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  1. Nice ...I did a Sea Harrier cross deck on board its predecessor...ASTURIAS
  2. meh UK Rivet Joint (Sunseeker oe some such flouncy RAF name) older than me ..well the airframe is ...not sure about the airframe hours 😄
  3. Yep wasnt 100% but I knew someone like EXFAAFU would know ...being a filthy Kernow rating 🤢😃👍probably caused cracking in the lift frame 290 I think
  4. You are correct that Operationally they only carried two external stores this was mainly due to the stresses on the airframe by all accounts ....I'm not a pinger(see my title) so its kinda second hand information and I cant remember which were the 'good' EMRU stations ..fwd or aft. As for the Lynx v Sea King Carrier think they had the same EMRUs but different carrier ...ask me about ERU's (Fixed wing). Not alot of help but you are correct to ask....unless it was earlier in the Pingers career....which reminds me does the kit come with two sets of blades composite and metal and 5 and 6 bladed tail rotor assembly?
  5. Horses for courses....in my experience its good to keep your hand in all roles ( however little)else you have to start from strach all over again ..be it Close air support in austere environments or in more complex environments...or otherwise....look at ASW trailed off over the 20 years after the fall of the wall and suddenly with big floaty airfields its in again...who'd had thought there would be an underwater threat ..whether 30 Merlin Mk2 is enough to cover training,ASW,ASaC and down time for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is another subject ...see my point?
  6. Fabulous...maybe some matt varnish to finish...those roundels look shiny....still fab though
  7. Was chatting to some people whilst out in AFG and turboprops dont cut it....if you need close air support you need it fast ...so a fast jet is required...ok so this was a UK.pov so choice was Harrier or tonka...id imagine american troops feel the same
  8. Hmm mixed feeling about this just shows how empty the cupboard is
  9. Looking forward to the end of the year show next weekend...great phots
  10. I"ll sit and watch this and well done for selecting the RN version..846 I believe 😀
  11. fab stuff assume that is an A variant flown by Major Wolfe ..Unless of course she is USMC
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