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  1. Good stuff what's your connection to the Wildcat? Dont forget that stupid cb board on the forward bulkhead...front face.. stooopid Leonardo (helicopters not the premier division....electronics)
  2. 8000 ibs you'll be lucky....no chance Apologies I've succumbed to thread drift
  3. The biggest problem with the SHAR was that it was limited by its dimensions....you could get a pegasus 106*in the hole but that was it later incarnations of the donkey fitted to GRs and AV8B wouldnt fit .Oh yeah and it was a sixties airframe with 70/80 avionics and next to sod all in the form of sensors other than the active radar and couldnt carry a particularly useful load. For all its issues F35 is a different beast.
  4. Its all to do with transision from Jet borne to wing borne flight....and er SHAR has had its day although Id wager Blue vixen could still compete....but technology moves on
  5. Think John has the measure of it...obviously a R4 Today listener as for banter....gotta fill the day somehow.....I will be playing with WEs this week, the look on their faces when they work out im an ex WAFU is priceless
  6. Hermes would not have been able to take Gannets no catapults or arrestor gear.....all removed when it became an ASW/Helicopter carrier.....then eventually the ramp fitted for SHAR. As for the present 820 and eventually 814 operate ASACs as a role fit option....a subject I shall steer away from very quickly. ASaCS Air surveillance and control system
  7. Blimey you lot better start a bow tie event thats not a fabric bow tie, for those who dont know check an all knowing electrical device
  8. Like Pete says in the FAA white ovies for ViPs however AEO and SMRs still wear white. Otherwise blue overalls on board ....and maybe green or stone coloured ashore depending on theatre....to be honest unless it was uber dirty usually combats ....at least on Junglie squadrons
  9. Polish 101....looking fab in drab....two tone greys
  10. Whats the story behind its colour any idea. BZ btw
  11. No you are right its a weak method of attachment ....
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