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  1. That's one small step for a modeler, one giant leap for hobbykind
  2. Hi Olivier, defently an improvement, glad you did it, keep the good! cheers
  3. Hi Olivier, yes those are the placards I mean, not sure if it is worth the effort now, but if you are up to, here is my tip: to make the placard frame in silver, paint with silver paint on a rectangular decal, cut it to the desire size and then put another smaller black decal on top so therefore you have a frame, quite simple, will need few trims but good results can be achieve, then you can paint the stencils on it, I did that in 1/32 but I guess in 1/48 will be harder, anyway your cockpit looks really good though, keep the good cheers
  4. Hi Olivier, looking real good, all the detail is impresive, if you want to represent placards, try to cut a rectangular black decal as a base, that I tried before with good results, keep the good!! cheers
  5. well, surfing through cebudanderson.com found this "B/C" Mustang with an aluminium flap edgge finish also.
  6. I will not have to decide it, since in my model the flaps are in up position becuase she will be display in flight cheers
  7. Hi Antonio, I am afraid that picture has come : Never say never, Olivier wonderful find and very neat, you deserve that bottle my friend where did you find it? what kind of Mustang block is it? could be a late one? could this mean early block Mustangs had the flap fully painted and later version didn't or was a just a random thing cheers
  8. this is not 357th FG but as the captation says the aircraft has been repainted and the flap edgge too, this is the plane in which General Eisenhower took a ride in the backseat there is also a video of the moment about it cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y_TBXRqdXk
  9. I mean the wing contour, also the alerons looks lighter, the curve section of flaps will look lighter as a cylinder if your point of view is lower or from the ground and the light comes perpendicular from above like in "Butch Baby" picture that picture with aluminum part I'm afraid will never come... muahaha cheers
  10. that could be John, but there is no one certain picture yet to prove that yet, the "Butch Baby" picture to me is not a defenetive one, if you pay attention all the wing edgge contour looks lighter due to light reflection and shine, all the rest available picture proves they were fully painted cheers
  11. Hi Olivier, more 357th with the complete green wing flap,also from screenshots from the video. to me looks like p51 from the the 354th which were in Olive drab had that part in bare alumnium but once they were repainted in England with RAF green that space was consequently green too, the evidence is quite strong cheers
  12. I found also another Mustang with snow wing covers cheers
  13. Hi Olivier, I really can't make a statemt from a poor quality picture, as the light reflects on the curve surface it can really trick the eyes, this are other posible examples cheers
  14. antonio argudo

    Airfix 1/48 P-51D “Cheesecake Chassie”

    Realy nice build, I love the markings, I found 2 pics of this Mustang, hope it helps cheers
  15. nice work Olivier, dont worry too much because that area wont be visible once you close the fuselage, keep the good!! cheers