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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! For the olive drab I laid down a simple pre-shade of black around the panel lines before lightly going over with Mr Colour H52 Olive drab. After this I then mixed white in with the olive drab and thinned it a bit more than I would’ve normally. Then at a low pressure on my airbrush I started in the centre of each panel and worked my way out towards the edge careful not to go over the darker areas created by pre-shading. The result was quite stark at first but after some further weathering with raw umber oil paint amongst other tones it blended down quite nicely Sam
  2. Hey all, Hope you're all keeping sane-(ish) in lockdown! Here's my latest finish, Tamiya's excellent quarter-scale 'bolt finished with Thunder-cals new ETO set for all things thunderbolt, otherwise the only additions made were in purchasing Eduard's LooK set which include both an instrument panel and a set of their steel seatbelts. The aircraft was painted with Mr. Colour acrylics and finished as 'Snafu' as based at RAF Duxford. Many thanks for looking! Sam
  3. Very impressive looking! I was thinking about grabbing one of these myself, so I'm following with interest on this one!
  4. That's a fantasitc job! The weathering really sets it off nicely!
  5. That's one exceptional looking Britannia! All that hard work paid off!!
  6. Thank you all very much for the comments guys! Much appreciated
  7. The Beaufort's always been a favourite of mine, and this one is lovely! I love the weathered finish
  8. Hey Guys, Here's my Tamiya P-51B, finished in the markings of Lt. Col. Everett W. Stewart during's time as part of the 355th Fighter Group when it was based at RAF Steeple Morden in Cambridgeshire. The kit went together beautifully as per all Tamiya kits, and it was painted using a mix of Mr. Colour and Tamiya Acrylic. The decals are from AMDG Decal's 'Yankee Merlin Roars!!! Part III' set and were of good quality, they went on well and were incredibly thin, requring only a slight helping hand with decal softner around some more complex shapes. Weathering was along the lines of 'used but not so abused'. I wanted to show a machine that was well used and that had picked up a few dings and dents but not too excessive. I achieved this with a mix of pre and post-shading, thinned oil paints for the panel lines and a metallic watercolour pencil for any chipping. I finished the model with some airbrush weathering effects before sealing with Xtracolour's Enamel Matte Coat. Rounding off for me however was having the ability to take this out to the actual former RAF Steeple Morden. Luckily I live across the border in Bedfordshire, and the base is a quick 20 minute drive away. At Steeple Morden not much of the original base survives, only a few nissen huts and the occasional segment of perimeter track that the farmer's found useful, luckily however an impressive memorial has been erected nearby where some of the technical and administrative buildings originally were, so I was very privelaged to be able to take some pictures of my model on the base of which its real-life counterpart would've served. Many Thanks for looking guys! Sam
  9. I had a look at that! Well spotted, however upon closer inspection it looks to be snapped rather than short-shot. Hopefully, given that, it will more isolated.
  10. I think a Valiant reissue would be nice, but if they tweaked the toolings in a few of its weak spots. But given the Victor and now the Vulcan it would be very fitting I think
  11. Judging hopefully by what is the boxart it looks to be white undersides, camo on top with the Black Radome so I think you’re safe there!
  12. Well, 20 or so minutes to go until we get to see what this thing revealed at Telford
  13. Down get too disheartened Zvezda’s got a 1/72 Herky bird in the world
  14. I’m not complaining loving we’ve got this a few days early
  15. Beat me to it! Looking forward to this so much! Got decals for XL361 in 617sqn anti-flash white that I can finally use!
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