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  1. I can’t even visualise this colour. I know it’s not accurate but is there are RGB value so I can put it on my computer screen and compare it to FAA Sky?
  2. I can’t get Colourcoats either Gord and I live a lot closer. Can’t get them from Uk, Netherlands won’t ship them here either, Germany & Denmark didn’t have them. I usually use Xtracrylics and looked at Hataka as an alternative that I can source from Europe but they are lighter than Xtracrylics. Neither range has Sky equivalent in their range either... So I’m looking for a mix too...
  3. Since I bought that book I have long meant to go back and add the comment. Thank you for that @Troy Smith. BTW SLt Douglas Smith?
  4. I understand though it couldn’t chase down a He111, and was far outpaced by S.79s and Ju88s although they did have some success. As has been said - right place, right time..
  5. Looks grand. Put the canopy on and take a look then.. you might need to put a bit of wiring on the back shelf to busy it up a bit but beware... I built the Tamiya 1/48 NFII as a MkXIII. Spent time adding junction boxes to the rear of the cockpit, and cable runs on the cockpit walls etc. Once you put the canopy on you couldn’t see any of it....
  6. According to the FAA SLt Hogg - 4 Destroyed 8 Shared destroyed.
  7. Several. Fulmar destroyed more E/A than any other type (might be all other types). 806 NAS were the top scoring Squadron. The Pilots named below were some of the top scoring pilots of the FAA. All of them scored some or all of their victories flying the Fulmar:- SG Orr 806 WL Barnes 806 RC Tillard 808 AJ Sewell 806 RA Brabner 806 / 805 RC Hay 801 GA Hogg 806 JM Bruen 803 PDJ Sparke 806 CLG Evans 806 EWT Taylor 800 / 808 ILF Lowe 806 Now the downside. Figuring out which Fulmar ain’t so easy... Get a copy of “806 Naval Air Squadron” by Brian Cull & Fredrick Galea. It’s a good read but please note I have had issue trying to corroborate the serial numbers he talks about in the book. Osprey Aircraft - “Royal Navy Aces of World War 2” Andrew Thomas is also a good starting point for FAA in WW2 Just beware though, I have built a Fulmar (1/48 Special Hobby) for SG Orr and another for WL Barnes and have three further in the stash (Brabner, Bruen and Sewell)... One is never enough...
  8. The last picture shows the intermediate blue in the wing fold with some Sky overspray and the flap gap covers in place... Also in the first picture there looks like a white halo around the Roundel. Is this just a trick of the screen? Or has the picture colours been enhanced?
  9. Sorry of course you are going TSS. Lost the plot there... I’ll stick with MU underside colour (whatever it was)... Yes, thank you Gord, I did get the article. Need to print it up and put it in my reference files. Thanks again..
  10. I just checked “The Time Capsule Fighter Corsair KD431 “ had GSB sprayed undercarriage and bay.
  11. I think FAA usually went for underside colour in the wheel wells, so I would assume GSB. Note this is a gloss finish so there is probably some reflection in that picture. Of interest is the weathering on the flaps in Jacks picture..
  12. I think the radio fit was different too for FAA Hellcats. No pictures though..
  13. I would like to build a model of JT410 myself at some point (it’s in the stash) and I have a Wildcat V to build (which I think was an FM-1 build and was also painted equivalent colours). I am considering moving from Xtracrylics to Colourcoats and I would like to check some paint equivalents. I think these two are self evident but I’m not sure about the third. Sky 71-021 - Colourcoats ACRN36 - US equivalent Sky 71-021 Dark Olive Drab 1071-028. - Colourcoats ACRN35 - Olive Drab BS381C-298 Sea Gray 71-19324 - ? @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Could you help me please?
  14. It’s an old model now, and there are mistakes in the aircraft so I will build it again once I’ve built the completed the collection correcting the mistakes.. JX772/X119 1844 NAS flown by a distant cousin who was handy in a Hellcat..
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