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  1. Beautiful work Anthony, on a classic NZ subject. I have photos of a 12yo me standing on CCG in Ron Fechney's barn in the late 1960s, thank you for the reminder of happy times. Richard in NZ
  2. Thank you all, I will scout around as suggested. Richard in NZ
  3. I have recently found three of the 1960s Airfix 1/12 figure kits in a long-lost box. They are Richard 1, Charles 1 and the Yeoman of the Guard. All are complete, unstarted, and like new - the box colours are bright and unfaded. My question is, is there any market for these? Are they so-called "collectors' items" or old junk? Any advice would be appreciated, many thanks. Richard in NZ
  4. Model Art decal instructions suggest BS860c:539 red or BS860c:538 post office red. Can anyone provide a definite colour please? It appears from one photograph that the nosewheel legs were painted a colour that looks the same as the red. Any ideas / confirmation? Thanks for any help. Richard in NZ
  5. rholland


    IIRC the "a" in CLIIIa indicated that it had the Argus engine, rather than the Mercedes of earlier models. Others will no doubt know more. Richard in NZ
  6. I am half way through the Aeroclub/Hasegawa conversion, so now this comes along. You are welcome... Richard in NZ
  7. Thanks very much, Antti and Pat. Richard in NZ
  8. Thank you Seahawk, very helpful! Richard in NZ
  9. Could someone kindly confirm the serial of 3 Sqn's Javelin T3, and did it carry the green fin band? Many thanks. Richard in NZ
  10. I am (slowly) building an AEW1 using the Aeroclub conversion and Hasegawa kit. The Aeroclub parts are very well done with fine panel lines and fit perfectly with the donor Hasegawa bits, I am very impressed. Recommended if you can find one. Richard in NZ
  11. The photo of Skyraider AEW1 WT987 is brilliant; the yellow Suez stripes only applied, with the dark blue taking the place of black and underwing serials still visible on the blue sections. I have not seen that before, though I am sure other BMers will have. Richard in NZ
  12. Thank you very much gentlemen. I think my uncle was responsible for the 17.5.39 episode! I will see if I can post the photo. Richard in NZ
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