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  1. Thank you for your comments, likes and questions. It really motivates me (and my son ) to writing and showing you effects of my efforts and especially - researches. I am very happy if this thread will help somebody who will build this elegant warship (and this what reason why I created this topic). I agree. It is really beautifull model even without all these my quirks. However... Always must be some "however"! These two books are very interesting but rather from historical point of view. In "Atlantic Esc
  2. You are very polite for these stuff. In my opinion heavy sanding and polishing is what all these white-metal parts need at least. But quicker, easier and more visually effective would be just replacing with Black Cat or another company items. You will like it If I can suggest something, maybe it is worth to replace these barrels too? These details will be very easy visible and eye-catching in finished model. Even easy replacing by injection tubes in two dimensions (or wrapped partly with self adhesive, aluminium foil) will look much better. Of course you always c
  3. Finally did it! ...and have base for weathering and some further detailing. (of course some corrections during painting process were necessary...) I was afraid if my scratched funell- grill will not be somehow clumsy, thick and crooked. That's how finally looks: ... And most important! My son and I finalised Wellie. Not great build, but good way for 100% relaxing modelling and 0% stress. And most important is spending time together and just doing something nice and positive...
  4. It's a pity that this older polish models of ships wasn't produced in 1/350 scale. Four stackers destroyers, Burza and Blyskawica familys of destroyers (all produced by Mirage Hobby) are 1/400 scale - familiar to Heller' warship models. And even older model of polish liner Batory - I think 1/500. Despite these models are rather basic, they could be still nice base for interesting, beauty and original modelling subject. But today most modellers making 1/350 or 1/700 (I'm not exception)!
  5. Lot of time since my last message. Unortunately our family finnally got sick COVID but now it is almost fine. Morever - every time I had good strength and walked to my yard, I heard sound of small feet... "Dady - let's model something together! Dady - when will we do Wellington again?!" Mikolaj is 7 old and he just loves ships and planes, watching them, reading books (yes - quite old-fashioned gentleman ... Of course I am very happy of it - but frigate's progress is rather slow... So, what's new on the decks? I finally removed almost all boxes
  6. If I may suggest something - "bohemian/czech razor saw" is very good and commonly known but I love Hasegawa Trytool sets TP3 and TP-4. They are very thin (especially TP-4) and have very unique, curved shapes, so you can use it even in very hard-to-access places. Best regards, Michal.
  7. You understood my horrible english, I understood your english and everybody around had lot of laugh, I hope! Thanks and best regards! Michal.
  8. Very nicely done model! How about your own improvements or just "shake and bake (it seems not...)"?
  9. Thank you (and for Jamie!) for very comprehensive research and building-relation. I have this kit in my stash so you will be my Cicerones. Beautifull model, deeply detailed and well balanced in terms of painting, weathering and so on. I waited for every following part of your fascinating series and now I am waiting for your next building blog (but - don't you need take a rest?). Once more many thanks and best regards, Michal.
  10. Jerzy, I hope your health gets better! (Our family has "hot nineteen" at home too...) Maybe polish khaki is boring camo scheme but I think our polish squadron's markings are really piece of good graphic design! I always like watch them on models. Maybe some beautifull day somebody publish such poster... (pictures from: https://forum.odkrywca.pl/topic/758370-lotnictwo-ii-rp--godła-eskadr-w-latach-1921--1939/ ) Best regards and have a lot of health!
  11. Thanks for all sympathetic words. My son is already OK, he was very happy listening your posts. We have canoe since 10 years, we try to paddle 100-180 km yearly - about 2-weeks. It is our family special time - only we, nature, simplicity and sometimes positive solitude. No internet, crowds, news, no haste... I think being involved in nature is great remedy for our more and more technologized and faster world. But... sometimes I like builidings models as well (off-topic's end, sorry for it!), lets'go with it! Thanks for your post, I will try don't disappoint your expectations.
  12. Thank you for all your comments. It is really big pleasure to read such supporting opinions from you - experienced sea-wolfs (that's how we speak in polish lenguage. Tell me please if it is correct in english?) for such sea-greenhorn like me (I live 400 km from sea-shore !). It motivates me strongly for further doing careful researches, developing skills and sharing with you. Lot of maritime-books focuses on technological or operational aspects of ships. Of course I like it, as modeller I am often looking for such informations as well, but when I found photos on http://w
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