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  1. I'll be watching too. Poppy will be worn today even though it can be 'challenging' here...
  2. Cheers Dermo, I'll bring it to the next meeting if I can find a big enough box (then you'll see what a mess it really is)...
  3. You did Tony, I have it carefully filed in the Cave. You also wrote a magazine article on Albacores and Swordfish based on Malta. Great articles. Major Wright is not listed as an Ace but I did covert a 1/72 Spitfire MKV to a Seafire to put the Sharks mouth on (I must finish it one day)...
  4. Good luck with your Hurricane. Personally I like the model having built three (2 X BOB & 1 X Sea Hurricane) and am just about to commence my forth (Trop)..
  5. Skua with B&W undersides Fulmar with B&W undersides Op Torch Seafire (Roundels now overmarked with stars.. I want to do a Salerno Seafire but I'm struggling to find one flown by an Ace on my list...
  6. I think for my next build I'm going for:- Hawker Hurricane I (Trop.) W9327 OL*W flown by LtCdr PN Charlton whilst with Royal Navy Desert Fighter Flight. 20.11.41 3 x Ju87 Destroyed. Shot down by a 'friendly' tomahawk, later awarded DFC by RAF. Camouflage :- Desert scheme with white sqn codes OL and a red W. De Havilland Propeller and Spinner, Oil Collector Ring. (Courtesy of @tonyot). Supermarine Seafire III NN341 possibly ‘3A’ flown by Lt RM Crosley (author of 'They gave me a Seafire'), 886 Naval Air Squadron, Lee-on-the-Solent. D-Day Fleet fire spotter pool 07.06.44 1735 Destroyed Bf109, 15 miles SW Caen / 5m S Evrecy. Camouflage :- TSS with Invasion Stripes. That should keep me out of trouble...
  7. I am slowly but surely building out a collection of aircraft flown when making claims by Royal Navy Aces. To me the important thing is remembering the Pilots. The FAAs contribution to operations in WW2 is largely forgotten but should be remembered. Now, the Firebox, one of the best looking propellor aircraft of the Royal Navy (not sure that's much of a compliment)... Mind if I sit by the bar for this build....
  8. Thanks Mike, rest assured they will all be built eventually. I am building out a collection of aircraft flown by Fleet Air Arm pilots whilst making claims on enemy aircraft (it was supposed to be one example of each type but you know how scope creeps, currently in scope are about 30 odd models). I can get really nerdy on the subject.. In terms of the Seafire it will end up as the mount of RM Crosley (the Author of 'They gave me a Seafire"). During the D-Day landings Crosley flew with 886 Naval Air Squadron, Lee-on-the-Solent as part of the Fleet fire spotter pool. 07.06.44 1735 Destroyed Bf109, 15 miles SW Caen / 5m S Evrecy. Supermarine Seafire III NN341 possibly ‘3A’. About the only issue is clipped or full span wings?
  9. Cheers Tony, now a question for you... What to build next? I have committed to the 'In the Navy' and 'MTO' GBs for next year (if they go ahead) and I'm thinking Ark Royal Blackburn Skua in S1E with Sky blue undersides as we discussed some time back - (JM Bruen) or maybe an Illustrious Fulmar MkI in S1E (RA Brabner) for either. I could do a Hurricane MkI (Trop.) from Royal Navy Desert Fighter Flight (PN Charlton)(also based on your research) for the GB but as it is one of those little known FAA Operations maybe It should be my next build orrrrrr perhaps a Seafire MkIII from the fleet spotter pool D-Day (RM Crosley) that's not such a well known FAA Operation either... Any preference?
  10. Thanks OutcastJoel, you are to kind, really don't think it as inspirational... 29 Squadron bases for the period.. 1 May-19 June 1944: West Malling 19 June 1944-22 February 1945: Hunsdon Thanks Mike..
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