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  1. Beautifull model, especially it is Airfix. You really gave real live for this model. One remark. Maybe somewhat too much weathering for pre-war, early machine but it is only my personal taste. Really pleasure for my eyes.
  2. Rafał, that's absolutely fantastic! Great "real" photos and pilot is nice add. What about decals? From where did you take a pilot? Chipping is mady by oil paints?
  3. All these models today have much better options: better detailed and easier assembled. I wouldn't bother with it. Let's take a look at Spitfire This model has quite good overell dimensions, better than Hasegawa, but today Eduard beats ICM strongly in all aspects. Better details, better fit, decals, and so on. ICM is rather difficult build - its fuselage is quite fragmented and fitting is not best. Many details have sink marks or wrong shapes (propellers spinner, guns and its covers,casing shutes and so on). Poor decals are another ICM's trademark. Mustang - this model is something like "non-authorisated Tamiya's licence" Another story are russian fighters. I made Lagg-3 and it was nice building: https://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=25321
  4. You can find many interesting tutorials here: https://ak-interactive.com/downloads as Rob said Starling Model and Black Cat are best first choice option in my opinion. Morover, I can recommend Niko Models http://www.nikomodel.pl/index.php/en/ and AJM Models http://ajmmodels.pl/english/ They offer very interesting subjects, models are well detailed, however they can be not easiest for build. You can see here how it buils: 1/700 HMS Royal Scotsman and Jervis Bay: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-700-hms-royal-scotsman-ajm-models-budowa/ http://modelarstwo.koszalin.pl/index.php/modele/okrety/487-krazownik-pomocniczy-hms-jervis-bay-1-700-ajm-models Niko Models 1/350 japanese riverine gunboat Fushimi and 1/700 HMS Exeter: https://modelwork.pl/topic/38972-fushimi-1941-niko-model-1350/ https://modelwork.pl/topic/26865-hms-exeter-1942-niko-model-1700/ Best regards, Michał
  5. To be honest I'm rather maritime green-horn as I finished only one ship's model. So maybe someone else has another, better receipts. Nevertheless I'll write how I did scratches and streaks on my Copper Cliff. Hope you will find something inspiring there: Best regards, Michał
  6. I like your HMS Rhyl, congratulations. You paid attention to varoius details: glass windows, wich chains and so on and it all always make our models more attractive and eye- catching. If I may note two questions: 1. personally in the future I would rethink shape of rust streaks. It is difficult saying exactly how to do, I just like watching and studying real ship's photos and models. 2. I would consider using thinner, more delicate rigging. Used threads looks a little bit heavy, especially HMS Rhyl is quite small ship. Anyway these are only minor questions, overall you built very nice model! Best regards, Michał.
  7. Once more thanks a lot! I'll try to replicate them later. I begun some experiments withe weathering. Some tools and materials: Some scratches (made by scalpel) and heavy rust chips by dark acrylic paint. Mostly along waterline, hull plates and bow area. Some underwater rusty deposits, acrylic paint tapped drybrush. To be hones: I completly don't know how did weathered black painted hullls? Were they really rusted? Not sure, but haven't idea... And some light, salty residues along waterline once again (oil artistic paint) (To be continued...) PS Generally, I hope this time do ship less weathered and in better shape than my previous model, HMCS Copper Cliff. But - who knows?... What are you thinking about it, any advices? (constructive criticism as always highly and warmly welcommed!) Best regards, Michał
  8. Hello Friends. Holidays are over so it's good time for finishing my model. This build lasts definitely too long! Today only short update, just for knowing you (and myself!) I'm still processing and don't give up. I installed masts and begun fitting it. I choose clear EZ-line for halyards and rest of rigging will be black. It is my idea, how it will looks? I hope- not bad. Reeving threads through small holes was quite ... ... lets say: challenging, but dipping strand's end in CA glue helped slide through rings. Best regards, Michał
  9. Interesting topic. For me it would be nice to see how P.11 from Azur looks in comparition with latest sets from ArmaHobby or IBG. Good luck!
  10. As canoe lover I am this topic fan too. Very originall and climatic build!
  11. Hi Jon, I am looking with interesting on your building- progress, model looks very nice. Will you add any subtle weathering here (wash, drybrushing, touch of steel on the teeth)? I think the winch begs for it as do I Regards, Michał
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