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  1. OK, put me down. At this stage it'll be a Kinetic Su-33 done up as an ex-Russian Navy bird bought cheap by the Chinese and used in Niger to help protect their precious mineral mining operations in the South. Desert wrap around camouflage scheme in Niger Air Force markings with several air to air kills including F-18E and F-16 jets operated by the US Navy and Air Force in Cameroon markings! Something like one of these below, but on an Su-33 Sea Flanker. Cheers Richard.
  2. Maybe. When does it start and how long does it go for?
  3. No. 92 Squadron. RAF Luqa 1979.
  4. Version 2
  5. And here's something a bit different. Version 1.
  6. No. 5 Squadron. RAF Binbrook 1989. Low-Vis 3 I like the flow of the camouflage lines better in this one.
  7. Jennings Heilig did this profile way back in 2004, if that helps. Got to admit, it looks quite attractive in that scheme.
  8. All the schemes have to be based off of this decal sheet.
  9. No. 5 Squadron. RAF Binbrook 1989. Red Fin - Low Vis.
  10. No. 5 Squadron. RAF Binbrook 1987. Red Fin.
  11. OK. Suggestions for XR770?
  12. No. 5 Squadron. RAF Binbrook 1987.
  13. First of the low-vis schemes. Not sure if I really like it? I tried placing the eye and shark mouth as seen on the Lightning F.6, but it doesn't look right on a Skyhawk at all.
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