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  1. Well, you can see in some images that the fit in some points is not very good. Although I think it was more my fault than the kit's. I mean that if I had been more careful in joining the areas where I should have used putty I would not have done so much. Andrés S.
  2. Hi Orso. The kit has been planning the addition of the piece for lengthening. In the case of building the AJ version, which is the one in my kit, a small one-piece tab has to be removed from the top of the fuselage. As I want to do the JA I will have to use this piece without removing the tab. Although the Evergreen section is flat, any misalignment can be corrected with thin plastic sheets and matching the surface with putty. I don't think it's an insurmountable problem apparently. Andrés S.
  3. Thanks guys for your words !!! Well, I have no good news ... For some reason the chrome paint has not withstood as it should and in its entirety the masking of the Tamiya tape. I don't know for sure but it may have been motivated by not scrupulously adhering to the drying times of Gunze's gloss black that it is based on. It is curious that a part of the painting has perfectly supported the masking and another part did not. I think the only solution for the finishing of both paints to be adequate is to completely remove both paints and start from zero. But first I want to test a Humbrol gloss black primer, which is enamel like chrome paint. Or it may be that this AK Extreme Metal reference does not support Tamiya tape as it should. In any case, I feel obliged to go back and start over. The only nice thing I can say has been the application of the decals on the head of R2-D2. I was scared of this piece, since painting it with a brush would be difficult to look good because of the small blue squares and using the decal at the top could give problems because the surface of the piece is spherical. However, it has been good using the MICRO liquids. The metallic colour that I have used with R2 has been AK White Aluminium. Well, I thought this kit would be fast but for one reason or another it won't be. I have started the cockpit, when it is finished I will put some images. Andrés S.
  4. Any help is welcome. I did not really know the Viggen to the point of not knowing the differences between the JA and the AJ and that the SH kits were different from each other. Thanks. Of course, I think it is not only prettier than the grey scheme but it is an iconic image of this aircraft. Andrés S.
  5. Hi Paramedic. Perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly. The part was not lost, or did not come in the kit by mistake. The JA and the AJ are practically the same aircraft but not exactly the same, they have small differences and their kits of SH are different including or excluding the corresponding parts. I want to make a JA but with the AJ kit, that's why I don't have the part corresponding to the lengthening of the fuselage and I had to do that lengthening with Evergreen. I want to return to this model, I hope it will be soon. Thanks for your words. Andrés S.
  6. Hi Mathias. I've always thought that aircraft modellers we are way behind in achieving the realism that military vehicle models achieve. Obviously you are not part of the group. Your works are incredibly realistic. I wonder how you get the paint weathered with such subtle and incredibly realistic dirt effects. You have said to another forum member "The rest was done with a mid. grey paint." But I don't understand what you mean or the way you say you do it. Can you explain it please? Andrés S.
  7. No problem. It has reminded me of my mother when I was a child and walked into the kitchen while frying something in the pan. He always told me not to go near that he was going to splash the oil in my eye. As if there were no possible places to go. Thinking about it now, it is possible that the SR-71, with its highly stylized shapes, was an inspiration to the designers of, for example, Queen Amidala's cruiser. It has a certain resemblance. Well, today I have prepared everything I wanted regarding the exterior paint before starting with the cockpit painting. At first, I have painted the cones at the entrance of the engines. The metallic I have used has been Chrome from AK Extreme Metal and the yellow colour is a 50% mix of Orange H-24 and Yellow H-329. I have painted the metallic part of the engine nacelles with Chrome and now that I am putting these words here I think I should also have painted the yellow area of them. Well, I'll do it before I glue the piece in place. I have considered doing it before and not painting the area of yellow the part that corresponds to the wings because when they are placed in position I will have to use putty and sandpaper for the area that joins them to the fuselage. Finally, I have painted the front part of the fuselage with yellow and that goes under the wings, although in the photo the yellow colour of the plastic itself is not clearly visible. If I hadn't done it before putting the wings in position it would be somewhat difficult to paint properly. Andrés S.
  8. Great job as always on paint Andy, unbelievably good. Regarding the printing of the model equally well done. Guys, the future of our hobby in the medium or long term is in 3D printing, although I hope that plastic kits will continue to be produced for a few years. Andrés S.
