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  1. Great photos, I live in the lakes so see this most days, when the weathers good!!! Today's normal, cloudy and rain.
  2. Great looking model thinking about getting this kit
  3. I have just looked and I left the masking tape on!!!!!!!!!
  4. 1/48 spitfires first and last eduard 1/48 Early spitfire. Built OOB, lovely kit, but the decals are abit of a let down. Built as K9797 11th production aircraft built, 19 squadron, crashed april 1939. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire F24, cockpit detailed using left over eduard parts, eduard etched and some scatchbuilding. quickboost uppercowl and exhusts, quickboost prop and spinner and barracuda studios carburator intake. decals from the box and where very nice, found a couple of photos of this aircraft so 'weathered' it to match. Built as VN318, Hong Kong auxiliary air force, crash landed april 1955. thanks for looking
  5. They look fantastic.
  6. Looks fantastic, scrubbed up well
  7. Matchbox Fw190, this is a early 1970s boxing, so as old as i am, went together really well, first time i have used a figure in decades! the decals where unusable, so i got a cheap set and built it up. great fun, yes i know the paints are wrong!! yes i know the decals are wrong!! after building a few complex models, this was a lovely 'palate' cleanser. thanks for looking
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