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  1. And here with my attempt at adding back the cowl flaps. OK if you don't look too closely! On balance I'm not really sure it was worth the effort of replacing the ones moulded onto the kit parts, but it's been an interesting experiment, and it's always good to to challenge one's basic modelling skills,
  2. Cowlings going on - because I've chopped off the cowl flaps, the attachment of these is a mixture of hope and epoxy, with some added struts between the back of the engines and the blanking pieces in the nacelles. On the plus side, the canopy hasn't polished up too badly. I did end up with some dust on the inside, but I've managed to clear the worst of it by introducing a few drops of water containing a tiny amount of washing up liquid (so as not to froth), sloshing it around inside and allowing it to drain/dry out. The end is beginning to be in sight, although I'm doubtful of finishing in time
  3. While the filler's setting hard, I've done some work on the nacelles, given that the kit parts are a bit crude. I've cut away the cowl flaps and exhaust tubes - here are the new exhausts, from plastic rod, going into place - they still need a bit of tidying up. I'm planning to re-do the cowl flaps with pieces of plastic strip.
  4. She's looking a bit sorry for herself, but hopefully will cheer up a bit once the canopy is polished. At least it will be a bit thinner! This is all a bit scary for me as I haven't tried doing anything quite like this before. I suspect I'll end up with some dust inside the cockpit now, but I'll just have to put that down to experience.
  5. I've finally got the cockpit installed and the fuselage sealed up: Mostly the Airwaves set - I botched the PE throttle controls so bodged a replacement from plastic card, and also made the shelf behind the pilot's seat for the parachute stowage. I've also made a folded-up parachute from tissue paper and white glue, although I took the photo before installing that! I decided to go with the kit canopy - although it's a bit thick, it fits much better than the vacform replacement which I just couldn't get to work at all (sorry, @Heather Kay!). However, I have run into a problem in that
  6. Need to get this one moving again - I've been seduced by the ease of my Tamiya build elsewhere in this GB. Some progress on the Airwaves etch for the cockpit - very fiddly, I knew there was a reason I stopped building in 1/72!
  7. Messerschmitt Bf109 E3 - Yellow 1 as flown by Josef 'Pips' Priller, October 1940. Tamiya 1/48, White Ensign enamels (now made by Sovereign Hobbies, but mine are old WEM production), markings by Xtradecal. Thanks for organising this - great to have an incentive to shift something from the stash!
  8. The last few bits always seem to take relatively much longer - the old 80/20 rule I guess. I've added some exhaust staining with pastels, and rigged using 'invisible' thread, with tensioning springs made from fuse wire. I'm calling this one finished - a nice straightforward build, as expected from this kit, and an enjoyable colour scheme.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments; I've finally got all the decalling done. The stencils and other generic markings took a bit longer than expected, as the Tamiya decal sheet was very old and cracked, and I've had to use Microscale liquid decal film to keep everything (mostly) together. The 'no step' markings were a bit troublesome and tended to fragment, but everything else more or less behaved. I've done some light weathering - really just a dark oil wash to bring up the surface detail and a bit of dry brushing with silver here and there to simulate wear. I hope to get the matt coat done this eve
  10. I've started with the decals today - a busy couple of days ahead so won't be finished until the weekend, but starting to look the part!
  11. Painting pretty much finished, so here's a quick progress pic before gloss coat and decals. I've realised that I painted the leading edge slats the wrong colour, so those need re-doing (d'oh!) but apart from that I think the painting is done.
  12. I think this is a bit better. The scheme is Josef 'Pips' Priller's BF109, Yellow 1, October 1940, based on the Xtradecal sheet. I'm lacking good reference material but images I have found on the web of other models and artist's impressions, all show a fairly dark mottle.
  13. I think the mottling needs to be a bit darker - I'll do a bit more later and work in more of the RLM71.
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