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  1. After it's been fed on Martian's curry and cc's beer! He won't stay hiding in there for long! Ian
  2. Happy rummaging Tony! Hopefully you don't get lost in there. If we don't hear from you within a couple of days we'll send a search party. Maybe @corsaircorp and @Martian could organise something between them? Ian
  3. All together now: "Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low, Through the streets in ma kilt I'll go, All the lassies shout "Hello, Donald where's yer troosers?" She really is looking the part now Alan. When I saw the pic of the canopy I thought "cut in half, sand off the frame, polish, add new frame" Then I scrolled down...... let's hope it works! Ian
  4. Should be worth watching, if the last one is any guide! Beer ordered! Ian
  5. I just found this thread and have had an enjoyable time catching up! I binned a huge boxful of my childhood kits last time I was home (2019) - if I'd known, you could have had the lot for nowt! Glad the op went ok! Ian
  6. This looks like fun, I'll join Bill and t'others at the bar! I too built one as a kid but even my slightly age-warped memory doesn't seem to think it was much good! Ian
  7. Jealous of your stories. I have been searching online for a retirement place in Brittany or the coast south of Brittany for a while, but unfortunately nothing can happen until I am able to visit and take a look at places. Time to start learning French! The reason I want to be in that area is very simple - both my brother and sister live in Guernsey and I want to be within easy visiting range! Ian @Vince1159 A la perchoine!
  8. Looks good! A couple of pointers though if accuracy is a priority for you. The engine is the wrong one for at least the first two options on the sheet - both of which were C models. Early aircraft had the 7 cylinder Gnome fitted, not the 9 cylinder Le Rhone and the cowling on those early aircraft was more rounded at the front. Second, very few aircraft were fitted with a Vickers. I can check my references to see which ones did (they were so fitted to test the new interrupter gear). Most, (of those which were armed!) had a Lewis and it was that gun which was mounted at 30 degrees on the right forward fuselage. The other option would be overwing mounted. Later aircraft also had a 5 degree dihedral instead of 3 degree, I need to check to see when that change came in. The drawings are correct for the D in the respect that the wing hoops are further outboard. (On the C and prior they were directly under the struts) If you need refs let me know and I'll see what I can find for the aircraft you want to model. Ian I just noticed that you could change the numbers to get 1264 aka "Granddad's Scout". That was refitted with the Le Rhone engine and there are plenty of reference pics available online! Note the wing skids are inboard, under the struts as it was a C model.
  9. Right, where were we? Prop has been finished with highly thinned leather followed by clear orange as usual. I'm still not sure about that, I may redo it. The Barracuda seat is very nice, but has no cushion for some reason, so I made one out of an offcut of plastic card. I astonished myself by actually getting the curve bang at the back spot on at the first effort! It was then painted with MIG light wood to give it a slightly darker shade than the linen. After that it was time to add some interior detail. There isn't much, but it needs what little there is! In addition to the seat and framework already mentioned, I cut two thin strips from a beer can for the foot rests (why paint plastic to look like aluminium when you can use aluminium?), then made up a rudimentary pair of rudder pedals, a joystick, and an instrument panel - the PE one is nice but it's totally wrong! I also added some of the interior bracing with 0.06mm nickel chrome wire just for the heck of it. I've been doing this in between attempting to get the Merc wheels finished, which is a soul destroying task, so the "break" is welcome! [/url Once that was al done there was only one thing for it.... There's a slight lip on the underside but that should sand down easily enough, all other seams are good. You'll also notice the cowling there - two thin discs of sheet were glued onto the front and then sanded back to give the more rounded front of the earlier cowlings fitted to the Gnome engined aircraft. As it happens, I had a few pre cut discs that fitted perfectly left over from building the brakes for the Merc! I also took a look at the kit wheels - they're not bad, apart from the inner sides. PPP has been applied! So for tomorrow it looks like finishing off the wheels, then tidying up the fuselage joints and maybe getting some primer on to see how it looks. Thanks for looking in, and stay safe! Ian
  10. That has turned out nicely. A huge improvement. They're both starting to look very good indeed! Ian
  11. You even got the black and the white in the right order, good job! Ian
  12. A couple of my mates had 2cvs when we were young and stupid - we tried everything to get one to roll, but would it heck. We would even throw ourselves across the seat at the door during a tight turn to try to get it to go over, but it never did! (I hate to think what state we would have been in had it done what we were trying to make it do!) The exact opposite of a Reliant Robin! Ian
  13. Nice job on getting the wing "fit" sorted. I'm not sure that gap is quite the right word though, more like crevasse! Almost time to put it away and start something else! Ian
  14. She's looking great under primer Alan. Is the plan to reinstate the sanded off rivets on this one, or was one enough? Ian
  15. No progress on this today unfortunately, as I spent over 5 hours at the local hospital fulfilling the local requirements (which include fitting a tracking watch) after developing Covid symptoms yesterday, and having the resulting PCR test come back positive this morning. The plus side is I now have 10 days free to concentrate on nothing but modelling! See you soon! Ian
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