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  1. ocatlub

    BSA or Matchless

    I would agree that it is an AMC single 500cc from the early 60's badged as AJS or Matchless and pre-unit construction.
  2. ocatlub

    Buying and selling

    It might been seen as the above but there are a number of poeple who frequent here and carry out the selling of stuff from here on Ebay usually with a good profit. How it can be controlled or stopped I do not know. It is to me some what immoral as people generally put things up for sale at good prices in the hope the sales are going to a good home.
  3. ocatlub

    50 years first men on the moon GB

    Apollo 11 was actually in 69 which will soon be 50yrs ago but the apollo program was actually started in the early 60s by JFK I think to regain pride and interest in America after the Soviet success with the sputnik and the first man in space.
  4. ocatlub

    New 1/48 F-14A Tomcat detail sets

    0.05mm thick stainless steel, is that the correct thickness?
  5. Anyone know how this is progressing or has it been quitly dropped given that we have seen 2 new 1/48 scale and one 1/32 mustangs in the last 18month/2yrs.
  6. ocatlub

    1/48 F-14A Tomcat in 2016 and F-14D in 2018!

    I would have thought the only thing to be excited about is the is the horrendous price. Tamiya are minting our money or the poeple that buy it.
  7. Tamiya 1/6 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana from flea bay and ordered 1/24 Beemax Volvo 240.
  8. ocatlub

    DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW2. 1:48

    Unfortunately I bought one not long ago and was not impressed at all but I though the booms were to long as well as incorrect detail on them. I only compared them to the 1/48 airfix kit.
  9. ocatlub

    IPMS Hinckley Sunday 20th

    Sunday is the 20th
  10. ocatlub

    No wonder the planet’s sinking under rubbish

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/devon/content/articles/2006/11/03/lost_hallsands_feature.shtml Beesands was also distroyed, the dredging of the gravel was for Devenport dockyard Plymouth.
  11. ocatlub

    Sea Vixen

    I have been silly and bought one of these and without looking closely at it. I have found out that the ends of the booms are quite a different angle to the airfix sea vixen and the length is a good 2 scale feet longer. I have put it back in the box and so don't know what else is up the creek with it. Not to pleased with it.
  12. ocatlub

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    What ever scale it is I hope it is better than that thing they call a Sea Vixen, if the Airfix Vixen is correct the Trumpeter one is badly incorrect around the rear of the booms and appears to be 2 scale feet to long as well as other faults in the area
  13. ocatlub

    Airfix Sea Fury of the RCN

    I have one but I can not find a use for the slot at the top of the IP or is it an Airfix mistake?
  14. ocatlub

    Airfix 1/48 P-51D - not that impressed

    They look to me to have have gone out of thier way to be different for no real reason. Why they did not do as Revell and Tamiya with different tail planes, it would have been easier and simpler to build. As it is now I have built two up to the painting stage and both the have a lean to the right at the top of the fin, and the horizontal surfaces are in the same direction . Twisting the rear of the tail in front of the horiziontal surfaces effect the desired result. Also if the mould joint line not removed where the horizintal surfaces socket in the the tail plane will not fit. There are other areas of bad fit, also why Airfix put all the heavy rivets on what should be a filled finished wing?
  15. ocatlub

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The Phantom that Jadlam has for sale on Ebay is a FG1 not an FGR1 and it is a pre order which will be avalable in the new year if you scroll down to bottom of the ad. When I last looked there had been 10+ sold!