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  1. Too late........SEEN. But on this picture they appear to show the Horizontal Stab triangular patches as decals??? So they are not going to make the different Stabs like they did for the EJs?
  2. Direct link to the review http://hyperscale.com/2021/reviews/kits/wingsyd507reviewbg_1.htm
  3. Great build. Yes those decals are somewhat thick as so many of the Japanese kit supplied one's are but I found the printing exceptional. I'm sure this wont be your last Finemolds.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. I came across a two part article on the Large Scale Planes site "Messerschmitt Bf 109 E Comparison Part 1" which will help. A shame nothing is available.
  5. Seems not all drawings/blueprints are created equal. Could someone point me in the direction of good set of Bf 109E drawings just of the external views.
  6. I was quite interested until I saw the endless rivet effect. Why are so many manufacturers hung up on this? Or maybe I'm the only one who dislikes them. Still will likely buy at least one.
  7. I'll agree with that, their varied paint schemes and special markings are a treat for modellers. Most were kit decals with only the serial numbers to change. The intakes are perfect, They have managed to put the seams where they wont be seen. Thank you Gene. Yes this is a bit of a warm up for a (hopefully) early Grey and White F-4C later this year with Finemolds continued releases. Thank you SAT69, patient work with masking for all the stencils and the multiple views helped in placement. Thank
  8. Cleansing the palette so to speak. Almost an OOB with only adding the open gun purge door, seat harness and triangle patches on top of the Horizontal Stabs. Note the blue paint on the Stabs did not match each other per references. The kit goes together well but carefully watch the spine fuselage top panel and how the front fuselage attaches. I had a problem with a main landing gear "toe in" look to it. The scribing is very fine and a looks all the part to me. Thanks to @Gene K for help with this and as always comments are welcome. The Motive
  9. I will add my voice to the others stating that is a hyper-realistic effect. I would love to see your technique in progess.
  10. @Julien I have a number of close up walkaround style photos of the Airbus Air Canada A220-300 (formerly C Series). I can send by Dropbox.





  11. Here is a Nebraska RF-4C at Lincoln in 1988 with the F-15 tank. To mount the later tank a fitting was installed amongst other changes I assume. Both my photos.
  12. Good news, with both the C and D kits you will get a pair of wing tanks and both early and later type center tanks. That is an odd antenna arrangement on the spine of the Michigan bird. The long angled one almost appears to be a VHF but will yield to someone with better knowledge of military antenna/com.
  13. Your correct, Japan seems to be your only option. Finemolds, previously a very niche company that supplied Japanese oriented hobby products, has had their global modelling profile raised with recent releases but expansion of their distribution has not caught up with product line. They do re-release their kits but if you want it now, you will have to go the Japanese supplier route. Their are very reputable Ebayers based in Japan as an option as well.
  14. Take away of this what you want. Was Tweeted by Finemolds not too long ago, and a loose translation of the British versions listed at the very bottom. British -- Gimme a break
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