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  1. Fun is essential - particularly at the moment. You seem to be having plenty without me though! (Sorry about the Renault though. That wasn't fun) Nick
  2. Ron, Have loved the build so far. Superb. On the topic of diorama, not sure if you've come across photos of Ferrari mechanics in the day, using the chassis as an impromtu picnic table. Example at this link https://www.snapgalleries.com/product/richard-kelley-ferrari-mangiare/ Clearly we've lost some of the joi de vivre with today's corporate seriousness. Regards Nick
  3. Dear Manu, Really looks the business. Lovely to see. Bordino looks fab. Your interpretation of the seat stresses just how uncomfortable it must have been. Not sure I would have wanted to drive it if given the chance! My only observation, which is not in any way a criticism, is how it looks from the side. The body boat tail adds more length than I'd realised. Without it the car looks quite a bit shorter. I've spent a lot of time looking at this car, but even now see new things. Thanks again for sharing. Nick
  4. Looking superb - as always Happy new year all Nick
  5. TheBaron, Yours is one of the threads that's really showing what can be done in Fusion. As the others have said it is tremendous. And you look like it is fun too! ATB Nick
  6. Nick, You've really opened my eyes about what can be achieved with the requisite skill. Now just need the skill Thanks for sharing Nick
  7. Hi Dan, Just wanted to add my voice to all the others. Awesome to see Thanks for sharing Nick
  8. Sorry to be so slow to respond but as the others have said, it's looking fab.
  9. Hi Pascal It's worse than that... He's building a full car that no-one has ever seen from... nothing with no information apart from 7 photos, and a blueprint of the wrong version of the car using an old dremel, a file and a spoon!!!! Hi Harvey, Still enjoying seeing progress. Even for you the nipples are a new level of detail. Looking fantastic. ATB Nick
  10. And then I read this. Outrageous. Bravo. Definitely going to take up knitting. Nick
  11. I have long enjoyed your threads though never achieve your level largely through impatience and rushing. Your recent post gives me hope. Though if even you can struggle like this maybe the rest of us should just give up! Hope you're keeping safe Nick
  12. Hi Codger, Glad to see you seem to be having fun with this. RvdM has said more than once that is the only reason for doing any of this. For me I just enjoy learning that it's OK to rebuild an upright with a nut, a threaded rod, some toothpick, a flat handle and a good dremel. Oh and I love the colour. Regards Nick
  13. The detail is amazing. I'd not come across this company before. They clearly know their stuff. As do you my friend. Regards Nick
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