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  1. Very clean execution, but I agree you should have stuck the pilot in, especially with that spinning prop shot. I built one of these recently, lovely kit, most shape accurate F in 1/72. I was also too lazy to add the aileron mass balances
  2. I've been through a few rounds of that in the four years or so that I've had my current display space in my current house. My current build will require a shuffle that may result in a few things going in a box in the garage. Wow, that's pretty brutal. I have done a few mass culls in the past but not recently. Last time I also did it as a free give-away rather than binning. As I said I still have some older ones that aren't up to my current build standards that I wouldn't mind retiring and replacing. But my build quality has now plateaued at a level I'm happy with so eventually I
  3. I have noticed, usually as a tangential point to a "Ready for Inspection" post or something else, that a few modellers on here seem to store completed builds out of sight and bring them out to display from time to time (presumably swapping something else from display into storage). It's not always those with enormous collections either. I'm curious how many of you actually do this and how exactly you go about it. What's your storage solution? How often and how much do you rotate? How do you even begin to choose what's shown and what's stored at any given time? I ask bec
  4. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    I did a quick test with what I had on hand (apologies for the air bubbles in the paint, just slapped it on, but you get the idea with the colour). Closest I had to FS 36495 was Revell R371. The other four colours are Light and Dark Compass Ghost Greys from different manufacturers, Humbrol and Xtracrylix. H127 & XA1136 are FS 36375 H128 & XA1135 are FS 36320 I see now that the compass greys look too dark as a pair. But R371 looks a bit too light, with too much contrast to my FS 36375 options. Thoughts?
  5. So thinking about this from a physics point of view, a surface looks flat due to its roughness. But in scale, that roughness would be so microscopic that even the grainiest flat surface on the real thing should be mirror smooth gloss on a model. Just playing devil's advocate here. But my own observation is that aircarft reflect and "glint" at a distance, even if nominally flat coated. So if you want to talk scale effects and how a real aircraft looks at the distances simulated by looking at a small model, in my opinion full matt coats, that everyone serious in modelling accepts as de facto, do
  6. Fantastic! One of my favourite 109 versions, a really exquisite build I just keep looking at!
  7. I believe Humbrol 116 or 163 are closer. 117 would not look too bad, but it's a bit too bright.
  8. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    Well, Gunze 307 and 308 are FS FS 36320 and FS 36375. The varying amounts of additional white are confusing though.
  9. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    Ah, forgot to mention I have the 1/72 version. I found some decals but with postage from US, not worth it just for a little spider on the tail. Also just to backtrack, the lightest colour on F-16s, FS 36270, is still visibly darker than both FS 36320 and FS 36375. So the JF-17 could be those two colours and look lighter than F-16s in photos. While looking around, I noticed the Bronco kit instructions agree with Trumpeter on this, only Caracal proposing the lighter FS 36495, that now looks too light to me. EDIT: To add to this, I believe the lightest colour,
  10. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    That is interesting, looks like a touch-up with whatever they had available. Trumpeter sadly doesn't provide decals for squadron specific emblems e.g. the spider, panther or phoenix. Also, Trumpeter shows the dark patch on the back and upper wing surfaces mirrored on the underside, which I have never seen in a photo of the real thing but it's also hard to tell since this area is in shadow.
  11. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    Thank you, looks like it could be a good option. I also noticed that Rvell do 371 as an acrylic spray. I have a conversion chart that matches that to FS 36495, would you agree with that match? I have used Revell 371 from the pot in the past, it comes out very light, almost white looking especielly if there are any darker colours on the same model.
  12. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    I was just going to point out that the one furthest looks different. There is generally some inconsistency in how they appear in pictures. In the one you just posted I can believe they are overall Ghost Grey for example. Do you mean it is rare to see them armed, or just rare for them to carry dumb bombs? I have some Exocets I am planning to turn into C-802s like this:
  13. Vlad

    JF-17 colours

    The jets are pretty new and pretty clean, not a big fan of heavy weathering anyway but in this case it wouldn't even be realistic. Part of me really wants to do that airshow scheme, but I also want to load it full of weapons (will be stealing some from weapon packs and other kits I have). I have a plan to put small magnets in the pylons and the weapons for a changeable loadout. Is there a good acrylic rattle can option for FS 36495? Tamiya or Humbrol maybe? That would make my life a lot easier. EDIT: Tamiya TS-81 Royal Light Grey maybe?
  14. It would seem to me the the JG 54 paintwork was applied in the field and covered up a lot of the stencilling. This was true for my build of Philipp's F-4, which is well photographed and shows only bare minimum stencilling re-applied over the greens, like the fuel triangle.
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