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  1. Welcome back! It's surprising how many of us take a 20 or more year break and come back. It must say something about how much fun we had doing this as kids! Have fun! Ian
  2. Blimey, only 1 hr late and still halfway down the page. I've got my beer and peanuts, onwards and upwards! Ian
  3. You're all welcome to the snow. I had enough of that stuff in New England and I don't miss shoveling 3 feet of it off my driveway one little bit! Ian ps I think Tony's cloud is where all my data has gone to!
  4. I immediately had a Reggie Perrin flashback...... "She's BACK!!!!!" I didn't get where I am today by having flashbacks... Suuuper! Ian
  5. I need to read back on the designing/printing process to remind myself how chitubox bit fits in. Just bit the bullet and ordered an Elegoo Mercury plus clean/cure station and downloaded Fusion 360 so more designing coming soon! Ian
  6. Another fantastic addition to the collection P. Lovely work! Ian
  7. Nice start Edward, and another excellent intro! Ian
  8. Always nice when someone points out something to help with the assmebly! Looking good! Ian
  9. Just a small update today to let you know this hasn't gone to the back of the bench again! I have been busy, on and off, but mostly on the wheel rims and other small stuff, so now I'll post it all together. I'm now happy, after many sessions of applying PPP and sanding, that the rims are good. Now all I have to do is drill all the holes! The handles have been added on the bonnet panels using 0.2mm nickel silver rod These were bent around needle nose pliers, after holding them up against the bonnet to ensure I had the correct width to fit th
  10. Your pre finish painting is streets ahead of my final coats. Painting never was my forte... Lovely stuff! Ian
  11. Nice work on the wheels. Respoking makes such a huge difference! Ian
  12. That nose looks like something out of one of those really early, and very weird, Disney cartoons! I'm waiting to see it blow out a table tennis ball or something.... Ian
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