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  1. The Soviet Union operated the IXe and these are usually depicted with clipped wings in profiles, kits and built models, but I can't find a period photo of one.
  2. I've seen the sprue shots, you could pay me the equivalent and I wouldn't take them off you I have a Zvezda F-4 in the post, I'll see if that's the benchmark for budget 1/48 109s or if it's better to stick to Eduard Weekend packs. I just spotted that you can get them that cheap on Amazon. £32 is reasonable indeed but I paid £44 for mine and they are ~£40 in the usual places I look for kits. Now I know where to get another if I want one! And now I'm really tempted as well...
  3. Really clean and lovely build of one of my favourite Spitfire Marks, thanks for sharing! I built this aircraft in 1/72 from the Sword kit and their instructions have the spinner in red. Just as presonal preference, I think red looks better, but I would like to know why Airfix went with yellow and which is actually accurate. Would you be able to share the pictures of the actual aircraft you used for your reference and painting decisions?
  4. Vlad

    P-51A Mustang

    Nice picture find and quite a cool scheme, I imagine masking those stripes is a huge PITA though @tonyot did you do anything to that Brengun kit to fix the fuselage height?
  5. Great built, excellent paintwork and I like the subtle wash. Your mottling turned out very well! And I agree, it's a really fantastic kit, shame it's so expensive but you get your money's worth with that engine cowling swap trick.
  6. Fantastinc diorama idea and really great execution. The 109 is clean and sharp and the way you've rendered the damage on the B-17 is incredibly convincing. Just amazing to look at the whole scene!
  7. The Airfix is also unavailable, but has other shape issues (too tall fuselage). I'm a 1/72 man most of the time, a Mk.XII is something I'd be willing to make an exception for and move up a scale (as I have done for a couple of Bf 109s so far). The Xtrakit looks good but also hasn't been available for some time. I started that it's why I have misgivings about buying the Special Hobby kit.
  8. Thank you gents! Nice to see the Red Stars appreciated, I agree they do seem to fit Spitfire very well. Is that because of the small bulge just behind the spent shell casing opening? In fairness I didn't do much there, Eduard decals are among the highest quality I have ever used and they always settle very nicely. All I did was drown them in DecalFix and leave them alone overnight, then punch the opening out with a sarp blade tip. They had a bunch of Vbs delived that were used in the Kuban theater, and later some IXes. There's a particularly striking Vb often interpreted (though actual accuracy debatable) with a lightning/arrow pattern on the side:
  9. Something about the nose/spinner shape looks weird to me, but I hadn't spotted that box before and it does look tempting, especially for the pilot and stand (I like wheels-up displays). I also frequently walk past a plaque in my town that says something to the effect of "one of the first wingtipped V-1s landed near here", so it would be quite fitting.
  10. That MSG + Green high contrast scheme is very smart actually, I like it. I guess the reason I've started this conversation is because what I really want is a Mk XII, but there aren't good kits of those either, so I went looking for another high-back, clipped wing Griffon. I've discovered some nice subjects along the way but hit the same issue with kit availability On the subject of spinners, what's the rhyme and reason behind their colours? For example, Airfix's new 1/48 FR XIVe shows Prendergast's plane with a yellow spinner, but I've seen this aircraft in other kits and decal sheets with a red spinner (and indeed built my Sword kit with a red spinner). Why do Airfix now think it was yellow and which is correct?
  11. Don't seem to be any of those around in the usual places.
  12. But not at the same time! (apologies if you were expecting Spitfires in USAAF service) Some time ago I found an Eduard 1/72 Spitfire Mk IX "The Longest Day" dual combo in a local bookstore that also deals some kits. I snapped it up since I knew these Eduard kits were fantastic and I didn't have any Mk IXs in my collection. I really wanted a D-Day striped Spitfire, but also dreaded the masking and painting. I knew for sure I couldn't stomach two, so I scrounged up some spare decals and built one straight away as a IXe in Soviet service. It's slightly fictitious, in that the number "51" on the side was just what I had lying around, but the rest of the markings are based on known aircraft. After a long time and many detours, my build craving looped back around to Spitfires and I mustered the courage to do the stripes. I picked Mk IXc "ZD-C" from the Eduard decal options in the box. Long story short, these kits really are amazing in every way, definitely more on the wish list (an VIII and a XVI). Now that both are finished, I decided to photograph and upload them together. Two kits from the same box that ended up very different indeed, but I am pretty happy with both. I'm less happy with my photography in this case but I'm still tweaking setup. The amount of white on both of these really wasn't helping! Thanks for looking!
  13. @Meatbox8 thanks. So corroberating with the earlier photo, seems to have been more of a Southeast Asia, foreign service and/or postwar scenario than an ETO thing. Some interesting colour choices there for sure! I've found that Freightdog set and decals for the Belgian ones too. I wasn't actively planning on building one, but now I kind of want to... except there's no decent kit in stock in either 1/72 or 1/48.
  14. Nice job! The masks for the markings seem to have worked really well. And that was quick too, you were only recently asking about colour choices for it!
  15. Yeah, sorry for being vague, I'm not planning anything specific. I'm satisfied that it was possible.
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