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  1. Time for some fun in the snow! Next-up ladies and gentlemen we'll be taking a trip to the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A little resort planet called Scarif! Richard.
  2. Thanks Pete! There's this company that do one: https://www.yaymonsters.com/shop/atdp/ I really hope the guys behind Star Wars Legion do an AT-DP soonish! I think their stuff is pretty close to 48th scale? Richard.
  3. First off, a BIG thank you to Andy Moore for offering to send me the AT-DP outline blank with basic shadows! With Andy having done all the leg work drawing it up, it has saved me weeks of work, plus finding the time, to get a similar result. From Andy's work I have spent an additional approximately 40 hours to get it to this stage! This is probably as close to a "canon" scheme as I will ever do. From here on out its going to get weird! Here's a close-up of the head section, hopefully showing a bit more of the detail I have painted on it. A LOT of work has gone into this. More than I have ever put into a profile before. Hopefully you can tell. Cheers Richard.
  4. I mention my rationale briefly on pages 4 and 5 regarding camouflage on an AT-AT. Noting that in real life camouflage tests like the Caunter Scheme for desert vehicles and Dazzle camouflage on ships during World War One and some even in World War Two. Camouflage on military vehicles and aircraft tends to be something that is only ever really taken seriously once these things get into a long term war, and survival, based on the aid that camouflage can give, becomes life and death important. Being a former Infantry soldier it became very quickly apparent among my fellow soldiers who understood camouflage and who did not, once out in the bush. Lets just say, red heads (Gingers) who didn't understand how to camouflage themselves very well REALLY stood out in the Australian bush! In the Star Wars universe camouflage has been something seen very rarely. Think of the Republic Scout Troopers (Revenge of the Sith) and the smock worn by Princes Leia on Endor. I remember hearing that George Lucas based his Imperial grey colour scheme on German vehicles of the early years of World War Two, to emphasize that they were the "bad guys". But as we know of History the camouflage of German vehicles in World War Two evolved very quickly all the way up to the highly complex three colour spray painted ambush schemes of 1944/45. The Luftwaffe camouflage schemes also evolved, starting off with basic blue grays and grays and ending in greens and browns to better hide on the ground and at lower levels. My reasoning behind this thread is to test out various schemes and to see what they might look like in a Star Wars vision/environment. The AT-AT issue you mention is relevant and an important one to consider. For example, an AT-AT stood motionless on the desert sands of Tatooine in one of my Dazzle based schemes would have no camouflage based advantage whatsoever. However! That same AT-AT stood motionless amongst the rocky terrain of the vast canyons of the Jundland Wastes waiting in ambush against Sand People transporting newly acquired anti-armour weapons would indeed have an advantage over the standard "canon" light grey version. Similarly an AT-AT camouflaged in a scheme similar to my AT-ST scheme number 25 on page 2 of this thread in amongst the forests of Endor sat motionless in the dappled forest light would be a lot harder to see than a standard mid to light grey version. As with animals/insects in the wild, camouflage is pointless once the animal/insect moves. But sat, waiting, camouflage is all and everything! Cheers Richard.
  5. For those of you who like Adam Savage and Norm of "Tested" on YouTube, here they do their thing on the HasLab Razor Crest playset. Some may find how Adam tackles a subject like this interesting.
  6. A variation on the simple green scheme for Endor. Richard.
  7. OK, they're done. Now I'm going to do a couple of new AT-ST schemes to get that out of my system before moving on to fixing-up the AT-AT's.
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