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  1. great please let us see the results once finnished.
  2. hi scoopey yes our bridge is a solid resin casting due to cost and casting ability. the mmp book is worth getting however. you should be able to use some of our metal bits for the conversion but they have been simplified for gamers and ease of assembly. thanks shaun s&s models.
  3. hi if you dont want the tracks i could sell you just the hull, turret & gun thanks shaun
  4. fair enough, you pay your money and you take your choice. they are wargamimg models after all thanks shaun
  5. https://sandsmodels.com/product/abott-105mm-sp-gun/
  6. s&s models have made a resin zsu/23/4 aa tank for about 25 years a simple but effective model. https://sandsmodels.com/product/zsu234-aa-tank/
  7. one of the pics i saw in computer form showed the firefly with a hull mg? not good for a new model if it that wrong.
  8. https://sandsmodels.com/product/cold-war-gb-tank-crew/
  9. same chassis as the 2s3 152mm sp gun
  10. i believe it is some sort of camera/sensor for recce use.
  11. sandsmodels.com do one but it is being remoulded at present thanks shaun
  12. plenty of these vehicles available in resin from various makers. not as easy to work as plastic but you would be surprissed what is out there in the gaming market. with a little work can be made into really nice models.
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