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  1. Thank you Robert, exactly what I was after. Thank you for your time. Cheers maurice
  2. Thank you Robert...... just to clarify does that mean that all production Tigers and all production Panthers had traditional petrol drives to the sprockets? Thanks maurice
  3. Hi All, Hope somebody can help me, I know a little about aircraft and ships but not much about AFV. I have always thought the Tigers and Panthers used a standard internal combustion engines powering their drive sprockets. Recently somebody told me that the Tigers and perhaps even Panthers had petrol engines and that these supplied power to a generator which produced electricity to power electric motors that turned the drive sprockets. What is correct please? Many thanks in advance, maurice
  4. Absolutely stunning ............
  5. I am sorry Evert Jan, but I cannot find words to explain how much I admire your workmanship .... so I will just sit and watch in silence. Be assured that I am still here watching and admiring ....... in silence
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