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  1. Unfortunately I trashed mine in the build looking forward to seeing how it should be done,
  2. 1/35 Dragon 60cm Morser "Karl" £45 I call that a bargain Now where can I put it? Rodders (image of kit from internet)
  3. Another Avon haul Dragon 6801 M26A-1 Pershing Dragon 3524 M1A2 Abrams Dragon 6290 Pz.Kpfw.38(t) with interior £58 the lot Well happy Rodders
  4. AFV Churchill Mk3 & Bronco Lloyd carrier Rodders
  5. Thank you this helps tremendously. I am fairly satisfied with normal model painting but heads just drive me crazy. I will give your "tutorial" a go R
  6. I will take some photos and post them later thanks to everyone for the comments.
  7. No matter how many videos i look at I have bought the ammo flesh tones set I have made a wet palette and I use primer. Whatever I do it looks like Worzel Gummage has painted aunt sally's head I am at a loss I follow the instructions I blend and still they look rubbish ,They dont have to be perfect just passable. Is it just me
  8. Since this has happened I now only click uk only sellers on ebay because of the extra 20% vat added at pos R
  9. Nothing has the wow factor Did you not see the K2?
  10. I got buzzed by one whilst out for a walk nr Glastonbury
  11. Looking at my second post do you think the plexiglass domes were an after thought added by the museum or were the fitted in service? AndrewE,s super build doesn't have them. If the Cannon is fictitious then maybe the domes are as well
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