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  1. Andrés S.

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Congratulations, it's a well-deserved prize. The model is exceptional. Greetings.
  2. Beautifull all !!! Greetings.
  3. Andrés S.


    What a disgrace !!!! It happened to me with the landing gear of a Ta-152 1/48 of Italeri with a similar bottle. That's why I stopped using it and replaced it with extra-liquid Tamiya whose packaging is much more stable. Something happened to me also with the bottles of Micro liquids. I deposit a little liquid in a stopper and the bottle is left far away, just in case ... Luck. Greetings.
  4. I agree with you, absolutely. And if I have to choose between this magnificent representation of an airplane to a piece of plastic, or resin that for the case is the same ..., packed with paint without the slightest aspect of a real object reduced in size, I'm sure I'll choose your way of making models. Congratulations. Regards
  5. Hi. I really like the final finish of the different colors of the camouflage. Very well applied. A very nice finish. Congratulations. Greetings.
  6. I have found it. Wonderful !!! In fact I found the P-51 looking for more "airscale" jobs. Cheers
  7. I absolutely agree with you. Great job !!!
  8. Andrés S.

    MIG-21MF, Eduard Profipack 1/72

    COCKPIT FINISHED Hi all !! After painting the areas that were left to do so I placed the small pieces that were missing. The details are painted with Vallejo M.C. and varnished, like the rest of the cockpit, in satin varnish Vallejo. Cheers. HABITACULO MIG21 010 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 011 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 012 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 013 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 014 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 016 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 015 by a s, en Flickr
  9. Andrés S.

    MIG-21MF, Eduard Profipack 1/72

    Hi, Miguel Ángel !! Well, I hope I do not make too many mistakes and enjoy this wonderful kit. Hugs.
  10. Andrés S.

    MIG-21MF, Eduard Profipack 1/72

    Hi all. Some progress. COCKPIT II Once the fuselage is closed I see two problems. One is the gap between the rear of the cockpit and the dorsal part of the fuselage, which I make disappear using putty. The other problem is that in the part next to the HUD the "sandwich" formed by the photo-etched parts of the front panel of instruments is observed. I use a thin sheet of tin, which I let it protrude a few tenths of a millimeter from the instrument panel. HABITACULO MIG21 007 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 008 by a s, en Flickr Next, using plasticard and stretched plastic, I add an instrument on the left side and a box on the right, with their respective cables. HABITACULO MIG21 009 by a s, en Flickr Cheers.
  11. A long, long time ago something left me so shocked. AWESOME !!!!!!!! I'm going to some corner of the house to cry. Cheers.
  12. Hi. Great news, there is no doubt. But I have built the Mirage F.1 of Special Hobby and much bigger would have been the news if I launched Eduard ..... I have the E of PJ Productions new tooled and it looks at many nice points. It includes extras like seat in resin or ladder in photoetched. Engraved panel lines. I'm with construction. Knowing Special Hobby I do not think it's superior. If it meets the deadlines as with F.1 and says it will be available for 2019/20 then it will be available for 2021..... Greetings.
  13. Through a friend I found out that this Eduard kit had come out. A few weeks ago I went through my usual store for some paintings and saw it there, the profipack edition. The price for such an exquisite marvel was irresistible: € 20 including photo-etched interiors, masks for the dome and decals of all the stencils compared to the 25 plus shipping costs on the Eduard website. So I caught it. And as I see myself with desire and with a few days off I start the thread of its construction without having finished the model, as I have almost always by habit. The materials that I will use are: - Eduard's kit - Eduard Brassin's nozzle. - Pitted tube of Master Models in turned metal. - R-3 missiles with their launchers Eduard Brassin. - Supports of Eduard Brassin. - Paintings by Alclad, Vallejo M.Color and M. Air, Tamiya, MRP and Gunze. Varnishes of Tamiya, Vallejo and Marabu. - Plasticard and stretched plastic. - Documentation and references: Book MIG-21 Fishbed in detail, WWP. COCKPIT To the bathtub I added some cables with stretched plastic (green). If you see some points of color, it is because I painted it before directly on the plastic, but I did not like it and I removed it. HABITACULO MIG21 001 by a s, en Flickr After applying a base of white I apply the color of the interior. It is a mixture that I had to leave closer to the blue so that there was coherence with the color of the photoetched parts, but it should have a point more towards the green. HABITACULO MIG21 002 by a s, en Flickr If anyone is interested in the mix it has consisted of 3 parts of Sky Blue H-25, 1 part of Green H-26, 2 parts of White XF-2 and 2 parts of Blue H-45. But applied on white, if it is done on the dark gray of the plastic it acquires another tonality. Once I saw the result, I deeply regretted not having used the plastic parts of the kit with the relief instruments instead of the photoetched ones, but there was no longer any way to fix the pieces that would hold them both in the bathtub and in the bathtub. lateral The detail of the instruments in the equivalent parts of the bathtub and the sides to the photo-etched parts is practically similar to that of a resin and I could have painted them, so I could have used a mixture of color closer to the greenish tone that I really would have liked to use. The work of painting the small pieces is done with Vallejo M. Color or M. Air. The whole set is varnished with Vallejo satin varnish. HABITACULO MIG21 003 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 004 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 005 by a s, en Flickr HABITACULO MIG21 006 by a s, en Flickr NOZZLE The detail is excellent and the lace of the different parts photoetched / resin / resin rubs perfectly. Inside the pieces had a kind of ceramic coating of a color similar to the Russian green of antennas or wheels, although it was not a painting but a ceramic protection. I have painted it with the same MRP reference, but it has been lightened a bit due to the low internal luminosity of such a small and elongated space. The area of the petals has applied Alclad steel and the magnesium anterior ring, but they hardly differ visually. An oil wash, varnished in matt (not metallic) and ready to join and put in place. MIG21TOBERA01 by a s, en Flickr MIG21TOBERA02 by a s, en Flickr MIG21TOBERA03 by a s, en Flickr MIG21TOBERA04 by a s, en Flickr MIG21TOBERA05 by a s, en Flickr Cheers.
  14. Really nice paint and decals perfectly applied. I like very much. Congratulations. Cheers.