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  1. Maybe polish Spitfires with interesting boxer-dog art nose or/and squadron badges? (Modelmaker decals D 72066) Regards, Michał.
  2. Very originall model and subject, I will look with interesting if you'll decide to go back with "orange bird". I see we have similar hobbies (and dillemas) wich are rather difficult to met. More than 20 years I love walking mountains, canoeing, back country skiing (every year less and less snow) but ... modelas well. The result is sometimes even 5 or 6 months wut modelling but in general it is more or less balanced. To be honest, I think we are in very privileged situation - we have money physical strength and time for developing our passions and only difficulty is necessity to choose. Many people havn't such chance. So take your time and enjoy whatever you choice. PS. If you want see my blog - modell/outdoor passions you will find in HMS Jed WIP thread (in signature). PPS. I try not to build too much models as well, and I often fail as well, so I understand you very well. In contrast, my outdoor passion teachs me how few things you need to be happy. And if you have (and carry!!!) too much, it really does't help you. It is very importat and unique lesson in today crazy world. Best regards, Michał.
  3. I'm sorry for mistake. You're right of course.
  4. Hi, The most comprehensive book is: Mariusz Borowiak's (author): Polskie Flotylle Rzeczne 1918-1939 (polish riverine flotillas) by Napoleon V publishing. It contains over 500 pages, many many photos, drawnings and sketches - description of history, military actions, ships, their armament and river bases. Unfortunantely only english. Here: https://dobroni.pl/militaria/marynarka-wojenna/ You can find lot of articles and photos about River Navy. Look for title "Flotylla Pińska". HTH, best regards, Michal.
  5. Tim, I like your model very much! Especially weathering is inspiring. Could you write a few words about it? Best regards, Michał.
  6. Very nice painting and weathering. Gratulations!
  7. Excellent model, Hubert! And very quick build, gratulations! Best regards, Michał
  8. P-24 looks like masterpiece art-design. All these bends, curves and shapes. And this camo adds lot for wooow! - factor. Very nice model!
  9. And I love the story your model tells us. Groups of people on the decks, vibrant atmosphere. I almost hear roar of engines and fell smell of the sea. Another masterpiece are deck's structure. All these crazy pillars, supports and beams. Needs lot of time, patience, skill and precision. Gratulations!
  10. As always - I am your faithfull pupil, Professor One question, if I may. It seems ship's stern is rather "high", over waterline. Is this intentionall effect? Thanks in advance, Michał.
  11. Jezioro Zegrzyńskie is dam lake about 20 km North from Warsaw. It is popular place of recreation for many people and base for inland yachtsmen. It is connected with Baltic Sea via Wisła river - over 400 kms by navigable but quite difficult river (it is I belive last great not-regulated Europe's river, I hope it still remain the same) and with a Mazurian Lakes as well. One of the boat-harbors there is Rynia. We can find there quite strange construction - an old barge. Today the barge is mainly store depot for yacht's parts, equpiment and so on. But its history is quite interesting. In 50' and 60' years it was floating theatre. Actors performed plays in small villages along the river. These villages were often very poor - without electricity and so on and for villagers it was first contact with art. But it is not all... One of the sailors (and professor as well) from Rynia recently reaserched barge's history. It appeared barge was modified in Płock (name of the town) river shipyard in 50's. When he visited Płock archive he discovered the barge originally was... LCT-2135 built in 1942 by Quincy Barge Builders. As http://www.navsource.org/archives/10/18/180135.htm states: Transferred, 16 November 1942, to the United Kingdom, under the Lend-Lease program HM LCT-2135 Armor plating added in early 1944 in the United Kingdom prior to Reverse Lend-Lease to the US Navy, redesignated LCT(A)-2135 LCT(A)-2135 was assigned to LCT Gunfire Support Group for the Invasion of Normandy LCT(A)-2135 was returned to the Royal Navy after the Invasion of Normandy Placed out of service, date unknown Struck from the Naval Register, date unknown LCT(A)-2135 earned one battle star for World War II service Returned, 2 December 1946, to the US State Department, Foreign Liquidation Commission Sold in June 1947 Final Disposition, fate unknown LCT(A)-2135 A US Army captain is reading General Eisenhower's address to his armies from the bridge of LCT(A)-2135 as troops and equipment are enroute to Utah Beach, 5 June 1944. LCT-2135 carried 13 jeeps, 6 armored cars, 2 small trucks, 1 tank, and 80 men for to the invasion beaches at Normandy. LCT(A)-2135 moored at Saas-Van-Ghent, Belgium, date unknown. In 1950 Polish Navy gained a few ex-allies landing craft: 12 LCP(L), 11 LCT(5) and 3 LCM(5). There were a few ex-german landing vessels too. I hope you found this story interesting for me it is absolutely fascinating due to so different, contrast historical and culture dimensions. It is generally unknown in Poland, I found it in newest polish "Polityka" weekly. https://www.polityka.pl/tygodnikpolityka/historia/2120469,1,niezwykle-dzieje-rynskiej-barki.read (unfortunantely only in polish). I found such state about LCT-7074, I think "our" story is similar: Best regards, Michał.
  12. Great joy to see your efforts, John. Espacially comparision between real mast and your excellent replica and descriptions...
  13. Fantastic: seascape, model, weathering. Figures as well. Great pleasure to see your work! Two kind requests if I may: can you desribe how did you waster and a maybe a few more photos, please. Best regards, Michał.
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