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  1. Thank goodness for the Bank Holiday. More work done on the Skua today. Got the cockpit organised and installed today. As usual with a Special Hobby kit I made some tabs to align the fuselage, then it was a case of wedging all the bits in, taping it all together, squeezing it tight and running extra tin around the joints. I have brushed some liquid sprue into the joints too to try and strengthen them up. So here is what we have so far, leaving it for tonight to cure.. Left of cockpit, throttle quadrant, throttle and fuel mix. Cylinder control is undercart
  2. Can I sit in on this one? I started a similar conversion years back. I was trying to figure out how to cut all of the square windows (window configuration seems to change a lot). My plan, if I get back to it, is to spice clear plastic card into the fuselage and mask off the windows (on the grounds I can cut tape more accurately than the fuselage plastic). What mark of Sandringham are you going to do? Do you have nose and tail plugs? Are you going to replace the engines?
  3. Mind if I sit in on this one? I have a Skua going on in this GB but I like to see these new fangled designs take shape.. Good luck with your build.
  4. Got a bit more done on the Skua today, not a lot to show for 6 hours but At least it was 6 hrs not thinking about work, the state of the nation et al. Anyway here’s what I did today. I prepped the pilots cockpit and TAG cockpit. Made the bomb selector panels, radio control panels and morse key on the right side of the pilots cockpit. Mixture and undercarriage controls on the left and throttle quadrant, couple of other instruments on the left side and did some wiring. I remade the rear bulk head of the TAG cockpit. A photo I was
  5. I hope the same team does not work on the SS Richard Montgomery - that would be rather upsetting for the neighbours...
  6. Telegraphist Air Gunner - the Gunner also acted as Radio man.. This is one I made earlier which was flown by Lt Lucy during the Norway campaign. The radio is under the Lewis gun (unfortunately I don’t have a photo) but I need to recheck whether they were set into the rear wall of the cockpit (as per Special Hobby) or was the structure there open and the radios bolted on some sort of shelf arrangement.
  7. I hope you don’t mind me joining in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations Group Build with this offering. I am going to build the Special Hobby 1/48 Blackburn Skua using the ‘Norwegian Campaign’ boxing but it will be built as L2927/A of 803 NAS HMS Ark Royal, Mediterranean Aug ‘40. I’ll talk later in the build about why this particular aircraft but for now here are a paltry starting efforts. First off the box and sprue shots. Not many parts.. I thought I would start with the engine. Crankcase, cylinders
  8. Lovely job. It is actually a bit of a celebrity aircraft FN112/Ø7D. 888 NAS HMS Formidable. Op Torch. Lt DM Jeram used this aircraft on 06.11.42 to destroy a Bloch 175 Shadower and on 09.11.42 he was avian flying this aircraft when he shared in the destruction of a Ju88 (Italian Markings with German crew).
  9. Maybe this is down to Joseph Smith’s intervention. I think Smith does not get the recognition he deserves.. Lovely job on that Seafire. Nicely finished. I have two in the stash and the Mk47 and a Sea Fury I must get round to doing a Post-War / Korea theme build...
  10. There were three Fighter and one TRB Squadron assigned to HMS Formidable for Torch.. I know 885 NAS Seafire IIb Ø6 888 NAS Martlet IV Ø7 Ido not know the number for 893 NAS Martlet IV Ø(?) Perhaps @iang can help..
  11. In short Yes. Just took this so hope it helps. Photo of the real aircraft in the background (the earlier picture I put up was my model) with my model in front showing the port side. Note I haven’t seen a photo of the port side of this particular aircraft but it is based on other aircraft in 888 NAS. Also look at box art - another Formidable Martlet..
  12. Check out the order of the Unit markings as well. The Order was strict in the FAA. Carrier/Squadron/Aircraft I’d. Ø=Formidable, 7=888 NAS, D=Aircraft. Both side should read Ø7D in that order. How they are arranged around the roundel/star is not necessarily fixed.. I converted the Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 to make the same aircraft representing Jeram in my collection (I’m currently working on his BoB Hurricane)..
  13. Lovely work. Including the handle. There is also a grab rail on the inside of the lower version. Good the BPF version, bit of fading never did anyone any harm... But first you should do a Fulmar maybe...
  14. Photo from the Imperial War Museum Collection from about the same period. I’d say your figure would do.. It is a nice figure. I might get one to use with my WWII BPF aircraft. Sand a couple of pockets off and it’s there..
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