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  1. It states "F-4C/D fans, pay attention to these 8 differences". It does not say they are included in the kit. In fact the references to the computer systems are merely that the actual aircraft was equipped with them.
  2. "J,S,C,D reproduced each one with a different new tooling." I would say no. They sell like crazy, I doubt you will see anything different, just the usual variant parts.
  3. baldwin8

    Airfix 11Sqn Lightning

    First rate build and display.
  4. baldwin8

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    I would have to agree with some of the comments on this one but still love the work you've put into this one. Currently the aircraft of the airline I work for are undergoing a new change in liveries and are experiencing some problems with adhesion around the cockpit. I've seen some aircraft over the years lose paint in patches and the most extreme was a CF-101 which lost massive patches of paint and was sent back to the paint shop to have it redone. Carry on Rhino, thank you for the updates.
  5. You can keep chuck'n them. What a great build, a real Beaut. The only thing I would suggest since you said, would be to give the props and bit more less uniform in black apart from the chipping. Lubricants and such would stain them as well as the usual grubby hands of the troops. Aircraft in that era were a very high maintenance types.
  6. baldwin8

    KInetic 1/48 FA.2 Sea harrier

    Beautiful execution. Looking really good.
  7. baldwin8

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    I own 2 of these kits, but for me I am fortunate enough to afford them. There is great accurate detail in the cockpit, wheelwell. The Academy kits are still very good, I think it would depend how much you adore the Phantom.
  8. baldwin8

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Now I hear release of Christmas 2017, are all Airfix releases getting the same amount of delay of release?
  9. baldwin8


    Impressive would be an understatement. I can't wait for updates.
  10. baldwin8

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    One of my concerns with the kit is the spine panel on the fuselage top, getting it right so no filler is required, yours looks good. Nice and speedy progress.
  11. baldwin8

    Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop Tamiya 1/48

    I really like that tattered look of the paint, very well done.
  12. But the question still remains, what to do about it? Correct it, not buy it or just build it and enjoy the experience. I've started mine and looking at it, doesn't deter me enough to ever lose sleep over.
  13. baldwin8

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Following along, same kit on my bench so it's nice to see someone else's approach. Good start.
  14. Yes, modelling should be about the builder and what they would like to see as an end result. You've produced a beauty and a good sales pitch for the kit and extras you've added. I love the older machines in newer generation scheme/markings, very sexy. A perfect result and great conversation piece.
  15. baldwin8

    Airfix 1/48th Mustang, RCAF

    I find it hard not to love the RCAF post war Mustangs. Very good choice of subject matter.