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  1. Gekko_1

    Trumpeter E-75

    OK, so here's a bigger pic of the plastic card strip, as seen on the video. And here's the bottom of the hull that I've been working on with ground-up pastels, weathering pigments and fixer. Cheers Richard.
  2. Gekko_1

    Trumpeter E-75

    How does one embed a YouTube video on here? Below is a link to the same video as above, but you'd be able to see it in HD. Also, its the first video of my new YouTube channel. Bringing the big cat to life - Trumpeter E-75 Cheers Richard.
  3. Gekko_1

    Trumpeter E-75

    Hi guys, starting off with something a little different. Not sure if it'll work or if it will end up looking a bit silly, but I'll never know unless I try it. Its a sort of video dairy build created in Adobe Spark. First time using this program, so I hope its turned out OK? https://spark.adobe.com/video/ysr0ydIk47IOw What do you think? Cheers Richard.
  4. Gekko_1

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Demo Bird 1/72 F-14D

    Ah yes, you're right. I got confused. DXM = Cartograf. VF + ? If it is Geoff's (Furball) research then yes I'm confident that the decals for the VF-213 jet will be insignia blue.
  5. Gekko_1

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Demo Bird 1/72 F-14D

    Thanks Tony, ah good, no white as I suspected being Cartograf decals. Apparently their inks are so good that there is no need for a white background, unlike every other decal manufacturer that I know of who insist on a white background. Handy to know, and confirm. Cheers! As for the VF sheets being different between 72nd and 48th. That is just bizarre! Nothing like consistency! As for "the remainder". Cartograf can print specific Federal Standard colours very accurately so I can't help but wonder what VF asked Cartograf to print them in? Personally I think they should be FS. 35237, but that doesn't look like it to me? But I can't see them 'in the flesh' so in reality its hard to be 100% sure? It'll be interesting to see what AMK do with their Grim Reapers markings as I believe Geoff at Furball Aero-Design has designed them and I really like his research capabilities so they should be spot on. The profile looks good to me too.
  6. Gekko_1

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Demo Bird 1/72 F-14D

    I managed, after a very quick Google search, to find this shot of 165............... https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d1/78/41/d17841f76f14a14e2253bcb5c3e13ac5.jpg Yes, I still believe the eye and thin lips are FS 35237, but the front of the open mouth does indeed seem darker. I don't think its a trick of the light, but it could be fresher paint? The mouth of the DXM sheet could be 36375? Does the decal have a white background or is it just light blue/grey ink only? (after you've soaked the decal off the sheet have a look under the decal to see if what was printed first. The 'star n bar' you applied to the 36320 looks to be a lightened version of 36375. Or possibly a dark version of 36495? There's a chance the decal doesn't have a white background and therefore the ink used won't have enough density, making it slightly translucent which is just adding to the issue. Cartograf's decals are printed with the best inks available and do not need white to be printed first, most others do though. So if DXM have left out this step it may explain what you're experiencing? VF's decals look to be printed in a 'guesswork' grey and look completely wrong to my eye.
  7. Gekko_1

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Demo Bird 1/72 F-14D

    Tony, FWIW, I believe the intake warning and all of the markings under the cockpit etc should all be FS. 35237 and therefore so is the shark mouth. The FS.35237 on the top of the nose cone is simply heavily faded. The paint on this airframe looks very tatty and bleached. It looks like that initial shark mouth decal you tried was printed in FS. 36320 which is why there was such an issue with it as it would be going onto an FS. 36320 background. Regards Richard.
  8. Gekko_1

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    Yeah you can thank Photobucket for destroying most of my images here on Britmodeller. Was it this one?
  9. Gekko_1

    Red Flag 84-3: VMA-133

    This Skyhawk is actually very unique. For instance I have never seen an intake warning marking with the forward vertical stripe before. The camouflage scheme is a variation on one of the earliest low-viz schemes applied to the Marine A-4F and A-4M's. To me it looks like FS. 35237 as the upper most colour, then FS. 36320 and FS.36495 underneath. Like this.......... The national insignia is the right size and style for the early low-viz schemes, but the upper part of the circle and the two horizontal bars either side look like they have been sprayed FS. 36495 which is very unusual. Normally they would just be counter shaded in the upper and side colours in the same pattern shown. It looks like a re-spray has happened underneath the "MARINES" and "4987". With the "ARINES" and the "4" being covered over by a stencil? Fascinating stuff! Richard.
  10. Gekko_1

    Red Flag 84-3: VMA-133

    Excellent Sven, thank you!
  11. Gekko_1

    Red Flag 84-3: VMA-133

    Awesome! My all time favorite period of US Navy/Marine aviation - the 80's! I love all the variation in greys and patterns. 01 has the earliest pattern and 13 is faded so much you can hardly tell where one colour ends and another begins. Are you able to read the names under the cockpit of 01 and 03? Richard.
  12. Gekko_1

    Ma.K Melusine

    Thanks Andy! The streaking was done both by enamel washes..................... and by using Vallejo Washes on top of Vallejo Retarder Medium 70.597 slightly thinned with water painted onto the surface first, on areas pointed out with the red arrows. Although this is a poor photo it does best show the very subtle shadow blend I was able to achieve in the green area, blending in the direction of the black arrows. This blend was also achieved with the Vallejo Wash and Retarder Medium mix. I also used Ammo Mig White Oilbrusher to add dots of white onto the upper pink ID panel, then blend them in using an old flat brush to create a faded bleached out look. Also for the first time I used the combination of Tamiya X-35 semi-gloss clear, Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear and Mr Color GX112 Super Clear III for all the various varnishing work, all thinned with Mr Color Levelling Thinner. These products give a far superior finish to acrylic varnishes that I've had nothing but problems with. There is also a final dusty water wash all over using Lifecolor UA 09 Sand. Cheers Richard.
  13. Here's my Hasegawa 1/35th scale Melusine. First model I've actually finished to completion in something like 8 years! Cheers Richard.
  14. Yes, I'm still around! You can get my decals here: http://studiogekko.blogspot.com.au/p/gekko-graphics-decals.html Cheers Richard.
  15. Here’s the legs. Nearly finished. Just have to add some more sensors around the main head, add sand/dust to the right leg and think about how the crew figures are going to look.