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  1. That's an impressive looking AVRE!
  2. Well working for the NHS Mid-pandemic does have its drawbacks when it comes to the hobby but nonetheless I think I got off pretty well with my completed projects this year! First off the bench and onto the shelf was Tamiya's 1/48 P-47 Razorback with Thunder-cal Decals Next is Tamiya's 1/48 Bf-109E-4 with techmod decals On the Battle of Britain theme is Airfix's 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I With a change of pace is Amusing Hobby's 1/35 Conqueror Mk.I
  3. Hey all, Here's my latest on my Soviet armour spree. This is Tamiya's T-55A, which has for once more options in the box than a Dragon kit... The kit can be produced in either Czech, Polish, or Soviet markings with the neccessary parts to represent the relevant country's own production variations to a relatively accurate level. Now whilst this has nothing over the latest Miniart offerings, it is still an awesome kit! My example follows a generic Czech scheme painted using Mr. Hobby 012 Olive Drab (1). Though meant to represent USAAF Olive drab I feel it gives a reasonably accurat
  4. Hey all, Here's my T-72M1 from Tamiya. The kit was built OOB after spending a number of years in the stash. I painted the vehicle using Mr. Colour No.12 Olive Drab (1) and used Humbrol Enamels for the detail parts including the rubber skirts. Weathering was achieved using a mix of Raw Umber and Ochre oil paints thinned down to create a filter, followed by a pin wash using simply thinned raw umber. I used MiG Oil Brushers for more refined oil work. The model was finished using the kits rubber band tracks, which were painted Tamiya Rubber black, washed with thinned bu
  5. The lights were made from using a pack of kids assorted plastic gemstone stickers I got from Hobbycraft Thanks for all of your interest guys! Sam
  6. Hey all, Here's my M60 Patton from Dragon. I picked this kit up from TANKFEST 2017, i think? It was a few years back now... I built the kit straight away and quite nearly finished it but the DS Tracks drove me off, so it sat in a dark corner of my desk for a few years... Until now! I got sick of looking at it so I took a deep breath and painted up the tracks, () and fitted them, then went ahead and plugged a few antennae in. The kits out of the box with all of its beautiful inaccuracies, such as the oversized DS Mantlet. The guard infront of the machine gun cupola was wa
  7. Hey all, Here's my rendition of the new Conqueror kit from Amusing Hobby. I picked this up from a recent pre-covid to the Tank Museum, Bovington after I kinda fell in the love with the real thing... What a beast! The kit is OOB except from the Aber gun barrel, because the original was a bit naff and basic. I also scratchbuilt a canvas mantlet cover out of milliput. I painted her using Tamiya Acrylics, namely XF-58 Olive Green, which may have looked a bit light but after a bit of weathering it created a good scale representiation. Weathering was with oil paints either thinne
  8. Blimey! I only asked! isn’t that what rumourmonger’s for?
  9. Thanks for all the comments guys! With the wingtip lights I noticed airfix hadn’t facilitated putting in the usual depression in the plastic that you could sit a drop of clear green/red in. In hindsight I could’ve drilled them myself but in the end, given the size of the part I painted them in the end
  10. Hey all, Having a bit of a Battle of Britain spree at the moment, just finished Airfix's new(ish) Hurricane with some aftermarket in the form of Eduard Brassin wheels, Quickboost exhausts, a Yahu instrument panel, Eduard seatbelts and some decals from Extradecal to represent Douglas Bader's aircraft. Painted with Mr. Hobby Acrylics and finished with Extracolour Enamel Matte Varnish The weathering was achieved through the use of both pre & post-shading, oil paints and a watercolour silver pencil for the chipping
  11. That's really impressive detail for 1/72, I also like the two unusual colour schemes you've chosen, very original!
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