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  1. Rob de Bie

    F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    Thanks for the additional details! I now know exactly what to look for. If you have this particular issue, one additional question: did you buy it locally? I mean to ask whether it was imported in Europe. If not, I better look for the parts in the USA. Rob
  2. Rob de Bie

    F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    I searched Ebay on 85-5437, and indeed that's the one. If I am to believe the Ebay sprue photos, this kit comes with just one inboard fuel tank, is that correct? And I'm still not sure of the pylon situation, the two inboard pylons look very similar, although they have different pins to attach the stores. Rob
  3. Rob de Bie

    F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    I have two additional questions on this subject: 1. Does the Monogram kit come with the apprioprate pylon for the Mark 7 nuclear weapon? I searched for sprue photos on Ebay, found a few, but they did not answer this question 100% 2. Does someone have the left-over parts for the weapon and the pylon (if present) ? I want to discuss this subject with a few Dutch Streak pilots, and a model would help greatly I think. Thanks in advance! Rob
  4. Rob de Bie

    Revell Highway Pioneers

    In that case I know who to call when some scanning needs to be done Have fun with your Highway Pioneers collection! Rob
  5. Rob de Bie

    Revell Highway Pioneers

    I really hate scanning, but here are the three pages: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/various/p149-151.zip It's from the second edition, this one, with a blue cover: https://www.abebooks.com/Remembering-Revell-Model-Kits-Schiffer-Book/7232798498/bd Rob
  6. Rob de Bie

    Boeing X-32A (Italeri 1/72)

    Hi MRMLA, that's an excellent model! It's nice to see this model getting some attention! I see you replaced the horrible kit fins with new ones, bravo! And you even opened the vortes flaps, one of the very unique features of the design. I once starting building one too, but I stopped when I noted the shape problems of the model. It took me some time, but I identified the source of the shape of the model, and I sketched the differences with the real planform, at the end of this page: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/x32.htm Rob
  7. Rob de Bie

    Revell Highway Pioneers

    Our club member found them on a local Ebay, as a scrapheap of models, in which he recognised a few Gowland & Gowland kits. I think he got them fairly cheap, but he had to restore them. For the "full and definitive list of all the models made by Revell" you could consult the Revell book by Thomas Graham, pages 149 to 151. Rob
  8. Rob de Bie

    Revell Highway Pioneers

    I don't have answers to any of your questions, but recently a club member found four Highway Pioneers and restored them very nicely. Scroll down to 2/3 down the page of this meeting report: https://www.ipms.nl/regios/regio-zuid-holland/146-regio-zuid-holland-artiklelen/2986-regioavond-zuid-holland-mei-2018 Rob
  9. Rob de Bie

    Mi-24A Hind A decals

    That would be an excellent project to learn to design your own decals: just one number, one national marking and one danger marking. It's maybe an hour of work if you want to do it accurately. Rob
  10. Rob de Bie

    Peugeot 905 Ev 1

    Good job on a difficult model! I have a review of this model on my homepage: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/905review.htmhttps://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/905review.htm If you can identify problems that are not mentioned, or contribute otherwise to the review, please let me know. The strange thing is that my (Airfix) copies of this kit are fairly straight, and mine goes together reasonably well: Rob
  11. Rob de Bie

    Sikorsky S-61N - what are the cabin window dimensions?

    It's your lucky day! The Dutch IPMS magazine had a great article on the KLM S-61N back in 1983. The drawings even included the dimensions of each window. Here's the PDF: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/various/mip1983-1s61n.pdf It might be gone soon, because I'm not sure of the copyright situation. Rob
  12. Rob de Bie

    RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    Please note that there are rather different versions of the MRP, and Daco did the Belgian version. In 2006 I wrote an article about F-16 stores for the IPMS-NL magazine, and it included this drawing of four different versions in use at that time. Accuracy is not 100%, since I worked from limited photo references. The MRP in the video looks like the RDAF pod like I drew it. I did not draw lower side views, but as far as I know, the RDAF version had just one window, running from side to side. Apart from the Daco one, there's a Taiwanese 1/72 resin one too, by Dangerous, catalog number CO72001. I don't know what version that represents. Rob
  13. Rob de Bie

    Revell 1/72 F-16 - the 1976 kit

    Hello Jure, thanks for the offer! Sunday is more than quick enough. Actually anywhere in the next two weeks would be fine! Thanks in advance. Rob
  14. Rob de Bie

    Revell 1/72 F-16 - the 1976 kit

    Thanks for the quick reply! I would like to replicate the Revell cockpit decals, as shown in the photo of the cockpit tub. Scalemates shows all of the derivates of thr original H-222 kit, any of these would probably have the same cokpit decals: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/122545-revell-h-222-general-dynamics-f-16a Rob
  15. Rob de Bie

    Revell 1/72 F-16 - the 1976 kit

    I'm building the old (1976) Revell kit in the red-white-blue colour scheme, in 'just like the box art' style. This is how far I've come: The original Revell decals are printed with one ink colour for the black and dark blue decals, and Revell picked a 'somewhere in-between' colour for that. Because of that, and because the decal film has yellowed, I redrew them and will have them printed. Here's a preview of the artwork: I would like to include the cockpit decals, but unfortunately, I had already used them before I scanned the decal sheet. Therefore I'm looking for someone that has this kit too, and can scan the decal sheet in hi-res. I only need the cockpit decals, without too much JPG compression. In return I can offer a fresh decal sheet at cost, if interested. Thanks in advance! Rob