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  1. Hmm, this one kinda snuck up on me (aside from the heads-up the other day). Offhand no idea what scheme/variant, but it'll be fun cogitating! BTW, @modelling minion, the rules thread needs to be pinned- it fell down.
  2. Might this be the source? https://archivalcollections.library.mcgill.ca/index.php/photograph-albums
  3. They're just fairings. I don't know why they made them in clear for a period (I've only ever noticed them on early XIVs). This was asked some years ago- I'll see if I can find the thread in case there's any additional info there... [Edit: well, I found A thread, but it didn't reveal anything, other than the link to this image that shows the clear fairing fairly well (you can zoom in).] The thing on the fin is a guard for the rudder horn, which was fitted on trials aircraft and such when they had an anti-spin chute fitted "in case of emergency".
  4. Having looked at the instructions on Scalemates, I can pretty confidently say that no, the other versions would not give you the G sprue, which includes the gun nose, cockpit details, etc particular to the NF.II/FB.VI. The NF.XII/XIII kit substitutes a Sprue K, which has the bull nose, new radar and radio for cockpit, as well as some parts that would be common (access door, cannon port panel, etc). Likewise the bomber kit would only give you the bomber nose and details.
  5. Trumpeter themselves made a large photo-etch "add on". This is not to imply that it is needed- I only have one because it was being sold with the kit.
  6. And responding to the same quote: Sounds to me like he had his priorities straight! (An anecdote I read once- I think on Hyperscale- concerned a B-24 crewman who was asked some question about the interior colors. His response: "What color is your office chair?")
  7. Cor blimy- was it really that simple?! I knew everything else, but somehow THAT intelligence had escaped me.
  8. I doubt it was anything personal. In my case, the (apparent) fact that such a discrepancy on something as universal as a Phantom had slipped past our notice- garnished with my own relative ignorance of the type- got my curiosity going. Tommy is one of those people that I think of as a reliable source, which includes the aspect that he'll either tell you if he doesn't actually know, or go find out and post what he finds. bob
  9. My favorite IIC is "The Last of the Many" in her civil blue "racing" scheme, hands down.
  10. Troy will be along in a bit, but I'll summarize: Airfix currently most accurate, but if that other company that starts with A does a Mk.I that might be the way to go. Italeri a bit of a mess, and you already know what you'd be getting with Hasegawa.
  11. Here you go: http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2012/11/f-4-stabilator.html (note the comment by a reader, too) And more on Phantom stabs: http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2011/09/f-4-flapstabilizer-change.html (note that the link at end of first paragraph is the one I've given above.) bob
  12. A long time ago I tried to sort out the various shipments of Spits, too. Nothing conclusive, but I'm happy to give second-opinions if anyone wants to check a theory. bob
  13. Sinclair Tracks Heverything?
  14. Click on the three dots at upper right corner of the post. That'll give you "Edit" as an option. Also, the "plus sign" next to "Quote" at the bottom left is for "Multi-quote"- that allows you to (as I've done here) respond to several things in one post. (If you then change your mind about one of the quoted sections, hover over the quote's header (date and person) and a little "which way do we go?" thingy appears at top left corner. If you click on that little box, you can then drag it up or down to move the quote, or you can hit "delete" to make the whole quote go away.) [Edit: Just
  15. I had been thinking they did a special boxing in one scale, and looks like I was only half right: (hopefully link will take you to quoted Eduard instructions, but the thread is worth looking at anyway, I think) https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=235016173&content_commentid=3215848 Edit: no, it didn't- I was aiming for my post at bottom of page 2. There's a comment on page 1 concerning Eduard's admitting they weren't doing the big bulge VIII wing
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