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  1. FM can special release these till the cows come home and people like us who stockpile them will never tire of the special releases.
  2. Thank you. Decals by Hahen. Well printed and thin. https://www.hahen.com/epages/64625185.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64625185/Products/72086
  3. Thank you @BerndM , the Norm 81's are popular with so many enthusiasts.
  4. Great build Bill. Always good to check in with others who navigated the pitfalls on kits. The Warthog is in the list of slightly neglected subjects by an increasingly higher quality kit manufacturers. Thank you for all the updates.
  5. Okay, I'm rolling the dice on this one by the image they posted, more F-4 releases.
  6. Thank you Kapam. Having the temperature controlled soldering iron is best and soldering is not a case of more heat is better, the correct heat is best. I use the soldering paste to keep the melt controllable. For a ladder or anything you have to keep the rungs parallel and looking straight. Here are a couple of pics of a T-33 ladder I made last year. Have some small pieces of wood on hand and wood clothespins, they will dissipate the heat nicely. The second picture shows the ladder before the solder was filed and sanding done. Learning by Burning as an old Avionics friend once said to me.
  7. Both Italeri and Hasegawa could have fixed this plaguing issue by making the wingtips separate pieces and have the dispenser fairing again a separate part to add after. Or maybe an aftermarket one-piece resin add-on. Good work.
  8. If your J is on it's way, here is what your decal sheet will look like. They have a pic of the C sheet, but not as good.
  9. I am using this set as well and will add they work on the Hasegawa kit. Hase has too many blades on the fan (should be 28) and no detail on the hub. Good luck on those wings, they look to give you nightmares.
  10. Wow. My Hasegawa instructions showed a combined 18 grams of two weights. A tape together of all the big parts and my guesstimates make me think I will get away with slightly less. I'm gong to have a second look before I glue my fuse halves together. Thank you.
  11. I happen to be working on the Hasegawa Hog, so interested in seeing your progress. It looks good so far.
  12. If I remember correctly, some modellers put a drop(very small) of dishwash soap to the water to break the surface tension of the water. I've never had the problem but as @iainpeden mentioned, possibly the hardness of the water a culprit.
  13. Included along side their late summer releases of short nose Phantoms, you will find these Finemolds weapon sets irresistible.
  14. After completing my Finemolds F-4EJ there are different areas of the kit that are not perfect which leaves plenty of room for the modeller to correct. Some of the parts seams need special attention. All of the joy of modelling.
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