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  1. The decals are on and I've spent an enjoyable evening weathering the model - hopefully in a more subtle manner than my other recent WWII fighters... Tomorrow will see a coat of varnish to seal the model and the addition of all the small fragile bits. I think she should be in the gallery by the end of the week, alongside the Spitfire.
  2. The idea of this GB suggestion is to produce a “one of a kind” model of something that nobody else has ever seen before. A few ideas: It could be a well known model but with unusual markings, such as an airliner painted in a livery it never wore. It could be a prototype you have scratch built or 3D printed. It could simply be a diorama - by definition, they tend to be pretty unique! Anything that meets the general criteria of “Oh, I’ve never seen that before!” would be acceptable in this GB. Let your what-iffery go wild! Anybody inte
  3. Yes please! There are some great builds on here, it would be good to recognise our favourite
  4. I’ll take a cinema over the wrecking option any day. There’s something very depressing about seeing aircraft you’ve flown broken into thousands of small fragments. Nothing practical done to this model today, other than experimenting with 1mm plasticard! I’ve decided against trying to re-jig the wings. I think that will be a step too far for my level of competence...!
  5. Yes and no... they do the job but take ages to make and apply! Here's the result after the final coat paint: Decals next - looks good for finishing before the GB ends!
  6. Thanks Chrisp, welcome along! Now I'm worried...! I'm guessing resin might not be as straight-forward as I expected! Thank you, all good advice for a resin newbie! Thank you! Not a huge update... I applied some primer which showed the filler has worked. It also showed plenty of new areas that need filler! More filler applied, which will get sanded tomorrow. I think I'd better get some more components cut out too - I guess they will all need the same treatment...
  7. I had a quick sanding session to remove the filler from the fuselage: Primer is next, to check if any pin holes were missed.
  8. Not a huge amount, but 16 brake units and an empty aircraft stop quite well! I don't know the reason, but the airline's policy is to go around if you are not happy with any aspect of the approach. That is particularly important with a limited runway length, but the policy applies on all landings - it's always a safer option to go around and make another approach. Another stunner James! I primed the engines today and they look better than I expected: A few minor gaps to fill and then a coat of white primer awaits!
  9. As my workbench is getting empty again, I have decided to get another kit started and build another model of aircraft I have flown. This time it is the turn of the ATR-72, which was the first aircraft I flew when I became an airline pilot for Cityflyer back in 2000. This kit will be my first foray into the world of resin, which is a completely new material for me to work with. All I really know is don't inhale the dust - is there anything else important I should know?! The kit is the 1/144 offering from F-RSIN. Here's the obligatory box shot: Th
  10. I cracked open the Colourcoats yesterday and made a start on the painting. Firstly a light covering of sky: Followed by dark earth in the appropriate areas: I have applied vinyl masks this morning and will spray the green later today: Hopefully by tonight she will be painted and unmasked!
  11. Are you watching Strictly per chance...?! Thank Johnny. I hope to get the RFI done soon
  12. Lovely weathering, very faithful to the original
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