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  1. Hi, Mikey-1980. Thanks you. The approximate dimensions are 19 cm long and 17 cm high. Regards. Andrés.
  2. The model will receive as a general color a mixture of 95% white plus 5% neutral gray. For this I will use the Tamiya range. I start with the neck of the vehicle, which joins the main body and the head. It would be difficult to paint on its ends once attached so I paint it before putting it in place. After a layer of the base color I applied a dark gray shading. Next, I have applied the base color quite diluted to attenuate the shading and later, only in some points, I reinforce it with a mixture of very diluted brown and black. The next step has been to perform some chipping in the paint using the sponge technique, with a mixture of brown and black from Vallejo MC. In the points where I consider that there could be movement because they are articulable pieces I have applied "Oil Stains" from Vallejo. I have continued to varnish in bright and used the AK paneliner for grays and blues. Finally, I have airbrushed opal matte varnish of the Titan brand. Regards. Andrés.
  3. Hi I've been disconnected from aviation jobs for a while now. Error. That has prevented me from seeing the great work you are doing with this Mustang. I liked the work done in the cockpit, in the application of metallic paint, and in the landing gear wells. Put the treatment you have given to the blue of the engine hood I love it. Very very well done !! Regards. Andrés.
  4. Well no, I didn't know. In that case I think it represents them correctly. Thanks for the clarification. Regards. Andrés.
  5. Hi. Although I have not read it in its entirety, I have reviewed all the work you have done. I find it fabulous, thorough, detailed and I love it. However, every time I see one of the main exhaust nozzles ... I see that they have a quality far inferior to the work you are doing. I am afraid that if you use them, the final result will get worse. Regards. Andrés.
  6. Hi I love the thorough work you are doing. And I think that the Modelsvit kit I will have to ask because the detail it has on the surface seems very good. I have the Mirage III from PJ production and I am hoping that Special Hobby will launch his own but I think he will not be able to beat Modelsvit's. Regards. Andrés.
  7. Hi. I start another beautiful kit offered by Bandai for fans of the galactic saga of STAR WARS. Specifically the terrifying battle transport of the Empire called AT-AT. The general construction is advanced but until I have completed the cockpit I have not decided to start this post. I certainly believe that it has been a useless and stupid effort because even if you want to see something of what is inside, even using a flashlight, it is impossible. But as I paid for it, I decided that I had to do it. So here I show you: poorly painted, whith Vallejo MC, and worse photographed. I hope to put some progress soon as, as I say, the construction phase is advanced. Regards. Andrés.
  8. Thanks for your kind words. It has been fun to build it, Bandai produces high quality kits. Andrés.
  9. Thanks guys !! I have done what I could using Vallejo with Glaze Medium. I have been wanting to do some more technique but the size prevented me. I hope to do it with the ship I have from him at 1/48. Andrés.
  10. Hi all. Well, I have finished this cosmic flea. I think it took me a week, or something else, to complete. It has been a very easy construction. The fit between the pieces has been literally perfect, not needing more than a little extra liquid glue to convert the joints into panel lines. The only negative point found has been the absence of cockpit. While in AT-AT 1/144 it does have a small cabin with a pair of crew very well made and being impossible to see once in place, these ships "fighter" we are forced to paint the black crystals . A couple of figures would have been enough to greatly enrich the model. Well, this model will join an AT-AT also by Bandai in a small scene that will reflect a particular moment in the movie The Empire Strikes Back. In a kind of duel with another modeling friend who will also build a 1/144 Bandai AT-AT. Andrés.
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