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  1. WooooooW! Best Revell's Tonka I have seen? Quite possible! It is really not easy and demandig kit and you add much more to it. I see lot of hard,modelling work: flaps, slats and side auxiliary air-inlets. Lot to see and inspire for my build. Regards, Michał.
  2. Every your model is better and better and frigate looks great! Congratulation!
  3. I think solutions good for 1/350 will not good for 1/350 scale. We need more subtle tools and IMO hint of oil paints, precise brush or maybe some delicate chipping methods work pretty well.
  4. It will be real joy to see your model in Gallery. And great inspiration for me to finish my frigate. * * * * * I see your next build will be very secret project, pocket battlefrigate? : (I showed this pictture somewhere earlier, but just couldn't resist, sorrrrrry ) Regards, Michał
  5. I wait eagerly for 1/350 Dido cruisers, but maybe their american cousins will be produced sooner. Atlanta class from Very Fire: It can be fantastic model of beauty ship... (from The SteelNavy.Com Message Board: Re: Very Fire Atlanta (boardhost.com)
  6. Hi Ali, I'm looking your struggle with great interest and like your model very much. Sunderland is among my favourite airplanes. I have Italeri but after long hours spending polishing all surfaces and trying rescribe all panel lines I'm getting closer and closer for decision... leave her and wait for Special Hobby's Mk. II (I want do plane with "porcupine" radars and full interior is important factor for me too). I know Special Hobby is demanding model and have some bad points too but despite it I think the final effect could be much better. So I wish you luck with your build and wait for future upgrades! Regards, Michał
  7. Just for your interest: another very distinctive River's bridge feature are inner walls. And once again it is absent in model (your and mine - Black Cat and Starling). Best regards, Michał
  8. Hi, I build Revell's (Eduard's Desert Babes edition) Tonka too and have much the same impressions. At first glance beautifull detailed model but really beast for fitting, and parts preparing. I just fully drowned with rescribong panel lines and so on. Anyway, I'm hard-determined to finish it as it is fantastic construction and plane and looks awesome in pink. Anyway, I wish you luck with your model! Regards, Michał
  9. Absolutely fascinating journey to the past, to excellent modelling and your interesting stories. Looking your fotos I always feel being on the real HMS Conn's deck almost 80 years ago. THANK YOU for creating it.
  10. Very interesting list, I think mine is completly different : - Finish HMS Jed , it is must! - progress Black Swan Class sloop WEM to do: - HMS Hibiscus (sorry ) - 1 Flower from Mirage Hobby (HMCS Drumheller or Crocus colourful Jonquil or another) - 173 ft Submarine Chaser/Patrol Craft as HMNoS King Haakon VII from L'Arsenal (I recomend you this model. Many ships had very interesting histories connected wit Battle of Atlantic, D-day and so on and interesting comuflages. Model is not expensive, is very nice and was designed by Ben "Black Cat" or his father). maybe Landing Ship Tank from AFV models (amazing model!) with D-Day diorama... And of course if only Trumpeter would produce classic Dido class with 10 guns... I think these are my favourite ships with US Atlanta class as well... Funny thing, we have the same apetite for Hibiscus ... And probably HMS Kay. I have this trawler but i find all grey option is somewhat boring. That's why I look for something more exciting. Anyway, I think I will do it 2023...
  11. Rob, I don't know if you will fix any minesweeping gear (untill now I thought there will be). What about it's bases? I think these woody colours will look strange on these. Agree, I must try it on my next ship too. Regards, M.
  12. May I join you? I used similair technique during both my ship-models buildings and I agree with you. CA gives strong joining and thanks to this better, much precisely fitting. Sometimes it is necessery to use some pressure to attach railing and deck and once again CA shows its adventages. And you can gently sand CA when when there is a need. Regards, Michał.
  13. P-51 Mustang "North Africa" Review by Glen Porter (Academy 1/72) (kitreview.com) http://kits.kitreview.com/images/p51academyreviewgp_box.jpg Regards, Michal
  14. I think we'll see here something more ellegant than our old, rusty, buckets Hope for interesting tricks and tips too. Will watch your build. Regards, Michał
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