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  1. I bet the J Arthur Ranks (a term of endesrment) were trying to screw the Germans over...Enter the mighty Merlin? ? You can bet Airbus helicopters are planning something for the future...not sure how the french like us helping out with Heavy lift in Mali
  2. I wouldnt worry about the u/c lazy plane captain forgot to top up the liquid spring (ox16)in the nose leg.looks mighty fine to me
  3. Of course the scrap yard if they were can could flog bits of Hermes on a chunk of wood for a jolly good profit if they could get the interest
  4. Hmm it's all a bit warlike all this talk suppose having attended a few bun fights in a flower power suit it all becomes a bit meh....not that I didnt get some sort of thrill out of it....but life before Gulf war 1 with far east trips and a girl in every port etc seems safer to me Oh and I want to drink my body weight in a good Melbec ...Tis Argentine you know
  5. Exactly unlikely....which is very fortunate for all concened
  6. Your painting skills far outweigh you photographic skills BZ ratch
  7. Really ? Its unlikely anyway but im pretty sure the USMC isnt particularly interested....plus i dont think the mob is interested in any high sea adventures ...count the number of ships that went down south then count how many we have now.Stil im sure you mean well I
  8. Problem with gash barges and like chewy Ive done a few is that they corrode and once it sets in its a "dockyard job "to keep up with it .I assume (never check) that BELFAST is being supported by corporate money from the city...doubtless its costly so an aircraft carrier is crazy money. Its bad enough keeping the RN at sea let alone a ship that left the RN in the 80s ....memories for those that served and as for educating the public well the list is quite extensive....BELFAST,CAVALIER, CAROLINE ,ALLIANCE, VICTORY etc....how many do you need .....you could always bring back DNR canal fleet ala 1970s
  9. Not true Purple Warrior 1987 14 Shars and 6/7 GR3s from 4 squadron on board Ark ....I counted them plus 2 pingers from 826 ...TRUE
  10. Thats it you are on a list now people are watching you
  11. Most stuff is Boeing lets face it ...Poseidon, wagtail (like wedge),C17,Apache,Chinook then there is LM ....Hercules ,Merlin (mission system) and em F35. We the people have let this happen I guess Wildcat is British....well sort of with American engines ...lights touchpaper and legs it.
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