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  1. That is lush ....but whats going on with the I band bean can ???
  2. Scale aircraft modelling did a big article on them in the 80s
  3. Seems suspiciously cheap what is that taking in to acount certainly not the cost of maintenance manhours? I know that we are talking 1000s of pounds/dollar per hour....I remember from around 2014 prior to take on of Merlin by CHF that out of the JHC fleets Chinook was miles more expensive than Puma Lynx Sea king and Merlin so 25 aus cents per hour ....think you might have got a decimal point missing
  4. Quite right too.....if the asset still has a use then the MoD should use it .....one day they will get a cab once they become obsolete
  5. Snag is Dave .....that is exactly what the RAF is all about people .....no people no airforce .....in my case the best bit about my 22 years in the RN (FAA) was the people and the stories to be told ....the runs ashore and laughing whilst sat in a trench getting very wet ....be boring otherwise
  6. Wow wanna go ....but then I would go anywhere atm
  7. Yes because us scum in cattle class are just like that.....maybe you want to be a bit less judgemental about those of us who dont normally travel anything but cattle class....only busuness class for work
  8. Was out for my 6 miler lunchtime got over flown by a C17 whilst running through east or west coker then a jet ranger (unusual) Barwick and Stoford saw a grey thing (rotary) too busy head down bottom up going up hill to really take note and a fast jet flying about presume a hawk .....quite unusual for a Friday afternoon in Yeovil.
  9. Looking forward to seeing some avion francais .. just like musee le bourget
  10. Nice Sea Harriers miss them at VL doing their fuel to noise conversion in the hover ....used to annoy me lots
  11. Nice ....Lancaster? Think she is duty Taps at present ...good sea state
  12. Looks fab Tony....ive got a mk Vb inboard which I will post but no where near as superlative as that
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