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  1. More progress this morning. Just basic colours, but I managed to mix the right tones of dark- and sky blue from my existing set of paints.
  2. Primed and first coats of blues and browns applied. Have a post-vaccine hangover today so activity will be limited.
  3. Big Dave S

    Mis-heard words

    Has anyone mentioned "I'm farting carrots", by Belly Eyelash?
  4. Progress - albeit minor - but I should be working
  5. Here we go agaainn.... IN the marquee...
  6. The National Park Service and American Battlefield Trust post some excellent videos on YouTube. As does the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum if you want lectures and inspiration. Dr Mark de Pue is a cracking historian. A fascinating subject. Try Historex Agents and FeR Miniatures for 54mm scale figures.
  7. I must say, the photography thing is really starting to 'you-know-what' me off.......
  8. Totally nuts. And nicely painted.
  9. Well, aside from the usual problems getting a representative photograph, here is the latest offering from my ongoing focus on figures. Shenandoah Miniatures. 54mm scale. Painted almost entirely in enamels. Just the metalwork was done with acrylics, that and the base wash. What these pics don't show is the proper nuances of light vs dark. I'll try photographing them in daylight and see if that improves things. Feedback appreciated. Not a bad little project. Next up is likely to be an experimental approach to a WW1 Tommy's War fig that was given t
  10. Almost done. A bit more tweaking to the breeches needed.
  11. Still working on this project. Progressed to the highlighting stage. Photos just come out badly every time. Will post when completed.
  12. Well that was a day of very satisfactory sports results
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