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  1. ckw

    What's your avatar?

    I dislike online anonymity so mine is one of the few pics of me that I like reminding me of happy days as a photographer for yachting magazines. The name - simply my initials Cheers Colin
  2. I guess the key word is need. With enamels, no, they adhere better than acrylics on plastic. In my earlier years as a modeller, I never primed. Since returning to the hobby and dabbling with acrylics, I started using primer and the benefits with regard to surface preparation have sold me on using it all the time even though I have reverted to enamels for the most part. I too favour Mr Surfacer 1200, Cheers Colin
  3. I guess a aircraft rivet head is between 1 - 1.5cm 0.8mm scales out at 5.6 cm. 5 times the size. Of course modelling is all about impression - scale accuracy across the board is not always possible in polystyrene, esp. in 1/72 (think how thin the walls of the fuselage would need to be). But my personal opinion is these would look too large, Cheers Colin
  4. For UK members wary of 'foreign' purchases at the moment, I see Hannants is stocking the 3d decals, but unfortunately not the canopies (yet) Very tempted by the set for the PE-8 I have in my stash Cheers Colin
  5. ckw

    Scribing tool

    Yes I have these - very easy to crease them and render them useless! To be honest, unless you are lucky enough to match the radius of the curve, you probably need a guide anyway. I do use then for tasks like separating control surfaces as they make an extremely fine cut. Dynamo tape is a PITA, but it gets better with practice. I tend to slice the tape into thin strips - much easier to get it to conform to curves - even compound curves. Like many modelling tasks, what seems at first to be difficult/onerous it becomes routine with practice. I found that once I was comfortable wi
  6. That can be an issue, and I think there are two ways of dealing with it. First one is to make problem areas more visible. You can colour the filler and surrounding area with a sharpie marker. As you sand and low points will become very obvious and you can add a little filler (or sand a bit more) as required. The 2nd way (which could follow the first) is to use a primer coat. Some like Mr Surfacer, have different 'weights' and can work as micro fillers for small imperfections. The uniform coats also makes it easier to see imperfections. Cheers Colin
  7. Of course many companies/individuals don't build their own sites - they pay someone to do it for them as a one off. So for them the need to rebuild pretty much from scratch has probably come as an unexpected & expensive shock. One would hope people will learn a valuable lesson from this. Cheers Colin
  8. In most cases yes - though IF an EU 'representative' is required the costs could be higher as well. The key point is small businesses across the board are suffering -or will be. There doesn't seem to be an upside to any of this. Ironically, one solution will be to sell via Amazon (or the like) for which there is as yet no means for any government to tax fairly. Cheers Colin
  9. Anything I've read has said 'may' or 'will probably' need a representative ... I don't think that has been finalised yet. Cheers Colin
  10. Funnily enough, that was my plan too - I ordered the acrylic shelves and was going to leave the rest til later. But once the shelves arrived, couldn't wait to get on with it. BTW it took about 10 days from start to finish, though that wasn't working all day. In a push I could probably build one now in 3 -4 days Cheers Colin
  11. You do realize that once the info is gathered, necessary parts collected and construction begun, Airfix will release a Lerwick ... so please hurry up with this one Cheers Colin
  12. Me too - for things like this I find a hard copy reference quicker and easier than online. It is surprising how much Flash is still out there (Adobe said it was going 3 years ago). My wife was trying to do some online training for work the other night - all written in Flash (of course this was government endorsed material :)) Cheers, Colin
  13. Remains to be seen. Are sales for individuals in the UK going to be worthwhile for small operations to go through all the admin tape? Remains to be seen, Of course come July, UK businesses will need to do the same thing - they will have to register for VAT in an EU country to sell items under 150 euros to EU customers. Looks like a lose-lose situation for customers and small businesses either side of the Channel (or Irish Sea). Not sure what special rules apply to Northern Ireland ... possibly some wriggle room there. Cheers Colin
  14. Yes, these are very useful but I think its only fair to point out that I am now on my 2nd pair, and once again, one of the arms has broken (patched it up with some epoxy). Lenses and usability are great, but the plastic used to make the frames seems a bit suspect. I use mine pretty much daily, and each pair has lasted just over a year. At the price, I'm really fairly content to treat these as a consumable item. Cheers Colin
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