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  1. Don't have a Pinterest account so can't really see, but generally orange peel is a result of too heavy a coat. Multiple very light sprays are better than a heavy spray. A matt coat won't remove orange peel, but it will remove the shine. You might try a very gently sanding with 3000 grade paper, but of course there will be a risk of damaging the underlying paint. The correct Pledge is 'Revive It' Cheers Colin
  2. I can't say I've found the .15 to be finicky - but I only use enamels and occasionally Tamiya & Mr Hobby acrylics. But I have heard it can be a bit of a pain with water based acrylics (Vallejo and the like). If you can afford it, having 2 airbrushes with different needles is very convenient rather than having to swap needles all the time. It also gives you a bit of redundancy should one of them act up and requires repair. Cheers Colin
  3. I have both the Infinity and Ultra - though either I paid too much for the Ultra, or got a bargain on the infinity as the price difference was not that much ... But anyway, as I see it airbrushing is all about control. I can get similar results with both brushes (.15 and 0.2 needles) paint thinning and air pressure seemingly more important than nozzle diameter. The infinity scores for me with a better nozzle guard design for close work and the limiter, which unlike Ray, I find extremely useful for getting consistent results when, for example, spraying mottle camouflage. The infinity also sits in my hand more comfortably and has more heft - again contributing to control. That said either one can produce great results and the biggest factor of all would be which ever one you practice most with Cheers Colin
  4. I have thought about that - but then wondered if that could actually damage hearing (temporarily or permanently). If so could you be done for assault? Cheers Colin
  5. Yup, that's the one. I use the procedure you suggest, and have had no problems with enamel or Tamiya/Mr Hobby acrylics. Not tried lacquers. Cheers. Colin
  6. The one you want is called "Revive It floor gloss" I have never seen a bottle looking like the one posted by the OP, nor is there anything like it on the SC Johnson website. Given the brilliant typo, could it be people are actually producing fake versions of Klear? I find it hard to believe that a multi-national company of this size would let such a typo slip through what must be multiple layers of marketing people. Cheers Colin
  7. ckw

    Enamel / Acrylic

    Very informative - but I recall with fondness the days when you said "paint" and everyone knew what you were talking about Cheers Colin
  8. Hilarious - they seem to have turned the fan up half way through the video - maybe they were trying to get the props to spin? Towards the end she moves to gritted teeth mode ... "look, I know you said I'd be modelling a Whirlwind, but ,,,," Cheers Colin
  9. Yes - but the context of this thread is whether social media is appropriate for business, not social media in general. Some traders want to make it compulsory in order to do business with them. Cheers Colin
  10. But these are just hosts - you can move hosts if you don't like the one you have and redirect email. If you know how, you can write your own independent email server, and it will work with every other email server. In theory I guess you could write your own social media platform - that's what Zuckerberg did -, but it won't be part of Facebook, Twitter or whatever. Cheers Colin
  11. These are real issues, but one advantage email has over social media is stability and the fact that you can retain a virtual paper trail. Yes, spam is a problem, but people can at least check their spam folders. A problem with social media is that accounts can disappear without a trace in an instant (unless you've taken measures to record everything). Not everyone uses a particular flavour of social media ... I can recall when "everyone" was on MySpace People are leaving Facebook in droves, Instagram is on the up. WhatsApp recently lost thousands, if not tens of thousands due to changes to T&C. And none of the systems are scam proof. Facebook themselves think 16% of accounts are fake or duplicate - and that's after removing 5.4 BILIION fake accounts in 2019 and a further 4.5 billion in the first 9 months of 2020. Phone numbers in WhatsApp or indeed VOIP calls have no more authority than email addresses - they can easily be faked. One of the big issues I have with all social media is that it is owned by individuals, with little accountability or oversight - from a business point of view I would find that very concerning - Zuckerberg or whoever could remove my account on a whim. Email and web on the other hand are not platforms, simply protocols and in this sense they are more like the phone network. Cheers Colin
  12. I've been looking at these for a while, but I'm not sure what I actually need for cutting out basic masks - the Cameo 4 is quite a bit more expensive than some others in the range. I'd be interested why you went for this model if you don't mind sharing Cheers Colin
  13. In my experience acrylics are significantly more fragile than enamels, even with a primer (I use Mr Surfacer). IMHO acrylics need a topcoat for protection as well as final finish. This is one of the reasons that after some serious effort to switch to acrylic I've mostly gone back to enamel paints (though I still so use them for some things where fast drying is a plus and fragility is not an issue - eg. cockpit interiors). Cheers Colin
  14. There's an aphorism Perfect is the enemy of good which I think is particularly applicable to modelling. I think many of us have a tendency to over-reach ourselves, and then get discouraged by what appear to be glaring flaws and oversights (usually invisible to anyone else). In some ways, sites like this don't help as they show levels of craftsmanship we think are beyond us. I don't have any solutions unfortunately, but I think it helps to accept that very few people are ever fully satisfied with their work, and in fact, if it were possible to knock out a perfect model every time, the hobby would soon lose its attraction. I think it is the challenge that keeps us motivated. Cheers Colin
  15. Not sure why you had the problem as you don't say what paint and what surface prep if any. That aside, I usually mask wheel wells by lining the edge with Tamiya tape (forming a well with the stick side out). I use a toothpick to ensure good adhesion to the edge. It is usually easier to use multiple small pieces than try and do the whole wheel perimeter with one strip. Once you have made your well, fill it with the material of your choice. I favour the sort of foam used to stuff animals, as squeezing this into the well forces the tape against the sides of the well. You may well find that for some recesses you can dispense with the tape and just use the foam, but it is harder to get a clean edge. Cheers Colin
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