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  1. I'm painting various figures and vehicles for the Star Wars: Imeprial Assault tabletop game. I would like some markings e.g. Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire logos in various colours and fairly small sizes: from a couple of millimetres across (think 1/700 aircraft markings) up to maybe 10mm across. Anyone know a good decal set for this?
  2. Vlad

    Trumpeter ship kit prices at Hannants

    Hi David, Thanks for taking the time to check and apologies if my opening post came out a bit aggressive. I am, as I said, a happy customer and will no doubt shop at Hannants again. However, since you checked e-bay I'm not sure how you didn't find dawngrocerystore. This usually stocks a fairly complete range of Trumpeter 1/700 kits with most at 50% of Hannants prices. For the aforementioned San Francisco that's £12.80 + 20% VAT + £8 postage = £23. Which admittedly IS close to your price, but combining postage on several kits rapidly adds up to a huge saving compared to buying from any UK store that presumably stocks from your same importer. I'm not trying to put you down in comparison to that particular e-bay store, I don't know what they do to keep their prices so low (and maybe I don't want to). But as I said the discrepancy seems very specific to this range of Trumpeter 1/700 ships. I can hunt around on Hobby Search, HLJ or e-bay and generally will not find amazing discounts on other things e.g. Tamiya, Flyhawk or Hasegawa ship kits or 1/72 aircraft that are worth paying Asia postage for. That's why this instance struck me as odd and why I wanted to open a discussion about it on these forums. I understand where you're coming from in that there's nothing you can do about your importer and that your prices are in line with the average for imported kits. Thanks again for your replies!
  3. Let me just start by saying Hannants offers excellent service in my opinion and is usually my one-stop-shop if I'm in the mood for 1/72 aircraft. I've heard their prices are inflated but generally with aircraft I have found this not to be the case, or at least the mark-up is small and acceptable for a quick delivery from a great UK based service. But I also build 1/700 ships and this is where my issues lie. Hannants stock basically the full range of Trumpeter 1/700 ships. Fantastic. But what's up with the prices here? Example: Trumpeter 1/700 USS San Francisco is £26 at Hannants. I can get it reliably for £12 elsewhere. Similar story with most of the kits. Some not as bad but over 200% of the RRP on probably a third of the range or more. I know there are importers to pay but that mark-up is incomprehensible. I can buy these kits from China and pay more in postage than the kit is worth and still get them cheaper than Hannants before postage. Buy more than one at a time and it's a no brainer. So what's up? What's constraining you and hiking prices so ridiculously on this specific kit range?
  4. Vlad

    RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    Indeed, they're nearly indistinguishable with the naked eye when painted side by side. Well within the error you might find in real paint batches or the range of shades that result from fading. Mind you, I use the Acrylics these days but I've used the Enamels in the past and again there's not much difference there.
  5. Vlad

    RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    Nice Spitfire! I just did the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Ia and also used Humbrol 163. Great dark green in my opinion. Humbrol 116 is good for RAF dark green as well.
  6. Vlad

    RLM Alternatives

    Best option would be to buy Xtracrylix. However, I understand where you're coming from because Humbrol is still relatively easy to find locally in some shops. I have built up a log of what I personally consider Humbrol matches for various RLM colours. RLM 76 - try Humbrol 127. This is possibly not quite blue enough but given you're doing a late war bird with all the paint supply and quality issues that come with it, this should be fine. RLM 83 - this one's tricky because I've seen multiple interpretations as to whether 82 or 83 was the darker colour. For late war German camouflage, I don't match the individual colours but rather the combination according to what produces the right amount of contrast. So what's the second upper surface colour in the scheme you're planning? Depending on that, RLM 83 can be matched by Humbrols 116, 117 or 163. EDIT: I tried Humbrol's own RLM range (24x - 25x) in Enamels in the past and found them lacking. Awkward to paint with and colours not looking as expected. Humbrol 247 in particular was too bright and blue, closer to RLM 65 than 76 in my opinion. The acrylics may be better but I decided not to risk them.
  7. Vlad

    Canopies for AZ Model 1/72 Bf 109s?

    Good to know about Pavla though I was hoping for square frame as well as Erla. Rob Taurus do for the Fine Molds kit but they're too big on the AZ fuselage. I used one and it was a long and painful sanding process.
  8. Does anyone make these to buy as aftermarket accessories, vac formed or otherwise?
  9. Vlad

    Spitfire to Seafire

    Ooh, interesting. I would probably use that to make a 4-cannon trop, they look pretty mean and unique.
  10. Vlad

    Spitfire to Seafire

    However, the oil radiator is an because it would involve filling in whatever fitting and locating gaps the Mk.IX kit has, scratchbuilding or stealing from a V and making it all look nice. Also, how do you correct the underside cowling curvature when shortening the nose? I imagine that's no easy feat either. Getting both a V and a IX seems to be the only option for a kitbash and even with the cheapest kits that approaches or exceeds the price of the dedicated ones, availability notwithstanding. I've noted all your advice and options but my conclusion is this is no longer something I want to try. Looks like I may be in luck though with acquiring a Sword Seafire kit
  11. Vlad

    Spitfire to Seafire

    This is starting to sound like a bit more effort than it's worth. Although I suppose a Seafire Ib would be easier, as if I recall correctly that is just a Vb with a tailhook.
  12. Vlad

    Spitfire to Seafire

    Sword kits sell like hot cakes and never seem to get reissued, I can't find one. Also I thought a conversion would make for a cheaper project and a bit of fun. What Vc kit do you recommend? Vbs seem to grow on trees these days, everyone and their dog makes one, but Vcs are also hard to find and then tend to be old or not very good kits.
  13. Vlad

    Spitfire to Seafire

    Scraping around looking for ideas to make a Seafire Mk.II or Mk.III in 1/72. It seems I can start with a Spitfire Mk.V, fit the 4-bladed prop, 6-stack exhausts and integral armour windshield (all from a Mk.IX) and scribe the panel lines for the tailhook (retracted to keep things simple). Am I missing anything or is that close enough?
  14. Vlad

    Bf 109G-2 retractable tailwheel

    Talking about G-3s is misleading since that's just the pressurised cockpit variant of the G-4, with the latter being the main production model. You can basically ignore the odd numbered Gustavs when talking about the evolution stages of the design. I was always under the impression that the landing gear improvements introduced with the G-4 were retrofitted to late production G-2s and that these aircraft were functionally identical except for some internals (radio). But that basically settles it for me. If there is evidence Finnish pilots were flying with the tailwheel down, possibly by choice, on G-2s that don't have the wing bulges (MT-202 does not) then I can have some confidence in doing the same for MT-213. Thanks all!
  15. Vlad

    Bf 109G-2 retractable tailwheel

    I have a mind to build several G-2s going forward. The most immediate one in need of a tailwheel decision is a Finnish example, MT-213, fairly well photographed (also have the MMP camo booklet that includes it). It was delivered in 1943 but the wings clearly have no bulges and the main wheels are the early 5-spoke variety and parallel to the oleo strut. I'm trying to make a subjective call on how big the tailwheel looks...