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  1. love it......................very very well done Regards MM
  2. Sorry about that. Fat fingers little keyboard. Crisp I meant to ask what is the piece of kit that looks like a straight up speaking trumpet on the starboard side of the flight deck just behind the wasp? Regards MM
  3. Interesting. Thank you for sharing. Regards MM
  4. Sorry for the delay gents, Thanks to you all for the advice. Just got to convince everyone that my purchase is essential ! ! Keep safe everyone Regards MM
  5. Hello, I've come to the great and the good for some more advice. I am in the middle of building a few 20 mm white metal vehicle kits for a project I'm doing. I have a white metal kit of a Quad artillery tractor and the fit is well........not fitting very well ! I need to use filler in a few places that on the real deal would be cracks about 6 inches wide ! ! I have only ever modeled in plastic. What would be the best filler to use on white metal ? As ever thanking everyone in advance. Regards MM. ps. I appolog
  6. Thank you for sharing and I hope your recovery goes well. Regards MM
  7. Thanks for all the tips guys. Regards MM
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice and the tips....Thanks Schwarz Brot. for the comments.... Regards MM
  9. Badger, That looks good. Something for me to inspire too. Thanks guys for the advice. As before I'm gonna go for Vallejo acrylics.. Thanks too nheather. Regards MM
  10. Hi Schwarz, I've got plenty of enamels but they are mostly aircraft colours and some flesh tones for my drivers, sorry pilots.... I think I'll try your suggestion and try my hand with arcylics. I take Troys suggestion and go for Vallejo. I've been doing a little research on them and they do seem pretty popular. Thanks for the advice chaps. Regards MM
  11. Hi Troy, For my 1/72 scale aircraft I have always used Halfords spray can undercoat and either Humbrol or Revel enamels brush painted with a flat brush. I'm usually happy with hte results. I have just got myself a basic air brush but my workshop/shed is being used as a store whilst the house is being renovated. Once that's back in business I'm gonna start airbrushing. Thanks for the advice Regards MM
  12. Hello Badger, Thanks for the reply and I apologise for taking so long to reply to you. I did find the Skytrex site but I could only find AoS markings for armoured divisions and I was looking specifically for infantry division AoS markings. I went with Seahawk's suggestion and ordered from Millicast. They should be here in a couple of days time. Thanks again Regards MM
  13. Hello again everyone, I'm looking for advice and guidance from the great and the wise of Brit Modeller land. I am just about to take delivery of some 1/72 scale figures in white metal and resin. for a project I'm working on. My question is what is the best type of paint for these materials enamels or acrylics.? Is there any brands that are better than the others? I am a complete novice when it comes to this type of modelling being an unashamedly naval/FAA geek. As always your assistance will be appreciated. Regards MM
  14. Definitely green. It's the only colour for a Sea King. ! ! Anything else is sooo wrong in so many levels MM
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