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  1. Anyine built one yet? If so, does it need nose weight? Dave
  2. with the new 1/72nd Zeveda C-130H Hercules coming out, maybe some RAF schemes of the past? Especially the 25th anniversary scheme from the 90's!
  3. I obtained a copy couple of weeks ago, great book so much information. Where they got it from amazes me! I sat in a SU-27 at Leuchars in '92 & the exact one is listed in the book. Managed to get a good priced copy via Amazon. Think a model will be done sometime soon now!! Dave
  4. EH101 (later AW101!!) looking good! I made PP5 few years ago when a kit first became available along with all the other pre-production '101's. They all on show at the AW factory now. Anyway, i'll be watching your build with interest. Dave
  5. thanks Mike, nothing there unfortunately!
  6. Looking for photos of the Victor, XL190, which had the 'teeth' added. Hope someone knows of any photo's? Dave
  7. opps, please delete!!
  8. Looking for photos of the Victor which had the 'teeth' markings applied, any one help? Dave
  9. Thanks everyone, it's for a 1/72nd kit I'm making! Dave
  10. thanks, didn't think to look there! you think same fit on RAF MK3's?
  11. Anyone know of or have close up pics of the under slung cables/hook fitted to seakings? In particular the release cable that goes into the fuselage(?) Dave
  12. ok thanks for all your help!
  13. I use brush to apply my paints & have couple questions. Hope someone may be of help? 1- anyone recommend a yellow primer chromate! 2- I normally use Humbrol varnish, but find it goes 'brown' after a while, any suggestions for one that doesn't? 3- can ALCAD paints be brush painted? Thanks for looking & hope someone can help me! Dave
  14. Great subject Tony! I was at Lyneham working in the SE section late 90 til 94, best years in my RAF career spent there. Did a lot of flying especially with the SF flight! Dave
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