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  1. Beautiful looking vigilante! The weathering is spot on
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys! With the wingtip lights I noticed airfix hadn’t facilitated putting in the usual depression in the plastic that you could sit a drop of clear green/red in. In hindsight I could’ve drilled them myself but in the end, given the size of the part I painted them in the end
  3. Hey all, Having a bit of a Battle of Britain spree at the moment, just finished Airfix's new(ish) Hurricane with some aftermarket in the form of Eduard Brassin wheels, Quickboost exhausts, a Yahu instrument panel, Eduard seatbelts and some decals from Extradecal to represent Douglas Bader's aircraft. Painted with Mr. Hobby Acrylics and finished with Extracolour Enamel Matte Varnish The weathering was achieved through the use of both pre & post-shading, oil paints and a watercolour silver pencil for the chipping
  4. That's really impressive detail for 1/72, I also like the two unusual colour schemes you've chosen, very original!
  5. That's a good looking 'Spit, made even more impressive by being your second in 20 years!
  6. Nicely weathered, and that's a great collection you've got together there!
  7. I really like that!! The new Tomact looks to be really well detailed and you've managed to really highlight those details
  8. Welcome back! Thats a good looking airliner, I really like 26 decals, they give a good finish to the model making it look more alive
  9. Brilliant attention to detail! Especially for 1/72, its come out nicely!
  10. Nice Razorback! Good to hear a bit of a backstory about of the subject as well,
  11. Nice work! I do like the later corsairs, the various intakes around the cowling give it a mean look
  12. Nicely done! I like the weathering especially
  13. Thanks for all of your comments! Greatly appreciated
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