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  1. Rodders154

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Superb build sir
  2. Please add me Thinking of doing a piece of armour plenty to choose from Rodders
  3. Rodders154

    Hello from Somerset

    Hi I'm a modeller from Yeovil. Look for the Poole vikings show soon for the next nearest model show.
  4. Rodders154

    Sikorsky/Westland S-55

    I think the kit has been reissued as there was a chap selling a couple at the Yeovil show last weekend. They deffinatly looked new to me They are the USAF colours Rodders
  5. Rodders154

    Yeovil Show Saturday 24th

    I'm going Rodders
  6. Rodders154

    Tamiya 1/35 Churchill.

    Well. Done excellent build. Rodders
  7. Rodders154

    Tamiya oldest 1/35 armour available?

    Tamiya armour has brought my mojo back. I was finding 1/72 to small for me nowadays and I impulsed bought the chieftain from hobby craft and was very impressed with the kit.
  8. Rodders154

    Blue stuff, anybody used it?

    Has anybod used "Blue stuff" to make any spare parts and if so how did you get on. I have bought some but only 4 sticks I think you would need the 8 stick pack to do anthing of any size Website here Youtube video here on how to use it Will be interested to see what others think Rodders
  9. There are some excellent Tamiya 1/35 scale kits available that are decades old and I was wondering what the oldest ones currently available were. I have built some of the real cheap ones such as the Panther and Panzer 2 and to me, they are excellent value for money. I would also like to see the Land Rover Ambulance reissued anybody else have a Tamiya kit they would like to see again Airfix kits of the same vintage show their age but the Tamiya ones don't seem to So does anyone know the oldest mould currently available in hobby shops (not 2nd hand retailers) and what Tamiya kit would you like to see reissued? Rodders
  10. Rodders154

    Real thing everywhere,how lucky am I?

    Yes and yes as well as sailsbury model shop when taking to the Chinese all u can eat a couple of doors down.
  11. Rodders154

    Real thing everywhere,how lucky am I?

    I am lucky living in yeovil for modelling referance because within 1 hour of home I can visit The Fleet air museum The helicopter museum The Tank museum The Army air corp museum Haynes motor museum Royal corps of Signals museum At least 4 preserved railways Not bad for reference
  12. the government must be adding something in the water because after a lack of mojo I too have started AFVs though mine tend to be 1/35 1/35 because my eyes are not getting any better at seeing 1/72 scale Rodders
  13. Getting used to weathering Decals totally fictitious because the kit decals would not fit around. the bolt heads As this is 1/35 scale please look from 10 foot away Thanks for getting to the end Rodders
  14. Rodders154

    SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    I enjoyed it I went on Saturday. I agree with you about trader prices I brought £100 to spend but was put off by the prices charged by the traders and took 80 home to be spent on ebay. I think it much better than the old Yeovilton show at least you can see everything as the lighting is better. Rodders
  15. Rodders154

    M3 Grant - Academy 1/35

    I am inspired Lovely build Rodders