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  1. All a bit quiet on this build at the moment... I have taken a look at the props today and they *might* be salvageable - if not, I will look at getting some 3d printed as replacements. Any tips or suggestions for getting this done? On a separate topic, does anybody know what has happened to Moa? I've just noticed his account is now frozen... I enjoyed following his builds!
  2. Thank you! Cheers Ray. A week of snow and freezing conditions has stopped any airbrushing, so progress is slow...! The engines are ready to attach, but I thought getting the wings in place first might be best - more filling and sanding at the wing roots will be mandatory and I could easily knock an engine off! I attached 1mm shims to the fuselage then glued the wing into place, using a jig made from CD's (with more to weigh it down!): After a few hours I removed the model and the dihedral looked good. There are some large gaps that need attention t
  3. It takes a while to paint a model this size! I've redone a few areas, due to changing my mind about the colour. Some areas still need a second coat in the correct colour. I also realised I need to glue on the refuelling probe: Should be ready for decals next week sometime, subject to home schooling demands!
  4. Thanks Dennis. I’m hoping the delay won’t be that long, but it’s already nudging 6 weeks...
  5. Thanks for all the advice about the various products used to seal decals - very helpful! Unfortunately I'm still not at the stage of needing to seal them - I can't print them properly at the moment...! The correct decal paper was delivered, loaded into the printer and a new sheet produced. Unfortunately it was unusable; this time due to dirty marks on the print: You can also see my amateurish attempts at using Photoshop! The size of the decal on the top of the fin has been extended. It looks rough, but should be large enough - if only I was a
  6. For a moment I had no idea what you where talking about - then the penny dropped! The flight engineer would insert a C90 during the walk around, with a mix tape of his favourite songs and you had to hope you shared the same taste in music...! Thank you! Not a huge amount to report. The engines are an ongoing WIP and I am now at the stage of almost being happy with them, but with a few tiny blemishes to fix. I've resigned myself to not finishing this one in time - sorry @JOCKNEY! Inclement weather has slowed things down considerably, as has home schooling... I've ru
  7. Lovely job John. I built the Airfix version of this aircraft in the grey/brown scheme, worn by AB264 and shown in your photo towards the top of this page. Like you, I was looking for a scheme that was a bit different - yours certainly ticks that box and look great. I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s finished - it should be stunning!
  8. Change of plan again - it's not going to be an airbrushing mule anymore... The main reason for this change is simple - I became completely daunted by the prospect of masking a model this size with complicated wraparound camouflage! Instead it will get a simple brush paint job, meaning it will be finished much sooner and with far less hassle. A shot of the underside before painting began: I started with the grey, using the painting guide provided: It's not 100% accurate, but it broadly follows the pattern! I
  9. Great job Alex, looking very nice. Any word yet from F-DCAL? I'm still waiting for my decals...
  10. The polishing clothes worked a treat, so I can now get the transparencies masked before priming the fuselage. In the meantime, I have turned my attention to the exhausts. After some judicious filing I have slotted them into place and applied extra thin around the joint: The nacelle diameter is different at the point where the exhausts attach to the main body of the wing, so some filling and blending awaits - deep joy! There is also a mismatch with the trailing edges, as the inboard section is drooping slightly. These will be clamped into a str
  11. The rain did stop - but it turned to snow instead... The view from the front off the house: Consequently the rattle cans did not get an outing! I will get the engines primed as soon as possible, as this is holding up the build and the deadline is near! Here's how they currently look, with milliput additions and general filler to hide all the gaps: I also had to repair the base of the tail fin, which I suspect was damaged a month ago when I dropped it! A small dollop of milliput was blended in: Thanks for stopping by!
  12. I’ve never seen this kit before - what a great build.
  13. One week later and I think I’m finally happy with the engines - they needed a lot of fettling to remove obvious gaps and ridges! If the rain stops I’ll get them primed and see if they’re now acceptable. Hopefully some photos soon!
  14. I'm already on it Paul, with my Canberra build!
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