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  1. Just making sure I could remember how to add phots....nice day on HMS Sunnyset
  2. Excellent work...might have to look in to this as a young lad I used to look after FONACs was one of the few matelots to be QM on the aircraft. *Flag Officer Naval Air Command
  3. Oi are you going to Bovington....still got your gloves
  4. Noticed on BBC South today(talking about Bournemouth air show) that Red 6 has an engine snag....bit unlucky that cab.
  5. No idea but I googled them....quite fetching colour scheme...wonder if the crimson crabs will go to a newer model of hawk eventually? Of course I reckon as some of you are aware we should bring back the Blue Herons but...that seems unlikely somehow...make a nice whif though
  6. Thanks for that ...proper air show....always wanted to go to the argentine....especially mendoza region
  7. True but having one type of platform also has its problems ....think cracking airframe or GBX component and your whole fleet is grounded....potentially
  8. What a shame it seemed like a good replacement sized helo for Pumas and Sea King...merlin or at least legacy varients have never really cut the mustard in my opinion. Although the noggys seem to like them but conversely they have rejected their NH90 ....interesting. I watch with interest who has bought a new order of LHD helos at the end of the month
  9. One pharse sums all this up ....and a lot of other scenarios....you only get out what you put in....obviously Id use other words but im the height of politeness
  10. Thats kinda not the customers problem to sort ...imagine that kinda attitude (not suggesting you have one btw ) in aircraft or ship manufacturing....mind you I have seen some shoddy stuff ....enter the QAR,S2022 MF760 etc etc ...do airfix still put that slip of paper in the box? Thinking of which I seem to recall a QA stamp in trumpeter model kits
  11. Mate that is hoofin....always liked the Zim colour scheme.....since SAM did a profile review back in 1980 something....just looks great BZ to you
  12. Well Paw me claw me 814 me.....good job ...even if it is from the Cornish air station.
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