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  1. Good luck with this one Roger, welcome to the wacky world of the Martlet. I’m interested to see how this kit goes together, I’ve heard good things about it. Now it the were to do a Martlet IV....
  2. Thank you @Troy Smith, I have got into the habit of printing the useful info and putting it in the box of upcoming builds. You then know where it is when you want it. For the model, I think I will score the fuselage along the inside level with the lower longeron taking some material out to produce the curve. Good note about the length of the insert. I'll make a note of that also. As it is going to be built as part of a GB in the new year - I'll photograph as I go and validate with you. I also not that none of 800 Squadron seemed to have carried an aircraft recognition letter. As far as JS355 goes, I have only ever seen that one picture so haven't even thought as far spools yet. I can't see any evidence of spools but at the angle of the shot you can't see it anyway. It's also notable Cdr JM Bruen who flew JS355 was born just down the road from where I live here in Dublin (before I moved to Dublin I was a Burgess Hill boy, so local to you). To date I have built a Skua and Sea Hurricane, I am going to build Fulmar N1951/6A (with origami) and Sea Hurricane IIb JS355 after Christmas once completed, I will have built every identifiable aircraft in which Bruen scored arial victories.
  3. Thank you @Troy Smith. Now to print this out and put it up in the cave..
  4. I intend to build JS355 just after Christmas but in 1/48 combing the Hasegawa IIB and the Airfix belly insert (the aircraft was flown by Lt Cdr JM Bruen). AG334 was flown by Lt M Crosley during Torch also off HMS Biter so I assumed it was also a IIB - but was it?
  5. The advantage of this kit too is that the fuselage/spar/wing joint is so good, you can leave the wings off until after painting and markings then attach with no real remedial work. This helps with masking demarcation lines and the weathering of the inside of the engine cowlings.
  6. I understand (but can’t remember where I read it) that there was a fusing issue with Rodney’s 16 inch shells and that they punched right through Bismarck without exploding, including through the citadel. I don’t know how correct this is though.
  7. Lovely Corsair. Nicely finished and I like your Martlet too. Corsair looks nice and fresh and you are right not to clip the wings for a MkI. There have been several threads about this but Vought painted their aircraft in US equivalent colours. Olive Drab, Dark Sea Grey and Sky Grey. Whereas Olive Drab and Dark Sea Grey colours are reasonably well understood, Sky Grey is open to interpretation (can of worms opened). I did a mass purchase of Colour Coates, including US equivalent paints, earlier this year I’ll be painting up a Corsair but it’ll be later ‘23 before I get around to it..
  8. Could you try a Coping Saw - similar to a hacksaw but with a deeper frame?
  9. I guess I need to commit to what I am building here:- I think I am going to build an example to the highest scoring Fleet Air Arm fighter of WWII. 803 NAS Fairey Fulmar MkI N1951/6A flown by Cdr JM Bruen (well the Aces High GB didn't make it, so I'll fold it in here) (1/48 Special Hobby). I might also attempt (am I getting too ambitious) Cdr Bruens Sea Hurricane IIb JS355 from Operation Torch if I can get some Hurricane input from @Troy Smith on the improvements to the Has IIb kit (I'll be inserting the lower rear fuselage section of the Airfix Sea Hurricane).
  10. Super job (as always) Roger. I love the finishing and fading..
  11. IPMS Ireland won the Best Overseas Display.
  12. I would try Jamie. He usually has this sort of information.. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies
  13. All gave some, some gave all.
  14. Looks great Roger. Nothing like a Stringbag and finished, rather superbly, just on the right day..
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