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  1. i agree, the biplanes are lovely, have a number in the stash, and also they kitted some ready interesting stuff that no one else did is fantastic. and with a little work they all 'scrub'up really well.
  2. Lovely looking model, I have a soft spot for old Matchbox kits,.
  3. would love to see a S55X ???
  4. Great looking build, built this last year, lovely kit, I had problems with the tracks if I remember, might just have been me and my fat fingers !!!
  5. Great looking build, thinking about getting one. I have built the 1/350 fro. Bronco and its interesting that there a few differences.
  6. Fantastic looking model, hard to believe its an old matchbox kit.
  7. Hard to believe that was once a matchbox kit. Done a fantastic job on that. Lovely.
  8. A couple of t6 texans over devils Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale, yesterday afternoon.
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