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  1. gingerbob

    B20 Havoc / Boston

    A-20, not B. AMT is the only one in 1/48- could use some tweaks, but not a bad place to start. For 1/72 see this very recent thread.
  2. For the entertainment of some of you nutters: source: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2373192/ (there are more images if you want to see 'em) Love the very plausible backstory- only thing missing was a direct mention of 007 being involved in the Bur... Myanmar situation. And as a Yank I can say this: I'd be a lot more interested in seeing this version of the Red Arrows! I've seen the Hawk team once or twice and found it rather dull.
  3. According to another thread I found, Humble's logbook is at the RAF Museum.
  4. gingerbob

    Meteor glazing.

    If this is the 'Y' you are looking for, I found the same shot in the 'in Action' book, but this one's much clearer. I don't see any hint of the bulge? [Edit: but keep reading...] (Note that you can click on 'Original File' and zoom in with that one.) The teardrop fairing does 'disappear' in some images, but I would think we'd be able to see something in this image! bob p.s. Another image, where once again the chap is in just the wrong place, but it might be useful for other details. p.p.s. Eureka! Again, look at the big BIG version, and note the curving arc of fasteners, straight above the center of the windscreen. I still can't see any bulge or mirror that would be under the bulge, but would they have a separate piece of Perspex in that position if there was no reason for it? [I can see the fastener line in the first image, too, now, but I still don't see any hint of mirror or bulge. Could it be that it was either not fitted for whatever reason, or removed and replaced by a "flush" panel, perhaps to get an extra 1 mph of speed?
  5. gingerbob

    Meteor glazing.

    E, or Y? Not that it probably makes a difference, but I found your Centenary build and assume that's the one in question. Heading for the books...
  6. Thanks Chris for reminding me of this thread! I just had a poke around my computer "brain" and managed to find my sparse note: AVIA 1/15 RAE Farnborough Flight Log 3/7 "A Flight" MP499 15, 20 minute flights W/C Wilson 5th several flights ... [Note: I take this to mean that I may have left out some data that I considered inconsequential] 12/7 Wheeler 22/7 Wilson "E Flight" 1620, 20 mins; "Demonstration" 150/195 (numbers in rh column) [Edit: Having re-read Quill's description in "Spitfire", he does state that it was 22 July, and also refers to 'a demonstration', and that Kenneth Seth-Smith was the Typhoon pilot. He was killed on 11 August in R7692 in one of the 'tail-shedding' incidents.] ~~~~~~~~ I have no idea what those numbers at the end refer to, and I can only assume that there was no flight logged on the 20th, or I think I'd have made note of it. I certainly found the comment "Demonstration" of interest. I guess I'll have to do some more poking around, to refresh my memory of what I know and what I still wonder. I'll be back. bob
  7. gingerbob

    22 to 46 a simple conversion? Penultimate Spitfire to Seafire...

    You've probably seen it, but here's a recent one:
  8. What's the problem? After all, it's a modelling website! And I always thought your avatar WAS you. That's a relief, I hope...
  9. Uncle, that last shot is terrific! And what a shock it was to read a post from you that was in "actual" English. It makes you seem almost... human! But then I've seen pics of your sister...
  10. gingerbob

    Fairey Firefly Mk.V bomb pylons

    Now that I look at the image again, the upright bass seems a rather incongruous addition to the ensemble?
  11. gingerbob

    Douglas Bader's Spitfire Mk.Va...

    It was also after the "Mk.II production line" had become a Mk.Vb production line!
  12. gingerbob

    22 to 46 a simple conversion? Penultimate Spitfire to Seafire...

    Seafire 46 should be quite easy [sic] to do. Seafire 47 gets more complicated- aside from the different windscreen and hood mentioned, the flaps are bigger (greater chord), the bulge above the wheel wells is larger, radiator housings somewhat different (just a trim job, I think). And, of course, the carb air intake. I hesitate to list changes from Spit 22 to Sea 46 off the top of my head, because I don't want to embarrass myself!
  13. gingerbob

    Fairey Firefly Mk.V bomb pylons

    Complete with fanfare! [was going to insert appropriate emoji, but good lord, that's all gotten too complicated!]
  14. gingerbob

    Douglas Bader's Spitfire Mk.Va...

    My personal feeling (reasoning, hunch, deduction) is that Mk.IIs generally kept their normal oil cooler while they were still operational. Some no doubt did get later style ones eventually (at OTUs, etc). Even very early Mk.Vs (which includes many of the Vas) had the earlier coolers when built, and naturally they'd have been the priority for refit during 1941.
  15. gingerbob

    Douglas Bader's Spitfire Mk.Va...

    The Va would almost certainly have a DH prop and the same spinner as normally on the Mk.I. The bulbous spinner is a strong indication that you're looking at a Mk.IIa (in this case, not a universal rule). Note that some IIas very likely used the same DH prop and spinner- most likely late production.