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  1. When I worked at Westllands in the late 70's and 80's that is the term we used. Rodders
  2. 1/35 M3 Grant Bogies - if you wait until it's release you could try Airfix. It's the Academy molds

  3. I buy mine from the Tank Museum they have loads of Tamiya stuff
  4. The Traffic eye sequence from Air AmericaI will take 2 I want to do the one at the start of Air America
  5. the 1/35 Matador are expensive but who needs 1/35 when you have the skill you have Rodders
  6. I am very lucky because I had this conversation the other day on a thread on Britmoddeller and Carl @FG2Si said that he had some rubber ones from a another kit that he didn't use and I could have them for postage from Canada. So as I type they are on the way from the other side of the pond. Britmodellers are a helpful community and I would like to say thanks publicly to Carl for his amazing offer and thank you to @Antphillips for his comments about the gun. Rodders
  7. Thanks Carl, PM sent Rodders
  8. Thank you everyone for your help. Due to postings on here I had my attention drawn to the "bumps" down the middle of the tracks Do'h Rodders
  9. Hi Chaps I dislike individual tracks on kits. Could I use the tracks off the 1/35 italeri fury on the Dragon Firefly because as I see it they are both the extended length tracks. The Fury kit has 2 sets of tracks so both kits can be built if I rob one set for the Firefly. Many thanks in advance Rodders
  10. Brilliant build I have always thought that with a good modeller the kit would turn out well. Rodders
  11. No doubt you are on clot buster drugs All the best mate. Stalker6Recon You need to see someone about it. I know it is easy for us in the UK to say this because of the NHS but seriously working on a surgical ward I know how serious a PE can be. Rodders
  12. Why be so negative without seeing the finished kit? For all anyone knows they may take the opportunity to rectify (if indeed they need rectifying, I don't have knowledge of the original kit) There is no need for negativity
  13. 404 response now Must have been taken down Rodders
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