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  1. I assume this comes with full decals for all versions included?
  2. Vlad

    Tu-22M3 1/144?

    Are there any options for this other than the Minicraft kit? From what I've read the Minicraft isn't bad despite its age, but I wanted to check if there's another option, or the possibility of something newer and better on the horizon.
  3. Very nice, the weathering is convincing without being overdone and I especially like the in-flight display that I always wish to see more of Just one thing to be aware of, the final wing sweep position on the F-14, as shown in some of your photos, is a purely "parking" position to reduce wingspan. In flight the wings should never be like this. Full sweep in flight is when the leading edge of the wing is perfectly in line with the wing glove.
  4. I can see at least one other major physical difference straight away from your pictures, the Bison has some additional bumps above the wings. Then it depends the detail you want to get into but again I can easily see a few different aerials. The Bison also has a completely revamped cockpit with digital displays and a new HUD. That would be a lot of work to change unless you find some aftermarket.
  5. Thanks for the walkwaround, absolutely right about No.80. I don't want to jump to conclusions about Zvezda being outright wrong. They are a Russian company whose Flanker kits have got things right that nobody else has, so they obviously have access to very good sources (possibly even the planes themselves?). That's why I wonder more, from which aircraft and time period does that camouflage originate?
  6. Thanks, that is indeed a great reference. However, those are all clearly small variations on a similar overall scheme. The Zvezda kit has a scheme which is superficially similar in the nose and tail areas... but diverges in the middle fuselage areas and is completely different on the wings! The instructions are not even clear if the top-side pattern applies to Bort Number 67 or 80. I can't work out if this scheme is old and was replaced, or just random on a certain aircraft. This is not the pattern for Bort Number 67 in real life, at least not all the time. I can't find upper side shots for Number 80, but your reference shows it also has a different scheme to Zvezda.
  7. Sorry, another Su-33 question I've started painting my 1/72 Zvezda kit, and I noticed some inconsistencies after initially blindly following the instructions. The camouflage pattern in the Zvezda instructions doesn't seem to match pictures I can easily find of the real aircraft. Actually, it doesn't even match their own pictures of the built model on the back of the box! Of course, I expect there was variability in the pattern over time, and from aircraft to aircraft. But I'm curious what specific plane Zvezda based their instructions on, because as I said I'm struggling to cross-check it and nothing else matches up.
  8. You say "another" but when it's that well made I could look at "another" one of these, and a few more Great job! I have one in the stash and am really looking forward to building it!
  9. As for figures, it depends on kit and scale of course but most people complain you can barely see instrument panels through a closed 1/72 canopy, so I don't think particularly masterful figure painting is required to achieve the desired effect i.e. there's somebody in there.
  10. The presentation is spectacular! After a recent discussion about the unpopularity of "in flight" displays, I have to say you've knocked it out of the park. I'd love to see more models like this, the plane in its adrenaline pumping, seat-of-your-pants element!
  11. @BIG X I have to say I absolutely love your displays. Unfortunately for me shelf space is a big issue, I couldn't afford to build bases like that. For a long time I only built ships and they take up the bulk of my cabinets, so hanging planes from the shelf above is as much pragmatism as it is aesthetic choice. I don't base my ships either despite nearly all being waterline (again, I like them "in their element" but my imagination can fill in the sea surface). Ships sit nicely alongside each-other while planes take up a very awkward shaped space even without bases. I might try your "sanded off blades" effect though at some point, it does look very convincing. How do you deal with allied aircraft and their yellow prop tips?
  12. Thanks for the confirmation!
  13. When VF-51 and VF-111 converted to the F-14 and first cruised aboard the Kitty Hawk in 1979, would they have had white undersides? Did they ever have white undersides or did they convert to the F-14 straight into overall gull grey?
  14. But is building and painting the landing gear more effort than threading it up for hanging?
  15. Interesting opinions! Certainly some things I didn't think of like needing to do prop effects and a pilot. Something about the way my imagination works means I'm perfectly happy seeing a model "flying" with a static prop and empty cockpit, but can't really unsee landing gear when I prefer looking at planes "clean". Even if, as rightly said, they may realistically spend more time on the ground than airborne. I do build some wheels down, but this has been a more recent development for me as my collection has reached a size I feel I can afford to show a plane both ways. And spending a lot of time in flight sims has made me more interested in being able to see the cockpit/instrument panel on my builds Who said anything about ceilings? I hang my wheels up plane models from the undersides of the shelves in my display cabinet. Double the display space as Heather said, and no dust issues How do you cope with kits that come with swathes of parts options or mutually exclusive redundant parts e.g. all possible armament options?
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