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  1. Rob de Bie

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    I suggest you start learning decal design today Vector graphics are not too difficult to learn, and once you master the basicss, it is a blast to do. Rob
  2. Rob de Bie

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Last year I redrew an old Scale-Master sheet (SM-18B) for a friend. It's mostly 1/72, with the lower right part in 1/144 scale. The original was black, he needed it in white. Shown below is the 1/72 version on an A4. It's in vector (CorelDraw). Changing the color is less than a minute work. Here's the same artwork in my favorite approximation of Insignia Blue. You can use the artwork if you want. Rob
  3. Rob de Bie

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    Maybe I was lucky tonight on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAYBE-UNIQUE-HAYES-AIRCRAFT-PROMETHEUS-TARGET-DRONE-DESK-MODEL/264196614355?hash=item3d835868d3:g:CbIAAOSw50JbNUR2:rk:2:pf:0 I had never seen it before, but it matches your photos reasonably well. Rob
  4. Rob de Bie

    Mk.7 Nuclear Device ? Colors

    Dennis, I have exactly the same questions as you, both both the Mark 7 and the B28, but I did not find solid answers either, In the end I decided to go for silver (Mr Paint) and Humbrol 180 for the fiberglass. The latter is maybe too dark, it's based on museum examples that are decades old. Shown below are my Belcher Bits B28RE and B28EX. Rob
  5. Rob de Bie

    RB-57A Air sampling pods

    I think that's an ALE-2 chaff pod. Here's the information that I collected for my 'TAC Firebees' webpage, that also has some photos: The ALE-2 pod is listed as being manufactured by Ryan, Webcor and MB Associates. It was used on the USAF F-4D/E, F-84, F-86, F-100, F-102, B-66, RB-57, T-33, AQM-34G/H/M/V, US Navy EA-1F and Canadian "EF-101B" and CT-133. At the front of the pod is an air inlet that splits into two tubes. The air travels down the pod and opens up packets of chaff. At the rear the air plus chaff streams combine again and exit the pod through a fairly large notch in the rear cone-shaped part of the pod. Pod length is 13' 10.2" (4221 mm), diameter 19.58" (497 mm), empty weight 217lb (98 kg) and full weight 470lb (213 kg). The shape reminds me of the F-84F outboard tank, and the F-102. Rob
  6. OK, one last try to identify the mysery logo. I received a new scan of one of two photos that show the logo., courtesy of Jun in Tokyo. I softened it to remove the dithering, and rotated it to give mostly undistorted view. I also sketched in what I think I see in the logo. The only other photo that shows it somewhat clear (also shown above) was also rotated and skewed to give a sort-of undistorted view. If anyone has any idea, I would love to hear from you! Rob
  7. I touched a TR-1A only once at an airshow, but with regards to BLC, I've never ever read about that feature for either the U-2A/C nor the U-2R / TR-1. Rob
  8. Rob de Bie

    F-42B Tempest II

    That's impressive! I guess I'm still learning to engrave - I'm rarely totally happy with the results.. Regarding the Silhouette, one of our club members does nearly all markings with masks. On the two examples below only small squadron badges are done with decals. It surely looks good! Rob
  9. Many thanks for your search! There are excellent matches shape-wise. I never read anything about the US Mail being involved in the flight, so that one is very unlikely. Which brings us back to the C-W logo .. I'm trying to find a better copy of one of the photos, but otherwise I'm running out of ideas. Rob
  10. We'll fight united against the horrors of pre- and postshading I was an aircraft spotter for 12 years and never saw any operational aircraft weather like that. Rob
  11. That's way more than I could have asked for, many thanks! Here's an overview of logos that I considered so far, superimposed on the single other photo that shows it reasonably well. Left to right: the logo of the organising commitee (taken from a letterhead), the Curtiss-Wright logo (copied from a lapel pin), the Aeroshell logo (a sponsor, but it does not match the shape), and lastly a standard Dutch stamp from that era but it no airmail connection. The interesting thing is that the logo is hardly visible at departure, when it definitely already had it. That should tell us something about the color(s). Rob
  12. You made an excellent point regarding the marking's location, I hadn't thought of that. I searched a bit for a Dutch air mail logo, but found nothing close to it. Rob
  13. Rob de Bie

    B-58 Fuselage length

    Found it! On page 2 of this old Hyperscale thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/1-72-b-58-errors-t201945.html It's two pages only, the original article is probably longer. Rob
  14. I hope I caught you in time: please note that the large serial number on the nose was at a slight angle to the camouflage demarcation. The serial number is aligned with the horizontal reference line, and the camouflage demarcation angles slightly from the inlet cone towards the radome. There are exceptions, like 5803 and 5810 at Ypenburg. But 5804 at the top of the page follows the official instructions. The painting instructions are shown in Cor van Gent's book, pages 235 and 240. Rob
  15. Thanks for (re-) posting your Postjager build! A few years ago I almost ordered this model too, but instead I started working on a new and better drawing. I started with the Postjager drawing by C. ter Horst (NVM), but in the mean time I made a completely revised drawing based on research in archives. It's not done yet, so it's shown in a small size here. Since you're an expert on early aviation, one question for you - my last remaining problem with all the markings. On the Amsterdam - Indonesia flight, it had a mystery marking between the tail and registration. It's visible in just a few photos only. The basic shape is a sphere with 'wings'. The photo below is the best one. What could it be? My current best guess is a Curtiss-Wright logo, because the aircraft had Wright engines. But I haven't found another a/c with a similar marking so far. The photo appears to be orthochromatic, judging from how dark the orange registration are represented. All guesses are welcome! Rob