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  1. antonio argudo

    AZ Model Bf 109G-6, A post-war Gustav over Finland...

    Good job John, I agree with Antii on the RLM 74, it has been represented wrongly by many paints brands and model producers or illustrators... it is on the grey blue tone as many relics show and not green! here some Hungarian pictures wartime and post wartime, keep the good cheers
  2. antonio argudo

    1/48 Airfix P-51D as "Feeble Eagle"

    Congratulations, it is a lovely Mustang, I love the display with the figures also! my tip would be sanding down the wheels where touch the ground because it seems like it is slightly floating, specially the tail wheel cheers Antonio
  3. Hi Olivier, I think it will a good idea to share in other forums like Hyperscale. ARC discussion forums or even in Facebook modeling groups, everyone needs to enjoy your fantastic build my friend! cheers
  4. Beautiful Missouri !!!! all she need is a nice base to be set on! cheers
  5. This has been one of the most interesting Mustang adventure to follow, I've learned so many new things on the way and I will miss it for sure, glad to have contribute to it, your dedication and effort has pay off, the result is simply stunning! Congratulations my friend Olivier! looking forward to your next build cheers
  6. Great build, one of the best looking Mustangs I've seen! glad about the gun cover modification cheeers
  7. Hi olivier, can't believe you are getting Missouri in the finish line so soon looking so great as always!!! before you glue in position the windshield maybe you can paint the white silicium box of the K14 gunsight cheers
  8. super craftsman skills Olivier , keep the good! cheers
  9. antonio argudo

    Hobbycraft 1/32 Mustang 1A plus extras

    Hi John, nice progres on that cockpit, great addition on the tail well bay keep the good mate! cheers
  10. this issue with the dihedral angle is quite common in airplane kits, fortunately kit producers are bringing wing reinforcement to modern kits, the method that works better is the internal reinforcement with plastic strips or metal sometimes too, also bending the tip of the wings while the glueing phase seems to help also, here are some examples cheers, yes Olivier, the 1/32 tamiya kit has the correct dihedral angle cheers
  11. Hi Olivier, oh man, sorry to hear that, hope you recover ASAP!
  12. Hi Olivier, nice to see your fantastic progres as always, lots of hard work my friend! however I got surprised how the wing dihedral angle came up, it looks like almost no angle, it is also affecting the landing gear angle, I guess trying to fix that won't be easy task!