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  1. I've used them once and very pleased, very thin and very opaque. Worth the investment.
  2. HaHen decals give you options but for the 81Norm.
  3. Some one has forgotten to tell FineMolds. Three new sprues? FM Twitter "Ah ~. Even though the development of new products is progressing, it is stressful that I can not tell you ~"
  4. I'm not familiar with most of Tamiya's releases, but do they release many alternate decals sets? This is interesting for me.
  5. FineMolds ambitious F-4 family continues with a Tweet of the work for FP-42. Their largest plastic update to the kit.
  6. One more to add to the side by side by side...... comparisons. Curious to see the usual wheelwell, slats etc. details.
  7. A heartache for many on these forums. I think the only common parts may be the cockpit control sticks!!!! Considering the way these kits have literally flown off the shelves, how could they not continue the family. 1/72 makes it easy to find room in your display case for at least a couple. The slatted wing or short nose C/D path would be the easy path to a future variant.
  8. Actually these images just look rearranged from their earlier post. Looks as if I will have lots of time to put some money aside if I purchase.
  9. Thanks to @npirnia for the good information. Noting all the comments for my own build.
  10. I love to see the various aspects of model manufacturing processes. If I didn't already have two EJ(Kai)s already, this next release would be an easy choice.
  11. I think for anyone waiting for another manufacturer to improve on it will be waiting a very long time. Enjoy your build.
  12. I was given a heads up about this thread and very glad now looking at your work. Excellent detailed work.
  13. Any chance @Tony Oliver would be able to restore the images from his posts?
  14. Taking advantage of the love we all have for this jet. FineMolds with a special release of their F-4EJ which has a limited edition decal sheet and the addition of two antenna which can be seen added to the tail section sprue. Full credit to FM for adding this small difference in antenna. The "Phantom Forever" special markings are extremely hard to see in certain lighting conditions on the actual aircraft. https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/72937.html Please note the triangular stab patches are on both top and bottom sides on this particular aircraft.
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