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  2. Stunning
  3. Yesterday
  4. That looks sweet mate Kev
  5. Cracking build love all the details beefy
  6. Fouling phase one: 'kettle lime scale' Cheers
  7. Great work. Watching this with interest. Hope to attempt this model myself sometime. Already have the kit and Porntos PE.
  8. Hi all, Here is, finally, the Nippon Maru from Imai at 1/150. She has been a training ship for many years and is now a museum. It was a long but fun built, very nice kit, too bad Imai is no longer around. This is the first with four mats and I figured then that one extra mast should not be that much more work, yeah, right... Anyway, hope you like her. T/care Jesse
  9. It's another forum I'm on RevellAtions
  10. Fantastic work.
  11. Wow, such a lot going on. Fantastic work. The explosions are amazing.
  12. Great job, the colours look spot on.
  13. I've come back to admire your work once again. I showed this to my lady the other night and she honestly thought it was a photo of the real thing on my IPad as I had zoomed in and she could not see the diorama edges - consider that a big Lady Modelling Credit check !
  14. I wax saddened to learn recently that the wrecks of these two ships have been / are being plundered for scrap metal. That's despite an international agreement that sicken warships are regarded as war graves. A shame the countries nearest the wrecks - and others from other nations - don't enforce this.
  15. Not sure it will go to plan always end up changing something Any how main part of the painting done a lot of masking off and this is what came out a few touch ups around the boot top area but quite pleased with it very fiddly trying to mask around the PE rails The green does look better in the lighter shade beefy
  16. Hello, Sir, you are a master. It's superb finesse and precision. Marc
  17. Hello, Exciting subject with a fine mastery in achievement. I confess to waiting with a certain pleasure. I'm a fan. Marc
  18. I hope all goes to plan, that is impressive............... Kev
  19. Last week
  20. Thanks Kev the photo was not to good as took it in the garage and the light was poor it does look lighter and a better match for the kit instruction sheet Also found and old build by Chris Foldberg think that is the name but a very good detailed build he did back when this kit first came out in about 2012 Trying to do something like this beefy
  21. The smaller the scale the lighter the shade should be ............ scale effect ? If it looks good to you it's probably right Kev
  22. Fantastic, a really astounding accomplishment. I'm still studying the Flower Class, as soon as I can I would like to realize a variety of them in 1/350. Your model will be a great help for me! Fair Winds, Laerte
  23. is there not a resin kit 1/350 scale by some far eastern company? may be pricey if one could be found also that OZ company did they not do an OZ version?
  24. Look forward to seeing your builds 73north Meanwhile a small update did have a darker green on the hull but have made it lighter by adding a small amount of medium grey this was mixed with Tamiya paints Dark green on it,s own Then the lighter shade It does look better in the day light beefy
  25. Hi Drew only just seen this, heres a link for P class hull model, it depends on what you want to spend etc, as for 1/350 or 1/144 none at the moment although ive passed on the plans for HMS Alliance to Mikromir whove said they will get round to doing a kit. regards Chris
  26. Today I worked on this upper platform. It's nice and neat since it was all airbrush and maskng, and not brushpainted on with all the parts in place. I drilled out those windows, and then squared them up with a tiny file and made glass with micro-sol Crystal Clear. The kit had them as a solid mass to be painted black. In retrospect, the kit part with gloss black and a dab of Crystal Clear may well have ended up looking the same. I'm not sure I'm happy about the seams on the panel in the foreground. They are more visible in the photo than by eye, but it still sticks out to me. The thing is, the thing is maybe actually supposed to be this way, as that metal "wall" is a separate object IRL. I've also not been able to find any reference images this close up, as they would have needed a helicopter and a telephoto lens to take the same shot back then. I could do a bead of CA glue to close the gap and then hand brush some grey in there, but it may just wind up looking the worse for it. Thoughts? After:
  27. I have also bought the HMS Eskimo 1/350 - and plan to build it as HMS Cossack in late 1939 kit will arrive end of week - the after market stuff over the next 2-3 weeks These are the after market items I have also bought - especially the after market pdr Mark-VII Quad mount – from North Star Models ( as Trumpeter offer a 8 barrel version in the kit never fitted to RN Destroyers ) and WEM 1/350 Photo-etch , and HMS Eskimo Boat and Propeller Set , and Master Model after-market Brass 4.7 inch barrels and wooden decks by ARTWOX these 5 additions should make it a fantastic Model ( new Boats and 2 Propellers )
  28. Following this as I have the Eskimo in the same scale and need to have a go. Your PE skills look excellent, might get the WEM set as well.
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