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  1. I have both of theses and I find that for thin lines I use the 200 and for general work I use the 100 Does anyone else use two brushes ? Rodders
  2. Hi All, Does anybody know of any aftermarket decals for this kit. I bought one a the Poole vikings show and I didnt notice it had no decals Looked, but i havent been able to find any aftermarket I wondered if there are any? TIA Rodders
  3. If its the ESCI one I'm in love that kit expecially as you can do the high skid version.
  4. Have ordered a wasp set being limited to 20 sets I believe Rodders
  5. Hi windy just up the road from you in Yeovil. Rodders
  6. I was wondering if anybody still does vacforms? I used to back in the day when it was the only way to get a model of something that was not mainstream. I ask because I am doing a kit that was designed to be motorised (1967 Tamiya Hunting Tiger) and therefore there are modifications and simplified details to allow this to happen. I am treating this kit as I would have done with a vacform, fabricating bits and using the spares box but it lead me to wondering about Vacforms in general. Do you still do them are they no longer built? Rodders
  7. Really good it was this kit that lead me to build the 1/35 Tamiya ones Rodders
  8. I live in Yeovil and as such I have the FAA museum 10 minutes away. The Tank Museum 49 minutes away and the helicopter Museum less than an hour away Come and live in Yeovil if you like modelling. Good reason for coming back is the Tiger expo is now on for another year. You can use the museum ticket all year around except special days. I hope you enjoyed your visit and wont be too long before you are back in Gods own country. Rodders
  9. FINISHED!!! Got there in the end Thanks for everyones help Just some ariels to do and then i will call it a day Rodders
  10. I DID IT I GOT THEM TO WORK Thanks to eveyone who suggested how to do it I have managed to get them to fit around the wheels I am so pleased they even fit togeather after a fashon. I will use plenty of mud to disguise my workmanship but once again Britmodeller chums came up trumps
  11. Superb job mate and I have started working on the tape method but as you suggest I am using masking tape. Took 2 hours to get about 20 links to make a run. Unfortunately the painting is going to be compromised but that's life. It may yet end up in the bin Rodders
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