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  1. Looks great
  2. Very odd looking plane. The view from the cockpit would be limited.
  3. Great looking model. Very modern looking. As for an injected hp42, we can live in hope.
  4. invidia

    AMK 1/48 MIG 31

    selling one if your interested...
  5. Very nice looking hurricane, got one on the bench at the moment, Yugoslavian colours.
  6. lovely looking sm 79. all 3 are fantastic looking. In one of your work bench pictures you have a very interesting looking plane, almost a lifting body, what is it??
  7. Fantastic aircraft, seems to be missing the rear half!!!!!
  8. invidia

    Miles M.52 Scratchbuild 1/48

    fantastic aircraft, another great project that a shortsighted govenment cancelled. lovely model.
  9. Fantastic looking 'aircraft. Interesting story as well. Looks like something from Dan dare/ eagle comics.
  10. invidia

    Matchbox Wellesley

    Very nice xx
  11. Interesting aircraft and one I have heard of!! A fine model as is usual.
  12. Interesting aircraft. Your words of wisdom...yep I know that, done most of them!!
  13. Great looking model, wouldn't like to be sitting behind that radiator!!!!