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  1. Thanks Jack, Thats P3585 chalked off.. It’s a pity there isn’t an online Hurricane register as there is for Spitfires, it would make this type of research much easier. Let’s make the assumption that the starboard side markings should be AK°U then. Unless someone can show different..
  2. Mind if I sit in on this one? As you know Sheppard flew this aircraft to 4 victories 04.01.45 0850 & 0900 2*Ki43 Oscar Destroyed. Operation Millet I 24.01.45 0825 Ki44 Tojo Destroyed. Operation Meridian I 29.01.45 Ki43 Oscar Shared Destroyed. Operation Meridian II I was going to do the same aircraft in 1/48 but have too many other builds on at the moment. It’ll have to be later in the year.... Good luck with your build..
  3. On a similar theme, I’ve asked this before and didn’t really get anywhere, so here goes again... For my BoB GB entry I intend to build one of the 213 Squadron Hurricanes flown by SLt Denis Jeram. I have already built a Martlet IV flown by him in Operation Torch to his fifth and a shared victory and would now like to build one of his earlier aircraft. Denis Jeram was seconded to 213 Sqn RAF on 11.07.1940 and took part in the Battle of Britain. Jeram made the following claims, date and the aircraft letter is recorded in 213 Squadron ORB. 11.08.40 Ju88 Destroyed, Ju88 Probable. Hawker Hurricane I (Serial Unknown)/AK*U 12.08.40 Me110 Destroyed. Hurricane I P3585/AK*Q (1300-1315) 15.08.40 Me110 Destroyed. Hawker Hurricane I (Serial Unknown)/AK*W (1300-1315) 15.09.40 Do17 Destroyed. Hawker Hurricane I (Serial Unknown)/AK*U I would like to build AK°U and I understand that AK°U flown on 11.08.40 and AK°U flown 15.09.40 might not be the same aircraft but I cannot find serials for either aircraft. If anyone in the Britmodeller Beehive has a serial number for AK°U at those dates (or close to) I would love to see it/them. Failing that I would do P3585/AK°Q flown on 15.08.40 however, I would like the usual questions answered - did 213 use AK°Q on the port and starboard side or AK°Q to port Q°AK to starboard? I assume Aircraft letters in Grey, Xtradecals will be my friend. Photos of 213 don’t seem that common, photos during BoB seem to be less so. If anyone has a source please let me know... Thanks in advance...
  4. I agreed Graham, I don’t know why their Lordships at the Admiralty where happy to retain the MkIII for so long and I am sure, had the Hellcats been available in large enough numbers, the Seafires wouldn’t have been in the Pacific...
  5. This looks like a great kit, pity they don’t do it in the remedial scale. I’m going to sit just over here and watch if I may.. Another colour to consider for the inside of the cowling would be Grumman Grey. Not sure if it was still in use at this time. I also understand that Grumman’s DuPont colours were a very close match to MAP colours but I’m not an expert in any way, shape or form...
  6. An interesting question is; if Indefatigable and Implacable had more clearance in the hanger space, or if the Hellcat had been in plentiful supply to the Fleet Air Arm, would the Seafire still have been at sea? I’m not convinced it would have been. The Seafire seems to have had two main issues; it’s deck handling characteristics, as you say mainly down to the narrow track undercarriage which was responsible for the high Seafire attrition rate and it’s short endurance which meant the carriers would have to turn off course and into the wind a lot more frequently than those launching Hellcats and Corsairs thus slowing the line of advance.. One area where it did excel was it’s ability to accelerate and as such it was kept as close in Fleet CAP. The USN recognised this ability and tried to emulate it through the Bearcat, where speed, acceleration and time to height were key design principles.. Given all the above though the Seafire scores top marks for being better looking than all the other types...
  7. Pull up a high stool there, think we’ll sit at th3 bar for this one..
  8. You need @Dana Bell to confirm it but I think FAA Corsair MkI, II, III & IV is more related to the manufacturer. MkIIs I think we’re built by Vought, MkIII’s by Brewster and MkIVs Goodyear. Was KD780 a Goodyear built MkIV? Need to go to the Cave for my References...
  9. Go onto the Space X website to watch. Their coverage is usually very good. https://www.spacex.com/launches/
  10. I’m looking forward to this. I have a Fulmar in the stash which is going to be one that Jackie Sewell scored an Air to air victory in. Unfortunately the aircraft he flew with 806 NAS in late ‘40 / early ‘41 are poorly documented, but I have one. If you need info on Sewell give me a shout as I do have some bits.. Unfortunately Sewell, whilst in command of 1837 NAS was killed whilst formation flying, colliding with his wingman. Vought Corsair II JT190
  11. Nice job Ash, funnily enough the filler pattern on mine almost exactly matches the filler pattern on yours.. So we have either both done it right or both made the same mistake... See you are a Saints supporter. Leinster supporter here.
  12. I don’t think you need replace the engine unless you want it all on display. Add the ignition cables to the engine front then you’re done as that’s all you can see.. This was my first attempt at the Tamiya Kit, I didn’t get a good fit around the wing fold and it needs the flap covers (which keep the flap hinges covered) but if you zoom in on the engine, you’ll see how little is visible.. Remember FAA Corsairs were parked with flaps up. Good luck with your build..
  13. In August 1841 & 1842 on board HMS Formidable took part in Operation Goodwood. Is this the kind of thing you were after? I’m sure between the collective brain here we can get serials and ID letters https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205187019 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205157162
  14. That was my day yesterday, building the SH MkIII in the Spitfire / Seafire GB, and it will be my day next weekend building another MkIII for the Journeys end GB - but I am enjoying the build. Yours is coming on well, hope you are enjoying your build too...
  15. I’m up and running, my entry into the Journeys End GB is:- Supermarine Seafire LF III LR866/S121 887 NAS 24th NFW HMS IndefatigableJapan Aug-1945 On 15.08.45 2 x Mitshibushi A6M Zeros were destroyed, 0.5 Mitsibushi A6M Zero was shared destroyed by S/Lt Vic Lowden Flying this aircraft. This was the last dogfight fought by British & Commonwealth forces in WWII. This is the Special Hobby 1/48 Seafire III ‘Last fight over the Pacific’ boxing. Typical short run kit but if you take your time they build up really nicely. I am building this in tandem with another SH Seafire III ‘Eye of the Fleet’ over in the Spitfire, Seafire GB which is headed for the paint shop, so today was catch up time for LR866. Mandatory box & Sprue shots.. I got stuck into this model and forgot to photograph the cockpit... Sorry... Cockpit is out of the box, with some extra plumbing and bits and bobs added. Surprisingly, no grinding out the fuselage to fit the cockpit (this is SH not Tamiya), I fitted the rather lovely, well detailed cockpit, (as you can see I slightly miss aligned the instrument faces with the etched panel) by taping the fuselage along the top and fitting from underneath then Tamiya Extra Thin around all of the joins with some liquid sprue as reinforcement. This is where I got to, hoped to get a little further, but it’s okay progress. Well we’re off anyway, hope to be finished by the time of the 75th Anniversary of the Dogfight... Thank for looking in....
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