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  1. A small tip is to search for the US version of the instruction sheet. It has much clearer painting instructions than the European one, and the grey-on-grey camo scheme is easier to interpret. I found it as a PDF, but lost the URL. Send me a message if interested (robdebie xs4all nl). The decal sheet in my box combined the black and Insignia Blue part in an intermediate colour. I hated it, therefore I redrew the sheet, and had it custom printed at SpotModel. If you want one too, I can have extras printed. See here: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/forsale.htm Rob
  2. Yep, the model has a serious shape problem in the rear fuselage. The tailpipe is angled downwards, instead of horizontal. This problem creates a strange 'sit' of the built model, and it needs to be corrected. I think it needs to be turned up some 2.5 to 3 degrees. Here's the kit shape: I changed the tailpipe angle by making two partial sawcuts from the lower side, leaving the parts attached at the top. The 0.1 mm sawcuts with a JLC razor saw were then filled by oversize 0.4 mm pieces of strip. This forced the tail pipe in an upward curve, enough to take out the droop. So it's not difficult to solve this problem. Rob
  3. Very true! I added 0.1 mm plastic card to the upper side to improve the fit. Note that on the top side, the glue joint doubles as a panel line (a combination that I don't like) but on the lower side there's a panel line just below the glue joint. You can see the result in the corner of the second photo. Rob
  4. Many thanks, it's completely new to me! Dave, John and Moa, thanks for all your contributions concerning the mystery logo. I lost track of this thread earlier in the year, when I had a big e-mail problem. Thanks to Moa's posting from Tuesday I'm aboard again! Dave: I will try to draw the globe-based logo and report back here. John: you write that the logo was "applied as a decal (as was quite usual) and it had not been sealed by varnish It would quite quickly disintegrate, which would account for it's disappearance." I was thinking it would be painted on, since printing a one-off decal would be too much work. What was the process used to create an adhesive decal in 1933, lacking the printers that we are so used to? Please note that the logo did not disappear during the flight - it held perfectly at least until arriving in Indonesia. It sometimes *appears* missing, but I blame that on the colours used, giving the same grey value as the silver dope. For all modellers who like the lines of this aircraft: a new 1/72 resin model of the Postjager, based on a 3D CAD and 3D printed master, is expected in 2020. Rob
  5. All IPMS-NL magazines are available as PDFs from the website, but you need a login. I made a download link of the C-130H article itself on my own website, although it's probably not the intention of IPMS-NL. The alternative is that I download the magazine and send you the PDF, so there's not much difference. One of the writers (Meindert) is also active on this forum, possible he will intervene Rob
  6. ALR-69 according the an extensive Hercules article in the IPMS-NL magazine 'Modelbouw in Plastic', 1996 issue 4, by Bas Damen and Meindert de Vreeze. Rob
  7. Only CIA aircraft were painted dark blue. USAF aircraft were black, but much later, they stayed bare metal far longer than the CIA aircraft.. Rob
  8. One more vote for grey. This is a cockpit section formerly on display in the old Soesterberg museum, The dash says 'radio call 6726', you can probably find the serial and block number with that. Rob
  9. KMP / Kool Model Products offers exactly the service you're looking for: https://www.kmp-sm.com/custom-works?lang=en However I think it's assumed you provide the CAD model? But he can probably do that too for you: Rob
  10. Here's another video with interesting views between roughly 08:00 and 11:00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM3T67z1xTA You can even read part of the stencils on the gun pods, showing among other SUU***A/A, the *** part covered by a strap. I still think they are SUU-11 gun pods. You can also see the original suspension lugs, unused in this application of course. Rob
  11. Thanks, now I've got a good idea of the type of drawings! I'm afraid they will not tell me the dimensions of the rack. I'm afraid there are not many left. The Brussels museum one has one, but arranging access might be problematic. Rob
  12. Des, thanks for your response! I didn't know about the book by Robert 'Robbie' Robinson, I'll look for it. Is he the British U-2 pilot? Thanks for the description of what you see in the drawings. Are these drawings three-quarter views? I don't know a better description unfortunately. Many 'In Action' booklets have similar drawings to point out details of the aircraft. Rob
  13. Monogram provides a set of four bottles in its 1/48 kit, but forgot the rack that these bottles mount to. With a lot of photo manipulation I created the following rough sketch of the rack. But there's too much guessing involved to start scratch-building it. Where oh where can I find real dimensional data of this rack?? Any help is welcome. Rob
  14. That's an interesting turn! I would never have guessed that. I'm happy the colour is right! I experienced a similar problem in the past, and I still haven't figured it out. I have some scrap parts of a Dutch F-104, and I made some paint samples to find the best match. In natural light and concluded that the middle one was very close, and the left one too yellow. Imagine my amazement when I saw the result of this photo, which gives a very different impression, with my best match being much too green. I did a similar experiment with grey samples, but they do not show the weird colour shift. Rob
  15. I'm reading 'B-57 Canberra at war 1964-1972' at the moment, so I'm enjoying your construction report. One comment: the blue of the Star&Bars looks horrible, it's nowhere near Insignia Blue. If you have a better decal with the correct colours, please apply it over the current one.. Rob
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