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  1. Excellent news, thanks for keeping us informed of the Martian's progress. Ian
  2. As already stated, much of what we all planned went South this year. What is required is the sense of humour to see the funny side of things that are not inherently funny. Until you look back at them from a few years in the future and realise how ridiculous it all was! Chin up! ian
  3. Nice desks, and very impressive framework work! One thing I definitely do not miss here is clearing up leaves. Or winter. Although I have to admit I do miss rain - just not every day! Ian
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_pudding You may notice a reference to "one 15th century recipe"... Not stolen from Argentina. More likely imported to Argentina! Paintwork looking good too! Ian
  5. Lovely job on the rigging Jon, she really is looking great! (The model, not the actual aircraft of course!) I would NOT want to try to taxi that thing in any kind of cross-wind - wing tip repairs must have been fairly common! Ian
  6. Wow, 10 days or so away and I have 5 pages to catch up on, including a great pic of the proud Grandad and newbie! Lovely stuff Ced, thanks for sharing! oh and the jet duo are coming along very nicely too. As for "insert from an angle and shove", is that the sort of advice you should be posting on this forum? Ian
  7. Stunning stuff Alan and I would also opt for the black plaque plinth. (Try saying that after a few beers!) Ian
  8. Nice to see this back, even for a small update. Good luck with the new motor! (Steer clear of anything from Dell Boy!) Ian
  9. Thanks for sharing that @general melchett ! I think that's the first time I've seen you post your real name so I can appreciate that our dear Martian is not at all well. May he recover quickly. If he doesn't, we'll send in the goat! and CC and beer! Ian
  10. The extras were unknown to me too, if I had known about them I would certainly have mentioned them! Looking good now with some real colour on her! Ian
  11. I'm not a maritime guy, but a great model is a great model, no matter the subject. This is gorgeous, and your build thread has been very interesting and informative. I've probably learned more nautical terms here than in my entire life up to now. Even if I don't really understand what they mean! Ian
  12. There's nothing better than knowing your bits integrate properly! Ian
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