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  1. I will apologize for my comments. It is not my place to dictate to anyone how they feel or should feel about our great hobby. Craig
  2. I'm not sure you will find a lower price so soon after initial release. There is only so much room from the whole-sale price they can cut and still make a profit. A seller is not going to lose money so you can enjoy the kit. This is starting to go off topic.
  3. Disappointingly not much further than shown in the last picture. After many years of trying to avoid "shelf of doom" projects and staying focused to the end, parts of this model got the better of me. I thought I could correct some of the problems with the intake and exhaust pipe areas with their squashed look. The wings are very thin and look like nothing more than scribed pieces of plastic card. Maybe I am too hard on myself and my expectations but I was given help with the build by you and felt somewhat like I let you down. Now it still sits in my modest display case as a reminde
  4. I love that Stainless Steel or Chrome ladder. Gene, didn't all the F-4's have a RAT? Going from memory, but I don't see an evidence of it on the F-4EJs. Craig
  5. FineMolds look like they are taking advantage in the OCD afflicting many scale modellers. Here are the decals for their next releases.
  6. The RF-4EJ tooling closes in on production with updates of the instrument panel. So nice FineMolds has paid attention to all these details. This helps even the casual modeller get things right. This information also provided along with photos shows how communication is so important in the entire process. This was the translation Google provides "Please note that the protrusion on the left side of the ejection seat of the 1/72 Phantom of Fine Molds is not a burr!" "The person in charge of the plastic model was about to cut it off ..."
  7. And to all our benefit. Thank you FineMolds. Their direction currently looks like it is going that way. Sprue A and C being the only ones that could take them through all the F-4 versions (sorry K/M Phans, a long shot but who knows). What is the cost of making another sprue and will sales pay for that plus decals and packaging? We have not seen an un-slotted stab either, so if they produce an F-4C/D will it be early or late to take into account the stab triangle patches. Most of these F-4 details I'm pulling off the top of my head. The adventure is not
  8. If these are the only extra sprues then there will be extra parts for our spares bin. I seem to like all this sleuthing in anticipation of future releases.
  9. With the initial releases out of the way, FineMolds continues to update their followers on the progress of the next releases of their Phantom Phamily. Interesting the radome they have included on this one tree in the background as I am personally trying to calculate how each parts tree can tie to other versions. Close up of the ALQ-131 and it's intricate details which will show nicely with careful paintwork.
  10. Thank you all for the kind comments. The white balance in the photos seemed to be a bit off so especially the green does not show well in my opinion.
  11. Here is my build of the Eduard Spitfire IXc late. Actually my first build of an Eduard proper kit. Enjoyed it with just a few issues but minor. Paints were Mig AMMO RAF late war set. This Spitfire was mainly by F/Lt AB Ketterson and he and the aircraft were lost on March 4, 1944. A few progress shots uploaded here. Thank you for having a look and all comments welcome.
  12. Almost complete, last bits should be painted and installed today or tomorrow. Thank you all for having a look.
  13. Courtesy of @Gene K, a picture showing the "open with a drill" dimples in the wing of the EJ. All of which would only apply to the US Navy/Marine versions. Already mentioned are the similar dimples inside the forward upper engine intakes. Paging through Japanese F-4 publications feature units that flew at NAS Atsugi. My money is on a release which includes one of those units.
  14. Thank you for the comments and by all means try my technique. Barely noticeable but adds that extra touch when looking at the all the details. Panel line detailing and weathering almost complete so it's coming together sooner than later. Thank you for checking in. Craig
  15. My modelling subjects are varied but it is always something about each one that captures my interest and takes me on a path of research I love. And this like the others is no exception. A fondness for RCAF Spitfires and the crews that manned them. Gathering up the usual kit with aftermarket extras, it was finally time to start this. It was started in late August and now to the point of the final decals, weathering and topcoats. It is coming together more or less as I had hoped. But first a short intro to the pilot. F/Lt Andrew Boyd Ketterson of Montreal, KIA 4th of March 1944 while
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