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  1. Remember you can always ask for help on here. I am sure you will get many helpful suggestions if you get stuck. I'm going to have a go at a vignette - gawd help us all!!!!
  2. Superb looking Rich. Looks a great finish from here. I wouldn't worry too much about fading - how long did they wear the scheme for?
  3. Coming on really well... Looking forward to see it in the gallery...
  4. I think make yourself a small template for the wavy demarkation and use that to transcribe onto the masking tape. I love this build - great work @trickyrich.. I think the Viggie looks so good in the Camouflage..
  5. Your Hellcats look really good. I think high gloss just looks wrong and that there were be a mix of buffed and worn areas. Looking at FAA aircraft on board they do seem to be a worn Matt finish. I'm not sure if they started that way though or whether it's the conditions the picture was taken in. You could try polishing the leading edges and forward fuselage with a piece of kitchen paper towel, this will buff those parts and give a nice mixed finish...
  6. Grey Beema

    Seafire Ib from the Med

    I converted the Revel 1/72 MkV to a Seafire II. I did the shark mouth one (I just happened to have the decals) and fancied a clipped wing Seafire. It was a fun 2 day build which one day I might finish. TBH I didn't bother with the full wing. The aircraft is modelled in flight and the way it's turning in the cabinet, you cannot see the underwing.. I also built the Special Hobby 1/48 Seafire II in Op Torch Markings which was a much more satisfying build...
  7. Grey Beema

    1/48 Seafire XVII

    After the war aircraft seem to be kept very clean. I would put some light exhaust staining and leave it at that. You have an excellent finish aped the model look superb. So I don't think I would change it.. Great job, well done..
  8. Grey Beema

    1/48 Fleet Air Arm Figure

    I have nothing to add but my support. I would like 1/48 sets of WWII Pilots and Ground Crew figures myself. Pilots in Working rig and Flight gear, American Overalls or British shirt and shorts with Mae Wests and British Parachute harness etc... Ground crew dressed for various weather conditions.
  9. Grey Beema

    Today is the Big Day

    Sorted - Leinster Rugby beat Munster Rugby to get to the Final of the Pro 14. Now we have played Scarlets four times this season and beaten them thrice. Next Saturday then to see who is the Pro 14 Champions. Tickets bought but we'll need to play better than we did today to win the final.... Suppose that's another Saturday not working on my Carriers ahoy group build...
  10. Grey Beema

    Today is the Big Day

    Whilst down south - big event of the day... Rugby Pro 14 Semi final - Leinster (European Champions 2018) v Munster here in the RDS... Rugby, Beer and Sunshine - such a rare occurrence for us Rugby fans... Winner takes on Scarlets next weekend in the Final...
  11. Grey Beema

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    Looks like a nice kit and seems to be building nicely. I know you'll finish it well and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. Not sure I like the indents for the wing root pylon mounting though. Did the MkII have them? Most pictures of the MkII pics I have seen show the aircraft with the centre line mounted tanks. I think that the model represents the MkIV with the twin pylons although (and someone with more knowledge than myself in a minute) the differences were very small, weren't MkIV built by Brewster or something and delivered in GSB rather than TSS. At the end of the war the MKIV mostly equipped the Naval Fighter Wings of HMS Formidable and Victorious and the Light Fleet Carrier force assembled in Australia preparing for Operation Olympic.
  12. Do what Killingholme said put it away for a while then come back to it. I have some foam sanding pads I bought from the local car factors. They are used for polishing paint finishes on cars and can be used wet or dry. Judicious use might be the way ahead. Little bit at a time and good luck...
  13. Grey Beema

    Airfix "Biggin Hill" locomotive kit questions

    The Air Smooth casing was not aerodynamic as in the case of the Coronations and A4s but was there to reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements in war time. The Locos had to be designed as Mixed traffic locos as design, development and build of purely passenger locos during wartime would not have been allowed. The rebuilding was more than just removal of the Air Smooth casing it also replaced the Bullied designed chain driven valve gear and its oil bath, which gave maintenance problems. Replacing it with Walschaerts valve gear which was considered more reliable. Interestingly my brother used to work on restored MNs, WCs & BoBs both rebuilt and unrebuilt and said had the better seals that are now available been available at the time then reliability would have been better and rebuild probably wouldn't have happened. Now back to my aeroplanes...
  14. Cheers Tony, I have a Sea Hurricane and Hellcat I in progress at the moment (Carrier Ahoy GB) - but I an very interested in this Hurricane as Charlton is not currently represented in my collection as yet and would be a welcome addition and something that is a bit different from the Temperate Sea Scheme..