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  1. missile-monkey

    AW101 Merlin HM2

    What's the boxy thingys on each side just above the sponsons? Regards MM
  2. missile-monkey

    Helo ops on HMS Vanguard

    Most of the time the flight was treated like lepers......until it was time for the mail run !! then we were everyone's friend.........Although I do remember on one occasion when a very popular member of the ships company became ill. Appendicitis I think it was. Our cab was in bits in the hanger, 25 hourlies I think. Put her back together PDQ and flew him off to hospital. The PO MA said if we hadn't got him to hospital he would have died. We dined out on that one for weeks !!!! MM
  3. missile-monkey

    Helo ops on HMS Vanguard

    My late Father-in-Law served on HMS Vanguard. He was particularly fond of telling me during our many verbal spats about Fishheads/Dabbers/Skimmers v WAFUs/Airy Faireys that she was his favorite ship. When I asked him why? He he would reply "cause there were no ****** Airy Faireys on her" ! ! RIP Dad. MM
  4. missile-monkey


    Thank you for the info. Good build by the by...…. Regards MM
  5. missile-monkey


    Can I ask, where did you get the replacement 1/700 scale aircraft from? Regards MM
  6. missile-monkey

    USMC AV-8C two-tone green camouflage.

    Your model. Paint it whatever scheme you want too. You could even paint it pink with purple spots ! ! Regards MM
  7. Matthew, She really is a beauty. I'm sure your dad will be delighted. Inspiration for me for when I can finally start modelling. (when the cottage has been finished, hopefully later this year) Thank you for letting me come along. learned a lot. Regards MM
  8. missile-monkey

    1:350 HMS Duncan Type 45 Destroyer

    Jase, Thank you so much for that. Really appreciated it. Enjoyed the video. Modern warships are soooooo different from the old Leanders and Tribals I had occasion to serve on, briefly I'm glad to say. That transit mess was unbelievable. In my day any 'spare parts' as any extra personnel were called had to sleep wherever they could lay their heads. You tried to find a passageway or space that was quiet or someone trod on your head as they passed ! ! Happy days...... Regards MM
  9. missile-monkey

    1:350 HMS Duncan Type 45 Destroyer

    The U tube video you mentioned. Where can I find that? I'd like to see it. Regards MM
  10. Well done. Nice back story. Nice model. Regards MM
  11. missile-monkey

    Those other Wessex.

    1/72 scale as well please? MM
  12. Thanks for your help. Every day is a school day......... Regards MM
  13. Thank you for the reply Mathew. Your answers have raised a few more Qs. If the Type 23s are capable of embarking a Merlin then the hanger must be quite big. Can they carry two lynx? If they can do they as a matter of routine or only when Operations dictate? Regards MM
  14. Can / does the type 23 operate Merlin? Is there any one particular ship / batch that operates Merlin as opposed to the lynx? Regards MM.....
  15. missile-monkey

    Double Buccs

    Daft Question...Where can I get a conversion to turn my Airfix Buc S2 into an S1? Anyone know? Regards MM