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  1. 1700 Pre results bribing of examiner. Officers Mess bar. Says it all! Ian
  2. Two days of torment maybe, ok 2 and a half with the extra 2 to be done! But the result is well worth it. Ian
  3. Looking forward to seeing how this comes together. I have it in my stash, with numerous a/m goodies including vac canopy. Beer ordered! Ian
  4. Brandy

    Cataract op?

    I had a detached retina op back in 1987 when I was 24. In due time that led to the need for a cataract op, fairly common that way around but not heard of it working the other way. The procedure was made necessary by the fact that I'm a pilot and my eyesight could no longer be corrected to 20/20. I really started having problems with glare and driving at night. The op was very quick (20 mins or so) and the only problem was the continuous eye drops for the first couple of months. No pain, and despite my worst fears of just a local anaesthetic, no issues with "seeing" what was going on, (you can't, it's just "white out"). When you need it done (can't be corrected with lenses, or too much glare when driving at night) do it. But if it's not an issue, don't bother. Do it when you need it! Ian
  5. Here's hoping you have enormous plums this year! Where's @CedB ? Ian
  6. It's been a LONG time since I had a good look at an E-Type, but I don't think you should be able to see the engine through the wheel arch. The bonnet had panels on it to enclose the wheel arches and enclose the engine fully. I stand to be corrected though, memory is fading! Ian Memory was good! https://images.app.goo.gl/Dnm7S3PrEbKy4Xc16
  7. That's turned out very nicely indeed Shellie. Great job! Ian
  8. Wasn't that a 1980's female rock band? Either that or a previously unknown Peter Sellers film. Ian
  9. Thanks P, although the booms and tail are simple compared to the wings, so the worst is over! Step 1 of the clean-up! First off, I always sharpen up a toothpick and touch thin (the thinnest I can get) CA to each side of each line to ensure the holes are filled and the lines are secured. Because it's thin it should wick in, and it doesn't set too quickly on the surface so any excess can be cleaned off. I use the back of a standard knife blade or even a finger tip. But be quick if you wipe it with your finger, don't let it glue your finger to the wing! Using a NEW #11 blade the ends were trimmed off. A new blade is essential as you barely have to touch the tip against the wire and it drops off. With an old blade, even one that's not very old but has been used, pressure is needed and that's where things start going bad, like gouges in the wings! After that a smear of watered down PPP, wiped off with a damp fingertip, is all that should be required to fill any remaining holes. So that's where I am as of this evening. As I mentioned in a previous post, I erred in painting the upper wing too early. I usually do the base coat and remove the masking, then leave the rest until after this step. That way I don't have to worry about losing the rib detail because I have to add more coats. I remembered before I did it completely so hopefully a spot touch-up with a small brush then the final coat will hide any signs of the fixes. We'll see... Thanks for looking in, stay safe! Ian
  10. Veeeery interesting, to miss-quote a rather well-known German soldier peering through a bush. (Older folks may remember him!) Another one who'd never heard of this somewhat unlovely machine, although if you cover the tail, the Kestrel-engined one doesn't look unlike the Hawkers.... Great start so far, I'll be following along! Ian
  11. Wot they said! Looking very special now Bill. Looking forward to seeing her in all her glory very soon! Ian
  12. Great! Not only do I somehow manage to miss a Ced thread for an entire 4 pages, but when I do find it, he stabs himself! I'm going for a beer, call me when normality resumes..... Ian
  13. Lovely save there Giorgio! The stories are great. I grew up wanting nothing more than to fly Lightnings, then had to start wearing glasses when I was 15. Gutted! I still remember seeing them at air displays and feeling my whole body shaking in unison with the power.....Without doubt the ultimate interceptor. F-15? Forget it! Ian
  14. Drill both ends, and again in the middle as many times as you can, then clean up with a new #11 blade to square off the edges? Not sure how feasible that is at that size, butu that's what i did on the Battle for the slots under the canopy. Of course, strips of black decal could also work..... Ian
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