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  1. Cut backs decreasing comitments end of empire not wanting to commit people to trouble spots (hmm) . We still have an armed force only with lack of money,spares and huge capability gaps. The raw material....manpower still good though
  2. Agree 20 years late. Was Sk optimised for sea level hmm Afghanistan would say not ?
  3. Merlin had that problem in the Mk1 until they changed to a freight floor
  4. Hmm when you look at that there aren't many British Designs ....arguably Wildcat ?
  5. Really ?I would say Sea King was and still is a far superior product whereas Puma 'sure is pretty' for a furious palm tree
  6. Lovely build bz to you.....not so sure it would have been any good in service...still it pathed the way for tonkas
  7. It's an event Milan ....wont see much in western Europe at least
  8. Ah a hoofin and unusual build as per your norm Laurie. I remember flying on these from Portsmouth airport with my folks in the 70s....no kids flew from my area in the 70s. Also remember flying in an Herald I believe which ran out of grass runway and stopped on the Eastern rd. Dont think the airport survived that much longer after that.
  9. That 4th drawing has the look of a bucket of sunshine to me
  10. It was still called Ark Royal Hangar in 1996 whilst I was det with 899
  11. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/18422913.queen-mary-2-arrives-weymouth-bay/ I was there today ....wish I had taken some phots if Id known
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