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  1. This looks tasty and like I said things have a habit of re inventing themselves....extra crown in that for somebody https://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/new_challenger_2_streetfighter_main_battle_tank_mbt_of_british_army.html
  2. Looks good Royal....got the hasegawa one somewhere and a set of decals for the shamrocks BZ
  3. Absolutely I concur only Julian said later leanders and would argue all leanders were good looking gash barges especially mid Atlantic and disappearing and being goffered by a humongous wave...quite a sight from 10 spot
  4. So decided to sell my Naval soul and pop in to Hendon on the way back from a meeting in Luton. Quite impressed with the new bits 2 hangar was really good definitely needed more time .Quick look round the cold war hangar nice to sea a jag,tonka,plastic pig and a Buccaneer together....just like old times.Note the jag could do with some underwing stores. The original 1970s hangar is always good not sure why they have the Merlin prototype taking up space ....Benson couldn't get rid of it fast enough Not sure what one hangar is about seems very big and not much in it apart from the Sunderland and a nice miscoloured sea king .good display of RAF hats ? All in all...good stuff more time required....couldn't even visit hannants...don't you just love the north circular and the M3
  5. junglierating


    Bienvennue I think your English is better than my french or Arabic looking forward to some interesting models....you have Super Lynx and Merlin so that will be nice ....no pressure
  6. Very neat ..gotta ask a question but how do you attach etched guard rails...just tac them on a couple at a time,do you do them in sections ....intentions is to buy a generic set and stick em on my stretched 42 ....and see what happens
  7. Well makes a change a pretty a/c and in colour not greyscale
  8. So ....what does AVPRO FOAS mean? I know other people want to know?
  9. You were joking about anti flash clothing weren't you? Anyway dammed ratings blue overalls and brilliant white hood and gloves ....and an action snack.....for those who know
  10. That's hoofin' mate BZ to you ...always got a soft spot for Apache since I was lucky enough to work 'em at Wattisham
  11. Hmm nice idea but I have an idea that its radar cross section might be massive ....that said some aircraft have s surprising small cross section ....sea king as an example and helicopters are normally massive on account of the rotational frequency of the spinny thing on top
  12. Lovely mate you've made a good job of that..one question 1986 or 96.....the decal says 1996 so I presume that is what you meant. Still a great job though it's all boring JS black now but I expect that's a good thing ..unless you are a modeller
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