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  1. Meh too many movie theatre's....its the pictures or cinema at a push rant over Looking forward to it
  2. Blah blah blackhawk the UK didnt want it in the 80/90s so not sure why they might now. In my opinion too much relience on one countries kit is expensive and not always the best solution. Besides whilst performance is of upmost importance so is maintainabilty and the right amount of logistics....trust me buy USA is great but.....the repair loop is enormous. Mind you now we are no longer part of mainland Europe import export controls are an absolute nightmare...just me gobbing off/ fourpennyworth.
  3. Regret is a bit of a weird word to use dont think anyone misses having Nuclear weapons unless youre a submariner on bombers ( V boats) stinky money rich types Btw before some starts ....in my youth I was a bombhead on the very weapon WE 177 sticking em on FRS1s
  4. I wonder if they remember to take the ejection seat detent wheel off this time in the cockpit shots.......the detent holds the seat to the ejection gun
  5. Hi Junglirating your question RN?- fraid not - lived in Southsea for while in the 70's, did fair bit of sailing from Gosport, familiar with Officers mess HMS Sultan and have a relative who was on the Ark Royal- appalled how small the Navy is now. That's it really; my connections are all RAF.


  6. Are you ex general service RN....bizzare thing back in the 80s the most requested film by ARKs ships company was top gun much to the bemusement of 801 NAS . Yes and no doubt Ill watch it (in disguise)
  7. Hmm you've been posting on FB
  8. Thats lovely stuff....have you read his book?
  9. Procedure error not deliberate and whilst it maybe obvious to check that there were two intake blanks there maybe reasons why what happened happened which we are not privy to. So to call the AET ,flight killick ,deck PO or anyone stupid is in my opinion ....premature
  10. Would it be wrong to throw in junglie green 772 NAS Wessex and sea king with no dyglo or red Blah blah 771 yawn yawn second rate squadron if you ask me
  11. Whats not to like its a Sea King
  12. Quite a change to flogging a Tornado for 40 years...... That's interesting back in the late 80s and early 90s in downtown Decimomanu the crab fairies /pinkie /greenies whatever they cslled them used to ....putting it nicely drip all day long about what a useless lump it was ....20/30 years later ....what a magnificent beast how opinions change ..ive no doubt F35 will be the same....hell of a difference between IOC and a developed FOC ....which will change over time. Still a minger though Meanwhile never R never underestimate the opposition we did that in 82 ....we learnt a lot of expensive lessons
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