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  1. Yikes, just bought a 1/32 HK Dambuster Lancaster on Ebay for £343.90 delivered, been debating with myself for two hours the pro's and cons of the idea ... but I'm impulsive and once the root of a thought gets into my head ... it becomes inevitable! Here is me priding myself on selling off most of my 1/32 stash to concentrate on 1/48, have the 1/32 HK Nose art kit already that I thought was a rare treat into this scale and am due to start that tomorrow now bench is clear and I know HK will have a 1/48 Lanc out soon and will have one of those too ... but I've had nothing on my thoughts but
  2. Only one way to find out! Bound to be some Tamiya kits going cheap on Ebay soon :) Since HK did a 1/32 Dambuster Lanc and they have done 2 B-17s in 1/48 already ... I feel sure they will make a dedicated Dambuster in 1/48 before long
  3. Looks great, the IP looks better than the stock 1/32 Nose art kit I have. Hope they do a 617 Dambuster too, I'll have one of each.
  4. Hi Homebee, just about to start my HK 1/32 Lanc nose art kit. AM IP on the way, was looking at this seat, steep price on Ebay and perhaps needs a lot of work to make it look like that? I'm not being dismissive or anything, it looks fantastic in finished state, but comes as a 3d print type thing if its same seat I'm thinking on and delivered price is £25+ Was looking for a quick build for this, quick confidence build, but I think the seat alone would be more work than entire kit? Looks amazing, but out my league I'm sorry to say.
  5. Is a CAD drawing set in stone? one CAD drawing and its final? Surely not, Its not the mold, is it, have even heard of mold's being adjusted or changed before a final release, its far to early to say IMHO. I'd never have noticed the canopy thing, but I'm famous for not being fussy I gather the 1/32 HK canopy is of correct proportions, have never heard anything bad about it at least, do have the HK 1/32 nose art kit and its next on the bench actually, so when this HK 1/48 Lanc comes out it should be fairly easy to measure both with callipers and see if its wrong scale adjusted. I
  6. What a stunning looking aircraft the Vulcan is in this picture ... Very Inspirational
  7. I had one too and sold it on part built, being a very old Tamiya kit the fit and finesse is nothing like their modern kits, was really struggling with it.
  8. Thanks IT_Man, very interesting, does indeed look like a web page place holder for something to be announced soon ... Thanks again mate. Most Tamiya 1/48 kit numbers start with a logical 61xxx numbering format with their Storch being 61100 as my memory serves me? ... their famous 100th 1/48 kit? Looking at Tamiya part number legacy, the proposed Tamiya 1/48 Phantom decal sheet number is 12692, the older add on for a Tamiya 1/48 scale kit with a 12xxx series designation is 12621 is for their F-16 and that's physical hardware stuff like brass, etch ETC Wonder what Tamiya parts we
  9. Hi IT_Man, don't doubt what you say, but could you provide a link please for that rumour? I've searched and searched and cant find it, or anything new on this amazing looking kit that we don't know already at this time of writing ! Tamiya did indeed release a separate decal sheet for their 1/72 Hien for the peculiar camo pattern as you say ... NOT alternative markings, they never did this for the 1/48 version in same markings and camo though ... go figure? The 1/72 Hien was silver plated and camo decals for that scale would be easier is my guess on silver plating? Again, not doubting
  10. I guess the inevitable complaints of the typical Revell end opening box will be high on the list of negatives too Must say though, really looking forward to this kit very much.
  11. I dont mind current theme, but yeah a darker theme would be very nice.
  12. Its on its way, thats good enough for me I'll deffo order one too to do as Memphis Belle, gotta have me a 1/48 HK Lanc too, hope they do a 617 Dambuster as well. Actually went ahead and ordered a "Bit of Lace" decal sheet the other day for my current HK 1/48 B-17G, a Cheynne turret conversion A/M would be nice, but you can spend your whole life waiting for such things, gonna go ahead and build my HK B-17G with BoL decals and if its wrong, so be it, it will look right to me and that is what is important, nobody else will see it but me
  13. Nice, I'll have one. Bought the HK 1/32 Lanc nose and have their 1/48 B-17 ... can just about squeeze a 1/48 Lanc in too, wonder when its due out? Be great if they did a 1/48 Stirling and Halifax too, maybe even a Catalina.
  14. Yep Greg, more a GA kinda flyer myself, but will be keen to buy what PMDG have to offer in the future, A2A too
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