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  1. Good job Alain, do your dances for mr please, I’m at the same stage, decals going on today...
  2. Nice collection. Combining on really well. You need to add Fulmars though. No Collection can be complete without the FAAs top scoring aircraft.. Is it just FAA aircraft or is the a subset in that? For example my collection is based around the top scoring pilots. I’m trying to build aircraft flown by the top FAA Aces in their aerial victories. It’s taking time and a lot of research I can assure you..
  3. Vought used “Equivalent” colours. I think the colours were:- Olive Drab, Dark Sea Grey & Sky Grey (Not the Sky Light green we know) There are a couple of threads on Britmodeller worth taking a look at. Here is one... Great research by @JackG.. BTW I was going to do this same aircraft. - I’ll go and find something different (maybe rebuild Hellcat JX772/X119..
  4. Great work so far John. Are you building it ‘Flaps Down’ or ‘Flaps Up’ John? I’m curious because I want to see how you are going to cover the covers that go flush with the Flaps in the Up configuration..
  5. Thanks @Troy Smith, I’m in the ha’penny place of knowledge compared with the others you name but here goes anyway. I’m going to start with this link to @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats web site, which gives a handy guide to interior colours. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/pages/us-navy-usmc-aircraft-colours-around-ww2 I don’t see why there would be much deviation from the list above. Frequently you see the light grey of the cowling interior and U/C area referred to as Grumman Grey. I am not sure if the Cockpit Bronze Green was replaced by MAP Interior green, perhaps one of the others can confirm. The Grumman exterior colour match exactly to the Air Ministry colours so no equivalent colours required UNLESS you are building a Wildcat V or VI which as Troy stated were built by Eastern (Except for the first few (I’m not sure of the number) MkVs built by Grumman). The exterior paint matches are due to Grumman having a contract for Wildcat provision before the US entry into the war and MAP specifying the colour match. I assume that MkV & MkVI production was moved to Eastern to allow Grumman to concentrate on Hellcat production. Eastern aircraft used equivalent colours for their aircraft which, I understand was Olive Drab, Sea Grey, Sky (not MAP sky), I think these are the same as you would use on a Corsair. Grumman Hellcat MkI & MkII continue to be supplied to the FAA in colours matching TSS until the move to GSB in 1945.. I hope I’ve managed to help..
  6. I know that feeling about adding detail. I decided to build a Revel 1/72 Wessex HAS3 OOB but then thought it really needed a dipping sonar. For your walrus take a look at this and the associated link within.. Supermarine Walrus MkII, 'Darby', HMS Victorious - Ready for Inspection - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com
  7. Well, if you are thinking an unofficial Swordfish micro group build, let me know. It just so happens I have a MkII in the stash which I was planning on building next year (once the Sea Harrier & Avenger are completed). I have something Canadian (& FAA) to build from July and as I am a slow builder that could complete out my year. If it’s the Airfix 1/48 Walrus you are building, you’ll enjoy that. It really is a lovely kit, well engineered. The best one I’ve seen is @85sqn model. Here is my paltry offering (we actually modelled the same aircraft)
  8. Perfect - thank you Phoenix. I am going to copy, print and keep that in my references. If I can get it anywhere near as good as yours I'd be happy.. Practice, practice, practice...
  9. The 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sabre had all of the handling of a hatchet. Decision made was that British Cavalry should use the Chop / Slash rather than the thrust of European Cavalry. Often the tips of the Heavy Cavalry Sabre were ground blunt so that it could not be thrust. It is my understanding that some Troopers had a point re-ground onto the blade just before Waterloo to allow the point attack. I also understand that the French complained about the 1796 Light Cavalry Pattern Sabre. It had a hatchet tip (basically a widening of the blade near the tip, which added weight at the tip and made it very effective in the chop /slash mode). A weapon that I would like to build a collection around,,
  10. Brilliant - I really like it. How did you do the collector ring? Can I rob the process?
  11. Hi Carl, Any idea how I can get a copy of that article here in Ireland. I built an Eduard 1/48 Hellcat II as JX772/X119 but it is riddled with mistakes and I want to rebuild it. I have also built JW867/W116 in which Bill Atkinson didn’t shoot down a ”Mytr” (Bill Foster got it)...
  12. There are a lot of Foreign & Commonwealth Aircrew in the FAA. This is just from my own collection based around FAA Top scouring fighter pilots. John Bruen - Irish Don Sheppard - Canadian Edward Wilson - Irish / South African Bill Atkinson - Canadian (my distant cousin) William Martyn - Canadian There was of course a mainly Dutch piloted Hellcat Squadron - 804? Have a butchers at the IWM Phot collection. But in most squadrons had pilots from other Allied countries. My own father remembers being in a group in training that was made up of British, Polish, Dutch and Free French sailors during training..
  13. Hi Dave, I’m currently building the same aircraft from the same kit. I have had the same fit issues you have, which surprised me really due to the reputation this kit came with. I am sure it can be hammered together and make a passable model of the Shar.. Good luck and keep going..
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