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  1. The question is are they for letting air in or sucking air out? I assume placing them perpendicular to the airflow causes some magic to slow the air down so that it doesn't rush into the compartment at a gazillion miles per hour. I wouldn't have thought you'd want to be directly sucking in the the less than fragrant fumes from the engine. As far as I know they act as extractors when external air flows across them- ie as in when on the move. Love your 3D prints , Shapeways really do have to look at their quality vs price model. They seem to be forgetting the competition.
  2. FWIW, I don't think epoxy reacts adversely with any plastics or paint- it solely works on mechanical grip and it is pretty well non shrink which is a good thing for delicate structures. Les
  3. Not sure but I'm told the 'torpedo vent' cones produce some sort of venturi effect which aids carriage interior airflow. Other designs such as the 'clamshell' sought a similar effect. les
  4. Hi Hendie On a serious point regarding resin, in the few years or so I have taken to exclusively using clear epoxy (Epolam 2017 in my case 'cos I can get it locally). It has plenty of pot life and gel time, can be used as a thin glue, for layups, for clear casting, for large shrink-freeish castings (I use carbon fibre reinforcements) and best of all, it is odourless and keeps me in my wifes reasonably good books. I've recently been casting from 2 year old part used bottles with no problems. I was put on to its merits by some of the static aircraft scratchbuilders. Les
  5. Not forgetting the US is the Spiritual Home of Pullman Les
  6. "Les, I'm based in the US so it's very unlikely that it will ever be seen at any of the shows" Wot?!!! No shows in the Land of Las Vegas?!!! Tweet Trump & he'll get it sorted. Les
  7. IIRC, the old Corgi/Playcraft Vapour Trails series was generally 1/200 and included both the Scimitar and DH110. Could serve as good starting points at the right price. Les
  8. Will the public ever see this tour de force in the 'flesh', perhaps one of next year's major shows? les
  9. Excellent finagling. I love the singleton seat- Billy No Mates? Les
  10. Could this 'panelling' be an anti slip application- grip paint, linoleum, grid plate, metal/wood strip or whatever?
  11. robgizlu Fusion 360 is a good system that has plenty of from basics on-line tutorials (eg YouTube) to get your head around how 3D drawing programmes work. It is also free to hobby users but not with 'all bells and whistles'. Les
  12. Just finished a a dry assemkbly/fettling session on my kit where the one major issue fit so far is the need to spread the fuselage keel to make a good fit to the wings- in my case approx 10thou at the front of the wing and 40thou at the rear leaving tapered gaps to be filled to nose and tail. Cockpit fit seems OK 'as is' . Hope this is of some help Les
  13. I have just received my example of the kit which has two additional rocker box covers (Part No 73) included loose in the bag. Les
  14. Actually I think ther are two differnet featured aircraft. The pre launch briefing surroundings (where the Queen Bee has obvius add-on wooden block exhausts) and the launch which is from a different setting and may well be a Sea Fox ( note the straight leading edges).
  15. Courtesy YouTube, the Queen Bee featured in The Battle of the River Plate is overall silver- the relevant scene starts at 52:22
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