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  1. Spruecutter....judging by going in to a certain German owned supermarket the other day we are all doomed people dont seem to care now .....i was the only one wearing a face mask ...pure leftover from working in the smoke last week ...
  2. Hmm I see what what you mean but ive taken 3 year olds no problem ....its just that you have to adjust your expectations of what you can see and do ....sometimes you cant see and do everything and entertain your wards .Frankly I find your opinion a bit limited but hey you can do that
  3. Hmm quite intersting ...thanks ...thinks maybe O should write a book tales of an Naval Avionics technician or then again maybe not
  4. Very true and yes Richard Ward was the artist but it was Mikes shop....think he had the patience of a saint used to go and spend hours in there and not spend a lot lol. Its funny never found a shop like it till i found the model shop in Frome ...aladins cave again and a bonus its in the peoples republic of Frome ..an enclave in sunny Somerset
  5. Nice to see a Brazilian....they are being upgraded atm at Leonardo Helos (Westlands)
  6. One of the best ive seen ...that conk looks a bit out though....but my memory fails me I will have to take a look at VL's gate guardian which isnt looking to great atm sadly....MAOT have nicked a sidewinder....like nobody would notice
  7. Im sure the late Mike Silk ( I think it was silk) probably didnt plan that his excellent decals would still be in circulation today....ive got a folder full....it came over a bit mean CT im sure you didnt mean to. Excellent jags by the way Ive got the Italrei one in my stash
  8. I like the chocks good fine detail Sea King not bad either
  9. What do you mean by that? are you saying families shouldnt come ....seems very short sighted if you do
  10. Ex draken Hope that didnt sound to rude it wasnt meant to be ....i note you liked it so.....er anyway as i said apologises
  11. Hmm didnt think the original was that bad pretty good i thought...looked plausible to me
  12. Ooh avionics for a start the D model uses the equivalent of a 486 computer so fairly old ...Engine upgrade and who knows what the grubbers have been up to? gotta love an Apache ....but notvas much as a king
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