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  1. Yes, it all depends on what one wants from the kits. In my case, the surface detail will be clean, sharp and fine as well as adequate. Regarding the adjustment of the pieces, then logically the best possible. But there are some characters out there (who know everything but do nothing ...) who worry about things that do not matter the least to me. If the length of a model is 1'003 mm shorter it matters absolutely little to me, the same as if this has an angle of 18º when it should be 17'4º ... There is no man who appreciates such differences just to fatten his ego , or at least they think so. I'm not saying this for you, obviously. Regarding the FM kit, well, I'll see when mine gets back to me, but I've seen some details of the screws that seem too big to me. And it is that we forget something and it is that the new by the fact of being new is not necessarily better and much less better in all aspects. ESCI put out molds of the first 1/72 Harriers in the early 80's (almost 40 years ago ...) and it seems that they are still the best kits at that scale even though there are more recent ones. Although it is possible that the typical "maestro liendres" judges them in this or that aspect bad, incorrect or simply impossible to pass an exam to their wasted and enormous volume of aeronautical knowledge ...Which I absolutely don't give a damn about. Greetings. Andrés S.
  2. I think I see in the figure below the nose of an E or F. But being the Revell kits so good, and especially cheap compared to Fine Molds except perhaps comparing the cockpit, is it advisable to buy the Fine Molds F? For my taste the exterior detail of the Revell kit of the RF-4E (easily convertible into RF-4C) and F-4F is so nice that I think I would not buy the F.M. Andrés S.
  3. Well executed, the colors look good. !!!! By the way, the Spanish call this type of camouflage "lagarto", not "lagartija". Andrés S. P.C- I have read in previous posts some kind of illness, I sincerely hope that you have fully recovered. P.C (2).- The F-86 was not used in the Ifni conflict because it was stipulated by the conditions under which the US sold the planes. That was one of the reasons why, after having the F-104 and the Phantom in service in the Air Force, it was decided in the mid-70s to acquire the Mirage III and the Mirage F-1, and after acquiring the F- 18 definitively join the European initiatives Eurofigther and the future European 5th generation fighter plane. The truth is, it doesn't make much sense to buy a type of aircraft when it is prevented from being used when necessary ...
  4. Have you read the P.D.- what did I write in the last message? I don't think the language is a challenge. Andrés S.
  5. Well, the F-4C kit is scheduled to be released in late August, I don't know which versions of the short-nosed Phantom you mean. I ask about the F-4C kits and if anyone knows that they will also bring the belts since the F-4J does bring them (or so I think I see in the lower right part of the boxart ) Andrés S. P.D.- After taking a closer look at the image, it is certainly that of the pilots and not that of the seat belts ...
  6. By the way, and after seeing the images of the F-4J boxes: does anyone know if the F-4C kit also includes seat belts? Tanks. Andrés S.
  7. Such enormously large flaws in a new kit are unacceptable. I think I'm going to cancel my Phantom C preorder, yeah. Andrés S.
  8. Hi Kitchen Modeller. I absolutely love the look you have achieved in the model. You make me want to start mine It would have been interesting to see the painting process. Congratulations !!!! Andrés S.
  9. The metallic looks perfect. I like the dirt effect, it looks perfect too. Andrés S.
  10. To my knowledge, it does not have an online store. It has a resin 3D printer and prints the figures that you order. I contacted him through an app called Wallapop, which I don't know if he is also in other countries besides Spain. It is a place for buying and selling second-hand items, but he advertises himself in it to print 3D figures. You can send me a private message with an email and I will pass it on to him so that you can get in touch and maybe come to an agreement. By the way, thank you. I'm glad you liked this little dio. Andrés S.
  11. It's true. Something tells me, the experience perhaps ..., that the AMT kit will be of inferior quality compared to any. Andrés S.
  12. Thanks, Andy, I'm glad you like it. Andrés S.
  13. Well, I always wanted to set the AT-ST with some figure and some plants. After getting some 3D printed stormtroopers I bought some plants. After almost a year of finalizing the model, this is how it will finally look. Andrés S.
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