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  1. Depending on the depth and nature of the scribing, the klear coat may be your problem. Unless applied very thinly this can fill the lines to some degree and round the edges meaning that the wash won't stay in the lines when you wipe. Try your technique on a test piece without Klear coating. I realise you may be trying to protect the underlying paint from the wash - to that end I usually use a watercolour wash, then Klear (sprayed) afterwards to seal it. Cheers Colin
  2. For what its worth I've worked in one form or another in online user support for 30+ years. If people need help, they will click on the first thing that says "Help" regardless of any caveats, underlining, colors etc. etc. All the see is the word "Help". The other thing I've learned is "punters don't scroll" they will only look at the options on the screen in front of them, and if they see anything that remotely fits their needs, they'll click on it. With that in mind, I think what I would do is remove the phrase "help and support". I also note that many of the help requ
  3. I think Johnson's changed the Klear formulation making it unsuitable for our uses, but then re-released the original formulation under another name. In the UK the correct stuff is "Pledge Revive-it", which dries within 10 - 15 minutes (though I tend to let it harden for a bit longer) Yes this is a risk as it has a tendancy to pool if applied too heavily. Thinning with IPA can help avoid this, but I prefer airbrushing to ensure the thinnest possible coat. I think many would say you should use a varnish designed for the purpose anyway. But in my experience, Klear seems
  4. Don't disagree with any of the above, but I do airbrush it thinned 50/50 with IPA and the cleaned with the cellulose thinner I use for all cleaning, Cheers Colin
  5. ckw

    Covid Jab

    I think this is because many volunteers are or will shortly be returning to their normal work ... looking ahead there may be fewer sites, or there will be uncertainty as to which sites will be staffed. Cheers Colin
  6. So really I'm a vinyl guy, but I do have a collection of some 800 CDs which I have ripped and stored on a drive connected to a cheap IOTA tablet, which in turn is connected to my hi fi. Sound quality is not bad (I can listen to it) but am thinking of buying a DAC in the £100 range with the hope of improving the sound quality. I'm also looking ahead to the summer/fall when Spotify will be starting CD quality streaming. Just wondering if any of our members have experience with DACs. At the moment my short list includes Topping D10s SMSL M100 mk2 iFi Zen
  7. Well I was in Hobbycraft today (finally able to buy some paint!) and noticed that they have completely discontinued Airfix kits (btw any remainders are at clearance prices) and replaced them with a greatly increased range of Revell kits. Doesn't seem likely that such a big retailer would do this if Revell were planning to stop production. Cheers Colin
  8. The inflation calculator https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1633409/Historic-inflation-calculator-value-money-changed-1900.html says it should be £2.75. Of course that's not quite fair as petroleum based products would have been hit much harder than average during the period. Cheers Colin
  9. Less than I expected. This is a big kit. Cheers Colin
  10. Is it? As a fairly recent returnee it seems to be thriving compared to the state of things 20 or so years ago Cheers Colin
  11. Just file that away for future reference next time eye browse are raised regarding one of your 'essential' purchases ("but it was less than the price of a pair of knickers") Cheers Colin
  12. Were you using an oil or acrylic based clear? Clear may not be a problem except with regard to getting a uniform finish, but I presume this coating would also resist the application of weathering materials which may be a big issue for some - nothing looks odder than a well weathered aircraft with bright clean markings! I'm sure these new decals will have their uses, but perhaps not as a complete replacement for traditional decals Cheers Colin
  13. I gave up modelling some 25 - 30 years ago, and pretty well left everything in the corner of the loft as it was - unmade, part made etc. Then a 3 years ago I decided (can't remember why) to start up again. I hadn't really seen my stash for many years and it was great fun getting reacquainted and finishing a few of the old kits. It was also nice that I had most of the modelling tools and a surprising number of viable paints which meant restarting didn't mean an enormous outlay on tools and materials ... at least until I was sure I was well and truly hooked again. Cheers
  14. ckw

    Masking over decals

    I'd play safe and go with parafilm. Regardless of what you coat it with, the adhesion of the decal will still be the weak point. Cheers Colin
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