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  1. Although HLJ and HobbySearch now show release is May 2022, nothing is mentioned elsewhere of the change from Feb. Here is the latest mould update.
  2. All rested up and ready to decal. I photocopied the decal sheet and cut out the two dragon pieces and study the best placement for them. Not bad but just slightly off in my opinion. Another couple of days to finish off the data/stencils. Thanks for checking in.
  3. Most of the airbrushing is now done, happy with the results.
  4. I found it best to make sure you locate the mask exactly where you want it, as moving it too much around once it starts to set will mess things up. But once it's dry and you remove it after painting, it comes off clean. It kept the mask off the surface 1/8'' to 1/4", making the feathered edge quiet acceptable. Here is a look so far, will do some touch-ups tomorrow.
  5. Thank you Vultures1. The masking went well, but I need to go back and touch up the inside of both vertical tails. The radome on the actual aircraft looks to be the lighter grey rather than the darker grey as instructions show.
  6. After comparing the Mr Color and Tamiya paints I've gone with Mr Color, laying down the darker Ghost Gray first, masking, later today the lighter Gray. Fiddling with rolled up bits of tape did nothing for my patience and I've resorted to my Masking Gum which is starting to get a bit thick. The masks are solidly in place and with hold up well to the airbrush pressure.
  7. Just put up on Twitter. Fuselage half and intake plus others I still guessing at.
  8. Needing a kit to have fun with and hopefully minimum fuss. Trying to keep it in the spirit of building of just the kit supplied parts. Oh how easy it is to start browsing the web shops and fill your cart up with resin and etching. Most of my early modelling was a box build and even kit decals. A community friend gifted the kit to start and it was a boxing I did not recognize but the old reliable Hasegawa re-tooled F-15 was inside. No I couldn't hold back and found the Platz White Dragon release of 303 squadron's F-15J, a beautiful sheet printed by Cartograf. Does anyone think this looks like me!?!?! The Platz sheet, still available by searching on Japanese web-stores. The wing join seams were filled with stretched sprue but still required some Tamiya White Filling Putty. The vertical tail join line needed fill too. Actually a decent cockpit representation is provided but all references I could see showed the aft bay behind the seat was finished in white not the Metallic Blue-Green as instructed. The exhaust is 5 segments and maybe the biggest challenge is getting a proper looking circle of that opening as it is all glued. Patience and a cardboard circle template works using an Olfa circle cutter. Four external fuel tanks are included and I will be installing only the center tank. After a disappointing result with the first tank, I started a second tank, removed the locating pins and tried to be as careful as possible in alignment to prevent a large flat spot on the join line. Still a noticeable flat spot, I taped off the area and applied a liberal amount of the Tamiya White Putty, sanded and it seemed to look much better. Canopy was dipped in Pledge floor wax today so I will let it sit several days before masking and painting. Painting should only be a few days away and I have both the Light and Dark Ghost Gray in Mr Color and Tamiya Lacquer. Thank you for looking in, any comments welcome. Craig
  9. Thank you @bart.d.d and I would be interested in any follow up to this story.
  10. Great work and you've achieved that operational look to it. Well done.
  11. Finemolds Twitter feed had this on December 10, 2021 "Today, "1/72 US Marine Corps F-4J Fighter" Marines "[Special Equipment]" is sold out. With this, it was newly released from this summer to autumn, All four types of F-4 short nose with figures are sold out. The rest is only market inventory". As per Google translate. My guess is if you that exact release, with pilot figure and those markings, this is your chance. They've re-released their F-14s, other than the "D".
  12. There has been little explanation of their releases, "Limited Edition" or otherwise. Possibly further releases will be without the pilot figures, just a guess. With so many operators and schemes, endless possibilities.
  13. Same as @Robertone139 & @Jabba, arrived in a study cardboard envelope.
  14. My DXM decals arrived yesterday and look to be an outstanding addition to this kit, a small correction decal was included. The small stencils are included but only enough for one aircraft and are printed by Cartograf. The Finemolds decals will likely be the standard well printed but thick style we have become accustomed to. I am not sure if DXM do reprints so if your heart is set on them don't wait too long.
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