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  1. Four more images for our Fine Molds regular update. The last image is the most interesting for me, the main fuselage, showing a lack of forward section which I must assume a separate nose will be used. Feeding the "possible future release" frenzy. For all to enjoy. Craig
  2. Does anyone think Gene K tires of looking at F-4 videos? I'm sure he doesn't..... I noted that 333 in the video Gene linked had the stab triangular reinforcement plates only on the bottom side.
  3. Your determination in fitting those intakes is commended. Noted for whenever I start my kit. Nice save.
  4. Quite certain that is a camera installation but certain others here will confirm.
  5. The F3 looks fast even when it's not moving. Stellar looking build. Love it.
  6. Nice touch with two of the electronics boxes different colours, seems almost the norm in reference photos.
  7. I have the first release of the Kinetic Starfighter so I am always interested to see everyone's build. Your cockpit looks great.
  8. 417 squadron showed up at a Red Flag exercise and wreaked havoc and even tried some grey paint to blend in. Many CF-104 experts on Britmodeller, hopefully they can chime in.
  9. The fact they grouped the F-15 style fuel tank, inboard pylon and fuselage top centre section on one sprue sure seems hopeful. Why sit on a gold mine and not mine it?
  10. More images from Fine Molds staff in this video. Jump the 1:42.00 mark. https://tinyurl.com/ydgdmc6e
  11. If we are talking about the same thing, that would be a windscreen demister tube. My kit is all taped up ready for paint so I am have to guess a bit there. Like a bicycle handlebar? Yes I did work on the CF-5 for four years towards the end of their time with the CAF. PM me if you have any questions about this, although I have never owned the kit.
  12. Red Dot is correct, the front end of each speed brake has rollers and the speed brakes roll back as it opens so there is a gap at the front when open. Google "T-33 speed brakes" and you will some very good pictures to show this. I had a few years maintaining CT-33s with the Canadian Forces, so I would be happy to answer anything you are wondering about.
  13. I've been checking the FineMolds site and Twitter feed but I did not come across this image, thank you. Liking the detail they are adding into the wheel well.
  14. I have a Dayglo T-33 of my own, same kit, so this thread is of interest to me. There are some nice points to the kit but far more challenges. You are doing a great job and looking forward to more results. PS Strut door would be a correct term.
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