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  1. Yep, the canopy is really bad. Here's the Italeri canopy versus a Pavla vac canopy. Rob
  2. I tried several mixes on a piece of plastic, and indeed I selected the upper left sample (1:3:1) to mix in a larger quantity in a spare tinlet. My references were some book photos and my own memories of this color - hardly reliable references I had nothing else to work from, this had to do ! Rob
  3. To add to the confusion: In once mixed the turquoise MiG-25 cockpit color from Humbrol paints, 2+47+221 in a 1:3:1 mix ratio. It resulted in a color close to RAL 5021 Wasserblau. Rob
  4. I seem to remember vaguely that the air-to-air refueling receptacle was removed or changed on NATO Thunderstreaks, or more specifically Dutch F-84Fs. I checked all my sources, but could not find any text on this subject. I see a red lead-in stripe on some Dutch F-84Fs, but I cannot find clear top views. Maybe I remembered it wrong, does anyone here know? I also saw in only one photo that the receptacle was used for single-point ground refueling. Thanks in advance for any information! Rob
  5. I compared the figures quoted with Monogram's Voodoo and Thunderstreak tanks, and they match well, except for the 35" diameter for the 'stubby', I think that number should be 30". Rob
  6. Indeed I assumed a custom printer that can print white. I've got a list here: Custom Alps decal companies . Below it is a list of 'Custom decal companies using other printers', but it's just a start. Rob
  7. Ah, you right! It's described more clearly on the individual product pages. If these specific decals do not exist, it's fairly easy to design the enlarged underlay, or even a complete decal. I've drawn the star&bars earlier in CorelDraw, and just added a white border of 1/8 R (not sure whether that's correct though, I couldn't find the spec). You could fill an A4 with the design in various sizes and have it printed. Rob
  8. Voila: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/decals/aircraft-decals/fantasy-printshop-decals/stars-and-bars/ Rob
  9. Could you please photograph the vacform sheet and possibly the packaging? I've been fiddling with my Pegasus 1/72 Have Blue for many years, and I've always been curious about the execution of the Maintrack kit. But AFAIK, not a single photograph of the vacform sheet can be found on the internet! Can you please fill this void? Rob
  10. Dave, thanks for looking into my still open question! Your description sounds a lot like the picture below, a screenshot from YouTube: 'KLM 18. London-Melbourne race' around 05:30. To my eye, the 'continents' seen in the Postjager logo photos do not really match the pattern of continents. Plus why the added wings? However, I don't have a better explanation either Rob
  11. I suggest you start learning decal design today Vector graphics are not too difficult to learn, and once you master the basicss, it is a blast to do. Rob
  12. Last year I redrew an old Scale-Master sheet (SM-18B) for a friend. It's mostly 1/72, with the lower right part in 1/144 scale. The original was black, he needed it in white. Shown below is the 1/72 version on an A4. It's in vector (CorelDraw). Changing the color is less than a minute work. Here's the same artwork in my favorite approximation of Insignia Blue. You can use the artwork if you want. Rob
  13. Maybe I was lucky tonight on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAYBE-UNIQUE-HAYES-AIRCRAFT-PROMETHEUS-TARGET-DRONE-DESK-MODEL/264196614355?hash=item3d835868d3:g:CbIAAOSw50JbNUR2:rk:2:pf:0 I had never seen it before, but it matches your photos reasonably well. Rob
  14. Dennis, I have exactly the same questions as you, both both the Mark 7 and the B28, but I did not find solid answers either, In the end I decided to go for silver (Mr Paint) and Humbrol 180 for the fiberglass. The latter is maybe too dark, it's based on museum examples that are decades old. Shown below are my Belcher Bits B28RE and B28EX. Rob
  15. I think that's an ALE-2 chaff pod. Here's the information that I collected for my 'TAC Firebees' webpage, that also has some photos: The ALE-2 pod is listed as being manufactured by Ryan, Webcor and MB Associates. It was used on the USAF F-4D/E, F-84, F-86, F-100, F-102, B-66, RB-57, T-33, AQM-34G/H/M/V, US Navy EA-1F and Canadian "EF-101B" and CT-133. At the front of the pod is an air inlet that splits into two tubes. The air travels down the pod and opens up packets of chaff. At the rear the air plus chaff streams combine again and exit the pod through a fairly large notch in the rear cone-shaped part of the pod. Pod length is 13' 10.2" (4221 mm), diameter 19.58" (497 mm), empty weight 217lb (98 kg) and full weight 470lb (213 kg). The shape reminds me of the F-84F outboard tank, and the F-102. Rob
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