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  1. Hi John, unfortunately I didn't do a WIP as I was pressed for time and was going flat-out to make the deadline. I will however be doing a YouTube video about it all in a couple of months time which will cover everything. Check Studio Gekko on YouTube early next year. Cheers Richard.
  2. Bandai has quite a few new design options to model from the Rise of Skywalker movie if they wish to. To me it seems like nothing has really moved on from the basic 1976 Star Wars designs. I mean, in something like 100 years we've gone from the likes of the Sopwith Camel to the F-35 Fighter. Yet in this science fictional universe that spans how many years? things have progressed very little indeed! Richard.
  3. Maybe (hopefully) they're only like a stage 1 type of release with the newer vehicles to be released after the movie's release, slated for a Christmas release?? It looks like there are going to be several new droid designs, a new Walker version and a modded AT-ST in the new Mandalorian movie. So maybe they'll be released at a later stage too?? And we know (going off the posters) there's 3 new tie fighter based designs coming, several new characters (thus figures), some sort of rocket powered bike, and what looks like it may be a new design of Star Destroyer?
  4. Thanks BackToZeon, here's some more shots of them..................
  5. Found these. I'm guessing they're the new kits? I really like those new X-wings!
  6. Keep in touch with what I'm up to here: 

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  7. For anybody interested, I got one of the runner up positions.
  8. Hi Pete, thanks. The caste metal effect was Mr Surfacer 500 roughly painted on with an old brush straight on to the bare plastic. Quick, easy and worked out perfectly. Cheers Richard.
  9. For those of you not aware there was an MA.K in Gundam contest recently run on YouTube, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1dgHAaLWiE&list=PLoBIme3OUbYq8rST2QIGcTH9Bwp1YqkRB&index=15&t=508s The base kit I decided to start with was the Bandai 1/144th scale Gundam Gusion kit and converted it into a mobile suit from the Maschinen Krieger universe using a lot of scratch building and spare parts. I called the mobile suit - Hasslicher Fetter Junge Ausf K (Ugly fat boy) The winners of the comp will be announced this Wednesday or Thursday on the same YouTube channel. Cheers Richard.
  10. That looks amazing Andy! Wow! Cheers Richard.
  11. Here's a pretty good YouTube video showing the new Bandai Star Destroyer.
  12. Stu, check page 3, Andy has done such a scheme for an AT-AT.
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