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  1. That's beautiful, Hannes
  2. Hi all, Here's one for insomniacs and those lacking motivation to find something more interesting to do. In the interests of completeness and for the record, this and probably a couple of other subsequent posts will capture the match between my Blender lines and the well known pictures of the 806. Much of this is well trodden ground but forms the basis for finally developing Some of you might rightly wonder about the lack of progress and question my motivation. In my defence I did get distracted by something else. I will show the match for a number of the key pictures. Starting with Photo 28 Notes: • Used this picture for along and vertical • Lines captured as a “Sparktrace” in 3D • Edges of all the pictures are probably suspect • This picture seems to be the least worst • Front and rear wheels are similar sizes - which is not as obvious as it seems. In one of the photos they appear to be different sizes. • Radiator fairing probably needs works • Need to reconfirm louvres lines Now Photo 3 • Used this for width • Left rear is distorted unfortunately • Tail is wrong due to the distortion - as noted previously • Cockpit Cowl is slightly too low – confirmed on other photos too. • Wheels are same size front to rear – helpfully • Filler is a bit low Now I submitted it photos are missing. Any ideas? thought I had done what I always done.
  3. What a great, simple idea.
  4. NickD

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Harvey, Glad to be of assistance. Good to see the build exploring the third dimension. Hannes, You are wise my friend. I feel I am at the point where I can finalise my version of the lines. I haven't found big errors but there will be, how to put it, "adjustments". Regards Nick
  5. NickD

    SBD Dauntless (from scratch)

    Withold, That's sooo ambitious. It really helps my motivation to tackle similar complex arbitrary shapes. Thanks for sharing. Nick
  6. NickD


    Paul and Zoe, You don't know me, which I suppose is the point. I have learned so much from the posts on this forum. Yours have been no exception. When we post we can never know who will learn what - a new technique perhaps, the vicarious pleasure of skill expressed that's beyond ones grasp, inspiration to do better, a better understanding of the original design, a previously unknown fact (usually the exact number of rivets holding an unregarded bracket!). Differences of opinion are common and sometimes acrimonious but ultimately I believe we all share a passion for the accurate representation of aircraft, cars, ships, tanks etc. A surprisingly expensive hobby in many ways - the kits, tools, materials, time and potential impact on homelife and relationships. But ultimately it is a harmless pass-time that delights us and probably bemuses everyone else. Why do I take your time with all of this? Because news like yours puts everything in perspective. In the grand scheme of things, models are of course a frivolous luxury. But while I can't speak for others, I would be surprised if I am alone as a member of this large community in feeling moved to offer a stranger, my solidarity, support to you and your family at this difficult time. Best wishes Nick
  7. Hannes, Beautiful as always. New bonnets definitely look the way to go. One thing on cam covers, I have thought for a long time they were straight cones with hemispherical ends. As I finally pick up the my endless analysis of the lines in Blender, I was looking again at the photos this week and wondered if the covers are are actually slightly curved after all. It may just be the way the light falls in the pictures. I know we discussed this along time ago. I wondered if anyone's thoughts had changed.
  8. Hannes, Glad to see you are still making progress. Your pics show just how far out the kit parts are. ATB Nick
  9. NickD

    SBD Dauntless (from scratch)

    Witold, a clear elegant description as always. I look forward to seeing how you approach the fins on the cylinders. I found this very time-consuming on another project I did without finding a particularly elegant solution. Regards Nick
  10. NickD

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Hi all, Thought I'd better respond to Roys kind words. As he says Blender is an alternative. Withold's work is a fantastic example of what can be achieved. It's limitiations are very well highlighted by the bolt example Roy chose Here is my example. A bolt without a thread takes about 5 mins if you know what you're doing. It is probably much longer than than if you are not used to the tool. Certainly some tricks are required to generate it quickly. A thread is much slower (30 mins to work out what I needed to do). The one in the above picture is a fiddle really. I have not really got control of the thread count and the thread is actually a separate mesh from the shaft because I did not want the faff of sorting it out. So I would agree with Roy and suggest Fusion for this sort of application. Blender is good for other things - but if you have the dimensions, Fusion might win there too. The only downside is probably licencing. Finally Roy, thanks for the kind comments - really I ought to be better at Blender given the amount of time I've played with it though. Regards Nick
  11. NickD

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Excellent as always
  12. NickD

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Roy, You've really made Great progress in the last month. Every post re-enforces that Fusion is the right tool doesn't it. I'm learning a lot as always. ATB Nick
  13. NickD

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Dan, What a wonderful insight into another fabulous machine. Thanks for sharing. Nick
  14. NickD

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Hannes, I didn't think on Britmodeller that you could have to much detail. Clearly you can! Made me laugh though.
  15. Hannes, Beautiful and clean as always - glad it is moving forward again. Glad to hear you are getting better Olivier, Glad to hear you are getting better too. ATB Nick