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  1. Hi Loren I think your denatured alcohol is known in the UK as metelated spirits- once a favoured resort for extreme addicts. Les
  2. That was a stroke of luck as 4D have announced no further workshop orders for the duration. Les
  3. Were the vertical and horizontal 'strakes' (for want of a better term) some sort of guide rail for painters trestles?
  4. Regarding potential 'what ifs' and the scheduled refit, would the extensive round down have been levelled out at that time?
  5. Worth noting that German ships were likely to navigate rivers/canals and RN carriers also had a few tight spots to negotiate, eg Suez.
  6. Just out of interest what is the span of these weenie Swordfish models- around 40mm? Les
  7. Following this with amazed interest. Just a thought on the cabanes and- erm- jigs. Razor thin (eg JLC) saw cuts across the fuselage would allow insert of pe inclusive of the now missing cross sections. A similar method could be applied to the wings , slot fitted to the upper undersurface and aligning with the Merit dents on the lower. This assumes you are in contact with your local flea circus for appropriately skilled fitters.
  8. Just a comment from working on the CA and Dynavector hornet kits with the benefit of assistance from David Collins- the nacelles/spinners just don't look right and drawings by John Aero suggest the problem lies forward of the leading edge. Extending the front by 40 thou and beefing up the nacelle sides, belly and fore part of the top with a 30 thou skin with similar enlargement of the spinners makes for a significant improvement in appearance. As things stand there is not enough scale length for an engine and the spinners are simply too small. Again with reference to John Aero's drawings, when extending the fuselage the fins on both kits benefit from a bit of realignment (pitching forward) and minor reshaping. I'll post relevant photos if requested.
  9. This thread is brilliant! Herewith RC model Handley Page HP42 Maiden Flight
  10. Hi Can someone tell me the diameter and length of the Eduard spinner? It looks very close in shape to what I'm looking for in Sabre Fury (mildly modified Airfix Sea Fury) and Sea Hornet (mucho modified Classic Airframes) builds. Thanks les
  11. You have prompted me to check my file notes (I was drawing up for a potential 1/48 scratch build which was the only reason I bothered measuring the kit) and the span was short by 4.5mm, the length by 5mm. I think I probably had an extreme case of shrinkage (ie overcooked resin) but was lucky in that the same percentage of reduction applied to all major parts- ie they still fitted together. Given your measurements, I doubt my bits would have fitted your bits without a lot of work.
  12. When I say undersized, by recollection (I no longer have thge model) it was someting in excess of 1/4 inch in the major dimensions and managed to put me off having things cast in resin to this day- probably quite undeservedly.
  13. Regarding the SBS kits, the Comet racer I have seems to be rather undersized against published dimensions for the 88 - something I put down to some rather substantial resin shrinkage. It still made for a very nice model- just not 1/72. How does the KP offering compare?
  14. "The grills are the filtered air intakes and are not present of the Sabre engined aircraft as it has an entirely different layout to its induction system" I was hoping it would be something like that- it will make blending the new nose and wing intakes a lot easier. Thanks for all replies les
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