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  1. junglierating

    Penguin training- Norwegian F-16B

    Gotta say the ones with the blue filter do look very real. From all my time at Bardufoss....you have captured the short winter daylight spot on
  2. junglierating

    Tornado OSD....

    That said it has gone very quiet....yes they are going but who knows short extension....I know the Typhoons are now qualified but it ain't a bomb truck lol. Perhaps with all this B word stuff going on they have forgotten
  3. junglierating

    Tornado OSD....

  4. Ah the good old days before mobile....Portishead radio portishead radio,this is warship ark royal warship ark royal....and likely all the ROs listening in ....perks I guess
  5. junglierating

    1/72 Airfix Sea King HC.4

    Excellent and you seem to have got the 848nas second line RWR and MAWS sensors combination correct.Well done mate
  6. junglierating

    Vietnam Combat-SAR SH-3A

    Hmm looking forward to seeing what you might do Giorgio
  7. junglierating

    RN F-35B Frenzy - FLY NAVY

    I beg your pardon tony
  8. junglierating

    Sea King Mk.43 - Airfix 1:72

    Gotta love a Noggy Sea King ....top marks
  9. junglierating

    Airfix SAM-2 reissue

    Id be interested
  10. junglierating

    Flying a council house from the upstairs loo

    How very dare you
  11. junglierating

    XT761 Wessex

    http://www.historichelicopters.com Take a look at the link XT761 ground running first time in 32 years. Fab stuff....not a sea king but close
  12. junglierating

    Matchbox Phantom F4K

    Excellent work BZ to you sir
  13. junglierating

    EE Lightning F.2A (Airfix 1:72)

    Lovely idea but buying the hardware is the cheap bit.....keeping them in service is expensive plus where do you get the manpower....and the money to train. Love composition nigel ....how did you do the intake ring....gloss black undercoat?