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  1. Has anyone seen or built the DeCarli Models resin Cirrus SR20/22? As of now it's the only known kit of the very popular Cirrus general aviation aircraft. I see Arctic Models is offering some attractive decal options for this kit. I am tempted to get this kit as I fly a Cirrus. https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=45671/734888
  2. I think it's interesting that Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly with Me" album has a TWA Connie in the background. That album was apparently released in January 1958. Even before the jet age, it was the lovely Connie that was the queen of the skies.
  3. You may be interested in this thread over on the 72nd Scale Aircraft site. I was asking about an early P-47D1-5 as used by the 348th Fighter Group on New Guinea. There are some good photos of early P-47D1's - 5's with the flat keel in the links. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/weren-t-we-supposed-to-get-an-early-p-47d-t11578.html
  4. Interesting subject. If you look at his flying experience in the F-4, he only flew the C model while in the replacement training unit at Luke AFB. His operational assignments to the 493rd TFS at Lakenheath and 428th TFS at Nellis were in the F-4D. Lakenheath switched out its F-4D Phantoms for F-111F aircraft as part of operation "Ready Switch" in 1977. The 474th TFW (including the 428th TFS) gave up it's F-111A's, which went to Mountain Home and got F-4D aircraft and crews from Lakenheath. As far as I can tell he flew the F-4D at Nellis until about 1980, when he left the Air Force t
  5. I like those markings too. Tasty! I also agree it would be nice to see earlier variations
  6. Ham

    'Mrs Bonnie' P-51K

    Greetings, this thread has risen like the Phoenix. The link to the Ethell collection colour photo of Mrs Bonnie has been moved to Flickr. You can't download it any more. In my opinion, the area between the fuselage stripes is natural metal in the colour photo. Also, flaps and ailerons are also natural metal. It's possible this changed over time, just like there are photos of the plane with the original Aeroproducts prop. Then other photos of it with the Hamilton Standard prop. Lieutenant Colonel Dunham ended the war as a deputy group commander. That is second only to the group comm
  7. I am also pleased with this subject. The FM-2 was an important naval aircraft on escort carriers and operated in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Now let me see, what did I do with that decal sheet I have squirreled away...
  8. Looks great, I just ordered one. These are flown by many small airlines and for air-medical transport in many nations. Thanks AModel. Now how about a TBM and Cirrus SR22?
  9. I have used lead wool (available from plumbing supply or hardware stores) or fishing sinkers. I usually glue them in with epoxy glue.
  10. Omega Models does a 1/72 scale resin kit of the Cessna 182. I have not seen it but it is shown on Scalemates. Probably short run. We really need a good Cessna 182 in any scale. Are you listening Minicraft? Also need a Cirrus SR22 but I don't want to hijack this thread... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/137170-omega-models-72369-cessna-182
  11. It will be interesting to see if this is a new tool. I have two different 1/72 MiG-21UM kits in my stash. The older one is from Bilek and the box is copyrighted 2000. They also did a MiG-21U. The other kit I have is by Eastern Express. Not sure which of the two is most accurate.
  12. It will be interesting to see if it is new tool or uses parts from the 1980's vintage MF kit. I built the KoPro MiG-21MF back in 1984. Still have it in the case. Not a bad kit for it's day. So this year it appears we are getting new MiG-21MF from Eduard, a UM from RV, and a MiG-21bis from KoPro. So many small air force marking possibilities...I am particularly fond of Cuba and Congo camouflage and markings
  13. I keep hoping they will do an F-15C boxing. I have other decal sheets, but the number of stencils would be hard to match.
  14. Ham

    339 FG question

    http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/339thfg.php?action=list_records&recs=50&sort_order=ASC&order_by=Squ&recs=50&next_page=8#tabletop Third line down has the fuselage code, serial number (it's a D, not a K) and status.
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