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  1. Didn’t happen for me, not that it’s a concern..
  2. Externally FAA Corsairs also had two small intakes on each side of the fuselage to vent carbon monoxide from the fuselage and one under the fuselage. Seat belts and radio fit were different too but it doesn’t really make a difference to your model but look at photos of the aerials as FAA Corsairs seem to have a mix of whip aerials and an aerial mast. Fundekals have some interesting notes which show some of the details which are well worth a look..
  3. The marking is a G Marking introduced about Jan ‘45. Basically it was a Carrier Air Group recognition symbol. I have a photograph of VT17 Avengers with the same marking. Marking was replicated on both wing tips too.. The marking was difficult to describe over the R/T which is why they were dropped and letters introduced instead (just like in the FAA)...
  4. Could you do something like this? This particular model is a 1/48 Seafire but I have same sized base for a 1/48 Mossie... A base for each aircraft, a small loop of wire over the axle to wire it through the base then you could put this on an angled frame at any angle you want. You might find one of those plate stand things for that..
  5. Thanks again for you support and your way to kind words. I need to go finish my BoB Hurricane and 1940 Skua now...
  6. IPMS Ireland have an ongoing TV & Movie Group Build going on at the moment which I decided to join. Those that know me know that I’m a strict Fleet Air Arm 1/48th modeller so I’m going out on a limb a bit to model to Grumman J2F-6 Duck used in the film Murphy’s War starring Peter O’Toole, using the old Airfix Grumman Duck Kit. I know this aircraft has been covered a couple of times by other members of this parish but this is my version. I studied lots of stills from the film and came to the conclusion that there were two aircraft used to make the film with small de
  7. Looks good. I recently built the Revel 1/72 Sopwith Triplane for a bit of fun build. My collection is 1/48 so I’ll be interested in how your build goes as at some point I would like to add a RNAS Pup, Triplane and Camel. The rigging of the Triplane is not too demanding, getting a clear diagram is the hardest part..
  8. Grey Beema

    Blackburn Skua

    I can remove this if you want me to but here is my rendition of Lucy’s L2925/F. 1/48 Special Hobby I am currently working on L2927/A flown by JM Bruen using the same kit..
  9. This is my representation of a Seafire that took part in the last British & Empire dogfight in WWII. As you can see it is equipped with a 90 Gallon slipper tank. At least one of the Seafires had trouble releasing the tank (not this one though)..
  10. Stunning. I could never achieve anything of that quality.
  11. Hellcats were always in short supply in the FAA (I think if there were more there would have been fewer Seafires) there was an agreement between Grumman/FAA at some point that they would take them in GSB rather than TSS. JZ935 was delivered 17.01.45 and in the photo in Aug ‘45 it is GSB with the British Pacific Fleet Roundel and Bar. I’m not sure if it was delivered in GSB or if the FAA painted any from TSS to Blue and if so - which blue. This is where we need the experts. Getting rid of the red was supposed to reduce confusion with Japanese markings and the bars (i
  12. Todate I have built two MkIs and a MkII JX772/X119 which was flown by a distant cousin who was quite handy with a Hellcat. There are stills from a film of Corsairs on board Formidable one of which shows Hellcat 119. It looks in better nick than mine does, so at some point I will either rebuild or repaint. Anyway, checking Fleet Air Arm Aircraft - Sturtivant & Burrow I see that the barrier crash for JZ935/W145 of which there are photos) when flown by S/Lt Speak is dated 05.08.45, long after Iceberg, in fact I think Indomitable was heading back to Australia at that time. I’
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