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  1. If using Krystal Klear, I don't worry about it ... I just treat them as a mask then after painting cut them out and put in fresh KK Cheers Colin
  2. Depends how you look at it. Lots of people could afford a relatively inexpensive Ultra as a 'starter', then when time comes to upgrade, there's a good chance they'll stick with a brand they know. Of course if problems with the Ultra are common, then this plan won't work. But I'm not aware that's the case (or anymore than other airbrushes). My Ultra worked fine from the outset, and still does - though now relegated to final coats (Future/varnish) with the ,4 needle. cheers Colin
  3. Not necessarily - it seems to vary. Both my wife and I applied for passports at the same time prior to a visit to London's West End. Mine was good for 30 days. Hers was good for just 2! We're both double vaxed, and she has the booster shot to boot. Not that it really matters as its easily renewed, but odd nonetheless Cheers Colin
  4. Last week I went to the theatre in London, and Covid passports were mandatory, as they were for an event my son attended in Portsmouth. Whether this was the venue's own choice or government mandated, I have no idea. If you have a smart phone getting a passport is easy. If not, you can get a print version, but obviously it requires more time. Cheers Colin
  5. 100% agree. Years ago I ditched Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest and I don't feel I've missed out on anything. If something is worth knowing it will appear in one of the proper news channels. Everything else is just noise. I do keep WhatsApp (yes, I know its owned by facebook) simply 'cause it's my kids' preferred method of communication. At the start I thought social media had great potential, but its descended to the lowest common denominator in its user base and become thoroughly monetised. Cheers Colin
  6. Yeah - we've got this going on at Southampton right now as a runway extension is being planned. As I figure it, the price they bought the house for would have factored in its proximity to the flight path. Seems a bit like having your cake and eating it. The irony is that the extension would allow cleaner and quieter jets to operate. Cheers Colin
  7. I think this is the problem - fine work with an airbrush, any airbrush, takes a LOT of practice. I had similar frustrations getting consistent results with soft edges, mottling etc. (I use a H&S brushes), but got there in the end. Changing airbrushes is unlikely to be the quick fix - the same balancing act between paint/pressure/distance will apply. By changing airbrushes you will also be adding the new brush characteristics to the variables. An Iwata brush MAY be better for you in the long run but it will still need the practice - think 'dozens of times' rather than 'several times' Unless your brush is defective (or perhaps in need of a really good clean) this should not be a problem. The issue will be with the thinning of the paint or pressure - a new brush will not solve this. As to preset handles ... I don't think you need one, but I use mine as a sort of safety feature ... nothing worse than to have sprayed a fine mottle only to spoil it with a finger slip in the final stage! Cheers Colin
  8. What happened to the crew member wearing the red shirt? Cheers Colin
  9. Father Ted is a documentary. BTW does anyone remember a French series (early - mid seventies) about the pilots of a Mirage squadron. Badly dubbed into English. I can't remember the details, but I do remember running home from school to catch it. It had planes in it!! Cheers Colin
  10. I did that a few years back - Green Flag came to my assistance but I was rather disconcerted how easily he was able to gain access to an - at the time - new car with nothing more than a strip of metal. I though modern cars were more secure than that! Cheers Colin
  11. Maybe he's training the dog? I know when the kids were young we always made a point of pressing the pedestrian light even on empty roads to indoctrinate them. No one moved until I or my wife called out "Green man!" Cheers Colin
  12. I think the key issue is controlling the weathering effect. Assuming you're applying to an acrylic base coat, then it is possible to moderate the oil application (e.g wipe off excess) using white spirit or similar without affecting the acyclic base coat. Off course if you use enamel paints, this doesn't work. This is my situation so I use watercolours. The point is to avoid the weathering to affect the colour coats. Well model supplies do make money out of packaging up tiny amounts of "weathering materials" and selling high prices. But I doubt home made brick dust would work - it would contain hard, sharp particles which will simply abrade the underlying paint work. That said may weathering materials could be replicate with your own blend of charcoals or pastels available much more cheaply. Cheers Colin
  13. I think that might be from Meccano Aero Constructor set no. 0 dating from around the mid 30s. Value? Well a complete set in original box in good nick would be around £500. Cheers Colin
  14. On a Sunday?! You're lucky to have a train at all! Cheers Colin
  15. I bet it was because of health and safety - anyone who cut themselves might sue the authorities on some pretext or other Cheers Colin
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