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  1. Believe me, I've been tempted! It all looks better with a coat of primer: A few minor blemishes to fix, then it's time for the gloss coat. The propellers were 3d printed and supplied by @Bangseat at VFR models - thanks Harry, they look much better than the originals!
  2. The next major section to attach was the belly panel - plenty of tape needed here! Once removed the main structure is complete: I still need to sand the nose cone joint and the intakes, plus amend the fuselage profile near the windscreen as it looks odd... Then it's painting time!
  3. I have started to spray the blue onto the fuselage: However, I have a problem... This coat was applied about a week ago and ever since then I cannot get the same paint to spray from my airbrush - it just keeps blocking in the nozzle. As far as I can determine, everything is identical (paint consistency, ambient temperature, airbrush PSI, etc.) but it just won't come out! The paint I'm using is Xtracolour 322, which is now discontinued - if anybody knows a good alternative I'd be very interested! I particularly like this paint as it (up to now!) sprays well and is a very good colour match - here's the belly panel on the model compared next to a couple of genuine skin offcuts from the 747 - as you can see, it is very similar: I will have another go with this paint later and see if I can get it to cooperate...!
  4. I tend to go a couple of shades darker than the area you are washing. Light grey should work for the white undersides. Something a little darker on the topsides, but not black - that will be too harsh.
  5. 100% agree. A more subtle panel line wash and removal of that particular seam would improve the appearance of the model dramatically.
  6. Thanks Bertie, I’ll change the colour to white and add a wash around them as you suggested.
  7. No worries! Hi Michael. They are all made by Amtech - I searched on eBay a while ago for "ratchet clamps" and found them that way. I'm sure normal shops supply them too. Like @Andy350, I am also working on my intakes. Having built them, I gave all the joints a good coating of Mr. Surfacer 500: I've spent a while sanding the insides with a pencil wrapped in 240 grit paper and am *nearly* happy with them! I'll leave the photos until they're actually done...!
  8. Good to see you back Mike, those engines look excellent .
  9. I’ve been using Xtracolour X322, which looks good but is now discontinued… Thanks for the other paint suggestions
  10. Is building a BA variant a simple option? They had four doors on each side and no overwing exits… I’m guessing a bit of filler and a scribed will do the trick.
  11. It should work, but might need a few coats. Mr. Surfacer 500 will do the job more quickly, if you have it?
  12. Thanks Ray. I haven't been ignoring you, I've been ignoring this kit - I thought that might happen after all the frustrations with it...! It's a bit of a dog to be honest and my interest has turned to other, much more buildable models. However, the wing was repaired and the tailplanes glued with cyano: Note the guest appearance from the Airfix 1/48 TSR-2, a model which has been a surprisingly fun build despite its reputation! With the tailplane in place, I printed a copy of the fin decals to see how they fit around the aerofoil: I think some dark blue will hide any gaps! I would have applied the decals before the tailplane, but guess what - they need filler! The plan is to get this sprayed over the weekend whilst I'm using the same colours on my BA A380 build. It will never be a masterpiece, but hopefully it will look presentable at the end of the build.
  13. A few more jobs have been done. I have completed the coaming and canopies, glued the nose on (which needs some filling...!) and most importantly attached the wings. She's a big beast! The intake nearest the camera needs filling too, then it will be time to start spraying - in a deviation from the Airfix plan, the tail and exhaust will be attached once painted...
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