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  1. the tamiya 1/48th stuff seems to come and go without any real pattern. i managed to get a few of the gmc's from ebay a few years ago when they were abundant, you want to get a tanker version if you can, you could try the solido 1/50th models, too close to worry about in scale they do a lot of ww2 us vehicles suitable. plenty on ebay ans some are quite cheap.
  2. the only late m4a1 75mm used by the british in nwe seems to be a dd, although most were earlier ones. there are pics of a few of them in normandy. no calliope were used by the british.
  3. s&s models make quite a few, not in the same class as a plastic kit but lots to choose from,
  4. that is one thing against 1/35th scale, at least in 1/72 you can get quite a few cold war gb models, although mostly gaming models which can always be improved on with stowage ect.
  5. https://sandsmodels.com/product/bedfrod-tm-4x4-open/
  6. sandsmodels


    side of turret maybe
  7. s&s models do still make a gaming model of the abott and almosty all cold war gb vehicles. https://sandsmodels.com/product/abott-105mm-sp-gun/
  8. great pics, lots of nice trucks
  9. sandsmodels

    What is this?

    yes i second that, very simmialr to a leopard hull i believe
  10. as far as i can tell the morris tractor was not that common as a gun tractor for the 17pdr, the para's had 2 at arnhem and they were all converted 2pdr tractors. matchbox did make an odd choice for it. not many pics of them about towing 17pdrs, most were crusaders, half tracks, albin ft15n, morris quads or in italy, gmc 6x6's. please let me know if you know of any non para pics towing a 17pdr. tia.
  11. what scale did you want the guns in as there is a metal 1/72 model of the oto 105mm pack howitzer.
  12. yes indeed, someone may have the moulds but do not neccasarily have the production rights.
  13. i have the gran models sa2, not easy to assemble and in 1/72, the truck however is available from trumpeter, but a gs version. it would not take much to convert it into a 5th wheel tractor though. i recently saw a complete unmade model for £30! i doubt i would get one unless it was cheap enough
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