bathroom scales wont work, kitchen small scales are far to sensitive to be accurate. 2: I give Royal Mail a call, might they ask me how much it weighs, answer would of course be ... I honestly don't know? 3: Possibly at this stage they send a van around anyway ... not my local Postie at all as their promo leaflet suggests who faithfully delivers my letters each morning bless her So if they send a van around to pick up, they must have some sort of weigh mechanism like scales on board such vehicle, and if they don't, then surely they would take parcel back to the depot and calculate from there? and then send out a bill and if agreed I pay and if i don't, then presumably they return and there would be a charge, right? , it does not sound quick or convenient to me at all. Looking at the leaflet again and I have posted back and front pic in this thread, would love this to be a viable option, especially in my unfortunate disabled condition ... I just want to know how it really works? ... prepared to buy home suitable scales ETC to measure my kit sales if necessary. Very tired now, sorry
  8. Thanks folks, but about larger parcels. surely they must have some sort of weighing mechanism otherwise I could say it weighs much less than it is ... not that I would do that of course. I have bathroom scales, but probably not accurate for this kind of thing My regular Postie, she's awesome and quite petite, please don't get me wrong, but hard to imagine her picking up ... for example my Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic kit and tucking it under her arm ( That yes I'm seriously considering selling now ) while she does rest of her street rounds, there must be limits to what this service can provide surely on a door stop pick up ... Postie basis, surely? Thanks though, great answers already and much appreciated
  9. I had this red leaflet drop through the door the other day, am a bit , well .... very disabled now to be honest and cant always get out so often now ... Rammstein show shortly I know, but every chance it might be called off at last minute ... I really hope not Not feeling sorry for myself or anything, honest, but what restricts me most these days in buying and selling here is making it out and committing to exact postage times on a regular basis, have always managed though thus far myself to posting too, but as my skeletal problem worsens, that may not always be the case, on the face of it, the wording on this Royal Mail red promotion seems to good to be true. Cheaper too it says? Have a lot to sell and trade still and quite honestly, its all been good here on BM that way, its worked really well thus far. Has anyone used this service and would you recommend? This is an honest question. May need to zoom in for small print, but pic should be up for it
  10. Getting very excited here as Rammstein show at Coventry Ricoh Arena draws closer with only 10 days to go ... gulp ... should I take extra sun cream for the pyro? LOL, and seriously, really looking fwd to it, just hope it does not rain ... my and pals seating position on Sunday June 26th. Oh My, this is similar sound and light rig from last and pre Covid tour, getting very excited here ... Just building up tension is all And of course, no Rammstein post would be complete without one of their bizzare but funny non live video's
  11. Not suggesting we all should build Medieval Battle axes, but should you want to, this video will give best construction tips. Please do not read to much into this, its honestly hand on heart jocular, the real gist of it is in the video itself and the sheer talent this guy has, its worth a look.
  12. Well, its better than nothing I suppose, like some, quite happy with my Tamiya 1/48 and 1/32 kits but I'd still love a state of art 1/48 Two seater D kit.
  13. Beautiful, just beautiful, Came on just now to mention this release, because it should be due about now, but because of lots of global issue reasons, its obviously slipped a bit ... LOL projected release dates for new Tamiya kits always seem to slip, and that's OK. I guess another month or so for UK widespread ordering, not seeing any available yet in the usual far east retailers either. I have the Tamiya F/G release already, but this is the version I really wanted ... and if I only have one more kit this year ( apart from Airfix's new 1/48 Buccaneer ) then this will be it by a country mile. I cant wait for this one, will build both together.
  14. Oldie goodie song here, its one of my all time favourites. Killer just absolute killer guitar solo too
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