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  1. It is new, but allows "recycled" (born again?) builds from the previous one. That's an innovation as far as I'm aware. Oh, and not just floatplanes, but also flying boats and other aircraft, like those silly spinning rotor thingies, that are intended to be able to float and then take off again.
  2. Best way I can put it is: Now I'm on the verge of ordering myself a Hunter (and at very least wondering why I haven't yet)! (Answer: Because I've been trying to behave, and too many other things clamoring for my inadequate money. At least I finally got a couple of the new Spit XIVs. Priorities, don't you know!) bob
  3. Very nice job. You might want to check the prop, though- the blade angles just don't look right. I'm only pointing this out because it is relatively easy to fix, and stands out on an otherwise "technical" presentation.
  4. I've got other irons in the fire at present, but the knowledge of this group is gnawing away at me. Leading candidates at the moment: the Noorduyn Norseman that my daughter wants me to build (48th), or the 1/32 Revell Super Cub that I want to put on straight floats from the Matchbox Tiger Moth...
  5. Here's a review with sprue shot. The 72nd kits had dedicated fuselages for E and N- they released both variants. 1/48 (and 32nd) uses modular construction, but (generally) don't give you both styles in a boxing.
  6. My guess, possibly including distant memories, is that the Hase (72nd? but same answer for 48th) N doesn't give the "behind the cockpit" or glass for the earlier style. It also would likely be a dedicated long-tail, though I suppose that could be altered. But Ns are cool too, so...
  7. Congratulations! Edit: And it then occurred to me that best Australian subject at a show in Sydney is probably really saying something!
  8. So the real question is: What coffee shop has the greatest number of Britmodeller participants?
  9. Well, as confessed on the chat thread, I found myself buying a 1/72 Airfix Tomahawk today, so here's build number 2 (in parallel) from me: I'm tempted to do something really out of the ordinary- one of the few bare metal French H81s prior to being adopted by the RAF. I don't know about decals, though, since 72nd is not my normal scale. Well, I won't have to commit RIGHT away...
  10. Well, I was out taking care of some necessary things, and swung by Hobby Lobby, coupon in hand, with the intention of getting a second Airfix 1/48 Tomahawk. The "pre 40% off coupon" price was $29.99 (or something like that). The 1/72 kit was $9.99. I don't know if money talks, but for some odd reason it seemed like a good idea to get the wee one instead, even though I'm really trying to avoid getting sucked into 72nd on top of 48th and 32nd. With, ahem, some exceptions, of course. Anyroad, I blame you small-scale Tomahawk builders... you know who you are. Yes, a second entry to the Group Build will happen (already working on a 48th Hasegawa E).
  11. What about the weekend, Rich- surely you didn't come home empty-handed? It isn't bragging if you're just answering a direct question!
  12. I was just idly thinking about you, Tony, and wondering how you were doing. I've been pretty busy, so not loitering on BM as much as usual. This seems like a queer choice for a mojo-restorer, but as anticipated, you're just the man for the job! Certainly a more accurate description than those chaps that said it was attractive! Though the shot immediately above doesn't look so bad... bob
  13. I can't imagine them bothering to fit wingtip lights, at least until the 2-person night fighter version
  14. Week 4 update: To be honest I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to this, but having caught up on the thread, which seemed to go dry, I figured someone might like to know what was going on.
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