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  1. Hendie, Thoroughly enjoyed both your ongoing builds. Looking good in the above pick. Getting bench envy about your unnaturally tidy workshop. Also not sure I understand how you intend to hitch Pegasus to the Wessex! Keep up the good work Nick
  2. Warren, Excellent. I have one of these. It will be my next model once I clear the other WIPs out of the way. I look forward to your progress. I assume you have seen caterhamnut's excellent MFH 1/12 BT53B. ATB Nick
  3. Peter, There was a lengthy discussion of wing filling on the D here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029538-missouri-armada-p-51d-mustang-documents-and-partial-scratch-from-the-tamiya-148-kit/&page=27 Not sure I got the first page on wings, nor how it relates to B or C. It does not even seem to have had a consistent approach on all D's. Hope it is of use until the experts pitch in. If nothing else there is a dictionary of contributors who you might ask. Enjoying the build as alwasy Regards Nick
  4. Harvey, Always worth the wait. Looks good to me. Hope you are well Nick
  5. As the others have said: your work is superb. The original is another car that wins the: "What were they thinking" award. Another demented motoring creation. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Nick
  6. The evidence suggests you don't need much help (Lol) but, in the really unlikely event that you are scratching your head about something I may have covered, let me know. Not holding my breath though. Still loving to see the beast emerge. ATB Nick
  7. Harvey, I'm finding it difficult to find things to say that everyone else has not already said. Therefore, for what it's worth... After all the research, debate and imagination of the last few years, it is fascinating to see a very real example of the 806 emerging. We can finally see it from angles not covered by our well thumbed drawings and pictures. I keep finding myself thinking "Of course that's how it works or how it looks". In actual fact, of course, it is nothing like as obvious or self-explanatory that things should be as you have built them. It must take considerable thought on your part reading between the lines that others such as myself have done little more than sketch. Bravo - updates are a rare treat for all of us. Keep it up. Regards Nick
  8. Roy, Good to see you back. Fascinating and ambitious as always. Happy New Year Nick
  9. Harv, Happy new year. I am struggling to find any new superlatives or emojis to use. Here's to another productive New Year for all. Regards Nick
  10. Hi Roy, I'm sold - that's the speed I want to be able to generate realistic componentry - you will have the whole thing done in no time! LoL ATB Nick
  11. Love it. Don't envy you at all. The rods look like a quick route to insanity. Result is very convincing. Seasons Greetings Nick
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