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  1. Grey Beema

    Ratch's 1/72 (1/76) Napoleonics

    You are making me want to go and look at acquiring some Napoleonics - "get thee behind me Satan...."... Nice work Ratch...
  2. Grey Beema

    Ideal Modelling Room

    My modelling gaff. Just moving in... Recent shot from front right corner back to book case.. You always need a bigger Cave... You could do with two rooms, one for the dirty dusty jobs, one for the clean jobs. While you can get away with not having a fridge, you do need internet access and a speaker system for you music / films...
  3. This Group Build was, for me, about a personal connection, my Great Grandfather fought with the Royal Engineers and survived WWI. Most of us must have some sort of similar connection with WWI. I too am usually a propellor man and an RN propellor man at that, which does necessitate having to build the occasional bi-plane with all their inherent complications but if you think of WWI the first thing that comes to mind is trenches, mud, infantry and huge losses. That's the reason I went way out of my comfort zone (and it shows) to a vignette representing the Division that my relative fought with. Something that would represent the desperate fighting and heavy losses that continued on until 1100 11/11/18. The impact of this GB is that I have my own tribute to the soldiers of WWI, I know a lot more about the 47th Division's war and a lot more about the final 6 months of the war, the German Spring Offensive and the Hundred Days Offensive. I would urge anyone to challenge themselves when modelling. Occasionally have a go at something you've not done before, the basic techniques are the same they just need adjusting... I am also considering doing more WWI figures - if I can get the right ones.. I am also thinking about the Airfix HMS Ark Royal re-issue but that's for another day.... Now where did I put that Grumman Martlet kit for the Grumman GB...
  4. Grey Beema

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    That may be the case but I got the crowbar colour right....
  5. Grey Beema

    Old English White?

    I just googled "Morris Old English White Paint" and a number of options came up. SO you might want to try that..
  6. Thanks Roger, I like the flesh sets - I might get me one of those. I do like large scale figures but finding nice figures at a reasonable price is always a struggle. BTW - Not sure if you meant it - "90mm is a bit of a tall order"... I did some large large scale figures about 30 years ago now.... But I've lost my touch since then but are there any pointers for 75 or 90mm WWI figures?
  7. Just to finish out the thread I will put up the same photos that are in the gallery. You never know, someone, someday might want to find out about the 47th Division... Things I learned - Paint eyes better - use @Roger Newsome advice above. Assemble more of the figures before painting to save repainting. Necks need to fit better and I missed a moulding seam on the head of one of the soldiers. Need a better flesh paint to make the face less anaemic looking The other thing about these figures is that neither Gas Mask haversacks, Canteens and Mess tins were not included. I wish I could find nice WWI figures in 90mm as a next project but I might consider some of these... https://tommyswar.co.uk/product/tw32041-sergeant-8th-bn-london-regiment/ https://tommyswar.co.uk/product/tw32s03-gassed/ Thanks for looking in...
  8. Grey Beema

    Academy 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B

    Could I suggest you use something very low tac (post it note) to protect the markings even once they are sealed. Even if you then tape that down with masking tape - don't ask me how I know this but it is worth considering..
  9. Grey Beema

    Jaffa Cakes.

    I'm with Lasemonkey, do not leave Jaffas anywhere near me if you ever want to see them again... To preserve my beach body(!) I just don't buy them....
  10. Not nearly as fine as the models but here is my contribution the this very fine Group Build. My Great Grandfather, Arthur James Atkinson, a 39 year old Plumber from Battersea, volunteered in 1915 and joined the 4th Field Company Royal Engineers (TF), later renamed to 518th (4th London) Field Company which served with 47th (2nd London) Division. The Division served at Vimmy Ridge, Ypres, Somme, Messines, 3rd battle of Ypres and on into Germany. Great Grandad certainly served at Ypres, Somme, Messiness & 3rd battle of Ypres at some point he transferred to 9th Scottish Division but unfortunately we do not know which Field Company (63rd, 64th or 90th) and when. He finished the war in Cologne and was demobbed in Feb 1919. I am reading an account of the 47th Divisions actions and have the war diaries of 518th Field Company, trust me life would not have been easy for a 39 year old Plumber in WWI. I wanted to do an Infantry related build and thought the Masterbox set offered some nice looking figures. I have completed this set as:- 'B' Company, 8th Battalion, The London regiment (Post Office RIfles), part of the 140th Infantry Brigade, 47th (2nd)London Division, Battle of Pilkem Ridge 31st Jul to 2nd Aug 1917 (part of the 3rd Battle of Ypres). The scene is represents the picket returning to the second line trench after holding the line. The figures are all out of the box, some straps have been replaced with aluminium foil but that's about it. I hope you like it.. Thank you for arranging and administering this very important Group Build. Congratulations to all who have contributed so far - there is some really great modelling here. Lastly, thank you everyone for your support and encouragement..
  11. Hi Roger, That is a useful tip about the eyes and I will use that tip if and when I do figures again, thank you. There is also something about outlining the bottom of the eye red to make it look more tired. As you can see figures are not really my forte although I did enjoy this build and some of the reading and research - aeroplanes are more my thing (actually I'm not much better at them). I would consider doing WWI figure again (Tommy's War do some really nice resin figures) but would prefer a larger more imposing models (90mm would be good). I have been doing some tinkering today and have decided I am done. Off the the gallery with it, the next project is calling, back to aero modelling for the Grumman Group Build...
  12. Great idea but what would it have been named? During WWII British built FAA fighters were named after birds, Skua, Fulmar, Gannet, Martlet, etc bombers were named after fish, Swordfish, Albacore, Barracuda, Tarpon etc. So what might the Turkey have been called in RN service if not Tomcat? I'm going to discount Blue Footed Booby and go for Grumman Puffin FGR1
  13. They look really nice individually but en-mass they are superb Ratch. Their charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo (like most of the heavy cavalry) was a great display of youth and enthusiasm... I assume you are using them for gaming are you..
  14. I will make a couple of observations about the main photograph. Is that a wooden planked deck? If so, didn't the Fleet Carries (HMS Furious & HMS Victorious) have steel decks that were not planked - so is this an Escort carrier not a fleet carrier? What Escort carriers did the Corsairs operate from for Tungsten? HMS Emperor - Hellcats HMS Fencer - Swordfish & Wildcats HMS Persuer - Wildcats HMS Searcher - Wildcats Also there is a second Barracuda parked to the right of the Martlet (you can just see its wing tip). I am also not sure this is a Tungsten Picture.. However HMS Nabob & HMS Trumpeter who were involved in Goodwood both had Tarpons/Avengers for mine laying and Wildcats. HMS Formidable carried 30 Corsairs & Barracudas but no Tarpons/Avengers (needs confirmation as this is a Wiki source). Suprisingly to me (I looked it up earlier) the Tarpon went into action with the FAA a couple of months before the Barracuda - Now who would have thought that...
  15. @Corsairfoxfouruncle but it doesn't explain the shines new looking Tarpon....