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  1. I like it. I think it looks good. I like the way that the washes are concentrated around removable panels and not along permanent joins..
  2. I would be interested in the answer to that myself. I will also have to stalk Ian G for the side number of Hellcat JX762 1844 NAS 06.04.45 or JW779 1839 NAS 12.04.45 to get the specific aircraft I am looking for...
  3. Next payday I think I'm paying a visit to my LHS......
  4. Looking good. Do the placards only come in the Airscale set of do Airfix provide decals for those?
  5. Nice transformation Clive. Question if I may? Are you using track power or are they battery locos, if so what control mechanism do you use? Do you have to go around with a track rubber before each running session?
  6. I watched episode 1 & 2 last night. It is quite narrowing but also compelling..
  7. Looks really good CC. I like the scheme. BTW you should see the state of the demarcation between colours on mine!!! Close but no cigar. I think I might go for the after market canopy next time rather than cutting up the rather thick one in the box.
  8. Oil collector ring, rotor prop, hook and head rest and it'll be great... Seriously though - good luck with this model. You mind if I sit over to the side by the bar?
  9. That is one good looking Sea Fury. Very nice smooth paint finish. Bit of light weathering now and it's done. You've got me thinking now - should I do a wheels up version? I don't really like the prop blur propellor blade so I wonder how easy it would be to motorise?
  10. Yes you can buy grass mats in many hues and colours.. Model Railway shop is the way to go, I think you can buy it by the roll or individual A4 sheets..
  11. Nice collection Tony. I love the Dragon Rapide, it is an aircraft that I always think is so elegant.....
  12. Ah ha...... I think it should look look like this.... On the shelf should be - Modulator Unit Type 53 or 53a, Power Unit type 225 or 225a, Control Unit type 5. Transmitter Receiver type 3549 positioned in the fuselage.. Now to try and find photos..... Google here I come....
  13. I am going to model an early MkXIII - I (with massive help from @Seahawk) have managed to identify a number of aircraft that I could model. Those being HK382 RO*I. Thimble nose HK413 RO*D. Thimble nose HK418 RO*P. Thimble nose HK422 RO*Z. Thimble nose HK428 RO*K. Thimble nose HK446 RO*Q. Thimble nose HK463 RO*J. Thimble nose HK522 RO*L. Bullnose HK524 RO*F. Bullnose HK529 RO*V. Bullnose HK548 RO*B. Bullnose. Thanks for the images from @brewerjerry those are the for the MkVIII Intercept radar scope and controller. My rendering of the IP & MkVIII controller . In @Dave Swindell Post I read that an aircraft equipped with G had the aerial mast replaced with a whip aerial either behind the cockpit or in front of the bomb bay. Most of the pics I have seen of 29 Sqn MkXIIIs both Thimble and Bullnose seem to have the mast, so they did not have G I am not sure if MkXIIIs would constitute late FBVIs with the Transmitter/Reciever moved to the fuselage but if that were the case - what goes on the rear shelf of the cockpit behind the observer and what fits into the slot behind the pilots seat?
  14. Thanks @brewerjerry but that's the AI fit, I mean the Transmitter / Receiver behind and to the left of the Observer..
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