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  1. Nothing wrong with Blackburn aircraft, I have a sleek and svelte Skua on the bench at the moment.... Looks fast even when sitting still...
  2. I fenced in the same club as @Epeeman but some 20 odd years ago..
  3. Me and the view out the front, inverted and going down hill fast in a Spitfire.
  4. HSame as @lasermonkey, I had a good look at the ORB and the aircraft letter is not mentioned, nor is it in SLt Dawson-Paul’s Combat reports. If ever there is any definitive proof one way or another I would gladly update my information. There was also a thread on here where it was discussed.. These are the air to air victories Frank D-P scored in L1035.. 07.07.40 (2030) Me110 2miles NE Rouen, (Blue 2) Vickers Supermarine Spitfire I L1035/SH*(Unknown) Note: The Me110 claimed was probably 3U+GS – whilst its pilot Obfw Willi Meyer was rescued, his gunner Gfr Willi Rohde w
  5. Looks good. I went down the same route with my MkXIII. Strong (and sharp). They also stop you you picking up the aircraft up but the wing tip... ..
  6. I got frustrated with similar behaviour so now, if I’m doing a significant update, I usually write it in notes on my iPad then copy and paste. Your Hurricane is coming on a treat. Some great modelling in there. Keep at it.. I have done a couple of 242 Hurricanes myself in the past (Airfix 1/48). Aircraft flown by SLt R Cork & SLt J Gardner when they were seconded to the RAF in July ‘40.
  7. Cheers Tony, I have two specifically in mind to do. Hawker Sea Hurricane IIb JS355. 800 NAS HMS Bitter Operation Torch Nov 1942. 8.11.42. DW520 Destroyed over Oran airfield. Flown by LtCdr JM Bruen (Which means I would have a Skua, Fulmar, Sea Hurricane I & Sea Hurricane IIb all used by him to score air to air victories) Hawker Sea Hurricane IIb AG334. 800 NAS HMS Bitter Operation Torch Nov 1942. 08.11.42 2 x DW520 destroyed La Senia near Oran. Flown by SLt RM Crosley (I would have a Sea Hurricane IIb and D-Day Seafire III used by him to score air
  8. Lovely job as usual @tonyot. Excellently finished. Don’t pay any heed to the ‘Experts’. An ‘Ex’ is a has been and a ‘Spurt’ is a drip under pressure! I know a bit about lots of things, I am an expert at nothing and I know how to ask for help.. I’m hoping Arma bring out the IIb in 1/48, I have a couple of Airfix rear fuselage undersides and arrester hooks waiting to be grafted on to the kit to build a couple of Operation Torch Sea Hurricanes.
  9. Lovely builds. Low volume high quality, I like your style, “treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen”. Super finishing, I looking forward to your next build..
  10. Thanks for the mention @Troy Smith I’m only really scratching the surface - @iang is the real expert but I do a lot of looking at photos and asking daft questions on Britmodeller. Here is a photo from the Imperial war museum on line collection which I think will add to the confusion but illustrates Troy’s point. I believe this to be 800 Sqn aircraft and 880 Sqn aircraft on board HMS Indomitable rather than 885 on HMS Victorious I may well be wrong but it is similar to other photos I have seen. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205185912 800 NAS
  11. Great collection there CC. Fabulous work, love the Navy Cabs and I think you are inspiring me to give my Stan Orr Tungsten bird a repaint..
  12. Bit of a low mojo year for me. My Hobby Room is now my office, so spending leisure time in there is not high on my agenda (first world problems hey?). Only four completed this year. A Hurricane and a Skua waiting to be sprayed but hopefully they will be in 2021 year book. Here is what was finished though. Hope you enjoy them. Hawker Hurricane I (Trop.) W9327 OL*W 806 NAS Royal Navy Fighter Squadron, 269 Wing RAF. Sidi Haneish, Egypt. 20.11.41 3 x Ju87 Destroyed. Hawker Hurricane I (Trop.) W9327 OL*W 20.11.41 Shot down by a 'friendly' tomahaw
  13. A very productive year, both quality and quantity. I don’t know how you do it..
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