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  1. The KP decals seem to be working - I remember this being a big problem with both the old Heller and Italeri versions. In fact for my Italeri float plane version I ended up masking and painting them as not only would the Italeri decals not conform, they actually fell off when dry! Cheers Colin
  2. Lighting is the most important (and often overlooked) part of any sort of studio photography. Anyone planning to do this on a regular basis should consider some form of studio lighting. You can get a kit with strobes, stands reflectors for under £200 (and you may well find for much less used), though these days some prefer continuous LED light panels. Either way, what you get is strong, colour corrected light of a set level allowing you to easily produce consistent results. For the small set ups modellers typically use, big powerful pro lights aren't necessary (I use mine at about 1/8th of the
  3. ckw

    Recommended SatNav

    As Waze is partly user driven (both to monitor movement and collect user reports), it stands to reason that user density would impact on the quality of service. Cheers Colin
  4. ckw

    Recommended SatNav

    I'm a big fan of Waze - though I thought it required a Spotify subscription. The info it provides is current and detailed (e.g. hidden police car, pothole in road). My car has a built in Satnav, so for fun I sometimes run both - invariably Waze updates the route for traffic etc. more often and quickly than the satnav. One feature I really like is that if you do get stuck in traffic, Waze will tell you how long you can expect to sit there. It makes a huge difference to your stress levels when you know how long the queue is (and usually why). Cheers Colin
  5. This can be a problem with metal finishes. Where possible I apply the metal finish after painting everything else. and so avoid the problem, but if I have no option I've found Parafilm M to be a safe masking medium over metal (though I not tried it with Vallejo) Cheers Colin
  6. It would depend what the decals are like - some are much more forgiving (allow some movement, don't fall to pieces) than others. Unless I was confident on the decal quality (and possibly anyway) I would paint the white base them mask and paint the red stripes. This might be more time consuming, but less stressful as you can really take your time to get the masking spot on Cheers Colin
  7. As it happens I was just giving my work area a bit of a tidy - yes, I'm a very messy worker (one reason why I'm not keen in doing a WIP!) I do have a place for everything, but things tend to not end up back in their place, but remain on the workbench. One element of discipline I have recently introduced - I do not allow myself to start a new kit until I have done a thorough clean up! cheers, colin
  8. I suspect this is largely aimed at Amazon and eBay as many small non-UK business sell through this route. These large market places are certainly able to handle the admin, and relatively easy to monitor and prosecute as required - there is also a huge potential return for HMRC However I don't see how this could effectively be applied to small independent websites. How will they even know about it? Or be expected to understand and correctly apply UK VAT laws? How could it possibly be enforced - surely for small relatively low turnover sites (perhaps selling a bit of etched brass) th
  9. I'm inclined to agree in general, though I do think full matt has a place if you are trying to emphasis a contrast or represent a material (e.g. some textiles). By the same token I don't think hi-gloss representations of gloss subjects look right - on models they look too glossy. I suspect has something to do with the small size and reflections, but whatever the reason I like to tone down my gloss finishes with a drop of flat base. Cheers Colin
  10. If it is indeed the Dragon kit, I'd avoid - I've got one sitting on my shelf of doom. I'm not saying it's a bad kit - I just ran out of filler and the will to live. I'm letting it rot in the fervent hope that Tamiya will release a P-38 in 1/72nd. Cheers Colin
  11. Initially I was getting a 403 error, now I'm seeing a hosting company info page. I would guess the site is in the process of moving hosts Cheers Colin
  12. Yes I use AC Models - odd place 90% Revell & Airfix, but I found an Aoshima Ta 152 there a few months back ... and the only shop I've seen selling Pegasus kits. But my comment was not so much about where to find stuff as the strange distribution. Maybe its balanced out by a cluster of shops for some other pastime in Southampton (insert joke of choice here). Cheers Colin
  13. The distribution of model shops is weird ... here in Southampton (pop. 250K) we have exactly 0 dedicated shops, and haven't had for at least 5 years or more. Yet 20min. down the road in Portsmouth (pop 238K) I know of 3 good, dedicated shops - and I think there may be another 1 or 2 for RC models. Whether all 3 will survive covid is as yet unknown. Cheers Colin
  14. Very hard for a dedicated modelshop to survive now ... and I suspect we've brought it on ourselves. Every modelling item you buy online is another nail in the model shop coffin - of course this applies to pretty much any specialist store these days. Don't dismiss the non-specialist shops. If we don't use them, they'll stop stocking and then where will we be when we run out of something on a Saturday afternoon? Cheers Colin
  15. Seems to me since the wife suggested model making, she has to put up with the consequences Cheers Colin
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