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  1. I remember reading that one now, it turned out very nicely. The injection kit looks to be much better than the resin one!
  2. I know *exactly* what you mean, this area is really poor on a new tool kit. You’ve done a great job on yours, she looks stunning.
  3. Thanks Johnny! Cheers Andy - wait until you see the next ones! Thanks Dave. I enjoyed your Utopia builds a few years ago. Your 'Avignon' suggestion has got me seriously thinking - it was not one I had considered building, but it would look very different. Here's a 737 with the design, for those who haven't seen it before: If Andy thought the last one was psychedelic this could blow his mind! I will look into finding the artwork for this and see if converting it to the A380 is an option... Thanks Tim, I agree. Maybe that's why I like the Utopia liveries so much? Thank you! Hello again! I might use that technique to protect my 767 nose legs which are currently on the bench... Cheers Andy. You're right on both counts - it's a decent size tail fin for displaying the liveries but it is taking up rather a lot of space on the shelf...!
  4. The nose gear bays slotted into place quite easily, but with the nose gear poking out forevermore - if I finish the build without snapping these off I'll be amazed! I also fabricated some very basic cockpits: I'm not sure if this will even be visible and I might paint the windscreens and use the decals instead - I'll see how it looks later. I blanked the area above the tail skid, to avoid a hole in the rear: Then it was time close the fuselages up: Some more filler was added around the windows, to get this area completely smooth. One kit was slightly warped, but nothing too serious. The windscreens were glued into place next. Maybe those cockpits are a bit more visible (and basic) than desired? Next job is getting the seams smoooooth...
  5. Thank you Terry! I took advantage of a quiet morning and have posted an RFI: Thanks for everybody's company, support and help along the way - you've resulted in this model being better than it would have been without your input!
  6. As you may know, I quite like the 'Utopia' or 'World Image' liveries introduced by British Airways from 1997. However, these liveries were not universally popular and were quietly dropped in 2001, with all aircraft receiving the current 'Chatham' tail fin design from that year onwards. The A380 entered service over a decade later in 2013. I couldn't help wondering what this aircraft would have looked like with that massive tail covered in one of the "Utopia' designs. This build was the result of my pondering and can be seen here if you want to watch it come together, complete with the production of the custom decals I used on this model. The design I chose was one of the rarer ones, used on just one aircraft. I hope you like it. As ever, comments and criticisms are welcomed! I have five more of these kits in my stash(!), so other Utopia liveried A380s will follow in due course - it would be rude not to...!
  7. The model received a few light gloss white coats over the past few days. I then noticed four holes in the upper rear fuselage (the fifth hole is for the fin attachment!): The rear two holes appear to be for exhaust vent to be attached but the front two appear to be superfluous for this aircraft - the reference photos I've looked at show nothing in this area... Consequently I've now filled the front hole, attached the vents to the rear holes and need to spray it again Sam! The gloss coat also highlighted two blemishes I had not noticed before. There is a scratch at the front of the front fuselage (I think I must have knocked it when the paint was wet) and also a slight sink mark at the rear of this section: These have been filled and sanded, ready for a final coat of white. The front is looking OK but I think the nose would benefit from some more shaping, to blend the nose cone in better. I will also fill the gaps at the side of the front canopy: Fingers crossed for dry weather!
  8. Welcome along Buzz. I only flew that route once, on the 9th April 2009. Flew out on G-BNWV and returned the next day on G-BNWS. I remember visiting the Olympic park on that trip! Regarding the paint, I am planning to use Halford's Appliance White. I believe the 767s (and the other aircraft during this period) were delivered with 'normal' white paint which discoloured over time, leaving them looking a little dull. Before joining the fuselage halves, I needed to build the nose gear bays. Here are the bits: Integral nose gear doors molded into the structure is a novel idea - I'll try not to damage them! They also have prominent sink marks which needed filling... Once painted and washed with grime, I had these: And a few minutes later the bays were built: Installation is next!
  9. This one keeps getting pushed to one side, due to various issues, then looked at again when I feel I can face the challenges! Talking of which, here are the undercarriage components: All very rough(!), with the exception of the immaculate 3D printed nosewheels supplied by @Bangseat - cheers Harry! The originals were binned long ago, as they were simply appalling. My challenge is to fashion something usable from these, using some plastic rod/sheet too, in an attempt to make something that looks like this: Wish me luck...!
  10. Thanks Neil. Halford's Capri Blue remains my paint of choice for these models. Not as controllable as an airbrush, but a perfect colour match and it gives a lovely finish! Cheers Alex! Never noticed that anagram before (this is why I suck at Countdown!) Thanks Johnny! Talking of which, they are now (almost) in place: The red flap track fairing tips are also done, so hopefully an RFI soon!
  11. I can believe that! In many ways I prefer the old kit to the new… It’s more basic, but builds up well.
  12. Thank you! I had a better look inside the boxes yesterday. The quality of the old kit (re-released in 1992, following the original release in 1991) is indistinguishable from the new kit released this year. 30 years has not affected the tooling at all; they are both very crisp with fine details and minimal flash. The Rolls Royce engines are included as a separate sprue: The 2021 release is the lower one, still in the cellophane. The plastic might be a fraction whiter on this one! The main issue to correct on this model is the location of the doors. BA 767's had four doors on each side, with no over-wing exits. This was different from most other 767 operators, so consequently the location of window openings on this kit is incorrect. Here are the fuselage sides, with the extra windows marked in black and the over wing exits marked in red: Fortunately both sets of decals have the correct window locations and door configuration, so the simplest fix is to fill the windows and use the decals instead. Some Milliput was added, along with ballast and a rough cockpit bulkhead: The panel lines for the over wing exits will also need filling; I will do this once the halves are joined together. Finally a picture of G-BNWB's tail in the 'Chelsea Rose' livery, provided by the photographer, José Jorge: One of the more popular Utopia designs and used widely across all the fleets. My grateful thanks to José for permitting the use of his image - it's much appreciated. The next job is getting the fuselages glued together.
  13. Thanks Alex, they are rather big! They now have all their decals in place and some weathering effects have been added: I have masked the flap tracks, ready for their red tips: That would have been a far easier job if the wings were still separate - I'll remember that for the next build! I just need to paint the red, attach the engines then it's done!
  14. The engines from both kits went together very well: The Zvezda engines are the ones painted blue. Revell's are still without the exhaust cones, which will be added at the end of the build. It looks like the engines are completely interchangeable between the two kits, which is a good sign - I might use the Zvezda engines on my other Revell kits in the stash, as I think the inlet rings are more realistic - more on that later... I have also started the tailplanes. Here are the basic parts: The white Revell parts are more detailed with panel lines and access panels. They also have an attachment tab, rather than two small pins on the Zvezda tailplanes: I will clean up the joints and get them primed soon.
  15. Nice progress! I see you’re also building the F-RSIN ATR-72, how’s that going? I’m just finishing one and it was a nightmare…
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