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  1. That's what I understood. But being the only one used for camouflage trials doesn't necessarily mean it was the only one to be camouflaged. Just that the others weren't used for trials. Ian
  2. The only one used for trials, or the only one that was camouflaged? Could it be possible that other ships were camouflaged after the trials? Ian
  3. There are a number of excellent British butchers in Mass. who make British sausages, pies, etc. and will ship. Worth a Google! Ian
  4. Did we expect any less? I fully expect to see not only the bunks, but the occupants of same. And the khazi, sans occupants preferably! Ian
  5. I like the look of those decals, and I think your repositioning of the lights is a great improvement. The tyre looks very square though, or is that just the camera? Ian
  6. That's a wonderful little model. Top marks for all the improvements! Ian
  7. I always spray the clear orange, it's only the thinned "leather" colour that I brush. I'm afraid that doesn't really help but the issues you're having are one of the main reasons I always spray it! Ian
  8. Instead of a sepia wash, I use thinned down acrylic leather colour, applied with a wide, flat tipped, brush. Additional layers can be applied as needed, followed by a coat of clear orange. It looks the part in 1:72. The only difference between prop and hull is the number of coats of leather. Ian
  9. Very impressive! Do I assume you will also be modelling the crew's stools? Presumably they were also riveted to the floor. Over to you @Pete in Lincs Ian
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