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  1. For masking delicate finishes I've found Parafilm to be the safest option Cheers Colin
  2. ckw

    Hole Punch

    I got a set off Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0852VVKRY down to .5mm Not sure what you want it for, but it works for me to punch circles from masking tape. Cheers Colin
  3. The only way I've found of doing this is to use a very fine scribing saw (and that isn't fool proof). For that reason I now prefer to user either 'gloop' composed from sprue and Tamiya extra thin cement or a superglue & talc paste as a filler where rescribing is required. BTW - not all superglues are the same when making a paste. The cheapo 5 for a pound tubes seem to dry up the moment they sense the talc. Gorrilla superglue works quite well, though working time is still very short. Cheers Colin
  4. Me too ... but no reason to feel bad about it. I enjoy looking at other's builds but the 'marketplace' is my incentive to go - often looking for specific out of production kits. With the demise of many hobby shops, I imagine this will be an ever increasing reason to attend. As for entrance fees, given I'm saving on P&P and hope to pick up some bargains, this seems fair. Certainly £10 is fine with me. Perhaps 'admission' should be charged at point of exit, at say 5% - 10% of your purchases . Maybe in a few years with advances in cashless operation this might be practical to do. Cheers Colin I
  5. ckw

    Creating a photo book

    As far as I recall Photobox lets you do pretty well anything you want. If you can't do it in the online book creation tool, there is a more powerful downloadable app which gives you complete creative control. Whichever way you service you choose, you could always add the captions onto the images you're going to add to the photobook Cheers Colin
  6. ckw

    Creating a photo book

    I've used photobox (https://www.photobox.co.uk/) for prints, posters, books etc. for many years and never had any problems. At the moment they are doing a 1/2 price sale on books (till May 16th). You create the book online through their system and will need to upload the images to the photobox site - but it is quick and simple. Cheers Colin
  7. Just tried this myself, and found it next to impossible to scratch off! I wonder if you are spraying too dry a coat? I lay down a wet coat which seems to work well - if you're a little heavy with the coat it doesn't seem to matter as it dries off just fine. As to removing it, levelling thinner works well and doesn't harm the plastic (including transparent parts). Cheers Colin
  8. I like to have at least two on the go a this way I'm less tempted to rush on with model X when I should wait a bit longer for paint to dry. Having model Y to hand means I usually have something else to be working on. In practice, this often leads to me starting model Z as it often turns out that X and Y are both drying at the same time! I'm comfortable with 3 models 'in progress'. More than that gets confusing, so sometimes they are put in a pending pile - these may or may not end up on the shelf of doom! Cheers Colin
  9. ckw

    multiple layers

    Then why is it possible (though not recommended!) to strip enamel paint off a model using white spirit? Cheers Colin
  10. Please tell us you're at least 250 years old! Cheers Colin
  11. ckw

    multiple layers

    I have done this when attempting a tricky free hand mottle camouflage, working with enamels. 1- paint base coat 2- spray coat of future/klear 3 - first mottle colour 4- spray future/klear 5 - 2nd mottle colour 7 - spray final matt varnish coat Future/klear is acrylic, so fairly impervious to white spirit. By protecting each enamel coat with an acrylic layer, I have the option to wipe off any mistakes with a tissue dampened in white spirit without disturbing the underlying layers (and there were many mistakes!) Tedious? Yes, but less so than having to strip everything back to bare plastic after making a mistake on the final layer! This would not work though if you were using lacquer or alcohol based acrylics (e.g Tamiya), for colour as the cleaning solvent would eat through the protective layer. It might work with water based acrylics (e.g. Vallejo), but I'm not sure how much time you have to remove the paint with water. Cheers Colin
  12. Maybe the new Humbrol formula could include something that would cause me to grow a third arm Cheers Colin
  13. We still comply with some legislation pending producing our own versions - though in many cases it will be practical to keep the same standards so we can sell into Europe. Brexit didn't mean we tore up all the existing rules (as in many cases we didn't have anything to replace them with). I'll stop there to avoid a slap on the wrist! Cheers Colin
  14. I got a huge slab of foam from Hobbycraft - used for stuffing teddy bears and the like. Alternatively loo paper slightly dampened works pretty well - but it gets surprisingly hard when dry, so you'll probably need to re-moisten before removing Cheers Colin
  15. I suspect the various seals aren't perfect, and there is always going to be a certain amount of leakage. I have often forgotten to turn mine off after a session, but it kindly reminds me a few minutes later by roaring back into life. Been like that from new, though I have noticed that the dormant period has been getting shorter over the years. Cheers Colin
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