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  1. Really beautiful work on a challenging kit. Well done indeed!
  2. Oh gosh, over a month since my last update. I had a couple of weeks away, and then life has rather got in the way! I've managed to get the main airframe parts assembled, and some filler applied. The kit is rather over-engineered in my view, but fit is very good and any imperfections are down to my impatience. There's really no chance I'll get this anywhere near finished by the end of the GB, but I'll post some more updates if I have anything further to report.
  3. Well, we're sort of getting there. Cutting a slot in the resin floor to clear the spar was the easiest fix for that bit, so thanks to @Bertie Psmith for that suggestion. The central part of the resin assembly is a good 0.5mm wider overall than the kit parts it's replacing, and I've had to thin the fuselage side walls to a scary degree to fit the resin side panels in, even after thinning those resin parts down as well. I'll probably shave a tiny bit off the edges of the bulkhead to ease the fit a little more. It is all going in now, though, so some progress is being made!
  4. Yes, possibly - good thought! I’ll get the spars glued up and consider my options...
  5. Not much progress as I've been away for a few days, but I have been giving some thought to the resin cockpit. The AM kit has you assemble the main cockpit assembly first; this is then mounted onto the central underwing section , which is then offered up to the otherwise assembled fuselage. I've thrown together the kit cockpit just to test fit that, so I can be sure the resin assembly is going to go in the same way. The kit parts are actually quite nice, but the resin is a bit crisper and has a bit more detail (the resin isn't all there yet!). This is slightly complicated by the fact that the central underwing section has to have two spars glued in place, and the cockpit floor sits on to of these The instructions are very specific about how to fix these spars - glue just the central sections first, then bring up the outer edges of the wing section to meet the spars and glue those joints - which sets the correct dihedral. The only thing is, I have to take an extra 3mm bite out of the rear spar, where there's already a cut-out, to allow for the extra thickness of the resin floor assembly - but this will be more than half the depth of the spar, and I think if I were to cut that piece out first, the spar wouldn't have enough rigidity to hold the dihedral while the glue sets. So, I'm gluing the unmodified spar first, and will then take the extra bite out when it's all glued up. I'm probably over-thinking it, as usual, but I've had some stressful experiences with resin cockpits in the past, and I'm trying to minimise the angst this time!
  6. Looking very nice so far! I'll follow along, as I'm building the same kit.
  7. An initial look at the CMK resin set (also includes a few photo-etched bits) shows that it's basically replacing most of the kit parts in the cockpit area. I've started cleaning up the resin and on an initial scan it all looks quite nice. Whilst I initially thought about doing a mix and match between this and the Eduard PE set, I'm coming round to the idea of just using the CMK set on this build, and saving the Eduard set unused for if I ever build another IL2. I've not built an Accurate Miniatures kit before, and I'm delighted, if slightly amused, by the level of detail in the instructions. Every step is explained minutely, such as: "Beginning in the pilot's cockpit, glue the control stick (83) to the cockpit floor (13)." Takes me back to my days as a kid building the old Airfix kits with their "locate and cement" style instructions!
  8. I'm a bit late to the party, but I'd like to pitch in with this 1/48 Accurate Miniatures kit of the Ilyushin IL2-M3 Shturmovik. I bought the kit years ago, and on opening up the box again have found that I had also bought both an Eduard etch set and a CMK resin detail set. Belt and braces, maybe! There'll be some decisions to be made about which bits to use. I've heard that this can be a challenging build, so may be being a bit optimistic for this GB, but we'll see how it goes. Obligatory shot of the boxes:
  9. Here's my Tamiya Corsair F4U-1A in 1/48, in the markings of John Thomas Blackburn's 'Big Hog', VF-17, November 1943. Basically OOB; I just added an etched ignition harness left over from a previous Hellcat build. Main colours are Colourcoats enamels. Build thread is here:
  10. Didn't need the drill in the end - I just chopped the spigot off the mast and glued it on - the aerial wire doesn't attach to the top of the mast in this case, so there's no tension on the mast. Well, I'm calling this finished. I've always liked the Corsair, and this is the first one I've built since I was a kid - the Tamiya kit famously goes together very nicely, and overall I'm happy with the outcome. As ever, there are things I'd do slightly differently another time (like not chopping the wingtips off and then rebuilding them, ha ha!), but nice to get it finished after languishing on the shelf of shame (actually in the box of shame) for several years. Here's a couple of pics on a USN carrier deck display base, and I'll post a few more in the gallery.
  11. It's spot the deliberate mistake time. See that little note in the instructions that say "Remove"? The little flashed-over slot for the antenna mast? Er - I didn't. OK, where's me drill...
  12. I've been a bit focussed on other things the past couple of weeks, but have made some progress. I've done some light weathering - panel line wash, salt weathering and dot filter with oil paints. I think I could have gone a bit heavier with the white overspray of the salt weathering, but otherwise I'm reasonably happy. The matt coat has come out a bit less matt than I wanted, though, so I'll go over that again, but I think I'm getting there!
  13. Decalling completed, and ready for some weathering! I had some issues with the Tamiya decals - maybe because they're a bit old, but quite a few of them broke up during application. They seem to have settled down OK though.
  14. USN Aircraft Sea Blue... And finally the big reveal: It's always slightly anxiety-inducing, peeling off the masking tape and blu-tack sausages, but I'm fairly happy with how it's looking at this stage. I've gone for slightly softened demarcations between colours, and the pre-shading is barely visible, which is what I was shooting for. Right, on with gloss coat and decals!
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