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  1. I can almost hear it whimpering from here. It knows it's beaten now, and it's definitely looking like a Vampire! Ian
  2. When I said I was happy with that last version, it was of course only temporary! Lying in bed last night I suddenly realised that I hadn't added any supports for the rocker arms. That led to closer examination of photos this morning. Another thing that had not occurred to me yesterday was that I had added the upper cylinder coolant channel across the whole width, whereas of course it is only an inlet one side and an outlet on the other. The valves sit in between and I couldn't put those in the right place unless I redesigned that too. So I decided to chop its head off! I redesigned the
  3. Better still, use an upturned plastic bottle top lined with tin foil. Replace tin foil as needed, keep bottle top. Ian
  4. I decided I wasn't happy with that, so I've modified the head. It's still not quite right as I can't figure out how to get an even chamfer all the way around from head to cylinder, but at this scale I think it will do. Ian
  5. I hadn't realised it had been nearly a year since I looked at this! Having said that, I am not getting back into it properly just yet, but since I have no work at the moment and I'm waiting for supplies to continue with the Mercedes SSKL build, I decided to look again at the engine. There were a number of options open to me, including modifying the kit supplied part, but none were really up to it. I even started to scratchbuild one using 2mm plastic rod. That at least gave me an accurate piece to use for measurements. Since in the past year I have acquired a 3d printer, and I have more v
  6. I may not even get them for a while. Unfortunately the moulds have been lost for the LVG B.I so that's a no go. The Longhorn should be rereleased in the Autumn, and he's checking to see if the Mickl is in stock. So at the earliest I won't get the Longhorn until September time. Plenty to keep me busy in the meantime though! Currently designing a Benz BzII engine for the Taube. I also have other vacs that need this engine so it will be a big help with those too as I'll be able to print 4 or 5 at a time. Ian
  7. Ooh er misses! Hopefully it will stay out of sight! Nice job on the internals though Ced. I'll have to look that pub up next time I'm home. Ian
  8. Those rivets certainly look to be worth all that effort, nicely done! As for the beer, it was last seen in Belgium being loaded into a roadside repair vehicle.......maybe @corsaircorp can enlighten us further as to its present whereabouts? Ian
  9. No, it won't be that soon. I have a few ongoing builds that need to be finished first. Also included in the order is a Farman Longhorn! Ian
  10. How have I missed this? Anyway, regardless of how I did, I have now found it and caught up. Like others I had difficulty seeing where you were going with the two separate fuselage pieces but once put together it's bleedin' obvious! I will never build anything in wood, despite my hometown being traditionally a furniture making town, but I like the thought processes that go into deciding how to do it. Very similar in a way to building a vacform kit and figuring out how best to put it all together and make it stay together. Especially when you're crazy enough to cut up said vacform and resha
  11. Those look the dog's whatsits! Lovely job! All together now... I'm not a rivet counter, I'm a rivet counter's mate I'm only counting rivets 'cos the rivet counter's late! Ian
  12. I think the plan of action for the cockpit is the right one, how easy it is we will see soon. I have my beer and peanuts......... Ian
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