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  1. I think quite a lot of people here prefer flaps down, but the lack of flaps position choice on Eduard's 1/48 Bf-109 range (F-G) was annoying me. So I decided to try to raise them. Turns out, even though the instructions don't mention it, that the flaps parts are perfectly engineered to fit into the slot at the back of the wing in the "up" position. Just remove the locating stubs and done, no further hacking or sanding required. Same story for the leading edge slats and radiator flaps so there you have it, the flaps are poseable, but the instructions don't tell you. I hope that's useful infor
  2. A fine and growing collection I am mainly a 1/72 builder but when I discovered Tamiya made a 1/48 109-6 and read the reviews I had to have it. Since then I built a 1/48 Eduard G-2 and a Zvezda F-4, to try each one out. Now have an Eduard 109G-6/AS in progress and my shelf space is cursing me.
  3. I'm one to occasionally do a self-imposed challenge but not in the sense of deliberately building a bad kit when there are better options around still, as you say it looks like 109 and sounds like you had fun. You seem to like building 109s and I recall you have done an Eduard, so I will echo VolkerR in saying you need to do a Zvezda next. The G-6 kit comes with the Erla canopy and tall tail so can easily be made into a G-14 as well if you have the spare decals. It also has the pitfall of a fiddly engine assembly but the fit is very good elsewhere and shape and accuracy are top notch. And if
  4. Your build is very well done! It looks good, upper cowling shape a bit suspect (not your fault obviously). But if you knew the kit was bad going in, why didn't you use a better one? there are several options for good and affordable 1/48 G-14s. Is the Unimodel a bad copy of something else?
  5. Another brush painter? Fantastic finish! I think it might be the lighting of the photo making the RLM 74 look a bit too green, otherwise the Humbrol paints serve you well.
  6. This. But which Revell are you using? I recently started using Revell Aqua 15 and was amazed by the coverage. Almost single coat level coverage over white primer. But you need to get the thinning right. Matt works much better, if you're using gloss yellows or reds find a matt alternative. Or at least get a solid coverage in the matt one first then final layer with the specific colour you need in gloss.
  7. That's a very good point... one I may choose to ignore for the sake of my sanity I have found some pictures of the Croatian 14/AS, am quite satisfied that looks like an early Regensburg pattern. I have the FalkeEins page open for my G-6/AS: http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2020/06/yellow-14-bf-109-g-6as-of-iii-jg-1.html but the wings are now shown clearly. Eduard's kit instructions suggets the Regensburg pattern on the wings however. No idea what pattern that AZ models kit box art is using.
  8. Would that G-6 be Horst Prenzel's aircraft accidentally landed in the UK? I don't doubt your claim that it wore the later pattern, but despite it being well photographed I can't seem to find one clearly showing the wing upper surfaces. Do you have any pictures of a G-14/AS in 1945 with the early Regensburg pattern? In any case this has helped more than you realise. My interest is in a (most likely) Regensburg built G-6/AS in the summer of 1944. So if Erla was potentially using the new pattern around then but not earlier, and Regensburg was still using the old one later
  9. Is there a known date or paint order issued (unlikely I know) that might provide a cut-off for when Bf 109 upper wing surfaces stopped using the factory patterns in the link below: http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/10/chosing-correct-wingpattern-for-bf109g-6.html and started being painted in the wavy edged and more generic "late war" patterns (2, 3, 4 below): Note I'm asking exclusively about the shape of the pattern used, not the RLM colour transition.
  10. Just had this new kit delivered, first time in a while I have bought a kit on release. I have built an Eduard 1/48 109 before so I am no stranger to the quality of the parts in the box. What impressed me however is the fact that despite this being the "weekend" edition, it comes in a box with a beautiful art and decals for five marking options instead of the usual two for these packs. Most impressive! I have no plans for using them immediately, I bought this boxing specifically for the JG.1 machine, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless, Eduard stepping up their game further. Sadly the overtrees
  11. The colours look OK to me, recognisably 71/02/65 although the 71 perhaps doesn't appear green enough in the photos. In any case a very good looking build! I shy away from yellow noses because yellow is a b**s to paint, but I'm thinking of braving some yellow nosed F-4s at some point. I also like to think of what the RAF's reaction to the first "F" sightings might have been. The Zvezda kit is considered most accurate in overall shape, something that seems to be quite elusive despite the popularity of the subject. But it does have some detail pitfalls as you n
  12. On the profiles page you linked the camouflage edge looks hard on the Regensburg drawing but soft on WNF one. Of course, that's not gospel, but interesting the artist took the time/effort to draw that difference. In any case, if you're working in 1/72 I would say (personal opinion) there's not much point trying to reproduce a very slight soft edge that it might have. By the time youre down to that scale, unless the edge is very soft and feathered over a wide area, it may as well be hard for the purpose of model painting.
  13. You missed the opportunity to title your thread "Mean green Erla machine" Seriously though, that looks gorgeous and unique. Top notch paintwork and subtle detail highlighting! Bf 109s look really great in dark green, what RLM colours is the scheme in?
  14. Fantastic Focke Wulf! It does look very good, however I am a bit perplexed by the choice of RLM 82/83 as the camouflage colours. Was the thought process that JG 54 was experimenting with what later became these colours?
  15. I'll leave him in, can't see much inside the cockpit anyway once it's built up. But it's nice to know my TIE fighter will be in-scale with my Spitfires and Bf 109s. Knowing the scale now, those cockpit spheres are really roomy! Still pretty baffling why they chose to print a scale of 1:110 on the box.
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