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  1. some matches with the monogram book RLM 02, 100% match
  2. so you tell me how you know the color was? do you image it? do you trust a paint brand blindly is correct? studying relics is the best way to get the color because it is "the real thing", obviously some relics are better preserved than others, I have collected various relics from different aircrafts and in all of them the color shade is exactly the same and the preservation state is quite good, also they matched the Monogram book quite well if you want extra support to confirm, cheers
  3. fw190 A6 relic, Gunze RLM 75, also found that H331 Dark sea grey is a perfect match, cheers
  4. here is a comparison of Gunze over some relics I have, RLM 74 from a bf109 flap
  5. looking really good those added details in that interior mate! keep the good, cheers Antonio
  6. video here minute 3:45 https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn1000120
  7. some other interesting relics showing RLM 74 bf109 from a bf110 bf109 bf109 ruder
  8. this is wonderful relics form a mate from Czech republic, the 109 radio panel is in excellent condition showing the rlm 74 I been testing colors and found that Tamiya XF-63 is a very close match to the RLM 74 of my relics
  9. just found this interesting thread, I would like to add my two cents, been researching these colors for some time now, I have not tried the AK colors but in the pictures posted here they seem to be quite off... I have some plywood relics from a late 109 stabilizer containing RLM 74/75/76 very well preserved, what can be more accurate then the real thing? I have also made some comparisons with some ww2 photos and other examples also. The main problem I see is with RLM 74 been represented by most paint brands as too greenish color, it was more a just dark grey, that can be confirme
  10. very cool project!!! looks awesome, one tip if I may, the radio battery rack was as NAA footage shows, and the wood floor was only black painted in the areas where the feet was in contact, the other was in IG and there was an brownish canvas under the seat to access the ventilation system, some pics here, cheers
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