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  1. Unfortunately those appear to be unobtanium.
  2. Well, if you say so... that's one copy sold! bob
  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen that photo numerous times, but I never noticed the bombs!
  4. Pretty much the plan I've already set in motion! This was one kit I didn't want to wait for- the new Airfix kits take far too long to find their way this side of the pond. (My friend is still whimpering about the stack of Chipmunks he "needs", but this was a higher priority for me.) Since I'm so eager for the newness, I've been trying NOT to look at any build threads, to avoid that, "Haven't I seen all this before?" feeling. But seeing who was doing this one, I'm sure it'll be revisited as a valuable resource... no pressure. bob
  5. Man, this is my kind of WiP thread! Looking forward to the next chapter... bob
  6. That would be approximately 40:1 glide ratio, which would be quite respectable for a modern sailplane. I suspect your source was being rather generous! Congratulations for "throwing it together"- looks rather nice. Definitely another thing for my wish list. bob p.s. I knew a gent who flew these on his way to Hamilcars(!)
  7. OK, I only skimmed, didn't read carefully, sooooo... If you were to look back after your tenth model, you'd probably realize that you have gotten better since number one. On the other hand, the last model that I actually "built"- that is, it stands on its own two feet (with a "cane" tailskid) is essentially naked- the cockpit is painted because it already had been done long ago, and I painted the wheels/tyres and prop, as well as windscreen frames, simply because I couldn't stand not to. It (Heller 1/72 Fieseler Stosser) is just to the left of my monitor, and I feel happy when I glance (or gaze) at it. And you know what? I tried some things and tackled some complications that might have scared me off if I were trying to make a showpiece, and really enjoyed it. So, if you really want a superb copy of "that one model", I'd consider hiring someone to do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, be forewarned that you're not likely to escape with just one! One thing about paint- much of it these days is "formulated for airbrush", which means that it brushes not very well! So don't let that worry you. If you CAN find a local club/ friendly builder, you can probably sweet-talk them into letting you try their airbrush. It is a bit intimidating when you haven't done it, but once you do you'll realize that it is pretty nice, and not near as challenging as you thought it would be. (That does not include the aggravations of learning how to get along with different paints, though.) One other bit of advice- start a Work in Progress in the appropriate section, be up front about where you're coming from, and you'll get plenty of encouragement and help, so don't worry about looking like an idiot. bob
  8. Oh, now I want to add a stencil that says, "DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY READ THESE THINGS?" I'd rather not talk about my "success" with Group Builds! But I gravitate to some of the Single-Type or "well focused" builds, because I enjoy seeing a bunch of people working on things that have something really in common. I've sent parts to other participants, contributed information, suggestions, and distractions, given the odd (not THAT odd) pat on the back, etc. And yes, I may have harmed some styrene in the process... bob
  9. I haven't noticed any particular "US Training Units Color Coding" guide, but I shouldn't think that it would be hard to find some pleasing example as an individual subject?
  10. Not me- while I admit I felt a small internal tidal current pulling (pushing?) my body over to the stash where my Phantoms lurk, I feel quite able to resist the temptation at the moment. There are other things that are more tempting. So I'm safe. No problem. Umm, will you excuse me for a moment? I'll be right back... Love the topic title, by the way. bob
  11. Nice to see one of these actually built! While I'd love to have a 32nd Rapide (or 48th), I have to say that looking at your photos I was struck by the thought, "This has to be one of the less expected types to be able to get in 1/32!" bob
  12. OK, haven't built it, but I just got the kit out and had a look to refresh my memory. The "wheel-well liners" part also comprises a short spar. I suspect that your trouble lies here- either the edges that meet the lower wing part weren't cleaned up enough, or the wing wasn't pressed firmly enough when joining the two parts. I noticed that when I dropped the well part onto the inside of the lower wing it "fit" immediately, but when I put a bit of squeeze on either well/wing area the dihedral changed noticeably as the two parts really snuggled up to each other. I also noticed that outboard of that, the lower wing seemed rather flimsy, but I assume (hope) that when the top halves are joined to the lower it'll straighten up and fly right. (You might be able to tell by looking in the wheel wells whether the part is tight to the lower wing or there's a gap between them.) IF you've already assembled the wing, and it slotted onto the fuselage without trouble, then I think the problem is there somewhere. If, on the other hand, it took some work to get the wing to fit as expected with the fuselage, then there may be something forcing the fuselage halves apart- usually that's a cockpit bit that either isn't nested quite right or hasn't had the edge cleaned up enough where it meets the sides. This kit also has separate parts for the wing root fillets, so they, too, could be ending up a bit wider/looser than CAD intended. So, if you can, I'd examine the wing alone first, and see if the dihedral is right, and if so, then see whether a tight fit with the fuselage "forces it flat". Good luck, and please report back. Oh, and I couldn't see your photos. bob
  13. Me too: 1) I want it 2) That's a good price! 3) I've already got a better kit of that, but I've always wanted to compare them to each other Note that #2 trumps number 1, which is why I have multiples of some kits I "want", and some kits I really am not all that enthusiastic about. Fortunately I don't have to invoke #3 very often... As for the P-43, there was no question. I agree that the number of sprue attachments was rather... unusual!
  14. Here's a good primer: http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_bombers/b26.html The B model went through quite a few changes. bob
  15. I don't comment on your builds very often, Tony, but I do tend to come over and have a look when I notice yet another of your RFIs. Well, all four look lovely, though I think I'd choose the Far East one, for whatever reason. Looks like you managed a "personalized" one, too! You almost manage to make the new kit look "buildable" jj bob
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