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  1. gingerbob

    Spitfire DP845 performance report

    I think the far more logical decision is, "I'll have both, thanks!"
  2. gingerbob

    Bf-109G-10 undercarriage track

    Ah, I see. Sure looks like 2002 above, but it could just be "copy sabotage"! Edit: I looked at G-4 and G-6 manuals at Avialogs.com and it does look more like 2062 there, though not as large as I'd like.
  3. gingerbob

    That's one big wing! 1/48 RB.57F

    Except that I bet he used some aftermarket wheels! What I'm especially (or "even more") impressed by is that I can still remember when you started this one, "Kid". And thank you for the group shot- I hate it when people post one of a group but don't do the group! - "Wish I Were Retired" Bob
  4. gingerbob

    Bf-109G-10 undercarriage track

    So measuring from the centerline, a little over four centimeters. Not very much! A change of wheel (axle) angle could easily account for that. And I'll bow out now, because I'm an interested student in this case, not a "knower". bob Edit: Wait a minute! I get a difference (in overall track) of 27, not 87 mm! [Edit: Or do I? See next comment.] Divide by two, multiply by 10, hold your jaw right, and that means less than 1.5 centimeters change from the centerline.
  5. gingerbob

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    See my post bottom of previous page.
  6. gingerbob

    Can you make a Beau I from the new Revell TF.X Kit?

    Yeah, that's what I was wanting to say. In addition, the "enclosure" around the pilot's position (y'know, that big clear part) was subtly different on the Mk.I, or at least early ones. Not that many people are likely to (or expected to) care, but it is true. My problem with the kit, though, is getting my hands on one! bob p.s. So (if I remember right) it gives you two generations of "cranked" tail- one definite plus over Tamiya's- and also allows for with or without the dorsal fin/fillet. Also includes some other optional parts, so a reasonable variety provided for. Somewhere I saw it said that it wasn't "too" hard to convert the Tamiya parts to flat tail, so perhaps the same is true of Revell. There is also at least one resin "flat tailplane" (made for Tamiya) available.
  7. gingerbob

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    My guess is that there's something missing- either date error or...? I don't think that I have any records of Gloster production specifically for this period, but... according to AIR 19/524 Gloster Hurricane production: 10/39 2 11/39 13 12/39 17 (last 3 Gladiators delivered in April '40, and agrees with the above quoted 16 for 1940) Total Hurricane production (the file may have broken it out by manufacturer, but I only recorded totals, and it isn't clear whether this is "production" or "deliveries to RAF", or something else- at any rate, it'll give you a ballpark idea) 1/40 108 2 83 3 123 4 173 5 226 6 309 7 272 (the next three months hover right at 250)
  8. gingerbob

    Hisapno Buchon interior?

    Peter, this comment is not meant to be at your expense. I just think that's an amusing sentence if you imagine that you don't know context. "No, I'm just not understanding banter at all well today."
  9. Ah, now I see! I apologize- I had a feeling that it was something I could figure out, I just didn't take the bait and engage brain. In my defence, I was too busy scrolling down to see what happened next...
  10. Wow, nice builds and nice group at the end there! What was the point of swapping gear between the kits?
  11. gingerbob

    question about aircraft that carried operation starkey markings

    Yes, I agree that there is a possibility. I was only reporting that there was no ORB mention ("proof"). With 17 (or 16 1/2) Typhoon squadrons, I can see why they might have kept the Hurris only on standby. Incidentally, it occurred to me that moving the stripes inboard (for the next year's "Exercise") mostly avoids the "more paint on ailerons" problem, though I have no idea whether that was a consideration. Obviously not enough of one to prevent the Starkey design!
  12. gingerbob

    question about aircraft that carried operation starkey markings

    No, 164 and 184 Squadrons were aware of Spartan- 164 had pilots at readiness, but were not called for. They didn't mention the markings, and the other three squadrons didn't indicate anything special (at least one was still training). I accidentally looked at 168, flying Mustangs, and they did participate and mentioned the aircraft "being painted black and white".
  13. gingerbob

    question about aircraft that carried operation starkey markings

    Well Jerry, the whole Starkey question has been on my mind, and just now I thought, "What about the Spit XII squadrons?" 91 Squadron Summary 8 Sept: "Intensive operations are taking place tomorrow, and special camouflage of white and black stripes on the outer portions of the wings was put on after operations finished tonight." [camouflage?!] Hmm, I've been thinking about Typhoons, but suddenly I find myself wanting to build a Spit XII, especially since I met a 41 Squadron pilot once who (I just discovered) was on a couple of sorties that day! If I'd known then what I know now... bob
  14. gingerbob

    Spitfire exhausts: rounded or fishtail for MK IX ML214 "5J.K"

    I think that this photo is a Mk.V.
  15. There's no better way to put it! (I, too, have one in the stash- as a Spitfire boffin, I'm morally obligated.) If you'll forgive a little "constructive feedback", while I think you did a superb job on the "dirtying" under the center section, I wonder about it being spread so broadly across that area? I guess what I mean is, does it fit the "logic" of where the dirt/grime would come from? I notice that you don't have any particular dirt streaks thrown up by the tires (sorry, tyres). Please understand that this isn't meant to sound harshly negative, just something my eye picked up on and I think worthy of contemplation. I noticed the tyres right off (in a good way!)- they look like rubber things that have actually rolled across some dirt/grass/paved ground, Even on a spit-shined (pun, if not intended, gladly accepted) company pride-and-joy, it would be hard to avoid them looking like they've actually rolled. Nice little bit of "life", too, to have the spinner cap off. Does it make me want to grab my kit and set-to? Nope, still chicken!