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  1. junglierating

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    Err thats why its just for fun..think I know enough about OME mate
  2. junglierating

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    Fancy getting one and building it out the box.....just airfix hunter in black....basic but bland that looks warry....just for fun but the inaccuracies might annoy me ....not a rivet co7nter but it has to look realish
  3. junglierating

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    It is quite nice box art methinks with the military industrial war machine complexin the background
  4. junglierating

    Worst aircraft ever?

  5. junglierating

    Hello From Sunny San Jose, California

    I know a song about your gaff.....welcome
  6. junglierating

    1/72 P-8 Poseidon

    appears to be 9mm short. The missing length is forward of the wing. Could I live with this? Of course not. I made a cut just forward of the wing so that parts of the extension will be covered by the resin wing fairing. I am currently rejoining the forward and rear fuselage parts. Well thats around 1.3 metres I guess that might show to be quite a significant shortcoming....I dont think that counts as rivet counting ....I shall watch with interest....wonder if the avionic is different or similar between RNoAF and the crabfats
  7. junglierating

    Tornado F3 Aerial Fit

    Sorry wrong forum must try harder
  8. junglierating

    Hello from Hampshire

    'Ampshire hogs welcome
  9. junglierating

    HMS Agincourt

    Hmm pinch of salt there
  10. junglierating

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    I was joking.....probably only got limited clearence to fly atm anyway
  11. junglierating

    F-35 arrives at RAF Marham

    White strobe day flying red strobe night ....MAA RA 2307 and no doubt other JSP ....you can read all about it on .gov.uk site. Im jealous too makes me wanna dig out my ovies and flight deck helmet....
  12. junglierating

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    What no F35
  13. junglierating

    DeHavilland Heron Interior Info Needed

    The DH museum near the south mims exit of the M25 has an aircraft might be worth a look at their website I will say that since I was once QM (qualified to maintain) on Herons once they had uber comfortable seats it was a pleasure to do flight servicing on them ....good little dets as well remember going to schipol and parking next to all these big 747s ....unreal
  14. UK a naval country eh? Im not so sure about that anymore