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  1. I love it ....bit clean but maybe its come out of SBM. BZ to you
  2. Hmm odd looking but think of the training ....young kid who can turn a spanner(the right way) priceless
  3. Nice analytical answer from Giorgio. So whilst on the subject of this aircraft I have the airfix B2/20 ,which a lot of people dont seem to be entirely enamoured with....something about its nose ....is this rectified by miliput (other epoxy fillers are available )?
  4. Monday 19th July Yeovil The mighty flying chacon....Sea King mk4. Just need another 37 now Let it go
  5. Mainly Ark and a bit of lusty. That said bashing about on the hangar deck might have been the O boat thinking about it. Still RFA only way to travel.....keep in with the ships company helps to a smooth trip on RFA lines ...porthole for seniors
  6. You're lucky you didnt live below the centre hangar....regularly and carefully dragged chain lashings and bottle jacks around to get our own back on the ships company
  7. Well ive put slithers of plastic card on to the airframe sill to lift the front windscreen up so that it fits better.Dunno what to do about large orifice....it doesnt look like a casting error. Quite annoyed really its a relatively new kit with a windscreen that doesnt fit and a strange hole ..still will publish old 1/72:spitfire and new 1/48 spitfire both mk1
  8. Thanks Dennis...no but I do like phots just to get me in the mood
  9. Centre bottom of the windshield....nothing to plug it with so tiny bit of filler required. Still thanks Stew and Werdna
  10. A flare port.....you mean for flare pistol/signal pistol. Must be blinking massive calibre Who knew .....
  11. Hi, Gotva couple of kits for my Birthday so whilst away from home as a bit of relexation in one of the Grimm prior to more fluid evening events I threw together the kit. Noticed that the windshield/quarter light apart from being a bit short on height which i will fill out with card.It has a machined hole but its not on the instructions....any idea what it is for or is it a mistake? Any Luftwaffe fans out there?
  12. Great job ....have you considered some aftermarket roundels....they are not that pricy on line
  13. Stick Puma for early release too (2023)....so I have been informed....mind you bittersweet that one for me. Fear God honour the king ...etc
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