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  1. The Work in Progress thread is here, for our convenience. Nice job, Jim! I am just contemplating an attempt at a Danish PR.XI in 32nd, so may come back here for inspiration. bob
  2. Sean, I was considering objecting (facetiously), but when I saw the scheme, how could I?
  3. The rudder would be painted, because it is fabric-covered, but the vertical fin doesn't look any different to me than the rest of the fuselage (which I agree is naked metal). As for the wing... ?
  4. Note that if you're doing AM112, that's an NA-83, and probably has a "filter-shaped" intake atop the nose. I'm not sure that Acc Min's A-36 is quite the right shape, but you wouldn't need to go back to the "straight" intake.
  5. Norm worldwide? Tell that to Continental and Lycoming in the US! Incidentally, and I know that you know this, Graham, the convention is to refer to rotation when looking forward, or "as the pilot sees it". Sorry, that's just one of those things that makes me cringe. Stupendously entertaining thread! I have never seen so many Stranraer photos. bob p.s. I'm not sure that that's the reason for Griffon rotation, but I'd have to go digging...
  6. Thanks, but no, definitely Danish- aesthetically probably the most beautiful Spitfires of all, with the PRU blue nicely trimmed by the red and white markings. (No offense intended to the Norwegians!)
  7. ...or perhaps a Hasegawa Draken, because I bet nobody else will be doing one of those ...or very unlikely, a 1/48 vac Pyry So if it is, in fact, the Spitfire, it will use the Alley Cat conversion, some decals from somebody else (because I happened to get the Norwegian decal version), and, unless it simply doesn't work out, the Revell Spit IX because I don't want to bugger up a Tamiya Spitfire (I've got other ways to do that in mind, muahahaha...)
  8. Start with these: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/p-38j-antenna-wire-attachment-t508454.html https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/tamiya-1-48th-p-38-canopy-radio-antenna-configurat-t509979.html https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?p=2680374#p2680374
  9. Mine's locked in a safety-deposit box! Well, not really, but a nondescript location in my stash. My official working area is also my computer desk, and since one of my cats treats the area between me and the keyboard as a "staging area" before he settles on my lap (where he is now), that helps keep a portion of the desk "clear"! Either end does tend to get rather cluttered, though, and I don't get frustrated enough to tidy up nearly often enough. Which reminds me...
  10. Definitely a bold undertaking- will be following with great interest!
  11. Cool! A worthy purpose indeed, and it'll be fun to see how this shapes up. bob
  12. I should think that the "Scandinavian" GB that's about to start would be a good place to see an unofficial "SAAB build".
  13. Congratulations, and a worthy member of this GB, too!
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