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  1. Tempted to say it looks crap! But we all know it's gorgeous and I'd never wind you up by saying that. Enjoy Blighty and we'll see you again in a few months! Ian
  2. A double helping of Bill goodies, and both looking good so far. We all knew OOB wasn't going to last but I had given you credit to make it last a LITTLE longer..... Ian
  3. I've no idea how I have managed to miss so much over the last week, but firstly, a belated happy anny to you and the Baroness! Second, erm, err, too much gone on. Overload! Although I must admit to being a huge Sharpe fan. I may have to look those series up and watch them again. I do think the adjustable aileron idea is best, as I always add just a tiny deflection to give the model a little "life", however with the work you're putting into this, it will have a life all of its own! Looking forward to the next installment! Ian
  4. Nice, I'm in... OOB...yea, right and CC will never drink another beer..... They really don't want anyone to see that "DANGER" stencil, do they? Maybe they know the quality of people who may be in that region with the engine running and want to save some cash? Ian
  5. I assume there's going to be one black one, one white one.... Or is that the wrong song? Looking good anyway! Ian
  6. That's turned out very nicely indeed. Great job! Ian
  7. I would NEVER share a ballgown with the General...I've seen his battlepants! Ian
  8. My last name is Brand, so my friends have called me Brandy for as long as I can remember, certainly since I started school! Nothing untoward involved! Ian
  9. If that is a bomb bay that merely "suffices" I'd hate to see one that actually does the job properly! Welcome back Martian, we haven't done any damage anywhere while you've been gone, honestly! Well, not much, anyway! Ian
  10. That is a fabulous result, one to be very proud of! Ian
  11. Well up to expected standards Bill, she's gorgeous. (that is, of course, all relative....) Ian
  12. True, but you can't deny that you said the F-4 was "a proper Naval aircraft". The F-4 was a plank wing. QED. Ian
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