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  1. 3D printing is absolutely revolutionising modeling, I've used various conversion sets and aftermarket parts in the past, just not a whole kit like that. The materials are inherently more challenging to work with, but some seem to have optimised their designs better than others, so it can be hit and miss at the moment. This build used Black Cat 3D printed 20mm Oerlikons, and despite how tiny and finely detailed they are, those suffered no damage in removal.
  2. Thanks all! @ArnoldAmbrose I always have a great deal of respect for big conversion and kitbash projects, you did great on yours. The Jamaica is many years old now and was resin. The Sheffield was the new 3D printed style, and while the l'Arsenal parts look great on unpacking, the kit was an unmitigated nightmare to build. The parts are brittle and the attachment points to the casting blocks are thick and poorly designed. Many parts were broken on arrival or shattered while trying to remove them. I was able to salvage them but it was frustration from start to finish. Also the Fijis are tiny ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  3. I'm on a roll it seems, 3rd British cruiser this year. This is l'Arsenal's 1/700 kit of HMS Sheffield in 1942. The ship is hand painted by brush, cheated slightly because the light grey was rattle can base coated. The camouflage is done with pencil guide lines then freehand. Paints used (H = Humbrol Acrylic, R = Revell Aqua): Dark deck grey - H106 Wood decks - H148 + colour pencils for wood effect AP507C - R76 B5- mix 3 parts R56 to 2 parts R57 MS1 - H32 Bonus pictures with her "Barents buddy", my older build of HMS Jamaica.
  4. Thank you! Yes, light and dark brown colouring pencils and my trusty 0.5 HB mechanical for the stronger lines. I varied the effect a little between the two ships. Cornwall has a more generic rub with each colour to give some tonal variation, on Dorsetshire I tried shorter and sharper, more deliberate plank lines. I encourage you to try it, it's very easy and can just as easily be undone if you're unhappy with it.
  5. This ship specifically as it's one of my favourite looking cruiser classes.
  6. Looks amazing, thanks for sharing! This has been high on my wish list for a while, you aren't helping with the temptation ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. I just want to bring this topic back up to ask, would Sheffield have had her wood decks stained or overpainted dark grey? Or maybe just the forecastle but not the quarterdeck?
  8. Yes, but I realy like York so I think I will do her in 1/350. I'm waiting for a good opportunity to build a larger model of her.
  9. Thank you! I didn't, it's all feehand (with guide lines drawn first in pencil).
  10. That looks very crisp and well painted, good job on your return to ships.
  11. Not in this case. While I tend to agree with you, it's also very easy to make those sort of details overscale in 1/700, and I haven't done rigging in this scale for years as it's difficult. For some time I focus on making my 1/700 builds neat and tidy but otherwise OOB to keep them less stressful and enjoy collecting. Every once in a while I will do a "special" project where I go all out with photo etch. I have such a project in progress, I may attempt rigging on it. And soon I'll start another 1/350 ship that will definitely get "the works". ๐Ÿ˜œ
  12. Thank you! The pencil effect is something I've been doing for a while as an easy cheat to bring a bit of 3D life to solid plastic parts that represent open lattice structures. @k7rkx I do it for solid windows too, for example the rear conning station on Dorsetshire. @ArnoldAmbrose the high freeboard is something I struggle to like visually about this class, but obviously it's important functionally and they were very useful ships for what the RN needed at the time. All the various refits and accumulated differences between class members are fascinating, I'm sure I'll end up doing more eventually.
  13. Thank you. Yes, there's a lot of plastic in this box because it's a reissue using the Norfolk hull parts and a bunch of new sprues to correct the scale (their first release of Dorsetshire was wrongly sized). It has nearly complete duplication of superstructure parts, with some Norfolk sprues thrown in but largely unused.
  14. Magnificent! Not sure how I missed that. I especially like the foil to make the blast mats on the bridge. One thing to watch out for when you get to that stage on Resolution, you need to remove the "eyebrows" from the turrets since she did not have the modification to increase elevation to 30 degrees (neither did Malaya but too late there and it's a small detail many wouldn't notice).
  15. Oh, you did a kitbash/scratchbuild of Malaya, also in 1/350? I would love to see that if it is finished.
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