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  1. junglierating

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    Blimey you lot dont want much for your FREE R FREE admission Just sayin' Next time im in the area I shall take a look....but really people
  2. junglierating

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    OMG OMG OMG just seen Tante Ju doing circuits over nuremberg....heard radial engines and looked up there she was ...twice. Clearly with the sad events in Switzerland I was suprised but feel very priviledged
  3. junglierating

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Omg a helicopter hater
  4. junglierating

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    German army huey fairly high above Heidelberg ....not my home nice place tho
  5. junglierating

    Summer in Cornwall

    And there was me thinking you were some sort of sea rider....without the green jackets in this day and age
  6. junglierating

    Type 31e programme suspended.

    Hmm indeed gary
  7. junglierating

    Type 31e programme suspended.

    I think germany has understandably NFI ....France has similar snags to us. As for the hunter thing....not much to it an airframe and an engine.....technology is a bit more complex ...still im sure it was cutting edge back in the day Gary
  8. junglierating

    Type 31e programme suspended.

    Once upon a time the UK used to have its own designers who could design or validate industry designs....but it all (mostly) went out to market forces which is arguebly cheaper or not. Trouble is we are skint and there is no money forthcoming...so you make cuts and ultimately loose capability. I like the idea of a second class of frigate but 5 is just not economic frankly you might as weĺl get a couple of extra 26s. There is no structure to the RN atm and as far as I can work out there appears to be nobody able to put that in to words ....the RAF excel at PR....just look at the range of new kit...trouble is with smaller a/c fleet we seem to have a relience on US kit....thats expensive. Its going to take an almighty cock up to make govt.or public work out the shortfalls....but someone will be quite unreasonably be hung out to dry....it wont be the govt fault. Lets face it in the last election Defence was not in the publics top ten. Still could be worse we could be Germany or france
  9. junglierating

    Type 31e programme suspended.

    Right mate not sure what experience you have of the civil service but like any organisation you get verybad and very good and some inbetween ive met them all so maybe you have had a bad experience
  10. junglierating

    Questions about RAF squadron "gunner stripes" markings

    The book that might help ...is SQUADRON HISTORIES ,RFC,RNAS,RAF by Peter Lewis ....its an old book I got it from the auction sight for a couple of quid I got a 1959 copy but then I'm a bit geeky about old used books especially if they are ex library books
  11. junglierating

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    Nah I concur...do what I do and get the old ones out still a good read ....or look on the auction site for job lot airfix mag 1979...for example
  12. junglierating

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    You have to remember who they are aiming the experience at.The UK is a completely different place to it was even 10 years ago .....embrace the difference....The MoD needs to recruit allsorts ....I prefer pink ones with the liquirice middle☺
  13. junglierating

    "Here's Johnny"

    'Effing awesum
  14. junglierating

    RAF Camo Schemes

    Since around 1980 thats nearly 40 years....some fad that
  15. junglierating

    RAF Camo Schemes

    Tbh grey kinda suits most theatres ....true crab helos are green and I personally think that is fit for purpose. Junglies are now grey or the first three are...two excuses 1.its the same colour as MHF so easy to exchange parts between the two types of merlin and 2. It establishes our maritime heritage...not so sure about that one but its certainly cheaper and the USMC are grey. Meanwhile the application of temp schemes ...well in GW1 very quickly dirty pink in GW2 and Afghanstan the green got a good dusting of brown very quickly so what is the point of adding extra work by painting pink.As for norway cant remember the last time junglies had temp white finish ....standfast the few/remaining stripeys from the FRY (Boz). The money would be better spent on other things like capability....prob not what modellers want to hear but times is 'ard.