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  1. All project is fabulous, but this shed just blowed my hat off... These slats, factures, impression, passion for small details and flavors... Very imaginative and atmospheric, somewhat nostalgic. I don't know why, but it reminded me book I bought for my son after week of walking, rambling and wild bivacuing on Skye Isle: We still love this book. Your model as well ! Regards, Michał
  2. Hello Jacek! Happy modelling! Regards, Michał.
  3. Today nothing about snow and skiing, just simpy TLTR and plenty of language mistakes. Not much to show and see but lot of work for me. Bridge’s supports are one of the „trademarks” of british escort vessels. Similar structures had Flower corvettes and especially Castles. To achieve nice and clean result, good planning is must. That’s how I did, maybe you’ll find easier and better way. First of all, I checked height of supports and bridge. I noticed supports were to high, so I slightly shortened these. Good diamond file and/or electro micro grinder (Dremel style) are e
  4. Thanks a lot ! I understand you well. I know this feeling as well. Wind of creation on my face... ....and pieces of polystyrene in my hair. Filings of resin in mouth. Of course, as all I love the taste of resin in the morning! We want build terrific, fantastic star-wars warrior juggernaut, or biggest ever soooper-dooper Tri/three-smarck or even Four-smarck! But finally... ... as always we have something like this: ... just ordinary pig. (forgive me Off-Topic please
  5. His Holiness Padre, Every Bombardier is always warmly welcomed! Especially with such impressive seascape! It's a pity only two photos. I'm pretty sure your model is worth more photos! Best regards, Michal. PS. Mine is still waiting in the stash together with NH-details photo-etched set...
  6. I will be quiet, I promiss! Regards, Michal
  7. This time not about ships. I have found information new polish manufacturer ION model is producing three 1/350 figures sets in chilling poses: Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy and Japanese. About 70 figures in each set: These pictures are taken from page: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-350-chilling-on-deck-ion-model/ Text is only in polish, but you can see there some further photos (including real figures). Price is about 15 pounds (65 PLN) per set +p&p.
  8. Very elegant and inspiring! Buckles on the funnels are made just from copper wire? Regards, Michał.
  9. You are bsolutely right, Rob! Ben wrote: Regards, Michal
  10. Black Cat Models has announced 1/350 LCI: ... and improving/upgrading Tribal destroyer's 1/350 set very soon. Regards, Michal.
  11. Cheers, I agree - twin Oerlikons looks indeed very impressive, however as I wrote earlier a few times Portchester Castle carried only single A-A guns. Maybe as very early ship of its class. The same armament had i.e. Carisbrooke, Kenilworth,Hadleigh Castles. You can clearly see very distinctive shields of sinle Oerlikons located on aft guns platform: Another photo is in your Goodwin and Bush's Castle Class Corvettes p.267 and conlcusion is the same Best regards, Michal.
  12. Mirage Hobby has resin oil radiator. White metal part - that would be clunky (usually most white metal parts are clunky) ! Regards, Michal
  13. Revell is older (1995 or even 1990?) than Trumpy (2013). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04678-focke-wulf-fw-200-c-4-condor-bomber--132610 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04678-focke-wulf-fw-200-c-4-condor-bomber--132610 EDIT: You are right, Revell from 2006, but still 7 years older than Trumpy.
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