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  1. Got mine in the stash, to many projects on the go to start it yet, Going to follow this, although I might have to vac form a canopy so it slides back, kit one looks a little thick.
  2. Fantastic looking model, been following the WIP, great model out of a pig of a kit.
  3. That is an amazing model, in 1/72!! And a great tribute to you brother.
  4. That's is a fantastic looking model, really need to get one.
  5. On its own it doesn't look a big aircraft, but next to the TF1 its big and chunky. Advanced for its time. Found it in putnams, the British fighter. Interesting history.
  6. Great looking model, really odd looking plane, the wings don't look long enough, and bailing out would have been 'fun'.
  7. Looks fantastic, great job on the markings.
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