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  1. I've been on a roll today - the seats have now been finished, so a quick photo before the detail gets lost when the cabin is closed up... A dry fit has also been done and it fitted inside the fuselage shell - result!
  2. I have removed the broken nozzle from the airbrush and ordered a new part, so with luck I will be back in action shortly. In the meantime, I used a rattle can to prime the model: As soon as I have a working airbrush I will get the paint on!
  3. Time for a little update. I glued some plastic strips to the area under the instrument panel, to make it a little busier and replicate the cabling found there. I used a liquid weld glue, which attacked the paint a bit, but once dry it didn't look so bad! Here's that area, seen from the lower rear fuselage: I have also finished distressing the seats and these are now painted and awaiting a wash to bring out the detail. I have painted some masking tape orange and will use this for seatbelts: I hope the grooves will look more like creases after the wash! Once this is done, the cockpit tub will be ready for final assembly.
  4. Nice job Dave. I’m also building a 249 Sqn Vb - good to see another one in the go!
  5. Getting the broken nozzle out was a breeze so I’ve ordered a new one to replace it. Looks like I’ll have two Neo’s now... Possibly just as well, I could easily break it again!
  6. Thanks Steve. I’ve just broken my airbrush, so the challenge is now on to get this finished in time...
  7. Just ordered another Neo... I’ll be more careful this time! I can also use the old one for spares possibly, should I ever need any... If I can remove the sheared off nozzle from the old and get a replacement, I’ll have a spare airbrush too. It was a good airbrush, just fragile!
  8. I’ve just destroyed my Neo, whilst reattaching the nozzle - the threaded section separated from the tip when I tightened it up... It’s not very robust, so I’m in the market for a replacement too - I don’t think I’d get another Neo after the issues I’ve had. Will do some research on the other brands mentioned above.
  9. An Aires resin cockpit, Eduard flaps and a Brengun ladder. I’m reasonably confident about the resin, but a complete beginner with PE - time to bite the bullet and have a go with it!
  10. Sounds good! I've treated myself to some AM goodies for mine too, which is a first - I usually build OOB. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one - the Hunter is a beautiful aircraft.
  11. Now the rain in Scotland has finally stopped I have ventured outside again for some spraying. I decided to give the Victor a pre-shade in grey, as that colour was already in the brush for the Lynx... In addition, I'm hoping that it will cover more easily than a black pre-shade: The probe on the right wingtip has broken off, but I haven't bothered to repair it - I'm sure it wouldn't have lasted long anyway, not with with an 8-year old playing with it! It has also had a pass of white paint, but I think another coat will be needed - maybe two. White is not my favourite colour to spray!!
  12. Thanks Bill! Just working on the cannon joints - another area with a poor fit. I might get the primer on tonight if I'm lucky...
  13. This kit arrived in my post today - early birthday present! Will follow this one.
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