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  1. Aah, so that's man measurements, which if my maths is correct equates to a woman measurement of about 4 inches. Ian
  2. Very nice interior, I love it! Looking forward to more..... Ian
  3. That looks pretty decent! How big will the baby one get when fully grown? Ian
  4. I think the struts in vacs are only there as templates for length so making new ones would be expected. That's certainly what I use them for. Ian
  5. Lovely result there. I must admit I'm loath to use any elastic rigging material as I've seen what happens to old elastic in rubber bands and old socks. It just perishes and snaps. I'll stick with fishing line myself. Ian
  6. It looks fine on my little phone screen, but you're a lot closer than I am! Ian
  7. Says a lot about it being a "sports" car! Ian (Ex MGB owner)
  8. It's those bloody sills! He couldn't get his leg over! (To get out, of course!) Ian
  9. Suit yourself. This argument has been had so many times it's not even worth pursuing any more. Paint it whatever colour you want! Ian
  10. Even if it was olive green it was still called PC10! PC10 is the identifier given to the mix. If it was mixed slightly differently in the field, as I'm sure it was, the colour would be slightly different. Hence "paint it whatever colour of green/brown pleases you". No one can prove you wrong! Ian
  11. In my experience that's a given if the packet says Airwaves on it! Ian
  12. Good grief. You mean the place is so bad even the plague avoided it?? Or was that just because Baldrick's ancestors proved to be too much competition for it? Ian
  13. Well folks, I'm back from hols. Had a great time, and chilled out for two whole weeks. Although I had a great time, I don't think Crete is somewhere I'd want to retire to., so I'll continue looking. Maybe Costa Brava, south of Valencia....that will be my next focus! Anyway, I have a day off today so got a chance to get back to the Battle. Mostly small jobs - I painted and fitted the exhausts, and got the main gear repaired & fitted too. If you recall, the gear doors had marks on them from the printing process, so I sanded them down a little and resprayed with the Xtraclylics RAF Night that I received just prior to heading off to Crete. That is all done, gear and exhausts on. One of the support struts broke off so I'll wait until the gear leg is properly hardened (I used Gator Grip to fix them, as well as the exhausts, to give me some wiggle time before it started to go off) before supergooing that in place. The exhausts were painted with XTreme Metals Burnt Metal which I found a little too bronze in colour, so I gave them a very light and patchy coat of black to tone them down a bit. They are the SBS Model resin Hurricane round exhaust set. Not the easiest to work with as they are separate pieces and also needed to be reduced in height slightly, but I'm happy with the look. I think I even managed to get them straight! That's enough for today, both tasks I had nit been looking forward to, and both worked out ok. Thanks for looking in! Ian
  14. That is exactly what I just said! Yes, there are panels, but NO There are NOT "walkway lines" on any fabric winged aircraft - they extend outwards along the wing and are simple straight black (usually) lines marking out the edges of the wing walk areas. This is a walkway line You will NOT find these on a fabric winged aircraft! Ian
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