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  1. You may need a good supply of food and drink to keep you alive while waiting.... Ian
  2. Nice job on the rigging, I hope you remembered the double flying wires! I don't understand why everyone is so afraid of rigging. It's relaxing, as you say! Ian
  3. The wings should be parallel when viewed from the side too. There is definitely a strut length problem here, they should be the same front and rear. Edit: looks much better in that last post. Ian
  4. Another absolute gem Alan. I can't begin to imagine how this could have been done "the old fashioned way" ie with no 3d printing! Ian
  5. I do hope you're not due a pcr test anytime soon, could be awkward! Ian
  6. but let's not forget that half of those pages are dedicated to questions such as "where is he", "where has he gone" or "when will he be back?" Ian
  7. A couple more pics of today's progress. There were some more weird moments, with the one bracket somehow separating into component pieces which, if I tried to realign them, went into some very odd positions In the end I dragged the whole lot off to one side and mirrored the other one. very odd, as it was the original which had been mirrored the first time that played silly buggers. Anyway, sorted now! Here's where I am as of close of play today. I think I can call that complete, which means I can now start playing with cylinders and build the main gear legs and radius strut. Time for a beer now though. Thanks for looking in! Ian
  8. Wonderful result (ok, near result as she's not quite there yet!) I hope your travel plans work out - I have my tickets booked to go to Guernsey on 12th for 2 weeks for Christmas with my brother and sister so if they stop travel again I'll be REALLY P****D! Ian
  9. Many thanks chaps and chapesses for the feedback. Slow but steady progress is being made on the design. I have had a few moments where things just didn't want to go according to plan and I couldn't work out why something refused to extrude or similar. The latest was the brackets for the extension jack tie rods. I drew it all up in a 2d sketch as usual. The starting point was 2 concentric circles for the inner and outer surfaces, then I added the two rod attachment points just using the line tool, and the same for the bolt flanges. Then I went to extrude. The first half went ok, but when I tried the second half, it got weird. the selection looked ok - here is how it looked with the selection made and the depth entered (0.7mm for reference!) just before I hit the Enter button... [ That looks fine, just what I wanted! But as soon as I hit Enter, it changed to this.... I have no idea what is going on here! If it was the drawing, why did it appear ok right up until I hit Enter? Anyway, I couldn't get it to work, so I deleted the second half, finished detailing the first half, then copied it. Much easier that way any way! Once I had this done I mirrored it to the other side for the second bracket. I now have a complete set of brackets for the tie rods, and can start on the ram attachment for the main gear radius arm. I have no idea how much, if any, of this will show but it is fun now I'm starting to get the hang of this. Thanks for looking in, Ian
  10. I certainly hope to be there again next year, my Father turns 90 on 7th so I must be there for that! Hopefully I can get some road trip time in with the Stateside guests this time, I missed the museum tours last time! Ian
  11. Surely that should be the Second Coming of Edward! How special is that! Ian
  12. Those exhausts are stunning. I hate to think how you have become such an expert with eye shadow.... Ian
  13. Lovely work on the rigging. I almost invariably end up with the wings, or at least one, pulled downwards no matter how careful I am with tensioning. I try to thread through the wings in one piece so in theory I can adjust the wing after the wires are fixed if necessary. Ian
  14. Great to see this back up and running. Or at least back up and thinking about how to run! I'll try not to dribble too much whilst you sort out the order of battle. Ian
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