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  1. Hello Gents, I'm looking for a top drawing view of the Horch 901 like the one used by Rommel, the one that has the spare wheels inside not on the outside, thanks in advantage! cheers
  2. absolutely beautiful work mate, would like to see a picture of the engine next to an object to get a sense of the model scale, cheers
  3. nice work on your 109's, let me advice you on the position of the seatbelts attachments, keep the fantastic modelling mate! cheers
  4. nice project, looking good, some advice, I noticed the control column is glued on the reverse position , should look forward looking forward your beautiful 109 build, cheers Also the radios and batteries were mounted on a wooden piece which was painted in yellow/greenish color
  5. Cheers John, who does not like Mustangs? 😅 these are the ventilation system drawings from the manuals cheers
  6. Terry, very nice that you are putting the effort in detailing that cockpit, I feel I should advice you for some inaccuracies I see, the battery rack was black instead of interior green, you can see here in some NAA assembling line footage, also there is no big ball but the fuselage fuel tank gauge, hope it helps to achieve more accurate rendition, keep the good, cheers
  7. nice projects! one tip, the control column is in backward position in the me410, cheers
  8. thank you Bob, appreciate it, cheers grazie mille Roberto, piacere! thank you Farmerboy for your words! cheers Danke! Volker, cheers thanks so much Roman, it is an honor, cheers yes, like my ponies with putty wings for better airflow Thank you Roger, cheers
  9. last build finished, custom nose art decal and masks for the lettering, hope you like it, history about this Mustang http://www.leteckabadatelna.cz/havarie-a.../detail/480/
  10. 74/75 on the wings while greens and browns on the fuselage
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