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  1. ... and if you want build first plane fighting against Axis during WWII you can build 1/48 P.11c from Arma Hobby, very nice and modern kit with PE fret and masks. Michal
  2. I will watch your buid with interesting, as I recently finished 1/72 "Mig Eater" Tonka. You will find here many Tonka lovers (me) and experts (not-me). Thank you for sharing photos, some of them I did't know and they are very interesting with all leaks and paint's chipping. I think you know this page? https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/menu.html Happy modelling, Michal
  3. Its a great plaeasure watching such detailed work and pretty well explained! Michal
  4. Sorry for delay. 1. Studying and analysing lot of original plane's photos and imagininng what effect I want finally achieve. It is really very important stage! 2. Black gloss base: Gunze Ueno black 3. Nozzle's interiors: white and then a few layers of Modeller's World Oil. I like very much this product of small polish producer. It smells quite nice, has good drop-application and works good on model. You can show its webpage: https://www.modellersworld.eu/?v=9b7d173b068d 4. I drybrushed nozzles (only nozzles) with matt white. I acieved irregular black and white mosaique. 5. I sprayed metallic colours. I tried to do it transparently to maintain mosaique-effect. 6. Every two shutter I brushed thinly with transparnent acrylic clear blue paint. 7. Rest of them I gave more brown washes and Burnt red Tamiya powder. Generally, it was a multi-staged, slow process and great experiment, it was my first time. Think most effect I achieved with blue clear paint, Cittadel's ink was very usefull too. I don't like normally this ink but this time worked pretty well. Very strong effect and covering - that's what I need this time! I hope you understand, it was not very easy task to describe it, hope photos will help! ... and that's how Master do it: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/303533-gwh-148-su-35sk-flanker-e-plaaf-6th-brigade/page/5/&tab=comments#comment-2933353 One more thing. Tryzub/harpoon mask wasn't ease to move and place on model. It is worth to stick a masking tape on mask to stregthen it during manouvring: You can see how low rear side (of aircraft ) is! That's how I had to do it (extreame surgery without enesthesia): Well, I'm not a big fan of modern awiation. However, I must say Mig is really beautiful plane (both films from youtube): https://youtu.be/ZPlFVV9zvQs Best regards, Michal
  5. Another beautiful David's model! I have this one in my stash too. It's a pity only three photos, this work deserves more! Regards, Michal
  6. I like your Cobra very much, Lukasz! Extremly weathered, but still realictic look, without fancy, pop-art tricks. Just blood, sweat and tears. And smell of gasoline in the morning. Gratulations! Michal
  7. Thank you fellows for your comments and likes. First I sprayed Mr Surfacer 1000 as undercoat. Then I used Gunze C and Hataka Orange. I agree Foxbot masks have quite strong glue however there was NO situation of peeling paint off the model. Masks worked pretty well with Gunze paints, however unfortunantely when I removed masks off the model, masks left lot of glue on Hataka-painted areas. Happily I easily removed it glue with White Spirit and cotton-stick. PS. Beautifull avatar, I love IAR-80, it's absolutely beauty plane! @sanfrandragon I'll answer your question tomorrow, sorry mate. Best regards, Michal
  8. Good job, very important topic. @MattP Maybe you can add a robbed stuff inside Tigr, some TV or even washing-mashine? It's another very characteristic and widely popular, real signmark... I can send it to you if you want. About road signs - it is quite common among modellers now. Fr example my friend used it too: Gratulations! Regards, Michal.
  9. Sorry, I made a mistake. I mean 3 months of course- not a lot for my builds. Tornado took about 7 months and was much much more difficult and troublesome. Michal.
  10. Hi Friends, @Val_Ukraine , @Procopius My MiG is from IBG 72901 set "MiG-29 in Ukrainian Air Force". IBG reboxed Trumpeter's model with Foxbat decals (it is company from Ukriane). The set contains 3 different camouflage variants, in my opinion the most attractive one is with "tryzub" (harpoon). I added some extra goodies: Eduard's exhaust nozzles, Quinta cockpit and small but very usefull Eduard PE set designed for old Italeri kit. Instead of using digital cammo decal set I used additional masks produced by Foxbat too. I also added some wires, replaced probes and antennas. It was very relaxing build, took me only 3 months. Let's look a little closer: Important remark: I cut and shortened front landing gear. Without it model looks really bad - it's rear side is much too high, as you can see below. In my opinion best solution would be: to shorten all gear struts 1mm and add extra 1,5 mm for front gear. And some photos with Tonka which I finished recently too. She still waits for photo -session: Glory for free and independent Ukraine. Please, help and support brave Ukrainians, they are fighting not only for their own freedom. Thanks for watching and reading, hope you liked my Mig. Best regards, Michal.
  11. Hi, I will watch your topic, is very interesting. I don't recommend Mr. Surfacer. I had lot of problems with peeling when I tried to do hulls plates on my Starling Model's HMS Jed: I achieved better results with Alclad's primer, it was much better adhesive: Have a good fun with your model! Best regards, Michal.
  12. Announced for December: Beautifull box-art, isn't it?
  13. Rob, I will be fan of this topic as I love Flowers since I rode 35 years ago "Cruel Sea". So many interesting variants, variations, dramatical stories and camouflages! Jonquil - beautifull camo, one of my favorite! And I will admire your matrclass skill with heavy-weathered "Eybright". Well, I have 3 Mirage - models and 1 Black Cat in my stash and I'm going to do these when I finish 1/72 Ukrainian Mig-29 (kind of tribute for our brave brothers) and my old "Jed". Have a good fan with your Flowers! Regards, Michal PS. One awfull place in Mirage's model is big gap between superstructures walls and roof/deck. Needs lot of filling and sanding. On the other side it is very visible place so it really deserves extra care and time.
  14. And how do you like Falcon (Sokół) in it's natural environment (polish high Tatras mountains)? You can find many interesting close-ups photos too, for example here: https://www.czerwonesamochody.com/categories.php?cat_id=519&sessionid=4j85mub9mot5l1ug6h71cglql7 (look for Sokół TOPR - which means Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue) Best regards, Michał
  15. Very Fire released "American Dido" - Atlanta class 1/350. So beautifull ships and model too, I hope! About 90 $ for standard version and 150 for Deluxe on Ebay. More infos: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=358419&start=20#p1013844 Best regards, Michal
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