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  1. Totally agree. The most important thing is not the size: 0000, 000, 00 etc etc The important thing is how sharp the tip can be and the relative capacity it can carry paint. A brush with a very sharp 10/0 tip is useless because even with a very fine tip you can hardly draw with it since it can hardly load a quantity of paint. My favorites are the Da Vinci brand brushes, made of natural sable hair, No. 0 and No. 1. The hair of the brush is of the highest quality, very flexible and with a sharp point like a needle, which allows an extraordinary control of the stroke and preserves en
  2. Hi He was interested in seeing the model, but the link is going nowhere.
  3. Beautiful, the appearance is incredible !!! Very well done. Andrés S.
  4. Hi. I built a Bandai X Wing and have a Fine Molds, both 1/72. My opinion is that they are at the same level of detail. Fine Molds has a structure like a traditional mock-up and Bandai with their own where the pieces snap together but that's not a bad thing. The adjustment of both kits and the detail I think is similar. And although it is not related to the kit issue, I would like to mention that in AliExpress there is a brand called Nuclear Models that the same Bandai kits have figures. I have bought the R2-D2 and C-3PO kits and the prices are incredibly low: approximately € 16 inc
  5. I see a small stencil in the upper part of the right wing Me cachis ... I thought you were going to show some progress ... A hug. Andrés S.
  6. Oh yeah !!!!!!! More pics, please. Andrés S.
  7. Thanks, Pete. The cockpit was missing a couple of small parts: the ship's control levers located on both sides. And after placing the sides of the cockpit, including these pieces, the final result is as follows. And here with our protagonist ready to give some droids what they deserve ... Andrés S.
  8. Thanks guys for your words, they are really a boost. After several days of testing using Humbrol's glossy black, Gunze's H-2 and Tamiya's X-1 as a base for the chrome plating, the best result has been with Humbrol's glossy black and Tamiya's. Gunze's for some reason was not as bright as the others and since Humbrol has more drawbacks, especially its unpleasant smell, I finally used Tamiya X-1 as a base for AK Chrome, but diluted with the lacquer thinner ; the one with the yellow cap, which I have always seen that the bright paints of both Tamiya and Gunze make them even brig
  9. I'm trying to fix it, I hope so. Thanks for your words. The cockpit and the figure of the young Anakin I have painted using only Vallejo MC paints. To highlight details such as buttons etc. I have used oils. Little more to comment, except that I think I have spent dirtying it and that I am not very happy with the painting of the figure. Andrés S.
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