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  1. Which begs the question, what about Hasegawa's 1/48th F-8 kits? (I don't have one, but it is on my "when the opportunity arises" list.)
  2. Do all Mk.IIs have a bulged bomb bay, possibly with a turret at the aft end? I don't see any parts to deal with that, appears to be just an engine (nacelle) change.
  3. Spitfires - well, it almost goes without saying! (limited 72nd- I've tried VERY hard to be "limited". Excessive 48th and, umm, reasonable (?) 32nd.) In 48th, from Type 224 to Attacker, and everything in between. Hurricanes - check (one or two 72, too many 48th, no larger at present, though one of these days...) Meteors - check (1 32nd in addition to the 48th ones Mustangs - check (3? 32nd (haven't tracked down the new Revell D yet), the whole range in 48th, with multiples) 109s - Well, I'm not sure how, but they're a bit like coathangers, or bunnies, or something like that. 2 32nd? a fair number in 48th, though not by "normal" standards, probably. 190s - I seem to specialize in A-3s, though I have a D-9, but I think only 48th, shockingly. Thunderbolts - Hmm, started Tamiya razorback and bagged Tamiya bubbletop, but also P-35, P-43 (only 48th) Corsairs - Yeah, baby! and for some reason I have five Fw.200 kits - OK, you got me there! And Wildcats, lots of those - Not to mention the rest of the Grummans, though at least I've maintained focus on scale. Also Gladiators - 72, 48 (multiple), 32nd. If Airfix do 24th I'll get that, too. Heck, I might even get the 1/144th one! and Hart variants. - No, but there's that new 48th kit...
  4. It does have a strong family resemblance! (I meant design family, not YOUR family.) One of those things I got on a whim- someone had it on their list, the kit wasn't immediately familiar to me, and when I saw pics I was enchanted.
  5. See the decal sheet in post 1 above- a particular boxing of the kit had your Race 80 covered.
  6. Yes. The elevator (the movable part) will be your guide for clipping the stabilizer tip.
  7. Airfix, 1/48, FR.XIV (i.e. "low back" XIV).
  8. Right, but it seems rather silly to have to remove one pylon in order to attach another pylon with the fuel tank, then after that sortie put the bomb pylon back on. I suppose it is a legacy of the gradual evolution of such things, rather than Mr. Camm or some whiz at the Air Min saying, "Look, in the future we'll need the flexibility of carrying bombs and such, and sometimes extra fuel. Let's provide for that efficiently."
  9. Agreed, if a new pylon location could carry 1000 lbs, why would you need to revert to the earlier location to carry a lighter bomb? But are you implying, Chris, that to use the long range tank they had to revert to the inboard pylon location? I suppose the answer is in the tank "setup". I imagined a pylon as on P-47 or P-51, that could take either tanks or bombs, but I guess the mount was part of the tank structure (perhaps not the right choice of word) on the Typhoon.
  10. Which brings up a question I've been considering asking: On later production/mod aircraft, and in this case I guess we're talking about "big tail" 4-bladed ones, did Typhoon wings have the same mount holes, etc, to receive either RP or bomb pylons (or a combination)? That is, was the wing ready for either ("Universal"), or was it more particular than that? I know I've seen some photos that show small holes where rocket mounts could be fitted, but don't know if that's "standard" or less general than that. bob
  11. I really like the F-84- it has a certain style, rather like flare-leg jeans or something like that. And I've seen this kit built up, and liked it enough I got "one of each" (the early and late boxings). My justification was that I could swap the drag brakes between kits, which I understood to be (generally?) necessary. I'm officially a 48ther too, but sometimes you've just got to go large... When I saw the topic and when it started I thought, "Oh, there won't be much to see yet." But my, you seem to be rolling right along! bob
  12. Thanks Rob. My immediate interest was in an Airfix Short Skyvan, which has "old school" rivets that look rather appropriate in places, but not so much in others. But there are others in my stash that would desire the same treatment. No, haven't officially entered the Lockheed GB yet- too much other preoccupation, but I'm hoping things will settle down in another week or two.
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