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  1. Hi Harvey, While I have been following on all summer, life gets in the way sometimes. I love the B&W pics above. As the others have said, it's magnificent. I particularly felt Codger captured it well. Keep up the good work. Bring on the spoons! ATB Nick
  2. Dan, Awesome as always. One of the fascinations for me is the way a high class build like this showcases the original engineering. It looks like it was an amazing machine. Thanks for sharing. Regards Nick
  3. Harvey, Beautiful as always. Very excellent hammering indeed. Fellow Fiat Fans, In case you had not spotted it, this week's Autosport carries the following wonderful picture of the great man on a busy day at the office. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/photos/pietro-bordino-fiat-804-pitstop/41908394/ Certainly worth another look. Though the date should be 1922 not 1918. A weathering opportunity extraordinaire -after scratchbuilding the car of course. Last weekend's German GP was pretty eventful but the drivers clearly have it easy compared to Bordino's generation (and so many of those that followed). In the race above, 3 Fiats started. All apparently had a rear axle fault. Biagio Nazarro lost control of the car when a rear wheel came off and was killed. Bordino had a similar failure but safely stopped the car. Felice Nazarro won. 2 weeks later Bordino won and Nazarro came second in Italy. Having watched GPs most of my life, I still cannot understand how individuals can risk so much (which is why I sit and watch). I am sure at least some of our current GP stars would have been up for the challenge. However, I am grateful that, mostly, they are protected enough that they can exhibit their supreme skills week in week out. For me the fascination with the 806 is partly about understanding the lost engineering and partly about commemorating a time when superheros drove vehicles that were marginal even in the dry and must have been terrifying in the wet. Thanks in advance for your indulgence for this little diversion. Regards Nick PS Autosport's coverage of the German GP is also excellent!
  4. Hi Harvey, Really enjoyed your recent posts. This is taking the mick. You have not used any form of computer at all. There's no way this should work. There should be laws about exhibiting this amount of skill in a built up area. Who'd have guessed they used an enormous spoon to shape the headrest LoL! Just Fab Like the posts from today too. Looks convincing to my eye. Not that I suspect you need my endorsement. Great effort. All the best Nick PS Feel stingy about only being able to give one like per post.
  5. Thanks for the kind thought. Not sure summer is quiet at ours though. Really don't know where the time goes. ATB Nick
  6. Hi Dan, I love watching how you will match your high ambitions with such apparently effortless skill. Regards Nick
  7. Hi chaps, Life has been very distracting so it is 8 weeks since my last post... Sorry to hear you broke your new toy. Though you seem to be back on track. The body is looking very convincing. What you do by hand and eye is so impressive. Beats my efforts with computer for speed every time! Best Wishes Nick
  8. Hi Roy, As Harvey said, glad to have you back. You will clearly not be lacking information. ATB Nick
  9. Hendie, Thoroughly enjoyed both your ongoing builds. Looking good in the above pick. Getting bench envy about your unnaturally tidy workshop. Also not sure I understand how you intend to hitch Pegasus to the Wessex! Keep up the good work Nick
  10. Warren, Excellent. I have one of these. It will be my next model once I clear the other WIPs out of the way. I look forward to your progress. I assume you have seen caterhamnut's excellent MFH 1/12 BT53B. ATB Nick
  11. Peter, There was a lengthy discussion of wing filling on the D here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029538-missouri-armada-p-51d-mustang-documents-and-partial-scratch-from-the-tamiya-148-kit/&page=27 Not sure I got the first page on wings, nor how it relates to B or C. It does not even seem to have had a consistent approach on all D's. Hope it is of use until the experts pitch in. If nothing else there is a dictionary of contributors who you might ask. Enjoying the build as alwasy Regards Nick
  12. Harvey, Always worth the wait. Looks good to me. Hope you are well Nick
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