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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me the likely underwing markings of Sabre Fury VP207 in its silver/red fuselage stripe livery? thanks Les
  2. Has anyone any idea who actually made these, for example Coles Cranes? Makers archives might give useful info. les
  3. Notice how 'grey' your white rear wall has photographed. les
  4. Colour film of the period could be notoriously 'off' and here you are looking at rather narrow distinctions in the blue spectrum. I for one would be very cautious of interpreting the bays as grey. Les
  5. While its back in the jig, any chance you can give us strut dimensions that will work for this kit? Les
  6. In any event, wouldn't it make sense to priotitise painting the lower areas most subject to salt? Les
  7. I've found my 'in progress' !/48 Sea Fury- let me know if you'd like any photos via email which i'd be happy for you to post on the thread. The nose is the trickiest part.





  8. FWIW I'm about 90% finished with a 1/48 Sabre Fury- Airfix Sea Fury and Eduard Tempest donor kits plus P-39 exhausts. Nose intake is scratch built together with wing rads. The significant mods to the Sea Fury were re-profiling the fin and hook housing, cutting out the rad areas and 'flattening' the u/c doors, removing the cowl forward of the 'droop' and reprofiling the gills area.The Eduard Tempest nose (from one of their sprues only kits) is a very good shapematch to the Airfix (unlike the Monogram Typhoon), . Not having the model to hand I seem to recall cutting off the Eduard Tempest nose
  9. That would seem to leave 3D masters for silicone mould resin casting with a rod wire inserterd core- its a method I use for prop spinners etc where I cast with water clear epoxy (no shrinkage/splitting problems). White metal with a core is an option but not so kitchen worktop friendly. For the weiight of a completly resin chipmunk even 0.1mm piano wire would be more than adequate.
  10. Can't this be resolved by producing parts to thread onto suitably sized metal wire/rod/tube?
  11. 'till more light can be shed, I might just resolve this with a removable black sticker. At least, I think we've got the more visible seat back and grab handles sorted. les
  12. Hi David- from that and from what I'm getting from Canadian sources, the location of the vertical camera port still seems a toss-up. Your earlier logic was sound especially on CofG issues, but heresay to date suggests somewhere in the rear bay 'in line with the flaps' (which to me indicates the hatch). Oh for a period belly shot! Les
  13. I thought there was a full bulkhead between the cockpit/ammo and fuselage bays. If not, the camera operator could conceivably have slid between them? Les
  14. As things stand, I'm going along the lines of a new seat attachment bar and the photographer's 'hand hold' being one and the same. Slight digression; I'm awaiting copy of a Canadian Aviation Historical Society article which seems to quote camera operator John Duffin having seen leaking glycol from the 'port observation window' on its (to date) final flight. Les
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