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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. Regards MM
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice and the tips....Thanks Schwarz Brot. for the comments.... Regards MM
  3. Badger, That looks good. Something for me to inspire too. Thanks guys for the advice. As before I'm gonna go for Vallejo acrylics.. Thanks too nheather. Regards MM
  4. Hi Schwarz, I've got plenty of enamels but they are mostly aircraft colours and some flesh tones for my drivers, sorry pilots.... I think I'll try your suggestion and try my hand with arcylics. I take Troys suggestion and go for Vallejo. I've been doing a little research on them and they do seem pretty popular. Thanks for the advice chaps. Regards MM
  5. Hi Troy, For my 1/72 scale aircraft I have always used Halfords spray can undercoat and either Humbrol or Revel enamels brush painted with a flat brush. I'm usually happy with hte results. I have just got myself a basic air brush but my workshop/shed is being used as a store whilst the house is being renovated. Once that's back in business I'm gonna start airbrushing. Thanks for the advice Regards MM
  6. Hello Badger, Thanks for the reply and I apologise for taking so long to reply to you. I did find the Skytrex site but I could only find AoS markings for armoured divisions and I was looking specifically for infantry division AoS markings. I went with Seahawk's suggestion and ordered from Millicast. They should be here in a couple of days time. Thanks again Regards MM
  7. Hello again everyone, I'm looking for advice and guidance from the great and the wise of Brit Modeller land. I am just about to take delivery of some 1/72 scale figures in white metal and resin. for a project I'm working on. My question is what is the best type of paint for these materials enamels or acrylics.? Is there any brands that are better than the others? I am a complete novice when it comes to this type of modelling being an unashamedly naval/FAA geek. As always your assistance will be appreciated. Regards MM
  8. Definitely green. It's the only colour for a Sea King. ! ! Anything else is sooo wrong in so many levels MM
  9. Hi Das Abteilung, Sorry should have said. 1/72 / 20mm scale. 51 Highland Division in North West Europe 1944 to the end in 45.. Will be attempting to model soft skin vehicles, lorries from some of the battalions, and Quads towing 17 and 25 pounder guns. That's the plan anyway..... Regards MM
  10. Hello everyone, Can anyone help me out? I am trying to find WW2 British Infantry Arm of Service decals for vehicles. There are load of AoS markings for armoured divisions but I can't find any for the PBI. Once again your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards MM
  11. Thanks Silver Fox. Am obliged.... Regards MM
  12. Hi, Looking for some help. Does anyone know of a UK stockist for the AB figures range in 20mm scale? Any info would be appreciated please. Regards MM
  13. Joseph, I saw a copy in my local library on Wednesday afternoon. I'm currently swotting up on D Day and the battle to break out of Normandy for my impending trip next week. I might get round to reading a Drop too many in the summer before my trip to Arnhem. Let me know what you think of it. Regards MM
  14. Hi Jonny, You haven't ruffled my feathers. Like you I'm not a military expert, and also like you I do most of my learning from books, increasingly the internet and by speaking to other people. I'll add Beevor's book to my list to read before my trip in September. As a side note I have just started reading 'The Glider Soldiers' by Alan Wood. I'm at the part where he is describing the various units which made up the infantry element and how the Glider Pilot Regiment was formed and it's organisation. Absolutely fascinating. All the best. MM
  15. Hi Tony, I didn't know any of this thanks for the info. I totally get what you are saying about airborne soldiers being just that...soldiers and how the glider (in the case of D Day) was just an instrument in getting the soldiers to the fighting. I heard much the same from Royal Marines about my Wessex and Sea King helicopters during the Falklands and in Northern Ireland. However I still can't help thinking it was a waste. It's akin to spending thousands and thousands of pounds and years and years training a heart or brain surgeon then asking him/her to look after a 1st aid tent at a village fete. It would seem that by the time of Market garden the hierarchy in the British military had forgotten everything they had learned whilst planning and executing during D Day. I also heard that the decision to jump during daylight was made by Lieutenant General Brereton (Commander of the allied airborne army) as a result of the American experiences when jumping at night on D day. I'm starting to get into the war in North West Europe and have begun to research and read about the campaign especially in the battle for Normandy. Thanks again for your info. Regards MM
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