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  1. Yeah. Frigid this morning, which made painting a bit of an ordeal. Better this afternoon.
  2. Drumming to The Sundays. Shook hands between tracks to loosen them up. Punched the amp. OOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! And language I can't use on here.
  3. This set (Pegaso) is absolutely beautiful quality and well worth the cash and effort. Full marks to them. The Italians make lovely figure models and walking boots. And food. Shame their rugby team isn't hitting the mark.
  4. Interfaces between belt and surcoat this morning. 2.5 hrs. Remarkably therapeutic (although there were a couple of minor errors to correct next time). "Alexa, shuffle my playlist." The face is underway, too.
  5. Yeah superglue or Araldite are what works. Fig looking good so far. Worth the effort. Is the Bordeaux a modeller's tipple?
  6. Suitably sinister. Of course, coronavirus comes from the same stable as the common cold. I suspect this story won't get a revised ending.
  7. A very busy, intricate project. Interesting to watch.
  8. That's probably it, as far as basic colour application goes. Aside from the base, which really needs to happen last cos my fingers keep rubbing the paint off the edges. Now it's all about continuing with shading, then highlights. And the shield.
  9. More desk lamp evening slapping-on of basic colours. Buckles and associated metalwork/leather. Getting close to there just being shading left on this project. Although it dawned on me that the base was still bare metal, so a primer coat of dark earth got over that first hurdle. Just need to decide what colour it should be.
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