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  1. junglierating

    HMS Birmingham T26 #4

    Hmm whats next Plymouth....derry londonderry...
  2. junglierating

    Saudi Anniversary schemes. Decals anyone?

    Hmm im not a big fan of the KSA personally but they have artistic eye ....very nice
  3. junglierating

    Final Sea King Flypast

    Well there are only 30 mk2 merlins period so do the maths not going to be much sharing take out best part of 10 for MU and depth....not a lot left.its a modern world ...no frills
  4. junglierating

    Egyptian Air Force Mig-15 1/72 Old KP

    That is cute BZ to you
  5. junglierating

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    So....what material were hc2 blades made of?
  6. junglierating

    Final Sea King Flypast

    Its CU .....you muggle wafu
  7. junglierating

    Final Sea King Flypast

    I saw a video on FB taken by an oppo three cabs landed at Sultan ...pretty with all the other withdrawn marks lined up
  8. junglierating

    Final Sea King Flypast

    Its er....moved right....a few issues therefore a capability gap...and when it does happen the aircraft will be Merlin mk2 all fitted for but not with..not sure what the ASaC numbers will be but since an a/c can only be in one role at a time never mind diff skilled aircrew it will limit the ASW role...still at least we are getting it
  9. junglierating

    FAA Golden age photo's.

    Try a cvs
  10. junglierating

    FAA Golden age photo's.

    Give it time give it time
  11. junglierating

    FAA Golden age photo's.

    Ahem Its an air group...air wings are for that amature lot! Nice phots though
  12. junglierating

    Do Decals for this seaking exist!

    Never mind the tigger....what about the crack in the bubble windowthose who know will know
  13. junglierating

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

  14. junglierating

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    Hmm not bad....but obs done before best they get out the ships names book to get some new ideas...navys got plenty of names just no ships
  15. junglierating

    Chinook ZA712 100th Anniversary Scheme

    Does it say fly navy in big dayglo letters ... Did that one dark night on Oceans flight deck...the RAF wondered why we were so keen to send them off the next morning.....mind you they flew back from Tenerife or wherever we were transiting thro...they got home early whilst we still stuck on board....who got the last laugh