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  1. Last weekend I went to Euro Scale Modeling in Houten, The Netherlands. To my surprise a (relatively) new manufacturer was present: Wicked Model Cars. They have issued two 1/24 scale Hypercar models so far: Peugeot 9X8 Porsche 963 LMDh All parts are 3D printed, and looked great. Pricing is reasonable I think, slightly below LMM / Profil 24 I think. They also have a fairly large range of slot car models. https://www.wickedmodelcars.com Rob
  2. A belated thanks for the permission! I updated the 'colors and markings' page on my AQM-34 website with it: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/aqm34/colors.htm Rob
  3. Fantastic!! I've been looking for that a loooong time! Just to be 100% complete, is that from the 1957 issue of TO 1-1-636, or yet another Tech Order? My last question could be considered as 'give them a finger, and they'll take the whole hand': could I show this information on the 'Colors and markings' page of my AQM-34 Firebee website? https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/aqm34.htm Rob
  4. Oh! Does it have a section for drone (unmanned) aircraft? I've been after that bit of information for years. I've copied the relevant section from TO 1-1-4 (1964 version) below for possible comparison. Rob
  5. Just to sure: there were TWO Tally Ho decal companies, one from Canada I think, and one in eastern Europe. Are you guys all talking about the latter? The Canadian one stopped long ago, maybe 2000? Rob
  6. Thanks, great find!! I had seen the designation AF/B37K before, I believe in a Bronco manual. But I don't understand how that designation fits in the USAF naming conventions. If you might come across the 'R-3' designation in maybe an F-86A manual, please let me know! Rob
  7. Could that be the R-2 rack, instead of the R-3? The R-2 is listed as 'parachute fragmentation bomb rack', the R-1 and R-3 as 'fragmentation bomb rack'. For example here: https://books.google.nl/books?id=WYrfAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA15&dq=%22fragmentation+bomb+rack%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQ1ZbU7qP7AhUD76QKHbONCPgQ6AF6BAgEEAI#v=onepage&q=%22fragmentation%20bomb%20rack%22&f=false The same listing can be found in other publications, but none offers more information. Rob
  8. A big thanks in advance! Rob Ah, very interesting. I did a Google Images search, but could not find one quickly. Rob
  9. I've been researching the stores of the Dutch F-84F for some time now. One of the stores is a simple rack for four practice bombs, as shown here in model form: For a photo of the real thing, see here: https://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/foto-s/detail/384196c4-3f79-d5d2-fd09-70a96f5ab022/media/941f5ea7-be93-55da-6c5f-37f05a13188a It's a bit of a mystery store, that had multiple names in RNLAF documents: Mk 25 R-3 Mk 7 carrier LABS rack LABS adapter A few days ago, I found something interesting in this photo. Almost in the middle there's a stencil reading 'R 3 frag rack door': On the internet, the oldest reference to the 'R-3 frag rack' is in the context of the F-86A, where it is mentioned as the 'R-3 fragmentation bomb rack'. I also found an 'R-1 rack' and an 'R-2 rack', without aircraft types mentioned. My preliminary conclusion is that the F-84F practice bomb rack started life as a fragmentation bomb rack. Now for my question. I haven't found photos showing this rack installed on an F-86. Does anyone know of any? Also, maybe it's mentioned in the Flight Manual or a Tech Order? All snippets of information are welcome! Rob
  10. I've been looking for TO 1-1-636 'Exterior Finishes, Insignia, and Markings Applicable to USAF Aircraft'. Is that different from TO 12-1-636 that you mention? I found 1-1-636 here, but I found 32$ a bit to steep, since I'm only interested in one paragraph, that deals with drones. https://app.aircorpslibrary.com/document/viewer/a0f04c55-44f7-421e-bd9a-d0ad72299a9b Rob
  11. 'There' being Volkel, not Ypenburg. Eyewitness speaking. At Ypenburg they just rotted away. Rob
  12. Thanks for the reply. Does your parts manual cover the pylons too? The left inboard pylon still is a bit of a mystery to me. I found out that all of them in the RNLAF inventory were modified with LABS components before the strike task was taken up (using the B28EX as far as I know). They were called 'universal pylon' after that, and sometimes 'special pylon'. If the manual described the unique pylon for the Mk7 (as shown below), I'm all ears too. Rob
  13. Thanks! Yes, they have it, but the one I want to study is 122$.. That's too steep for me, for a PDF that might 'float around' on the internet somewhere. Or does that sound cheap? Rob
  14. I've been working on a study of the RNLAF F-84F stores, for which I made a model, and right now I'm finishing a 20 page article on the subject. https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/f84f.htm For this study, I used a flight manual, this one: 'F-84F-25 and later Flight Handbook (30 December 1956 - Revised 30 December 1956)' I was slightly surprised that this manual lacked some details, that were yet to be determined. But now I discovered that that a much later version of the flight manual exists: 'F-84F-25 and later Flight Handbook (15 February 1963 - Change 10 - 30 November 1970)' Does anyone know whether this manual is publicly available as a PDF? Rob
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