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  1. Hmmm..... I think we're seeing something different here. That panel behind '898' that looks like a plugged window is too small in height. It should at least touch the refuelling tube. I guess it's a KA-3B? Rob
  2. 'Not in control' is not accurate: the aircraft and pilots were still under national control. So if (say) the Dutch government did not want to play along, the American weapons would not be delivered to their targets. As for 'too many unpleasant answers' and 'better keeping it low profile alltogether' - I think the citizens have more rights than that in a democracy. To me that sounds like a Chinese attitude: leave it the government, do not involve the citizens too much, they are too stupid. I see a bit more of that attitude every day here in the Netherlands. Big words about democracy and freedom on liberation day celebrations, while they're nibbling away at citizen rights. And the population abides. Take the corona measures, that are even in breach of the constitution, hardly a peep in parliament. I find it very worrying. Back to nukes now Rob
  3. I didn't know the RAF strike Phantoms were so sensitive, interesting. And again strange. Now that I think of it, I don't think there were nuclear weapons at Valkenburg, home of the Neptunes/Atlantics/Orions. I've 'consulted' some booklets by the Dutch peace movement, in which they analyse where nuclear storage sites are / were in the Netherlands. It's not that difficult, since the sites always had a huge tropo-scatter antenna tower Plus the type of defense perimeter is very easy to spot. I never connected the dots regarding navy nukes and their storage site, but using other sites like St Mawgan makes a lot of sense. Rob
  4. I have to correct the 'not a single one' part - I linked above to the very one official RNLAF photo, of an F-104 taking off with a B43 dummy. But I think that one slipped through the cracks. It was on the cover of 'Veilig Vliegen' too, an official RNLAF flight safety magazine. Rob
  5. [choking sounds] "I'm fine sir" BTW, when I first saw the movie, I had never heard of a phantom hand (arm), so I really did not get the joke. When I watch it now, I cannot stop looking at the Soviet ambassador, who can't keep a straight face at one point during Peter Seller's improvisations. Back to the subject. I just realised that an official photo like the one that Jari added to this thread does not exist in European NATO countries - not a single one I think! All I have ever seen are a few 'illegal' snapshots. It's also a very important part of our military history, and I want to see it documented properly. Rob
  6. What I find strange is the relative openness of the USA and maybe Canada about the subject, and the absolute secrecy by the European NATO partners. It makes no sense to me. And if you have a deterent, show it to the world. But maybe I sound like Dr Strangelove now Rob
  7. I think there are just three persons who talked about it: former prime ministers Van Agt and Lubbers, and RNLAF pilot Steve Netto. Rob
  8. Good question, but I don't know the answer. An uncle of mine did lots of QRA-shifts at Volkel, but I'm not so sure he would remember. Don't ask me the colour of my bicycle when I was age 10 either. Maybe the DACO 104 set tells more? Rob
  9. Here's a Dutch 104 with a B43 dummy, and again only tip tanks: https://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/foto-s/detail/edb2f47b-9a02-85e1-56ea-8b23609cc71e/media/00a62de9-dfb8-db2c-7679-10d4fcab765a It's very likely the only official RNLAF photo showing a nuke - they are extremely secretive about it, far more than the US Air Force for example. Rob
  10. I've been messing with this kit too, see the photos below. It's a lot of work to make a decent model from it.. I will gladly wait for the announced Avis kit! Rob
  11. Jari, thanks for the tip, downloading as we speak! Rob
  12. You're right, I checked them again and indeed they are there. I think Tommy Thomasen and other have confirmed this theory as being correct, however illogical it is to put windows in the left side of an EA-3B. Check, But I dislike scribing enough to try another route Rob
  13. Thanks for the link! But you really need close-up photos to see the window outlines. Rob
  14. Your wish is my command: I will do both sides, however nerdy it is Rob
  15. You're probably right, I'm doing all this to have four engraved lines on the left fuselage side. But I have quite a dislike for engraving, that never seems to go the way I want it. So, maybe I'm doing it because I can? Here's the part so far. Rob
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