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  1. There are other things? Note that in Troy's second photo a Hellcat just managed to photo-bomb!
  2. Here's a start- and make sure to read the comments, too. http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2013/06/f4u-2-color-scheme.html
  3. Well, the only hint that I can offer so far is that your aircraft came to 501 Squadron on November 7th. AA924 had been lost over France on the 3rd, and according to "Fighter Command Losses", THAT was 'E'. So if '924 was its replacement, it might have been 'E'. Edit: Note that 501's ORB doesn't appear to say anything at all about the accident/damage, which is not unusual. bob
  4. ... or you're in a light twin where, as the saying goes, "The other engine is just there to get you to the crash site." I don't think (not that I've really looked into it) that the Tigercat's on-deck history has much to do with the fact that it's a twin, and it certainly wouldn't have been any more of a problem than all those early jets the Navy kept trying to make a go of!
  5. Alright, alright, you guys have forced/persuaded/shamed/cajoled me into it. Yes, it is the Overtrees version of Eduard's Fw 190A-5 "light". But wait, what's this lurking inside? I thought the lid looked a bit "rawer" than the normal white box! No, there wasn't a bonus kit, too, but I might have to re-purpose the re-purposed top as a piece of artwork. I've downloaded the instructions for the ProfiPack version, as well as one or two other Fw variants, and begun to figure out which of the multiple choices (or boxes in the instructions) I'll need to go with. I had also already saved a bunch of photos of my subject aircraft. Today should be when "serious" messing with the kit commences. My intended subject, in case you haven't already figured it out, is the one brought to the United States and, at least for a time, put in the hands of the United States Navy, complete with some variation on an appropriate paint job. bob
  6. Words to live by, indeed! A package arrived yesterday, which happened to be my birthday, and included an overtrees version of the Eduard 1/48 A-5 "light". While it would be miraculous if I completed a build before the end of the Group Build (or, indeed, at all), I'm having a hard time coming up with an adequate excuse not to play along.
  7. Oh dear, I had just popped in to say that I finally ordered an Eduard "A-5 light" this morning, while taking the real bait, but that I didn't know if I'd have time to stake a claim in this GB- but now I see that excuse isn't going to work...
  8. Oh, what a shame- I see your tin of "apple green" paint has gone off.
  9. Nostalgia indeed! That's the box art that I faithfully replicated by painting Testors gloss blue (of some sort) over the kit's molded green. Uh oh, I feel a "Four Yorkshiremen" moment coming on... bob
  10. Although I haven't done a rigorous test, my impression has been that Tamiya's 48th kit tends to look that way. I don't know whether there's something about it that leads a builder to end up with a wrong angle; it seems too consistent or common to just be carelessness. I also don't think that it is an optical illusion, but I suppose it is possible.
  11. I've got some spare ones if you need any! (I happened to find the mythical (or at least, hard to find) 1/48 vac last year. Very unlikely I'll have the courage to build it, but how could I not take it home? If I had any sense I'd sell it on eBay or something...)
  12. Especially from the overhead view, it looks like you're trying to pass a J2M 'Jack' off as a Russian plane! Pretty cool, and thanks for sharing it. How was it as a kit? bob
  13. Ooh, Nether Wallop sounds painful.
  14. Ah, thank you @Sabrejet, I was about to ask what the heck "EGVP" was! And I presume we're talking about Middle Wallop, not Cods or Packa...
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