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  1. I think a Valiant reissue would be nice, but if they tweaked the toolings in a few of its weak spots. But given the Victor and now the Vulcan it would be very fitting I think
  2. Judging hopefully by what is the boxart it looks to be white undersides, camo on top with the Black Radome so I think you’re safe there!
  3. Well, 20 or so minutes to go until we get to see what this thing revealed at Telford
  4. Down get too disheartened Zvezda’s got a 1/72 Herky bird in the world
  5. I’m not complaining loving we’ve got this a few days early
  6. Beat me to it! Looking forward to this so much! Got decals for XL361 in 617sqn anti-flash white that I can finally use!
  7. Very Nice! It's something different, and I like the paintwork too!
  8. I think at the moment as mentioned we're looking at a Oct/Nov release date
  9. Ah brilliant that’s fab! Thank you!
  10. Hey guys, I'm currently building Revell's new 1/32 F/A-18E and after fighting the kit for some time I'm finally rounding on the painting stage. Now, I have seen colour callouts, even some AK/MiG colour paint sets for USN Superbugs, but I'm just wondering what other's experiences are and what paints have worked best for them. Preferably I'm looking for Tamiya Acrylic or Mr. Hobby's Mr. Colour range paints to use for the two-tone grey that they wear currently. Any help's greatly appreciated
  11. That's really well done! I like the camouflage scheme, as well as the overall finish!
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