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  1. Great tip for the rigging. I’ve built 3 now and each one has bent to some degree. Too stupid to figure leaving one end loose!
  2. Fabulous model of a beautiful aircraft. truly inspiring.
  3. Great build, tempts me to try this old kit.
  4. I will be following this with interest. I have built two Mk1s and a Mk2 with another Mk2 in the stash. PE bracing can be tricky so beware. Great start.
  5. Looking forward to this build. I have built one on as Carmichael’s plane but have another I want to detail up.
  6. Nice, might have to build another of those. East Kent Scale Modellers? I’ll have to look you up. I’m in Canterbury. I build FAA in 1/48. Steve
  7. Nice work. I have a SH Barracuda to do and have been putting it off for years. You've inspired me to at least give it a go.
  8. Deleted - Not a work in progress and 100 post rule.
  9. Gatesy64


    Deleted - Not the wanted area and 100 post rule
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