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  1. Acrylic varnishes, as well as acrylic paints, real acrylics, must be applied in many layers, it being very important that the first two are extremely thin. This helps the remaining layers to grip well on the surface. They are certainly very well finished paints (for me they are the best looking once sprayed) but they do have their drawbacks. At first I must tell you, as a user that I have been on multiple occasions of Vallejo Model Air paint, it is that although they are announced that they can be used directly from the can, it is true but not entirely. They work much better diluted with 15 or 20%, at most, of water and much better if it is with their own diluent. The ideal pressure to be airbrushed, according to my opinion and experience, is 15 PSI. 30 PSI is a lot and possibly one of the reasons for those strange surfaces that have appeared to you. The other reason may be the fact of applying few and somewhat thick layers of varnish. The solution to eliminate that rough surface that you mention I think is one and only one, unless you want to completely strip the model. That solution is to sand the surface with very high grit sandpaper, at least 1500 and using water and very gently. I end by recommending the Tamiya X-22 glossy varnish diluted with its thinner or with isopropyl alcohol. It's easy to apply, it also dries very quickly and for me in particular it has never failed me under any circumstances. I'm not saying that Vallejo's is worse, but perhaps more difficult to apply. Cheers. Andrés.
  2. An absolutely spectacular work, Oliver !!!!! Bravo Congratulations !!! Andrés.
  3. Spectacularly good work !!! For some reason I can't remember I stopped following your work, but luckily I've rediscovered it by posting on RFI. I love the result. Congratulations !!! Andrés.
  4. Hi all. Taking as a reference the photograph provided by Troy Smith of a Spit, which seems to be very reliable regarding colors, I have carried out experiments with a white plastic spoon. I have come to the conclusion that the Tamiya XF-81 is the green if not perfect to represent the Dark Green in the photo, yes very very close. Regarding the Dark Earth I have made a mix and although I think I should refine it a point I think I'm on the right track. Thanks again to all of you, especially Troy. Cheers. Andrés.
  5. Hi. Go ahead with him !!! It's another little gem from Eduard and I think you'll have fun with it. Cheers !!! Andrés.
  6. Hi. Well, while I'm applying numerous thin layers of the yellow color to gradually saturate the color, I've decided to make the platform where it will go the plane. The base has a side of 10 cm and on it I have simulated a piece of field with grass but where there are bald spots that allow us to see something of the terrain and thus break the monotony of seeing everything covered with grass. For this I have used beach sand and small stones from railway dioramas painted with Vallejo earth color as well as light sand to lighten the earth color and apply it as a dry brush. I used the light Vallejo sand to paint those pebbles that were larger . This after having applied a general washing of oil color natural shadow. Once everything was dry, I used electrostatic grass of various shades and lengths of 2.5 and 3 cm, although I also used a few 6 cm to be used as the stems of small and sporadic flowers that I painted with Vallejo without diluting and that can only be seen in the last photo. This last photo, with the plane placed in position, is to capture the image of how the set will look. Cheers. Andrés.
  7. Not really. OK, it's not helped by the Spanish paint makers not being about to match a colour to specification with "both hands and a map" Hi. I was not referring to the Spanish paint producers for modeling. I was referring to the paint producers who supplied the RAF, as was the case with some RLM colours. Thank you, it was a great and instructive explanation. I think I have already chosen the brand and reference that I will use. Andrés.
  8. Hi again. Well, this all comes from intending to build the magnificent 1/72 Hurricane MK I ARMA Hobby kit during the Battle of Britain, and of course I've started poking my nose here and there looking for information. I must say that one of the first places I looked was the book "The Hawker Hurricane. A complete guide for the modeller. Modeller Datafile No. 2 from SAM Publications". On page 124 the colors and markings of this fighter are indicated and either I have misread or there is no color code indicated, using only the name and simply saying Dark Green or Dark Earth, for example. Since the Spitfire MK I fought alongside him, I thought I'd also consult the same section of the SAM Productions Part 1 book dedicated to him for the versions that use the Merlin engine, and something similar happens on page 131. I kept looking and my next step was to take screenshots watching the movie "Battle for Britain" on my computer, which was very possibly a mistake because we forgot that at the heart of the matter a movie is a movie. I also searched the following website, (http://www.daveswarbirds.com/bob/spitfire.htm ) dedicated to the Spit in the aforementioned film and both in one case and the other, the green color shown by the planes has a tone, let's say, something different from what we are used to seeing in them and that regardless of photographic qualities or computer monitor calibrations the green i see in those photos and screenshots seems to have that speck of blue to me. And this green, with a hint of blue, I have seen reproduced in certain models, so I thought that there may have been variations in tonality in the colors depending on the paint supplier at the time. For all this my doubts. Thanks again !!!! Andrés.
  9. Thanks !!! Yes, I knew that writing in capital letters is considered shouting but I thought that was for let's say the texts and not for the titles. I am sorry. Andrés.
  10. Hi Procopius. Yes, I know, but I have recently read on the internet that both names or codes designate the same color. It has been the custom to routinely use FS code. Thank you for the information you attached. Cheers. Andrés.
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