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  1. That’s a very impressive looking harrier! The colour modulation and variation is spot on!!
  2. Truthfully, hopefully just the forward momentum of the vehicle! At least that's what I'm guessing, I based the loose cans off this reference photo
  3. Hi All, Okay so maybe it's not the conversion job of the century but more on that later.. Here's Tamiya's Early M4 Sherman. I had built this as the American gun tank OOB about 5 or 6 years ago but was never happy with it so it sat on the shelf of doom collecting dust in the corner until Star Decals Set 35-C 1245 British D-Day Shermans came across my bench one day. Being heavily inspired by the more colourful looking marking options here, I dunked the Sherman into Clutch oil and left it submerged for 2-3 days. This worked to strip the paint etc. off the model without damaging the actual plastic. I then rinsed it thoroughly and repared bits that had broken off over the years. Next I got hold of a commonwealth style stowage bin for the back of the tank which I found left over from a Black Dog Models stowage set. Adding to this, I scratch built a first aid box out of a resin pouring stub and some scrap brass, before adding two welded on repurposed ammo cans to the rear glacis. Adding to this I also added a spare wheel to the turret side, again using spare scrap etch to make up a securing band. Albeit not a perfect conversion, I was quite happy with it at this stage as whilst it wasn't a Sherman I down to every last rivet, it encompassed the general changes and look I was aiming for. I painted the model using Humbrol 155 Enamel Olive drab, again whilst not a perfect colour match for the British SSC 15 being too light, I was quite happy with the colour for my personal interpretation of scale effect, which was dry-brushed, decalled, filtererd and washed, before oil streaks and other weathering including some chipping was applied. The model was matte-coated using Xtracolour Enamel Matte Varnish. Stowage was from the spares box, including items from MiniArt, Tamiya and Blackdog. The stowage on the rear deck was secured using painted solder which had the malleability to make it more 'rope-like' without the overscale fraying seen with twine, string or thread. Overall the jury is still out with this method so it's something I might reconsider for the next one. Thanks for looking! Again, Thanks for looking, Sam
  4. Really nice looking Land Rover!! The weathering looks good! The crosses look really professionally done, they've been sprayed on really nicely, and you've achieved a good finish!
  5. Hi All, I’m in the process of gathering up reference material for a Sherman III from the SRY known as Akilla, which served in Normandy. Commanded by Sergeant George Dring this particular Sherman racked up quite a few kills, hence it’s name being portmanteau of ‘Achilles’, it’s original name, and ‘Killer’ as Sgt. Dring came to be nicknamed Luckily enough for me, Star Decals make a set, number 35-2921, which comes with markings for Akilla, however I noticed it called out a mix of green and black in the camouflage scheme. Now I understand that British vehicles in Normandy did sometimes wear a green/black scheme however the one rather famous reference photo from the IWM I did manage to find of Akilla seems to show the vehicle in a monotone green. My main question is whether anyone can shed any light on whether it was simply all over green or green over sprayed with black. Any help is greatly appreciated! Sam
  6. That’s a stunning build! It has to be one of the first times I’ve seen the ‘rough-edged’ invasion stripes actually done and look scale effective! That’s something to be commended for definitely! Otherwise an all round lovely build with excellent detail work and weathering to really bring it alive!
  7. Hey All, It may be the 23rd Feb but I have indeed finished my first build of the year! This is Tamiya's Tiger I in Panzer Grey... How original! I got hold of this kit from the local Hobbycraft as more of a test-run on some techniques with panzer grey that I wanted to try out on RFM's Initial Tiger I with the cheek bins. Taking inspiration from a Magazine build of Tamiya's new Panzer IV, I painted the tank using Tamiya's German Grey acrylic, which was then oversprayed with mulitple mottles of the lightened base colour, then drybrushed in order to create a finish which wasn't just 'block' panzer grey. I then weathered with pencils and oils. The kit itself is pretty much out of the box otherwise aside from a set of Tamiya's own engine grilles. Thanks for looking, Sam
  8. That is a very impressive camouflage scheme for such a small scale! Lovely model
  9. Thanks all, @Modelholic I was looking at the latter of the two types as per JackG’s post (easier to build ). It looks relatively simple to scratch build and maybe get hold of some resin bolt heads from Meng to do the securing strap up with. methinks I may be getting hold of some Bison Decals and Zvezda M4A2s in the future Sam
  10. Evening all, I have a bit of a quandary and Dr. Google isn’t quite solving it. British Shermans had a stowage bin that affixed to the rear of the turret. I’ve got an Tamiya Early style M4 Sherman which I’m reasonably certain that I can convert into a Sherman I. Now I know I can get resin turret bins but I was wondering if anyone had the dimensions of the stowage bin as to allow for me to scratch-build one out of plastic card. Many Thanks Sam
  11. I feel ultimately if Airfix attempted to work in everything that has been suggested so far as potential corrections or fix potential errors, we would never get a buccaneer released let alone for the price!! They'd still be there trying to get it right... Ourselves as modellers have always been a hard bunch to please However, personally I am over the moon to have finally a buildable Buccaneer in a proper scale! I definitely will invest in one, and without taking the fun away from model-making by trying to calculate inflation costs etc. for the price I suppose we just have to accept it for what it is. The real fun here I think is just the burst of inspiration I got when i first saw it! It's definitely going to be fun to weather, I can't wait!
  12. That's a very nice looking Viggen! The weathering really offsets the camouflage well, looks like it's just been rolled out one of those iconic Swedish bunkers, the tail raised, and she's ready to go! Excellent work!
  13. Oh my word this looks extremely nice! https://uk.airfix.com/products/blackburn-buccaneer-s2-a12012
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