  9. Hi. Today I bought a new airbrush. It is from a manufacturer and distributor near my city, so I have approached the factory, which also sells to the public (in addition to online) and after arriving home I could not resist the urge to try it. It comes with 3 sets of needles (0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 mm). I have done it with the 0.3 mm one and I could not be more satisfied with the touch, fit between pieces, balance in the hand, spraying etc. The test consisted of one of the effects of use that I had planned to make on this model, and that is the smoking that the elongated rear area of the engines could present. For this I have used a mixture of Tamiya Brown XF-10 and XF-1 Black diluted 95% with isopropyl alcohol. The pieces were already varnished so the matte appearance left by this soft filter is considered adequate for the final finish of the pieces. And a second photo with the pieces in place to see how they would look. Andrés S.
  10. Thanks !!. I hope someone else makes one of the different kits from Episode I, it would be interesting. Thanks !! I am somewhat restless with those pieces, any carelessness can ruin the job. Thanks !! I hope I can make a model that you finally like. True, they are hard-to-find kits at least at a reasonable price. I was lucky to find a seller from my country on Wallapop. Today I have worked the engine nacelles. The fit of the pieces is quite good, although not perfect. It would be acceptable in a model that had a matte finish, but in the case of a metallic and bright yellow decoration it is deficient due to the ease that the paint's finish will have in revealing any imperfections. As you can see in the next photo, I had to correct a depression in the plastic surface using Tamiya putty and 1500 grit sandpaper. Marked with the letter "A". In the joint area between pieces there have been some points that I have also had to correct with putty since there was a step left. Marked with the letter "B". In the buttons to separate the parts that form the gondolas as well. Marked with the letter "C". And finally I had to go over with a mini saw what would be the panel line that the two pieces form. Marked with the letter "D". Andrés S.
  11. Hi all. I've been stuck with Wing B. I know what I want to achieve with the exterior paint but I'm not quite sure how to do it or the result. So since the Bandai kits yard is not enough to take things lightly and push forward to see what comes out I have decided to leave it until my ideas are clarified and in the meantime undertake a much simpler kit, in all aspects. And it was this little one's turn. Very good kit from the Fine Molds brand, with good details and equally fine and negative panel lines representing this small combat ship that appeared in the film “The Phantom Menace”, or Episode I of Star Wars, being piloted in it by young Anakin Skywalker. Ignoring the staple with the pieces of the exhibition platform, the kit consists of three small staples: two grey and one yellow. The cabin is quite well reproduced, as well as the figures that correspond to an adult pilot and the little Anakin, who is a due to his age and height is represented somewhat smaller, which will make it even more difficult to paint a figure that is to scale. 1/72. I don't know about you, but what has always caught my attention about the ships of the planet Naboo has always been the stylized shape and the pointed shapes that they have. Both this ship and Queen Amidala's cruiser as some other I've seen. So before undertaking the construction, starting with the cabin, I have decided to prepare this aspect of the ship. Both the fuselage and the engines have a very pointed finish, however the corresponding parts are not sufficiently represented. With 600 grit sandpaper and later 1200 grit I have refined the corresponding pieces. The cones on the front of the motors have also received the same job with sandpaper. And the area where the previous cones fit I have also worked. And this is all for now. Andrés S.
  12. Scale 1/6 that has to look huge built. In the box with respect to the chair it already looks large. I think a very nice model is going to come out of here. I hope to see progress. Andrés S.
  13. Hello countryman !! It's beautiful and I marvel at the perfection in detail in resin 3D printing. I am eager to see the painting. Regards. Andrés S.
  14. Hi John. I also find the most fun part of the painting phase in the construction of a model. Especially when trying to give a used or aged look which gives the model realism. However, I usually use oil for little more than panelling and highlighting some detail, and I am more inclined to use acrylic products. I have taken a look at all the models you have posted on the forum since 2018 and it seemed to me that since then you have undergone a huge change for the better, which is great. I think I should rethink the matter and try to try using a little more oil because honestly they look superb. If they know how to use of course ... Andrés S.
  15. Another great job well done !! I just saw the one you have also done with Eduard's Emil. I agree with what you say about the oil paintings. You are getting a very nice level with them. I really like the result you get. Andrés S.
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