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  1. missile-monkey

    What if WW2 never happened?

    I'm familiar with the figures of German POWs in Russia. Nearly 3 million and just over 350,000 died in captivity. I was also aware of the mass deportation of civilians. However the original question posed by devilfish was 'What if WW2 never happened?' The Generals replace Hitler and his muckers. Germany slowly rebuilds. One would presume no invasion of Poland, so no French or British war with Germany. No Barbarossa. No Holocaust, one would hope. So no exodus of Jewish survivors from Europe to Palestine. So, maybe no state of Israel ? What would Stalin and Russia do if no WW2? Would Stalin rebuild after the 1936 - 38 purges and invade Poland from the East, or would he have another wibbble and a second round of purges, say in the early 40s. Interesting. What do others think? Regards MM...
  2. missile-monkey

    What if WW2 never happened?

    I Agree. If Stalin had stayed in power to 1945 he may have had another one of his purges. The Red army may not have been in any fit state to take the initiative. MM
  3. missile-monkey

    Two inappropriately dressed Faireys meet at a model show.

    Your two Helos. One looks like a Wessex and the other a Kamen Seasprite? Any chance of seeing close ups of theses two please? Regards MM
  4. missile-monkey

    Super Puma 1/72

    I'll second phildagreek's comments. A very nice representation of the real thing. A very good effort. Regards MM
  5. missile-monkey

    Op Wyvern Tor 2018

    Thanks for the info. Two cabs with 'Charlie' as side codes. That'll confuse the **** out of the grubbers..! ! Regards MM
  6. missile-monkey

    Op Wyvern Tor 2018

    Those were superb. Thank you for sharing them with us. As a matter of interest what squadrons were they from? Regards MM...
  7. Nice one. The very best Naval Air Squadron that ever was........The best part of my formative years spent on it. Learned a lot, grew up quickly and had such fun doing it. As a side line where do you get the white ensign and 'Royal Navy' decals on the starboard side under the pilot's window. I need a few for some builds I've got planned. Regards MM....
  8. missile-monkey

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    I stand corrected. Every day is a school day. In my defence it was before my time. Thanks for the info. Regards MM
  9. missile-monkey

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    I served on Junglies from early 1982 until 1989 on and off on either 707 NAS, as was, and 845 as both a junior and senior rate. I never saw a Wessex V in white camo. We certainly didn't have any on the very numerous winters I spent in Bardufoss. I agree it would have looked cool. Regards MM
  10. missile-monkey

    Multicultural Raspberry Ripple Phantom

    That is one cool toon..... Regards MM
  11. missile-monkey

    New 1/72 Hasegawa F-35B Marines

    That is nice...... Regards MM
  12. missile-monkey

    French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Hello, I saw the Lift Here version on their website......Unfortunately you can't order direct from Serbia and the only stockist here in the UK doesn't have thekit. I'll think of another cunning plan.. Regards MM
  13. missile-monkey

    French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Nice one. makes sense. MM..
  14. missile-monkey

    French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Thank you for this Graham. I know absolutley nothing about French avation. I just thought the colour scheme on the ambulance version of the Potez 29 in the photo looked good and wouldn't mind trying to replicate it in minature one day. Regards MM
  15. missile-monkey

    French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Lovely images. Thank you for sharing. The Potez 29 with the red crosses looks interesting. Now all I need to do is find someone who does a 1/72 scale kit. Would the colours be green and silver for the fuselage and national colours on the tail fin with white stripes on the top of the wings? Regards MM