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  1. Strange about your windscreen issue - I did not have this one, it was exactly the opposite with a good fit... I start to wonder if we built the same kit!
  2. Optical illusion - likely because it's painted matt black. The fit is like on post #14. As for the PE panel I just didn't care - not much can be seen through the closed cockpit. I used the plastic part and painted it.
  3. I must say I'm a bit surprised by your fit issues with the cockpit tub... I unfortunately don't have any photo before closing the fuselage, but on the one here you can see that the horizontal plate behind the seat positions nicely - its beveled edges just sit against the fuselage sides. I choose to align the front gear well with the opening - this gave me a slight gap between the intake and the intake ring, that was later filled with some Perfect Plastic Putty.
  4. It has. But 72nd scale. And I understand Corsairfoxfouruncle is intrested in a 48th scale Hog.
  5. I built the ANG boxing BUT I did not correct any of the kit shortcomings as 1) I was not aware there were any at the time and 2) I trusted the 3D drawings found in Steve Ginter's "Air Force Legends" series, n°212 (which apparently I shouldn't have) However I located the drop tanks position thanks to this drawing and the info found on Sabrejet's post about Sabre versions elsewhere in this forum. Kit assemble fairly well given a bit of care - there are no positioning lugs. I had no problems aligning the intake trunk / cockpit / etc; it's always try, see how it goes, adjust if needed, and go carefully. The jet pipe on the other hand IS an issue- it unglued itself several times, I was lucky to be able to coax it back in position. In hindsight, a few small plastic stops would have been a good idea. Wing trailing edges need a good sanding to make them thinner and more to scale. Seat should have be glued a bit higher (compare with the photos of the actual plane), and cries for details - in fact, it doesn't look much like the real one, even with the PE added (and for example pay attention to how the shoulder harness are positioned on the real plane, nothing to do with what the instructions would make you believe!) Horizontal tailplanes have no positive location, extra care needed there. And by the way, if you want to add the PE vortex generators do it before gluing the tailplanes. Afterwards it's near impossible (guess how I know...) Drop tanks miss the vertical surfaces on their fins - I can't be 100% sure as I have not done extensive researchs, but at least on the photos I found they existed. Decals are extremely fragile except for the small ones. A coat of Liquid Decal Film may help? So here's my effort - Not a great built I know, I could have done better. My original idea was the MASS ANG scheme - I managed to destroy the fuselage bands and had to revert to NY ANG scheme which meant respraying a camo to replace the initial aluminium finish.
  6. You don't say! This is a fantastic looking build, and one would never believe it's such an old kit in the first place.
  7. FYI, Air Force Legends n°212 is about the Hog and aside from tons of detail photos includes a 72nd scale drawing. There's also what appears to be a TO repro, with the following dimensions: From nose tip to tailplane tip: 38.8 ft From nose tip to exhaust shroud end: 35.8 ft Height at top of tail 14.9 ft Height at top of cockpit 10.2 ft Height from fuselage bottom to top of cockpit 7.1 ft
  8. Hamster Volant


    Special Hobby kit is quite good in my opinion. It fits to the plan I had, assembles quite nicely and with very few filler if you are careful when gluing. However The wings trailing edge would benefit from some thinning Seat need detailing The tailplanes are just butt-glued to the fuselage and the positioning is not easy The multitude of VERY small PE parts (vortex generators under the tail) is nerve-racking to install - I confess I just renounced after several tries- The decals are excessively fragile - I intended originally to do the Mass ANG plane, but I never managed to use the larger decals, especially the fuselage bands as they destroyed to the slightest touch... That's why I went for the NY ANG posted above. I would recommend to source some other decals for the fuse bands, or try masking and painting. Apart form that, I must say I enjoyed building the kit and it makes for a fine rendition of the Hog.
  9. Nope, not essential (Special Hobby 1/72 F-86H-10 NY ANG)
  10. Heller Cadet Alouette III, back in 1973 or 1974. Closely followed by Heller MS225, then an Airfix B-25.
  11. Great job on a great looking plane (much better looking than the ugly F-22!) Italeri kits stand quite well the passing of time...
  12. My workshop? My good 'ol desk back from my middle school years, in a spare bedroom. Not much space, no way to play with the airbrush here -must bring all the needed paints and stuff in the basement, better not forget anything... Hopefuly I will be able to move everything downstairs once I have finished the remodelling. And yes, I use freezer bags to protect the decals and store the parts - easy and cheap, also protects the kit from dust in between modelling sessions (and it's Revell's Typhoon in it) 2nd photo, just a (very) small part of the stash, the one I keep close to me...
  13. Ah Pitlochry... Home of the Edradour distillery... such memories!
  14. If it can be of any help, I found this on a French forum. http://www.passion-ailes.net/t1636-voisin-iii-1-32 Full scratch, but in 1/32 scale. May be some things to pick there?
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