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  1. Great built of the mossie, so I'm not the only one who has half a dozen models on the go and never seems to finish anything??? Is that a siskin in the back ground??
  2. Fantastic looking model and an interesting history. Hard to believe its 1/144
  3. Brenguns lovely pou-du-ciel its tiny!! my dad got me this for my birthday, he likes to get me a 'challanging' kit. pictures are not the best, did i mention its tiny thanks for looking
  4. Lovely looking build. I sometimes work at Sedbergh school, in Sedgwick house, which is Kenneth Campbell's old house there is a number of photographs of him and details of his action. Sedbergh school has 4 VC winners, 1 from the boar war and 3 from WW2.
  5. Airfix P-51K as a RNZAF P-51D of no4 (otago) squadron 1952. decals are ventura, and the only aftermarket are the exhusts which are eduard. this kit has a bit of a story behind it, bought it a few years ago, as i realised i had never built a mustang!! so it went into the stash, a few months later i decided to convert it and build it as a racer, i had some decals for one in the stash, so i filled the nose louvres, ejection ports etc, and then i realised the decals where not that good, so the kit was put away, at some point i gave the kit decals away to someone here on britmodeller. fast forward to a few weeks ago and going through some of my books i found several sheets of bare metal foil, so a quick visit to hannants website got me some decals and off i went, managed to change the front louvres and the kit went togther lovely. putting the metal foil is a slow process, and there are some mistakes i am very pleased with it. i painted the areas that i thought would be tricky to foil. the decals are very thin, and stick very fast!! thanks for looking
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