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  1. Very fine model's tunning, nice weathering and superb photos with great atmosphere. I like it very much!
  2. May thanks for your kind comments and likes, I really appreciate it! Jeff, I already know you. You must by diplomat or at least politician in real life! Yes, especially Allied escort ships is truly fascinating book - almost 600 pages, a few hundreds photos, many drawnings, tables and so on. BTW. I found announcemment of book "British sloops and figates" All these richness of informations will be spread on... 64 pages Let's go back to my Jedi knight I had to replace one of the stairs. I found in my st
  3. Wooow! Very impressive, definitely it will be real model's eyecatcher. I hope we will see better mast's photos in the future.. Your precision work deserves it!
  4. Forgotten weapon, forgotten modelling-thread... Looks very interesting. Avanti amico!
  5. Beautiful Jaguar! Over 30 years ago I did such model of Frog/Novo (soviet company reboxing Frog models) and it was one of my first models I painted. I was so proud
  6. Another beauty off your workshop - as always... I'm jealous Gratulations!
  7. Explain me one paradox, please. You are doing models quicker than I write comments for you. How do you do that? PS. Nice girl, but bombin'Pat is still my favourite, old love .
  8. You reminded me my childhood, maany thanks! "Pat" was one of my earliest models - from Czech KP set and decals was if I remeber correct by Techmod or another polish manufacturer... Of course lot of paint very heavily brushed Her live was very long but she had very dramatic end. Few years ago my 2 or 3 years old son flew very intensive operational campaign. Interception missions, ground supports, divings untill crashes and so on... Anyway I'm still found bombin'Pat as my favoutite Spit IX scheme and nose art and want do it 1/48.
  9. Jerzy, another nice model in your collection! decals are from Arma kit? Do you know what did three crosses mean?
  10. This model is exceptionally interesting and well done, even looking at your own high standards. I will look for these Foxbat decals, I think... Gratulations!
  11. Thanks for interesting photos and raports. I will use it extensively when I'll build 1/350 model! It's totally understandable. Priority is obvious: Kaykaing first ! I love rather canoeing (with wife and7 years son), however it would be very nice to see a few your kayaking photos, if you have these... Best regards, MichaƂ.
  12. Put the crane next to Tirpitz, don't fix it and don't paint it! Its really beautiful masterpiece.
  13. Fantastic photos, histories and films, thks a lot. This film with Latouche-Treville is well kown, I think but I just love them. Monumental power of nature and human technology. Sometimes... All these rocky coasts are so picterresque and imaginative. In Poland we have long stretch of Baltic coast and mainly is a sandy beach. People love it (you know: sand, sun, grill, beer and so on), but I love much more desolated and severe countrysides. That's why I will wait impatiently for your diorama. For me it has big emotional impact: so many picteresque, rich lands polluted and collapted by
  14. It's lot of time since my last uppdate and still not a radical progress... However I'm still satisfyied - I finished forecastle area, everything is on its place, except a few vents and armament. Let's see how it looks. Model is already on its base: I confess: I like such simple-style supports for bases. All these highly-shine and barocco-style supports fits better for old, elegant sail-ships or victorian steamers... And all these masss producing, pure-utility 2 World War vessels needs something simplier. Of course it is only my personal taste. Anchor from North
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