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  1. waltmertins

    1/96 AA Viscount 800 Conversion

    Thanks, I just placed an order.
  2. waltmertins

    1/96 AA Viscount 800 Conversion

    I was not aware of that. I am going to Classic-airliners right now. Thanks a million. P.S. I am hunting for the AA piece if any one has it though!
  3. waltmertins

    1/96 AA Viscount 800 Conversion

    Does any one has a spare/extra 1/96 Authentic Airliners Viscount 800 conversion plug? I am very interested in one. Trade/purchase? Regards, Walter
  4. waltmertins

    Any air racer models available?

    I like 1/48 scale racers. Only do Mustangs though! And recently Contrails Models came up with the Strega and the Red Baron. http://www.contrailsmodels.com/Complete_Kits.html I got 1/48 scale drawings from Mr. Taichiro Yamashita. http://www.taichiunlimiteddrawings.com/ http://www.pylon1.org/articles/publish/index.shtml They are excellent and I am using them to scratch build my own Miss Ashley. A mustang with Learjet wings? AWESOME!!!!!! Walter
  5. waltmertins

    Junkers F 24 conversion from the G 24

    I order my kits directly from the site. They take PAYPAL so it makes it easy for me to purchase the kits I like. I just recently order the On Mark Marksman conversion as well as the Conroy Tri-Turbo Polair DC-3 conversions. I believe I got my kits in two weeks to the USA. Walter
  6. waltmertins

    Junkers F 24 conversion from the G 24

    Thanks very much for the great links fellows. Classic Plane has the conversion http://www.classic-plane-mrr.de/listen/classicplane.html CPi18 Junkers F-24 (single engined G-24 Airliner) 17,98 euros Walter
  7. waltmertins

    1/72nd Revell Germany Junkers G 24 kit

    The one I have in the stash is just like this one; http://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=7845&page=62 When I get home I will compare the plastic to the Revell kit Walter
  8. waltmertins

    1/72nd Revell Germany Junkers G 24 kit

    Very nicely done G-24 JW! I had no idea Reifra did the G-24 and the G-23. I have a 1/72 KVZ Junkers G-23 / G-24 - Swiss or Swedish Airlines in the stash somewhere. Is that the same as the VEB kit? Love those F.13's as well. Walter
  9. waltmertins

    Any experience with Vintage Flyer Decals?

    Outstanding customer service, great product! You can not go wrong with Vintage Decals. Walter
  10. waltmertins

    Feeling the Water

    1/48 Scale will be super nice!
  11. waltmertins

    1/144 MD-11 coming from MikroMir and Eastern Express!

    I really like the wing spar design! Walter
  12. waltmertins

    Pas Models 1/144 Antonov An-32

    Darren welcome to the club! I also plan to build "ALL" my models, I just need another lifetime to do so. And why do I keep buying kits? Cause I can! PAS models are indeed very nice, I do not have the AN-32 "yet" but I love the PAS TU-114. On my last visit to Moscow, Andrey personally deliver several modes to my hotel. Talk about great customer care!!! Walter
  13. waltmertins

    Airfix 1/72 Concorde

    Nigel, The Heller/Airfix 1/72 Concorde is one of the hardest (injection) models I have done. I almost flew it into the wall more than once. Now when I walk into my model room and look at her sexy lines I am so glad I finished that monster. Do buy one half ton of putty, you will need it! Good luck and don't give up! Walter http://www.airlinercafe.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=29773#29773
  14. waltmertins

    Nazca decals a total fail story

    There most be a communications issue going on here cause NAZCA decals, Gaston, is very reliable and very honest man. He does have a job, airline captain, that keeps him very very busy. Continue communicating with him and I am sure you will have the issue resolved. I have been buying decals from Gaston for over 10 years with no issues at all. As a matter of fact, I just received the 777-300 AA decals I ordered from him 15 days ago. Walter
  15. waltmertins

    Cessna 411 kits?

    Mika, why would Constanza create newly built masters that are identical to Gremlin models? Just wondering?