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  1. Oooh lot of Fuzing going on there mate....saw Arc light in 91...fortunately I wasnt under it ...lights up the sky hence....
  2. I'm sure Luigi didnt mean any harm Iain and its good to digress a little....yes I did understand his comment was probably in the wrong place but no need to get angry about it shipmate.... and is he my Italian is rubbish so if English is his second language then meh fair play
  3. Wow you are hard to please still each to their own and all opinions valid otherwise life would be very dull
  4. No doubt the "choice of words here" owner will now get what he/she wants and the hangars will be consigned to History unless they have an historic earmark. Doubtless the owner lives in an area with lovely views etc
  5. Yeovilton....some of those new fangled fast jets ....F35B
  6. Well maybe in the RAF ..but its "cocking the gun" in RN parlance
  7. Just notified of an Italian Merlin Crash on deck ....fortunately all 6 PoB got out . Pics on PPRuNe website.
  8. Cor I'm getting all excited Selwyn....standfast the snebs....bit too fizz bang radhaz for the RN Nothing like bombing and gunning in the wet sat in a puddle ...."cocking the gun"
  9. I blinking bet they wouldn't owned by historical dockyard now ....I wont ever go there again and I can probably spit at ygd place from my office. Meanwhile super super model
  10. Well having been a regular visitor to Decimomanu with the Mighty SHAR (shortening again) the junior service used to call Tornados a lot of names including Tonka but I couldn't possibly repeat due to sensitive ears
  11. Strange scale is it an ex Frog kit in a former life. Nice job though
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