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  1. Still got the model in bits somewhere, might get it out and redo it. Gary
  2. Thanks for the replies, it helps a lot.
  3. Hi i am looking to build/convert a Mirage III and IIIA in 1/72, is there any references or plans available? Google tends to send me to the Mirage I(would like to do one of these too at some point) or Australian Mirage. Thanks Gary
  4. This is the Classic Airframes kit with a replacement Aeroclub fuselage it was given to me partly built, I also got a spare Alley Cat canopy and wingtip lights which was cut to fit, and it should match the 3 Alley Cat Ines I have to build(also as 607 sqn aircraft) The aircraft represents one from RAF Ouston and used Alley Cat decals which were nice but I found the mauve colour to be too light so painted it ww1 mauve, it was brush painted with acrylics. I have attached a photo of the original from Cold War Shield by Roger Lindsay. thanks for looking Gary
  5. Thanks for the kind words, the kit is by someone called PH Model from the Czech Republic. I managed to get another one which will be done as a gunnery school one based at RAF Morpeth, but am not sure if it's still available, I got my second from lonewulf models a few years ago. Here's the box art. Gary
  6. 1/72 Blackburn Botha of 608 Squadron RAF Thornaby from a resin kit bought years ago go about £12 at the Scottish Nationals about 12 years ago, had started it but left it as I wasn't too confident about the transparent bits, added early Beaufighter wheels from Aries as they look better. Painted by hand and brush using revell aquacolour, markings from spares. Have added some pics of the build and a photo of the original from Flypast magazine. Thanks for looking Gary
  7. Hi There was an article in an airfix magazine about 1980/81 with drawings by Geoff Futter and also some in a book 'The 40mm Bofors Gun by Terry Gander in 1/76 scale. Gary
  8. Hi This Is the NKR kit which came in a very yellowish resin (think piccalilli) have had it for years and recently got around to finishing it. It is quite a basic kit and looks very similar to the current Planet Resin kit. I sprayed it with Tamiya gloss aluminium and hand painted the rest. Decals were from spares. Thanks for looking Gary
  9. If you have a look at Condor Decals he does a set, I have one awaiting use when this comes out but also have a vacform conversion. Have a look here http://www.condordecals.com.ar/condordecals/home.php Gary
  10. There's a book called Coronation Wings by Eric Bucklow at a reasonable used price on Amazon uk, this has profiles and photos of aircraft in the flypast and the order in which they flew. Gary
  11. I don't think there's any aftermarket for the kit as I am doing an IAC one too, Number 243 was a replacement fitted with wheel spats and tinted windows. Probably would try some 1/144 airliner wheels as replacements. Gary
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