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  1. Hi Neil. I'm glad you started this build. The ship is beautiful and the Bandai kit is "extraterretial". I'm looking forward to seeing the beginning. I have so many models started but I can't find the decision to dedicate myself exclusively to one that in the end I don't finish any... Good luck with this beautiful model, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Andrés. P.S.- Yes, Yes, airbrush everything you can instead of using decals. The result is always better.
  2. If you had not put the match as a reference in the first photograph and only the following photos, I would have believed that it was in 1/32 scale or at least in 1/48. Very very very good job!!! Andrés.
  3. Really good job. Well done. !! Andrés.
  4. Great job, it really looks like 1/48!!! Andrés.
  5. As always an exceptionally good job and that any intelligent modeller should have as a reference. However, I consider that in the engine nozzles you have made a use of blue that does not favor them, let me be honest on this point as well. Andrés.
  6. Absolutely spectacular!!! Getting a realistic dirt look on a metallic painted aircraft is hard, really hard, but you have achieved a simply perfect result. I suppose that it was done with oils, which you master so well. I like your models more and more, you reach an impressive degree of realism. Andrés.
  7. The result that you have obtained is exaggerated and really painful, and it demonstrates that you do not have the most minimal knowledge of what is the "spanish school" in the world of modelism. Evidently, you don't even seem to have the skills needed to follow this style of painting. Andrés S.
  8. Great job, I thought at first glance it was 1/48. Andrés S.
  9. Amazing !!! By the way, what metallic paint did you use? it looks fabulous. Andrés S.
  10. Says Jodie: "The Cyber-Hobby kit impresses you with a lot of CAD-induced detail and fine engraving. Airfix doesn't give you that kind of flashy detail. Where Airfix excels is in much more fundamental areas: it provides a more fundamental building experience much less hassle and a finished model that captures the real thing in a way I haven't seen before in 1:72." I can't help myself from laughing... I have the kit and I don't see the CAD when I look at it, I see the reality. Cyber-Hobby/Dragon without any hesitation. Andrés S.
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