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  1. Thanks. That does look really nice. Your work?
  2. Progress snaps. The private is finished. The NCO still WIP. After these there's one more to go and the scenic base.
  3. Very nice indeed
  4. The former. Did it for fun in my youth. Everything else thereafter seemed a tad beige. Hence the skiing mishaps and cycling near-misses. "A&E, here we come!"
  5. Can't remember but I've taken off in more aircraft than I've landed in.
  6. Shading..shading Right puttee done
  7. Can't get decent photos on this phone. Basic shading done on jacket and trousers.
  8. Shading underway. Although it's hard to tell from this hurried snap. Jacket shading tone no1 done.
  9. Still running... ...Chased by the music
  10. Loads to do. Base colours going on. I hope to have this phase completed at the weekend so shading can start.
  11. No time to upload photos today, but basic uniform colours on now. Maybe too dark, but highlights should help there. So nice to be back on home ground
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