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  1. gingerbob

    Spitfire mkiii 1/72???

    As Troy said, seek out earlier threads! But to summarize: N3297 had a clipped (not just wingtips removed) 'a' wing, experimental radiator, oil cooler like Mk.V, experimental windscreen replaced by what later became standard, gear covers with "wheel cover f'lap" aka daisy cutters, retractable tailwheel, various props/spinners. Went on to become Merlin 61 prototype. W3237 (2nd prototype) had first 'c' wing (probably with shortened aileron), experimental radiator again, retractable tailwheel, probably different gear legs (they at least had the rake of Vc and later, but whether they "look" different I'm not certain), otherwise similar to later Vc with late Rotol ("steak knife" blades). I imagine you are thinking of the first one. For both, cowling extends 4" farther forward (stretch at firewall end) compared to I/II/V etc. The carb air intake will be slightly different and in a slightly different position. Hmm, crowbar in the door? Never thought to look! bob
  2. gingerbob

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Sorry Troy, too Sisyphean a task for my taste.
  3. gingerbob

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Public Service message: This post has been replaced by Post #32.
  4. gingerbob

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Why am I beginning to think of "The Four Yorkshiremen"?
  5. gingerbob

    Spitfire VIII Questions

    Oops, rest of recipe now added to my quote!
  6. gingerbob

    Spitfire VIII Questions

  7. gingerbob

    Spitfire VIII cannon bulges

    No, the drums went out with the 'B' wing. On the 'C' wing, wide bulges were the original configuration, to allow for two cannon in each wing. When it was decided (for the VII, for example) or realized (for the VIII, for example) that they would settle for only one cannon each side, the slimmer bulge was introduced to reduce drag.
  8. gingerbob

    Spitfire VIII cannon bulges

    No, early VIIIs DID have the wide bulge. Or so says my memory... It is, of course, possible that the narrow ones were retrofitted eventually, so it might depend on when you depict.
  9. Not quoting the photo again- scroll up if you don't know what I'm talking about- but is that what I think it is? A gingerbread Star Destroyer? THAT'S cool!
  10. gingerbob

    Eduard 1/72 F6f-3

    When I saw the above question, I looked back at the earlier shot, which didn't show the blue well enough for me to have a real opinion. I did, however, think, "Put the dark blue on and then see what you think." Then I scrolled down and saw that that's what you've done, and I now think it looks good! While I'm always interested in the colour discussions, my own philosophy is "Look at as many pictures etc as you can, then go with what "seems right".
  11. gingerbob

    1:48 P-38 Droop Snoot decals

    If you're looking for "generic", why not do it the old-school way: find your simply marked subject, and then cobble together whatever numbers, etc you need for it from wherever you can find them. One other thought- the Monogram P-38 could be built as a Droop Snoot, and the kit's been out for MANY years. One generation or other of those kit decals should give you a possibility. (I'm afraid mine are in "deep storage".)
  12. gingerbob

    602 squadron spitfire

    It'll be a high-back, 'e' wing, no bumps over the wheel well. Possibly clipped wing, at least as an option. I've got a book that might give me more... (edit: nope) Also, wing bomb carriers.
  13. Well, I'm still around, keeping up with everybody else's builds. Haven't done what would be considered actual beginning of the Hellcat build(s), but I just brought home a Hobby Boss one, which as most of you will know is really a "folded wing conversion kit" with some other spare parts. Perhaps some actual action soon...
  14. gingerbob

    XP-84A Thunderjet

    Lovely- that one's on my 1/48 "to do" list...
  15. gingerbob

    Jean Offenberg Spit Vb Drop Tank

    I looked in August, which seemed like the likely time for changeover of camo, and saw no mention of squadron wide repainting. However... Hmm, 18 August: (summarizing an op) "...and the presence of a mysterious Spitfire with old type camouflage and seemingly no lettering." 31 August: "Noted that E/A wearing our own old-type camouflage..."