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  1. nice job Matt!! looks like the whole firewall of the navigator /bombardier was insulated with pad, here some good ww2 shots, keep the good! cheers
  2. Looks very promising build mate!!! gonna follow, but please don't paint the fuselage halves green, there is a wrongly conception of this based on modern restauration and warbirds, in ww2 "G" models were just bare metal and green olive insulation pad in the cockpit and in the navigator and bombardier firewall only! interesting reading here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/09/11/b-17-flying-fortress-interior-colors-part-i/ check the picture section of this awesome and accurate b17 cockpit: https://www.facebook.com/b17cockpit/ cheers
  3. Hello everyone, going to build this bird flown by Ace Wallace Hopkins of the 361st Fighter Group, here some reference pictures of "Ferocious Frankie" as I'm intended to represent, cheers
  4. yes, can be seen in this South African Mustangs in Korea, picture credit: Martin Kyburz
  5. I was given a F1 maintenance manual by someone who worked at the airbase, the second photo was taken in the late 80s at Ala 14 air base installations, hope it helps cheers
  6. nice, I went to uni and lived many years in Valencia seems like MB Mk4. were the ones used in the F1, here you have more reference pictures, cheers! keep the good https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-british-martin-baker-mk4-ejector-seat-circa-5869601-details.aspx
  7. nice to see a Mirage F1 build, great job so far Andres! this aircraft I grew up flying around my home in Albacete 14 wing air base, love the lagarto camo, cheers
  8. Hi Rich, HA-1109-K1L "Three blades" were indeed RLM 63 while HA-1112-M1L – Buchón "four blades" were painted in RLM 24 blue, called Blue "Peugeot" by the Spanish, also used in bf108 Taifun, in this picture you can see together "Buchones" and on the far right a HA-1109-K1L behind the group of people in different color. great job on that cockpit , very interesting build, keep the good mate, cheers Antonio
  9. Hi Rich, I personally think RLM 63 is the color it was painted, AK has very accurate color which match with the color pictures, cheers
  10. very nice project Rich, will follow with interest, cheers!
  11. great job on those exhausts, they could be quite long, also the national insignia got quite weather after a 6 hour mission... not white anymore, especially the one near the fuselage fuel tank that leaked direct on it cheers
  12. looking great that Mustang, one thing I noticed, the national insignia on the wing is not where it should be, the tip of the star is aligned with that small fin, looking super this build, cheers
  13. thanks SD for the scans, I guess that green/yellow does match with what I can see on the interior faces of the wood, it is quite bright and intense color, they also use it on the radio panel in the fuselage, like the picture below. there is no red primer in my parts like in the LUX militare picture, but some dark magenta stains, they are bright, looks more like some kind of glue or resin to me but I'm not sure what is yet... someone might know! thanks again mate, cheers Antonio
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