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  1. I'm pretty sure that the first (of the two) lines says EMPTY WEIGHT [can't make out what follows, but I assume it is 'xxxxLBS' or something like that]. This is from a photo or two found on the web.
  2. OK, here's one thing: Mod 302 (Class 2) To introduce Oxygen economiser Mk.II (applicable to I/II, in other words "all") first discussed 19/9/40, then Jan 41, "Cleared" July 41.
  3. Ah, that triggers one imprecise memory: I've seen some comments in ORBs, I think approximately May '41 (plus or minus two years!) about trying out the new oxygen system. I guess I'll have to see if I can find any note I took for myself and report back...
  4. Don't confuse flare chutes- that drop parachute flares (or ASR liferafts!) out of the belly- with the upward firing signal discharger.
  5. Throwing an @iang on here, because he's the first one I think of for FAA matters. (Not done earlier only because of technical (aka mental) difficulties.) bob
  6. Well, I wouldn't have put it the same was as Ray, but the big picture interpretation is similar. Yes, there ARE "fit issues", but with care and adjustment they can be largely eliminated. There are also a lot of fiddly parts, but that's not necessarily a problem, just be prepared to spend some time. My example also had a certain amount of mold mis-alignment, which was a bit of a nuisance on small parts. Bottom line, test fit as you go, and not just "before you put glue on", but rather investigate how things will work with each other. The sooner you know about it, the easier it i
  7. Just remembered/got around to checking this thread - there's another photo, with no heads in the way, but I don't know if it'll zoom up enough. Note also that he think Jeanie is 'H', rather than 'K'. I'd be interested in getting a copy or two of the decal you come up with! bob
  8. Only some files can be downloaded- or for that matter viewed online. I looked at your first, and it cannot, so I assume that the same is true for the others. Here's the "details" page for that file, and note on the right the shaded box "Ordering and Viewing Options". You probably already saw that, but just in case.... The "best" thing to do is wait until the world gets somewhat back to normal (whatever the heck that is) and come over in person. You can request a quote for a copy, but that may well prove expensive, since I imagine there are quite a few records and therefore quit
  9. rear fuel: I think it was a case of "planning to have it" but then not being ready, for whatever reason. But I'm on very thin ice with this, so should investigate more. OK, from the 22/24 pilots' notes: and: "The cock control for the rear fuselage tanks is to the left and forward of the seat." So there's another difference!
  10. That's (removal of Sky bits) standard 2TAF from (approximately) the start of 1945. At about the same time, the upper wing roundel gained the white ring, and (I think) the outer yellow one, though that might be a slightly later addition- can't remember.
  11. I wanted to reply to this so it didn't get lost- already two pages back. 1) I've got a vague thought that a radio hatch changed position between 22s and "built-as" 24s (some 22s were brought up to 24 standard, so they may differ). 2) I've got a slightly less vague memory that I just recently saw a comment that the belly clear part is actually only on Seafires, and Airfix made a mistake with the Spit instructions. (EDIT: see this thread) 3) Yes, two different Hispanos (II vs V)- as always, best to choose a subject you've got a photo of, because I don't think it is quite a
  12. Note that the Spit on the left in that photo has a serial, if anybody can play with the image enough to make it (or part of it) out... or has someone already done that and I didn't catch on? (I just gave it a go, and the best I can make out is a rounded top that suggests (but isn't necessarily) a 9. [Edit: actually now I'm thinking a 2 is more likely.] To its left is a line that might possibly be a 1, but I really don't have confidence in that, and I certainly can't make out enough to suggest a matching [sic] serial.)
  13. Without checking a particular case, this is likely to be modification to be able to use the slipper tank.
  14. Well I'll be! (EDIT: Oops, I now see that Steve Sauve had already mentioned the stripes.)
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