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  1. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! I really appreciate it. Thanks! Unfortunately not for Cathay. It's a shame, I always thought the hairdryer A340s looked particularly good.
  2. Unfortunately I wasn't able to update this thread much after that last update, but I finished this build relatively quickly. You can see the Ready For Inspection post here:
  3. I'm not sure if this can fall under the category of scale modelling in the forum since technically this wasn't built from a kit, but I figure it uses the same subset of skills to do. The Airbus A330-300 is a twin-aisle airliner designed and built by Airbus. Having first flown in 1992 and developed in parallel with the longer-range Airbus A340, the A330 is a prominent aircraft model in the widebody short-to-long-haul market, and has recently been updated with a successor model, the A330neo. This model depicts an A330-300 of Cathay Pacific Airways, registration B-HLV, in
  4. Since the last post I've made quite a bit of progress. I masked off the corresponding fuselage stripes for the livery and sprayed the two blue colors used on the fuselage: By the way, on the center stripe the mix sprayed was 1 part XF-18 to 10 parts XF-2. This turned out way too dark, so I had to overspray it with white. Somehow on every occasion that I try to make mixes for that center stripe, I've always had it end up darker than I want it to be. I then applied the decals. I also took this chance to attach the fragile bits, cut out from plasticard.
  5. In the past few days, I primed the fuselage with two overall coats, sanding in between. Afterwards, I sprayed the fuselage with MRP Flat White, which left a pretty durable and smooth surface after painting. I didn't expect to use so much of the bottle from spraying the fuselage though. This isn't my most in-focus picture, but it should work. I'll be masking off the fuselage stripe for painting, and I still have to find a better color combo for the center fuselage stripe in the old CX colors, as I feel like my current mix is a tad too dark. Mask
  6. After sanding off the seams and old paint, I masked and painted up the engines in a mix I already had of the lighter CX gray; I then modelled and 3D printed the new tail fairings based on online references and superglued them onto the model. Afterwards, the gaps were filled in with epoxy putty and then covered with other putties to help eliminate the layer lines. I'll leave them to dry and sand them off later on. The fairings look too large compared to what you see in real A330s but I'm hoping some of the sanding later on can correct that a little.
  7. Thanks! Hogan is an airline model brand that's more popular with model collectors rather than builders, so that wouldn't be surprising. Before priming the fuselage I want to focus first on adding the prominent features of the A330 that aren't included on the kit that I can modify or scratchbuild. Firstly, the A330 has this dome on top of the fuselage along with other antennae that the manufacturer didn't include. I'm not sure what it's called, but I assume it's similar to the domes on other airliners for satellite communication or Wi-Fi connection aboard. It's very visible in the
  8. I feel like this skirts the definition of scale modelling that this forum pertains to, but I suppose this project uses many of the same skills involved. Please delete or move if this doesn't belong here. I've had an itch to build a 1/144 A330 for a while, but given the high price and shipping of the Authentic Airliners A330, and the rarity of the Revell kit, I decided to just repaint one into the colors I wanted. This is the Hogan 1/200 Saudia A330-300 that I'll be repainting into the old Cathay Pacific colors with registration B-HLV. Hogan provides a relatively detailed mode
  9. This vessel doesn't need an introduction, but I'll write one anyway: The R.M.S Titanic was a British ocean liner, one of three Olympic-class ships and the largest ship in gross tonnage at the time. During her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York she struck an iceberg at the North Atlantic and sank in just under three hours, resulting in the death of 1,496 of the 2,208 passengers and crew. This was the event that immortalized her name in history. This is Academy's non-premium version of the model, meaning that it only came with the model itself; It didn't have any
  10. Of course not! I have no plans of getting discouraged just because of those comments. I agree too, I've seen more than a fair share of extremely supportive people in this community that make it worthwhile! Thanks again guys! Thank you! I know what you mean, the Philippine Airlines and Cathay A350s that now fill our terminals over here feel like a distant reminder of the A340s and B747s that used to be in their place that are now long gone..
  11. Woah, I wake up one morning and all of a sudden there's this much of an outpour of support and posts.. Thanks a lot, guys!! I appreciate the words and support. Criticism is criticism I suppose. It's not so useful with that kind of tone, though.
  12. I talked about the weathering in the WIP thread I linked at the top of the thread and provided the pictures that I based the weathering off of there. But, anyway; These are all pictures I took myself; I wouldn't post these on a normal basis as many of them are awful pictures, but they were my basis, so: First, B-LRM itself, the aircraft depicted: Note the direction of window staining and those streaks along the door. Especially important in these ones is the downward staining of the windows and large streaks coming from the doors, wing roots a
  13. Yeah, that one. I'd want to come back to it maybe when I can sell a kidney or two for it too! Thanks! Not everyone likes the lines of the A350, but I'm glad that somehow it seems like I've been able to do it justice.
  14. Thanks for the compliments guys! They're appreciated. The weathering here was a bit experimental for me and I'm happy it turned out for the best. Thank you! I agree, it's surprising how fast new airliners can get dirty. The type of staining on B-LRM was definitely not exclusive to it, the entire Cathay fleet seemed to be dirty one way or another! If you want to get it, I'd definitely say it's worth the buy. The build experience was enjoyable all throughout, and you can (to an extent) never have too many! Thanks a lot! I agree about the kit, it definitely seems like
  15. I actually used pens similar to that, but for a different purpose - Some of the streaking along the wings was made with ink from those kinds of pens. Now that you mention it, it sounds a lot better than decals or panel line accent color. I'd need that for some of my airliner builds, don't know why it didn't cross my mind to use one instead! The build's done, RFI thread is here (wooo):
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