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  1. A seller on Ebay has them for sale now for £620 +£10 shipping no indication of preorder. Deliver by 26/10
  2. Hi Lee, What paint did you use for the red please
  3. Training exercise ? They have another one now, repair the landing pad.
  4. I would agree 100% with you, just totally useless and incapable. I still cant get a refund from them.
  5. It was not installed free, you and everybody else pays for the cost in their bills as with the cost of going green with wind turbines etc. The companies no longer employ an army of meter readers etc which must be a big saving but, I have not seen any savings passed on to the customer. Also from what I understand alot of these meters for various reasons do not work as required and some have shut the supply off or even caught fire.
  6. The Tamiya Phantoms are not perfect by any means, but I suspect that most people who buy the Revell Phantom will not be aware or care of it short comings and will build it as it comes out of the box and enjoy it. That list of corrections has been around for sometime and is nothing new and some of it really picky. As a matter of interest I have several of both makes as well as the old 1/32 Revell Phantom made in to late 60's which some people back then made into reasonable example which is what modelling is all about? There are several on ebay at the moment and are priced at more than some of the Tamiya ones.
  7. Pity they did not take more care with decal sheet as the navigators christian name is Nigel not Angel! Its correct on the box.
  8. Magnifier is an offshoot of Trumpeter I think, the kit has no reference to Ford or GT40 to avoid paying royalities to Ford.
  9. Creative Models have these in stock for £59.99 at the moment.
  10. Is anyone working on or anyone have available any corrections for the first kit?
  11. What you need to look at is the sold prices, as they may be asking these prices but these things just go round and round usually and are never sold. I have seen some kits up for sale for 4-5 yrs and not selling at the stupid prices asked, but sometimes someone may pay it.
  12. The HB hawk is oversize over the wing span approx 10mm and gives the appearane of being generally biggger than 1/48, and the Sea Vixen has a lot of silly problems, and the Tornado has a number of faults. Stick with Airfix or Italeri for the Hawk and Revell for the Tornado, not an easy build.
  13. There is a first issue Lindburg on Ebay at the moment from the US on bid. Revell also issued an F-8 in 1955 but it was box scale approx 1/67, I had one in about 1958, actually I still have it in a sorry state, all done with the hairy stick and Humbrol tar paint and fictitious markings.
  14. Crikey, that will make everyone rush!!
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