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  1. Well it looks as though I'll be doing a DH9 Blue Rider conversion of the Airfix DH4 kit. I may add a Pegasus DH4 for good measure. I'll be on vacation from 26th April until 17th May, is it acceptable to start preparing the Blue Rider fuselage now to at least get me to where I would be starting with a good kit? It needs engine and cockpits opening up and a lot of thinning to allow fitting an interior.... Ian
  2. Something doesn't look right with that cockpit. The control wheel is shoulder high and just as wide! It looks more like something to practice bull riding! Ian
  3. I agree, but I have still been tempted into the De Havilland GB starting late April. Yet another wip to come...I'm turning into @corsaircorp! Hic! Ian
  4. Suitably dirty Johnny, even nicely dirty! I knew a girl like that once! Ian
  5. Don't forget it's only translucent when lit from above. You could always model it in a hangar in winter! Ian
  6. I may also have to sign up for this for a couple of reasons: 1) I have a bunch of Airco kits: DH1 & 1a, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 9a (all 1:72 of course) 2) Geoffrey de Havilland was born in my home town and started his aircraft construction there (High Wycombe). Not like I don't already have too much on the go...... Oh well... Ian
  7. Lovely nose you have there Steve! Re that last pic, I too thought "why is the operator standing on a step below the fuselage?" Ian
  8. This looks interesting. Lovely work on the improvements so far! Ian
  9. Nice start Giorgio. Enjoy France, shame it's business though. Ian
  10. You mean like these? Nothing scary there, just practice! BTW these are my 2nd and 3rd vac kit builds (all in 1:72) so I don't have much experience with them. Ian
  11. Hi all, I've made a little more progress on designing the remaining bits I need so here's what I have so far. The gravity tank is shown in a couple of photos of the specific aircraft I'm modelling but I have no measurements so I had to do it by eye. This is what I was aiming for: and this is my first attempt. I thought I'd done pretty well, but on comparing the pics it was obvious that I'd made it too long. I have left the reference line in for the top of the fuselage, otherwise it looks way too thin as well! So I made a couple of quick alterations and I now have this: and the tank on its own: I think it's still a little too pointed at the nose but I can live with that. Thanks to Alan @hendie for the advice on saving myself a lot of work drawing in too many rails! It was good practice anyway, as I only drew in one quarter, then copied and mirrored. Getting the hang of it now! The struts will not be printed, they are just for reference. The other item now complete is the control wheel. Happy with that! Next up will be seats, then a new nose profile. Thanks for looking in! Ian
  12. I couldn't agree more. Where's the "modelling" in just gluing it together and painting it? Ian
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