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  1. Bit more of a look at Sturtivant - Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945 couple of updates to what I wrote. 24.01.45 Ki-43 'Oscar' Destroyed, Ki-44 'Tojo' Destroyed. Vought Corsair II JT427/T*RH 29.01.45 Ki-43 'Oscar' Shared Destroyed, Ki-44 'Tojo' Shared Destroyed. Vought Corsair II JT/427/T*RH I have not see a photo of JT427 with T*RH but I did find a 1/72 set of Meridian decals which show T*RH. Just remember @Troy Smith tag line about finding a photograph. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/forgotten-operations---meridian-1945-dpc72023-dp-casper-decals-dpc72023-aircraft-scale-modelling-decals/product/?action=prodinfo&art=120025
  2. I haven’t seen an EDSG/Sky Corsair and don’t know the logic of it not being TSS (DSG/EDSG/Sky) a photo would be nice. I think ‘T’ was an HMS Victorious ID letter as 1836 NAS would have carried it when on board Victorious. I obviously need to go and do more research..
  3. This is what I have on Ronnie Hay:- Although the official record shows Hay had 4 confirmed destroyed the info I have shows 5 but I think that’s my mistake and I need to go back and do some more research, I think he had more shared claims in ‘45. He didn’t make a claim in a Roc as far as I know. @iang probably has far better info than I. NAS 801 HMS Ark Royal Norway 4.40. 27.04.40 He111 Shared Destroyed. Blackburn Skua II (Serial Unknown) A7P 808 NAS HMS Ark Royal Mediterranean Dec 40-Nov 41. 08.05.41 SM79 Destroyed. Fairey Fulmar (Unknown) 10.44. Operations over Sumatra & Nicobar Islands. Vought Corsair II JT427/RH. Figure 10 Vought Corsair II JT427/RH, 47th Naval Fighter Wing, HMS Victorious, Oct 44 24.01.45 Ki-43 'Oscar' Destroyed, Ki-44 'Tojo' Destroyed. Vought Corsair II (). 29.01.45 Ki-43 'Oscar' Destroyed, Ki-44 'Tojo' Destroyed. Vought Corsair II (). Hope that helps
  4. Thanks @Troy Smith saw your post last week and remembered...
  5. Not sure if you’re doing undercart down and step down but if you are the hand hold half way up the fuselage and level with the trailing edge has a flap that opens when the step is pulled down. Have to do this on my own Trop version.
  6. I have decided I am going to attempt Corsair II JT410/T8*H flown by SLt Don Sheppard whilst with NAS 1836 HMS Victorious Jan 1945. I have already built JT537/P136 that he flew in May 1945 so it will complete both aircraft he had air victories flying. Weathered faded TSS for me... Operation Lentil Jan-1945. 04.01.45 0850 2*Ki43 Oscar Destroyed. Operation Meridian I Jan-1945. 24.01.45 0850 Ki44 Tojo Destroyed. 29.01.45 Ki43 Oscar Shared Destroyed. All JT537/P136 Operation Iceberg May-1945. D4Y ‘Judy’Destroyed 04.05.45. JT537/P136.
  7. I find this site quite useful for identifying the ratios of the various types of roundel. http://www.renohighrollers.com/images/British Roundels.pdf Not to open a can of worms but it would be good to know which is the best available colour match acrylic paint...
  8. Try and build more than the 3 I built last year. I have committed to 6 GBs this year and my plan is to complete those builds, additional as the GBs don’t start until Feb I’m building the Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Ia Trop. to keep my eye in....
  9. Great job, BPF - the Forgotten Fleet. I rather like this kit, I’ve built three and have another in the stash..
  10. Did a couple of Tungsten Hellcats myself. SLt Ritchie’s aircraft to the fore with LtCdr Orr’s aircraft behind. Ritchie shot down a FW190 using this aircraft (subject to debate) and shared an He115 with Orr who was flying the aircraft behind..
  11. Thanks CC - Happy New Year to you... I had a quick look at at the Imperial War Museums Photo Collection and the caption against the photo is:- “Fleet Air Arm Chance-Vought Corsair fighters, with Fairey Barracuda torpedo bombers behind, ranged on the flight deck of HMS FORMIDABLE, off Norway.” Here is another shot from the same sequence https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205156619
  12. As above but when you come to start airbrushing, stick a ‘Post It note’ just out of the area to be painted. When you start spraying, start it on the Post It then spray down onto the area. It just eases any problem with the start of your spray run..
  13. Great work there Tony, makes my three completions for the year look a bit pathetic..
  14. I used the Blackbird nose for my MkXIII. My understanding is that the Universal nose was introduced around and about HK500 (I have a discussion thread See below).
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